Any good recommendations for birthday carry out?

2022.01.22 12:08 Albdre Any good recommendations for birthday carry out?

Eating at a restaurant vs carry out is not the same. Looking to splurge on a place that has good carry out or half baked meals for a birthday dinner for two people.
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2022.01.22 12:08 Simpley_Wrong Hit 2mil with lightning ty random teammate.
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2022.01.22 12:08 1000000students UPDATE: Justice Gorsuch Still Maskless, Still A Dick

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2022.01.22 12:08 paleyharnamhunter The possible future of Castlevania.

So last year, a Castlevania reimagining was leaked by an inside source, which I didn't believe at first, but the Silent Hill and Metal Gear 3 aspects of the leak proved to be almost certain, with the leaked company Virtous semi-confirming their MGS3 remake. Also, back in 2019 teased a "Symphony of Rumours" with a short clip of bats and a bloody moon, so that could possibly hint at a Symphony of the Night remake on their part.
Konami said several times that they're not giving up on AAA games and if they skipped last year's events entirely because they said they had big plans.
Honestly, I'll remain cautiously optimistic, but not outright dismissive until all the facts are straight. In the meantime, there's Grimoire of Souls, Moonlight Rhapsody later on and very likely more rereleases down the pipeline. Believe me, I know it's very easy to be cynical about Konami, especially with their godawful NFT auction, but let's all be open-minded here.
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2022.01.22 12:08 Goofy-Gaming My opinion about the offer

People are complaining too much about mega box offer
I’m saying this because i’m seeing so many comments from being saying things along the lines of 1. “it’s unfair for people who didn’t buy it” and 2. “they should give everyone the 140 boxes”

  1. i am a day one player since beta and i was maxed before the gears update. i bought this offer and it made such a minuscule dent in my progress it’s not even funny. i think i could upgrade like 8 brawlers to level 10. which is 8 upgrades done out 110 so barely anything. this offer maybe saved me a month or two of progress at my stage. not saying that everyone is in the same boat as me but it wasn’t as impactful on a lot of players that so many people are thinking it was.
  2. this is probably the dumbest statement i keep seeing. supercell is obviously loosing many of potential dollars by this mistake. it would make no sense for them to apply this change to all players. especially since the gears update which only happened so they could get more money from players. it would be way to hard for supercell to take the offer away and it would be legally classified by fraud and potentially face a class action
in summary: supercell is doing the only thing they can and should with this situation. yeah it sucks you didn’t get the offer but that’s life. things like this happen and if you didn’t get lucky, there’s nothing anyone will do for you. i’m happy things like this happen and supercell loses out on some profit, because after the gears update i was rightfully pissed. im still going to be looking towards another year or two until im maxed so in the long term this doesn’t affect me. but all you 9 year olds need to chill out and move on. it was a cooperate mistake that some players got to get the advantage of. end of story let’s move on.
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2022.01.22 12:08 SatisfactionWeak4996 I have a problem

I beat Bonnie around 20 times and i don't have his plush suit yet. I Also unlocked One slot. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?
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2022.01.22 12:08 LaborNow Alternate Settlement of California: Christian Japanese Edition

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2022.01.22 12:08 slowmelody_6382 [For Hire] Realistic Portrait & Landscape Commissions in Traditional Mediums (link to Etsy below)

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2022.01.22 12:08 siren_rival What is your opinion the top 5 meta robots for 2022. (Also titan)

My opinion 5- Ravana 4- erebus 3- Orochi 2- Revennant 1- Fafnir.
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2022.01.22 12:08 Nicksinthecage An eight breed puppet

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2022.01.22 12:08 TheHungry_Guy 27 [M4F] - Wanna watch, movie virtually?

Tara nood tayo movie, virtually pwede rin ako kausap or kadaldalan sa buhay. Any genre will do so let's go! ~See you soon on my DM Happy Weekend po guys!
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2022.01.22 12:08 Intelligent_Point311 15 f bored, anyone want to chat about anything

Here come the creepy dms
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2022.01.22 12:08 The_Huffle_Fluff325 Moderna booster in an hour

Sorry for posting so much lately, but im getting my booster in like an hour and just found out it's gonna be Moderna! Kinda feel doomed now :( I've stocked up on soup (both homemade and canned), crackers, coconut water, ginger ale, meds for flu symptoms, and Gravol. Would it be a good idea to take a Gravol preemptively? Also just finished breakfast and really regret having oatmeal bc i worry it's going to be too heavy for my stomach
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2022.01.22 12:08 mannydelgato Apply for a senior PM role or inquire if the hiring team will soon have junior roles?

Hi! I'm a PM1 at my company, and another team within the company has posted a senior PM job working on the exact product that I am most passionate about in the company. Because Im already in the company, I can reach out to the hiring manager directly.
Should I 1) just apply for the senior role and see what happens, or 2) reach out to the HM directly and ask if they will be posting more junior roles in the future, and if so try to stay in contact between now and then?
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2022.01.22 12:08 kegobass Tidal - no 64-bit Windows Client?

Tidal - no 64-bit Windows Client? Seems Tidal hasn't put much effort in upgrading to a 64-bit client which might help with overall performance. It's not a memory hog but it just shows that they haven't put any priority in keeping up with the clients. Let's hope we see a newer version this year!
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2022.01.22 12:08 Significant_Ad6964 Rant

It’s so fucking hard talking about China to western liberals. There’s basically no information overlap or common ground. You could be talking about something serious and suddenly they hit u with easily debunked shit like “Winnie the Pooh is banned” or “muh social credits”, like holy shit Chinese people literally have Winnie the Pooh profile pics and costumes how is this still a thing. What’s even more infuriating is that there’s no way to reason with libs about China.
Something they say is debunked by a source —> Chinese propaganda
Something they say is debunked by Chinese people or people who’ve been to China —> Chinese people r brainwashed
This is why I don’t talk to people about China IRL anymore it’s so fucking tiring
Rant over, glory to the people
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2022.01.22 12:08 Willing-Clock-8884 Oksana Saldyrkina : Wiki Biography, Body measurements, Age, Relationships, Net worth, lifestyle,

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2022.01.22 12:07 South_Pin_9302 What do Aquarius people don't like about Sagittarius peeps?

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2022.01.22 12:07 International-Ad5662 Question for Amtrak lineman..

Is anyone on here a lineman for Amtrak? Currently in the hiring process for a lineman trainee. Soon to be leaving a circuit breaker and switchgear job of 8 years. What is the average year to date for a trainee? Any overtime when first starting out? Hoping it’s around the same as my current job.
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2022.01.22 12:07 nalxap Alicante to Gandia

Hey! I'm thinking about buying an apartment in Gandia, but most (read: all) direct flights from my country go to Alicante.
What is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Gandia from Alicante? I'm trying to find bus schedules etc. but it's not too easy navigating websites in Spanish. Is there any direct bus from Alicante to Gandia regularly? And where should I look?
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2022.01.22 12:07 HellenicRoman The RG Zeta deserves love. It's an interesting and different build and the proportions are great

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2022.01.22 12:07 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Rachel

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2022.01.22 12:07 RLCD-Bot [Breakout Type-S] [Forest Green Chakram: Holographic]

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2022.01.22 12:07 whiskeyclouds Missing Teens

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2022.01.22 12:07 terianfsays 220123 ENHYPEN - 'Blessed-Cursed' @ NAVER NOW

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