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A new hobby

2022.01.23 00:57 c00chieMonster420 A new hobby

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is not of importance to you, I am a male living alone in the southeast united states. And no, for the sake of my Anonymity, I will not be disclosing the state or the name of my town. Now that formalities have been properly addressed, I would like to relay my story to you all. I feel inclined to disclose this to someone, I can't tell anyone I associate with about my deeds. So a guise of faux secrecy online will do instead

The day it happened was an average day. I was out and about doing some shopping. Picking up some necessities such as beer, duct tape, a blue tarp, milk, eggs, and i even got some new boots. I managed to get home by 6, which was unusual for me as I usually get home much later. But no matter, enough about my mundane life. Let's get back to the story at hand. 

I was sitting on my sofa, desperately trying to enjoy watching the TV. I was halfway through watching the Falcons fucking up their lead when I hear a loud demanding knocking on my door. Sighing deeply, I got up to see what the commotion was. It was my upstairs neighbor tom (fake name obviously) demanding I turn down the TV, all the while spittle was flying from his disgusting primitive mouth. "clancy... you... are so right" it was hard to hide the undying malice in my voice.
 "I am so sorry clancy, a man like you needs to be treated better". Jesus Christ let me tell you, purposefully humiliating myself like that... it wasn't pleasant. I'm a fucking god compared to this dullard. Tom promptly retorted "you better apologize you little shit, I outta call the police on your ass for all the noise". I bit my lip and halfheartedly agreed with this sentient heap of donkey shit. I promptly invited him inside for a beer. Tom being the alcoholic maggot he is, accepted. The instance I stepped inside with him, he spouts off some idiotic remark about my home. Speaking as if his crack nest is half as good as my abode. "Jesus christ boy don't ya ever pick this place up". "I try my best tom", followed by an insincere half-smile. He didn't say anything in return, though he did mumble something under his breath. We sat down on my couch idling watching the game, as an uncomfortable silence befell the room. 

"so tom, how's the wife?" he didn't answer for a few seconds, but eventually he said "she's... fine, why are you asking?". "well I hear weird noises from upstairs sometimes". he didn't respond to that, he only stared at me. I decided to break the silence and said "you want a beer?". the only thing he said was "yeah sure". after that, it was all downhill

It was easy to get tom completely drunk. I stocked up on beer today. I, of course, anticipated this. I knew tom couldn't resist a nice cold bud-light. At this point, it was easy to see that tom was completely under my spell. After about 1 hour, Tom's wife came by to check on him. "hello ______, is my husband still here?". she doesn't get along with her husband it seems, I could quite obviously see the bruises under layers of makeup.

