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I'm done

2022.01.20 22:59 hi_mynameis_1996 I'm done

I'm just done. No one is able to help. I have no money no anything. Not until payday which is weeks away. I've asked for help and no one is able to help. Everyone around here is short staffed with a shortage of everything, so no one is able to help. I'm just done. I just want to die. Like that's it I'm done. Please don't judge me. I've been through enough. Not even one freaking person cares enough to help. God isn't listening anymore. I'm just done. being disabled is hard enough especially at my age. And no one is able to help. How am I supposed to make it through the next couple weeks until payday? I can't. I'm just done.
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2022.01.20 22:59 DoomDaDaDippyDa Character Elimination Game: Upvote the character you would LEAST like to be in a relationship with. The 2 names with the most up-voted comments will be knocked out! READ CAREFULLY

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2022.01.20 22:59 Omen264 Karma doesnt exist and need help

I am 25 years old and for most of it i had to deal with the jerks that is my younger brother, and just to give you context here is a list of what he has done: called me r word because i had symptoms of the autisim spectrum, and called my pull ups diapers when i still wet the bed till i was 15 (they were kid diapers but he knew that it still upset me when they were called that) when he was a kid, now later in life he has caused most of my family to hate on me and my little sister.
The worst part of it all is the fact that hes been this way for so long that my parents gave up so he can get away with treating us like crap and if we say anything he will whine and LITTERALLY call our mom a b word several times and harrass her non stop until she gives in and sides with him. Thats been most of my life, even now, where i dont have any money to move out and i cant get a job unless i drop out of college.
Heres the issue, because of hearing "oh its ok karma will get to him" forever i have waitied, and waited, BUT IT NEVER CAME! So I have been doing pety things here and there, kick on the wall between our doors, make a noise everytime i pass his room, that kind of stuff, the same stuff btw that he did to our sister! I have been told that i have to stop from my girlfriend and my mom because they both dont want to deal with it. I understand why but at the same time i struggle NOT DOING ANYTHING when he deserves way more then the pety things i do.
This has also sadly crossed into driving, anytime i see an jerk driver cut someone off or nearly hit someone, i get close behind them i speed up and slow down where they cant make an exit or turn into another lane. Karma does nothing and it feels good to make assholes pay at least a little. HOWEVER THIS NEEDS TO STOP, i feel satisfied but im not happy cause i know they still exist in the world, and its aggitating and scary to know that one idiot with a gun can pull up besides me and kill me in a second!
TL;DR karma doesnt exist and im miserable knowing that jerks get away with everything because they can.
All i can think about when i see someone being a jerk is how i can be an jerk back! So much so that im doing reckless things that could get me or loved ones in trouble or danger! Please if anyone can offer some tips or advice so i can try to distract or not concern myself with the many jerks that exist every day i would be so grateful! Thank you for reading this, i know it was alot!
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2022.01.20 22:59 ---CodeWithAk--- Can anyone give me idea about what credit hour really mean?

I mean from college to self study, what does a credit mean.
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2022.01.20 22:59 Nightcap_Whisky The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve Scotch Whisky Review

The work week is coming to an end and it’s time for some well deserved rest and relaxation!
I ended up having a few moments to gather some thoughts around The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve. I find that this expression sticks out more than some of their other core products they carry and is quite interesting.
Dalmore uses american white oak ex-Bourbon casks and also takes a portion of the spirit and places it in Gonzalez Byas sherry casks. These casks are said to have previously held 30 year old matusalem oloroso sherry and cabernet sauvignon wine barriques (YUM!).
This is Non-chill filtered and no colouring has been added.
· Nose: Malt, apricot, raisin, smoke, citrus, red wine
· Palate: Raisin, vanilla, fig, and cabernet sauvignon comes through. Whisp of smoke.
· Finish: Smooth, medium finish.
If you have a chance to follow along, pour yourself a dram and enjoy!
Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!
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2022.01.20 22:59 linseeded My severely mentally ill best friend (I am saying this as a fact not a judgement; it is extremely debilitating for them) is obsessed with my roommate! I don’t know what to do!!!! Please any advice would be greatly appreciated

