They found Dave's body

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2022.01.28 19:48 Fight100 They found Dave's body

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2022.01.28 19:48 And_Justice IIL the BBC tv Series Ideal, WEWIL?

Ideal has a certain absurdist humour in some respects and has a really nice low budget early 00s feel to it. Does anything else scratch a similar itch?
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2022.01.28 19:48 tsloa p5.js why so i get these weird edges when adding multiple curve sections together in the same begin/endShape?

p5.js why so i get these weird edges when adding multiple curve sections together in the same begin/endShape?
extreme case
before, with using individual begin/endShapes
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2022.01.28 19:48 Pet_Taco MUG GOT COLONIZED D:

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2022.01.28 19:48 Uselchen CDL DD Graining feel after 30min

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2022.01.28 19:48 Primalscreamr Cheers Apes and Apettes 💜💜💜

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2022.01.28 19:48 manateeslay umd…

anyone know what’s happening here this is terrible waiting for so long 😭😭😭 is it possible they release at 6?
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2022.01.28 19:48 Investomatic- Perlmutter adds SAFE to America Competes Act

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2022.01.28 19:48 myredditkname Newbie question

I am currently waiting for verification from Amazon. In the meantime, I would like to see wholesale prices from distributors such as AENT. Is there a way to see prices without entering my business info while waiting for my verification from Amazon?
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2022.01.28 19:48 wolfieXiX Did you read ibn rushd ?

Has anyone read the incoherence of the incoherence!!? And can you please give a summary of it !
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2022.01.28 19:48 weregoingstreakin I knew I saved this for a reason, can't think of a better one then this! Happy Anniversary 🍾🎉

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2022.01.28 19:48 FluffyAbuser556 Game unplayable due to lag, any help?

So, I have a pretty good game going. Decent amount of mods, started up with some pretty suped-up colonists. Game's runnin fine through, like, 3/4 of a year until it all suddenly went kaput. Can't get my tps past 0 or 10, even moving the camera is extremely laggy, and I can barely even exit out. Earlier my game had crashed as I tried to save and quit, and I exited out, but I didn't think it would do anything this bad. I currently have both rimthreaded and runtimegc on (I don't know if those would conflict), but it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm hoping I won't have to use some serious overhaul mod like MWNL (Make War Not Love), but for the playthrough I'm doing, it would fit the style. Any help?
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2022.01.28 19:48 pudfactory lol

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2022.01.28 19:48 IzzetTinkerer Help - My AR 55 Account is Gone

I opened the client this morning and it gave me a lot of login errors. Even when I tried to change my password, nothing was working.
Just now, I tried and successfully made a new account with the same email I used to register into the game. Sure enough, the game gave me the opening cutscene of the twins vs the goddess.
Where the hell is my original account? I have tried contacting Mihoyo but the email addresses I have do not send through.
I have the UID of my original account, but no good idea where to find my hours of gameplay or the money I spent on rolls, BP, and Welkin.
I want my original account back. I've put a lot of effort into it.
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2022.01.28 19:48 Ebarry71 I got rejected. Which part of my application is weak.

Asian male, Major: Statistics
UW: 3.6, W: 4.18, 7 APs 14 Honors, 4 Academic Courses
SAT: 1450, 670 RW 780 Math
ECs: Variety of Leadership roles, played aau basketball, Robotics Nationals, part time job, and overall good 10 list of ECs
Good Essays
No Reccomendation Letters
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2022.01.28 19:48 Apocalipstikk Is true corset a good company to order from? Corset quality and otherwise?

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2022.01.28 19:48 TommyTheGeek Date Night by Jacob Edgar

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2022.01.28 19:48 ZdrytchX random chunk pack of the day

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2022.01.28 19:48 Maquinoide Using battery backup on humpback

I want to know how do i use the energy in those batteries in my ship, when i am not using the reactor. I dont have complex knowlodge on engineering so i am not sure if the ship in question (humpback) has already that function installed or if i need to do wiring.
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2022.01.28 19:48 manchest-hair-united Well they are no more

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2022.01.28 19:48 jamielace1878 😎😎

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2022.01.28 19:48 thefite187 With specific reference to passing LM22

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2022.01.28 19:48 sailorjupiter28titan Channeling our ancestors 🥀🌿

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2022.01.28 19:48 helix527 What's going on with the Tantalizer?

Wonder what our boy is up to. t
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2022.01.28 19:48 samthekitnix Update: cat still missing looking for any information on his whereabouts

my cat Grumio is still missing and i have not been able to find him, we live in the highfield area and Grumio should be spotted somewhere in Roselands Gardens or the adjacent streets.
i will take ANY information on even cats that even sound similar to him.
he is a young male cat medium build and all black from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail with only a few small strands of white on his chest (just below his face)
he was neutered so he has no balls, as i have said he answers to the name Grumio and is nervous around strangers so if you try to approach him do so gently and speak softly.
i last spotted him in Roseland Gardens so any sightings of what anyone may think is him would be appreciated.
Grumio has a chip in him with contact information so if you or a family member or friend in the highfield area has recently gotten a black, neutered male cat with small strands of white hair have it checked for a chip.
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