"oh hello nancy, yeah toms in here. he's asleep on my couch". I turned my body to allow her a sightline to her husband. "oh ok, thank you _____". "of course, honestly I'm probably going to leave him there. I've heard waking a sleepy drunk is bad news". I knew she wouldn't object, I knew what happened to her at night. "that's fine tom, just... keep an eye on him please?". I agreed to put her at ease, and then she left.
Once I confirmed she was back inside her home (their door makes a loud squealing noise), I got to work. I carefully retrieved the blue plastic tarp from my closet, careful as to not wake tom. And after pausing to completely ensure he wouldn't stir, I set up as much as I could around the couch. Once the "protection" was in place, I wrapped approximately half a roll of duct tape around his mouth.
But not before tieing his feet and hands... better safe than sorry right. That fat fuck didn't wake up, not even after I blasted the TV to max volume. I cannot fucking stand loud TVs, but this time I withstood it... I had to. It was finally here, my moment. After a month of planning, I finally have the opportunity I've been craving. the opportunity to rid this world of a worthless welp. People like Tom don't deserve a spot in my world. I don't give a shit that he beats his wife, or that he's an alcoholic, or that he's a fat bitch. The reason I must do this is that he wronged me, only fools spit in the face of God.
I was finally tired of waiting for tom to wake up, so I accelerated the procedure and punched him full force in the nose. I heard a wet and viscous crack, as his nose collapsed into his face. He instantly awoke in a panic. Eyes darting around the room rapidly and his breathing intensifying. Then we locked eyes, his eyes instantly transformed from an expression of terror to an expression of resentful wrath. "welcome back to the land of the conscious" I said smiling ear to ear. Then, I delivered another punch. This one knocked him to the floor
 ."I'm glad this tarp is here, you're bleeding like a bitch all over my floor". as he lies there, his beady dimwitted eyes staring into me... I kicked him in the jaw. I felt the bone give way as I heard a crunch, followed by muffled screaming. I could only laugh as I realized he bit his tongue off. His eyes that were formerly fixed in an expression of anger soon morphed into desperation. He knew he was going to die, and seeing that realization take place on its visage brought me great joy. Despite the immense pleasure, I gained from this, I knew I had to wrap it up. So I adjusted my boots, looked down, and said "I'll see you in the void you repulsive beast". Then I stomped, then I stomped again. But of course, I didn't start at the head, I started at the ankles. A few good stomps to the lower legs rendered them completely unusable. I slowly moved my way up to the knees, I only stopped when its legs could bend completely backward. After the knees came the pelvis. I started at his genitals, stomp after stomp. I only stopped when it was completely flat. I continued to work my way up the body. Organs ruptured, bones broken, joints destroyed, cartilage torn, resolve tested, will broken. By the time I reached the head, he didn't cry, he didn't beg, the only sound that accosted my ears was labored breathing. Then... the head, it popped like a grape. 
My job was done. Retrospectively I'm glad I live on the bottom floors with no neighbors underneath me. Maybe I subconsciously chose this apartment, because I knew what was destined for me. I soon came to realize that this is the first time I've been content with my life... in a very long time. But the feeling is short-lived, I soon realize I have to dispose of this... thing.
Considering 80% of the bones are shattered, it was quite easy to fit him into a heavy-duty trash bag along with the tarp. Thankfully, I live in a shitty part of town. No cameras around the apartment complex, and it's easy to disregard the disappearance of tom. I made my way to my car, casually toting a massive black bag on my shoulder. That's when the worst possible thing that could have happened... happened.
 My next-door neighbor Nathan came outside to smoke. "Hey \_\_\_\_\_, what are you doing out here this late?". "Oh just making a late-night garbage run, I've been putting it off for way too long". "Yeah I can tell man, that bag is fucking massive". "As I said, I have been putting this off for way too long". and its good timing too, Tom was supposed to watch tv with me but instead he's asleep on my couch". "say hey to tom for me". "will do". "Is the dump is even open anymore?". "oh... well uh...Not the normal one, I found a cool new place that's open 24/7". "Oh cool, you gotta tell me where it is". This guy just won't give it a rest. "maybe some other time Nathan". I thought that was the end of it, but no. "Oh my god, what is that smell?". fuck, not now. "I'm disposing of some old meat from my fridge". "Ok ill stop bothering you now, you should go take care of that". And with that, Nathan went back inside. I'm pleased I didn't have to resort to killing him, he's tolerable. 
After that ordeal, I made my way to the nearby lake. I thought I was Scott-free when yet another obstacle impeded me. I was being pulled over. "Goddammit" I muttered to myself. I have to kill him. The officer approached my window, and after I rolled it down he asked me "you know why I pulled you over?". It's always the same shit with these guys. "No officer, can you tell me?".
 He didn't answer, but he did sniff the air for a second before telling me to step out of the car. "so you smell it, huh, well don't worry. ill let you join him". He instantly reached for his gun, but I was faster. I threw the car door open before he could step back, and it collided with his face. A sickening metal thud rang out as the rookie stumbled back. I took advantage of this and tackled him. We fought and wrestled over his gun for a full 5 minutes before I eventually overpowered him. With a bang, my problem was solved. First things first, I finished the cadet. It's a shame the kid got in my way. But it was necessary. I broke the body cam and hid the body in my car with the others. This time I got to the lake with no distractions. And with business taken care of, I finally came back home. It felt good to finally be home I must admit, but I still had one more thing to do to wrap this all up. "Hey nancy, did tom come back home?". "oh no, what's going on? is everything alright?". "I don't know, tom was gone when I got back from the dump. He was fast asleep when I left, but now he's not there anymore". Not to jack myself off, but I've mastered the art of faking sadness. "We have to call the police, we have to report him missing!". "look nancy, I know you're worried, but he only disappeared an hour ago. He might have gone to the store, so please go to sleep. And if he's not back in the morning we'll call them"... ok?". I woke up the next morning to the sound of the police knocking on my door. This was going to be the hardest part of getting away with this, but I was ready. I opened my door only to come face to face with a man in a suit. I recognized him instantly as the head detective of the \_\_\_\_\_\_ PD. "This is bad," I thought to myself. 
"Hello Mr ______... let's talk"
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2022.01.23 00:57 Sri_Man_420 Delhi, Berlin need Russia against China, says German Navy Chief