So for context we are all in our early/mid 20s. My friend (let’s call them A) is extremely mentally ill and has issues with attachment and obsession. (Won’t throw anything out, gets very very very anxious about friendships, etc). A couple years ago, A became infatuated/obsessed with someone, let’s call them B. When B left the city, this event triggered A to have a psych-ward-hallucinating-government-is-out-to-kill-me level psychotic episode. (Before the episode though A was saying things like “B loves me and is just afraid to admit it or show it”. B was a FWB who wasn’t even friends. It got scary to see how A was acting regarding B, and when A was actively seeing B they admitted to me they wouldn’t even talk to their therapist about B. Even post psych ward with intensive therapy etc, it still took A a solid year to stop crying over B and thinking/talking about them constantly. I mean constantly.)
Fast forward a year. A is on antipsychotics but their therapist and psychiatrist aren’t good fits (A has complained extensively how they don’t like either of them - A also refuses to change docs.). A hasn’t tried dating really and has sworn off FWBs, and now renounces B as a very gross human being. (I agree - B was an ahole and continually pushed A’s boundaries and took advantage of A’s infatuation in order to get stuff from them.) But a few weeks ago A came to me to tell me they are crushing on my roommate, C. Now C is a MASSIVE level up from B (C is one of my closest friends and I love them dearly - they’re certainly a catch and anyone would be lucky to have them in their life). I should also add that I also love A dearly! A is a wonderful friend aside from…this stuff. They’re one of my closest friends which is part of why I am conflicted on what in the world to do. But that said, let me get back to explaining:
I introduced A and C about 6 months ago. I’m the type of friend who brings all their separate friends together into little groups, and so I ended up accidentally making a little friend group of A, C and one other person in addition to myself. A and C only really hang out one on one with me or in the whole group, but recently have hung out maybe 5 times just the two of them. We are all good friends, and have gotten to a point where our little group will do things like regularly come over to C and I’s place to cook dinner and watch TV. One such event was a holiday dinner we had; everyone was really excited for it and because we are all artsy, we all made each other a little something in addition to a store bought gift. (For example I made some earrings and pet portraits.) C put off making A something until the night before (C isn’t like, amazingly close to A) and ended up making a drawing of the two of them at 2am while stoned out of their mind. (I’m including this because it’s like, not an amazing drawing and was last minute.) A loved it, obv. Then A told me that that night they stared at the drawing crying for 2 hours. And that they did it two more times. And they have cried to me multiple times about how C will never date them (in the most endearing way possible, C is…loose and A is…. not, among other things. Trust me when I say there’s a laundry list of reasons why they are wholly incompatible). A also made a playlist of sad songs about C and cries to them. A also came over a couple weeks after the Christmas thing, saw the wrapping paper where C wrote A’s name on the paper and pulled it out of the trash and ripped the written part off to keep. A also has cried extensively over how worried they are that C could be physically hurt. A also just constantly talks about C, every convo turns to C.
A, decidedly, is making me f-cking uncomfortable. C doesn’t know about all this and I’m not about to tell them, but in the meantime when I’m there and watching the two interacting I get supremely uncomfortable knowing what I know about A’s feelings and past infatuations. It freaks me out because I don’t want this to be a Thing (it’s stressing everyone involved ie A and me) and I also worry that when A inevitably confesses their undying love to C, it’ll make C understandably uncomfortable and also probably disrupt our friend group dynamics. It’s honestly a lot for A to put on me and I don’t know how to handle it; I feel like it’s too late for me to be able to distance myself without doing something drastic? I would tell A that they are making me uncomfortable with how they’re acting regarding C. But the problem with telling A that their infatuation makes me uncomfortable is the fact that in the past with the B thing,when I tried to point out that them talking about B was making me uncomfortable (one night I frankly got scared at them yelling about B’s girlfriend - it was SCARY!) they told me that me saying things like that (ie, that I can’t handle them talking about their crush on B and I thought it was unhealthy) made them feel weird, different, like they’re a bad person etc… I’ve also had trouble setting boundaries with A regarding other stuff. They’re extremely anxious and need constant coddling when it comes to everything (a side issue that I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with - I think it’s unhealthy for me to not be able to bring up boundaries and issues without A feeling extremely hurt and attacked but I can’t bring it up bc they will feel hurt and attacked, a real catch22. Made worse by the fact that I have SEVERE debilitating anxiety among other things).
Overall it’s just a mess. I don’t know what to do at all, and I’ve been acting cold and weird to both A and C because I’m just absolutely at a loss! I feel like I’m going to be crushed under the stress of it. What do I do? Does anyone have any advice? I’m desperate!
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2022.01.20 22:59 Brotherbeam What are two characteristics of your life that people would expect to not be true at the same time?

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2022.01.20 22:59 Valiant_Watchguard67 Good Ass Job has been voted out, and we are now in the top 5! Which alternate reality album is the next to go?

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2022.01.20 22:59 mikazaaah Do i need a soundcard?

I just built my first rig, and usig my few years old Astro A50 with optical connection. How big would the difference in sound for gaming be if i put in a soundcard? Or du i need another head set, and wich kind so there would be a difference in sound quality? I bought the A50 for about 370$ at the time.
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2022.01.20 22:59 xxvtrlxxv H: TSE +1 perception Flamer W: legacy offers , want aae gat plasma included

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2022.01.20 22:59 k8e_E I'm not a fan of buying gifts so I thrifted (all $0.99 sale tag) these glass pieces and made terrariums! The moss, bark and sticks were found at a local park. All I purchased were some of the plants that I didn't already have props going for.

I'm not a fan of buying gifts so I thrifted (all $0.99 sale tag) these glass pieces and made terrariums! The moss, bark and sticks were found at a local park. All I purchased were some of the plants that I didn't already have props going for. submitted by k8e_E to Frugal [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 22:59 yeetusdacanible The fact that you can make the franco-british union with this many troops (using cheats to speed up ww2 to 1936) is broken. You can play as another nation if u capitulate then reload, spectate+play as in ironman.

The fact that you can make the franco-british union with this many troops (using cheats to speed up ww2 to 1936) is broken. You can play as another nation if u capitulate then reload, spectate+play as in ironman.
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2022.01.20 22:59 Pecancake22 I think my anxiety and stress is manifesting as physical pain

I'm so sorry this is long. I just really want to hear other people's input on my situation.
Some background: I'm 21M, have had anxiety (particularly health anxiety) my entire life. In October of 2020, I began to feel pain in my ankle. It hurt when bicycling, so I stopped biking for a bit. When I tried to ease back into bicycling, it got worse. Despite doing home exercises for a few weeks it did not decrease the pain. I went to physical therapy and did PT for two and a half months. I noticed improvement, and I was discharged. I was afraid to get back into bicycling so for the next 3 months I just walked a lot to get exercise (I would walk for several hours a day to blow off steam.) Very little pain with this. I eventually went on a very slow, 1 mile bike ride. The next day it hurt so badly I could barely walk. It was quite honestly the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life. Over the next several months the pain grew worse without provocation and my entire foot started to feel numb, further impeding my ability to walk. After battling with my insurance, I was finally able to get an MRI.
The MRI report said there was nothing wrong. The day after I received the report I woke up and my pain was 85% gone. I could walk without issue. I had some lingering pain but it was only an annoyance. I later found out from my doctor that the MRI had been read wrong and that I had a benign tumor (a lipoma) embedded inside my ankle. I got this lipoma removed surgically, and after recovery I felt 100% back to normal.
After recovering from my foot surgery I eased back into bicycling. I was doing great. Then one day in late August of 2021, after running to a class I was late for, I felt pain in both of my knees. I was instantly terrified that it was serious. I tried to ignore it, but it grew worse. I stopped biking, I stopped taking long walks. The pain grew worse despite my attempts to rest. I saw a physical therapist again and saw slight improvement, but it got worse again after I slowly began increasing my walking.
I haven't ridden my bike since then. I've been slowly increasing my walking distances while continuing physical therapy exercises to strengthen my knees, hips, hamstrings, etc for the past few months. The pain had almost disappeared last month, but this week it came back without provocation.
I genuinely do not know what to do. I can't keep doing this. I do have a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. I'm suspicious that the pain tends to increase before the start of spring term. I so badly just want to tell myself that it's a stress response and it isn't a physical problem. That way I can take my life back and start bicycling again. I'm just so afraid that if I do start biking again the tendons in my knees will snap (I read that they can do that if they're actually injured) and I'll be permanently disabled and never able to bike again.
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2022.01.20 22:59 MadHatt10 Leaving Marriott, looking for recommendations.