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2022.01.23 00:57 Powerful-Bit-5645 am i the only dumbass who is shocked with how much i made with ic in 2021?

just downloaded my 1099 and this is a side job apart from my full time and made 33000. where did all that money leak to? 🤦‍♀️ but thank you ic and customers, i really needed it
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2022.01.23 00:57 jookco baby tessa tiktok death : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.23 00:57 Fireskull1378 Getting gold early on

I've moved from Xbox to PC for online. I got the ultimate edition and honestly the only way of getting back to where I was quickly is to keep deleting my character and playing throughout the first few online missions but I don't get a lot of gold from them. Is there anyway to get gold fast so i don't have to buy any to fo trader, moonshine, bounty hunter, etc?? I got the free 50 bars when the game first came out but other then that I have no idea
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2022.01.23 00:57 epicdoct Have you tried drinking tea from an ice glass? It was nice until it leaked lol

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2022.01.23 00:57 Whiskeywonder How Can L1 platforms that have fees be able to compete in a feeless paradigm?

So Zenon is secure, scalable and feeless. It has a unique dual layer where one token can be staked as an anti spam mechanism. This xeals with the nothing at stake problem inherent with all POS chains. It uses a dual layer DAG block lattice and is POW/Hybrid. No ico and no developer funds. So fair launch with no VC funds. Team is anon which some new to crypto are scared of.
The big question is why would someone be motivated to pay ever increasing fees on the major L1 blockchains. It also dooms Chainlink as it has Oracles built in and again will be feeless. Also its going to make btc defi possible.
I just cant for the life of me see why anyone would choose to pay fees over free transactions. Anyone want to help me out?
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2022.01.23 00:57 Tigressive20 [For Hire] Open for Commissions. Anime,Comic, Semi-realistic art and Tattoo designs. Check comment below!

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2022.01.23 00:57 Remarkable_Culture27 Any tips or leads how to learn the floor shadows thing?

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2022.01.23 00:57 boinai I was pretty impressed when my boy got 3 Chuck it balls in his mouth before. He managed to surprise me again this weekend 😂

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2022.01.23 00:57 TomGun_1994 Best game mode for non cross play?

In these types of games I normally turn off cross play. Wondering what game type normally has the most players
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2022.01.23 00:57 Affectionate-Maybe13 Are there Barefoot shoes that are easy to slip on and off that I can wear without socks and not have to worry about them stinking?

Thanks in advance yall I am loving the Barefoot shoe feel so far and I am already starting to notice a difference when I'm walking and it feels great I just am a man with a big belly unfortunately and it is very strenuous having to get up and put my toe socks on and then my shoes. None the less I am very motivated to start walking along the natural path and get healthy again!!! Thanks yall!
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2022.01.23 00:57 Bobbi-e I always get a hefty clump of hair after washing it, (specifically scrubbing my scalp) is this normal? the pic is just what i rake out of my hair, doesn’t include hair brush.

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