I’m currently Ambassador Status with Marriott and I am dumping them.
Does anyone know of another chain within the US that can come close to honoring an ambassador status match? If not what hotel brand would you recommend for award points, loyalty service, and business travelers?
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2022.01.20 22:59 bobdabuilder233 Completing CS Minor with D-

I declared and about to complete my CS Minor this semester before I graduate, however, on cal central it shows that my 61B portion is not complete as I received a D- in 61B. However, on the website it said you can't get a grade any lower than a "D-". I just wanted to confirm if anyone knew whether this grade was still acceptable for declaring a CS Minor.
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2022.01.20 22:59 lespleiades Nayeon

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2022.01.20 22:59 Superlovetwotri Into camping?

Into camping? Have an RV and what to interact with fellow campers? Well, we have a Facebook group for you! It’s called Ontario RV Owners. We have a great group of wonderful folks where they camp anywhere in Ontario either being transient campers or in campgrounds, We welcome those also who have an interest in this lifestyle and want to learn more. So please click on the link below and join us today!
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2022.01.20 22:59 Deviatiion Got my first job, parents don’t care & shit talked me after.

I’m 16 and in grade 11; I currently am doing an unpaid internship as it earns me credits for high school (COOP2) — basically, instead of going to a class, we go into the workforce to gain experience. For me, it was a requirement to do this course as I’m part of a business SHSM (Specialist High School Major).
I was lucky enough to land a position at an amazing accounting firm and it’s been the best part of my high school experience.. and today I was just offered a paid position in the company as an executive assistant.
I’ve been ecstatic because I never dreamed of this happening, I’ve never even had a part-time job yet. If anything, I was going to ask if it’s possible if I can intern after my quadmester was over. I wanted more experience since in the next school year I’ll be applying to universities, and I thought the experience might help my resume.
Though, when I told my parents, they just told me “Okay.” They didn’t seem an ounce proud of me.. they even just started shit talking about me afterwards. My mom said how I should just work at a minimum wage job since that’s what I’m good for and that I’m not doing anything special anyway.
I don’t get it? Why have they never been proud of me? I can get 90%+ as my average for years but they never showed me that much care or appreciation, not even a “good job” — especially my mom too, everything I do is wrong in her eyes.. I get an internship and she tells people “(My name) decided to go to an accounting firm, if I was choosing where their placement was, I would’ve chose something else”. It hurts, it really does, if I ever went against what she wanted from me then I’m just a disappointment.
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2022.01.20 22:59 Beautiful_Yesterday6 Philosopher Gangrel ideas?

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2022.01.20 22:59 VirtualDog5918 How much do you think this put will be in the morning if stock opens up around 405

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2022.01.20 22:59 EthosPathosLegos That magic moment

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2022.01.20 22:59 EasyFold5 Imo the anime did Emi's death better

It felt like the anime made it more emotional and sadder, which in turn made it feel a lot more unique for a series like Baki. The manga was just another fight with Baki while carryingbhis dead mother on his back, and then he leaves her corpse under a bridge for some kids to find.
Does anyone else feel this way? The manga seems more fitting for the series, but I just like how the anime version stands out when compared to all the other nonsensical moments in the show.
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2022.01.20 22:59 Even_Hornet3006 Dekhlo Vrooo

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2022.01.20 22:59 Fragrant-Reception-2 BFB 1 On YouTube Kids (9/10/20)

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2022.01.20 22:59 sereniti81 No minimum isolation time for those not tested for COVID-19 under new B.C. guidelines

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