Can find game

2022.01.20 20:23 lenndurance Can find game

Ive been playing Vanguard for a few months. Today, when I goto multiplayer then try and join a quick play match, it can't find a game. I have to goto Social find someone who I played with days ago and join there game and it works fine.
Ive done everything, deleted vanguard from my XBSX, reinstalled it. Cleared cache.... Anyone have any idea whats happening with this broken game?
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2022.01.20 20:23 scooper101368 Am I being shallow about not liking body hair on a great guy?

First off I want to say that these are my own personal preferences and people should feel free to maintain their bodies however they like.
I really like smooth guys. I love rimming and sucking a guy and if I had it my way there would be a little hair above the dick and nothing else. Overall I have a hard time with hair down there. A little is fine but I really don't like it in my mouth or licking it. I generally don't go down on guys cause most keep it pretty natural (which I totally get, it's way more comfortable in my opinion). But I've started talking to a guy who is really incredible. He's smart and kind and really likes me. I find him very attractive. However, he is pretty hairy below the belt. He shaved for me when we first met last summer cause he knew I liked it but I don't want him to keep altering his body just forme. But I'm finding the sex part not great because of it. He's a sub-bottom which is great as I'm a vers top who likes to get a little aggressive. But I really have a thing for rimming and I tried it with him all natural and really hated it. He thinks that I'm not that into going down on guys when the opposite is true.
I'm not sure if I'm being insanely shallow or if this is something people work through or don't get over at all.
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2022.01.20 20:23 Stock_Titan PTON | Peloton Interactive, Inc. Reports Preliminary Second Quarter Fiscal 2022 Results

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2022.01.20 20:23 ciscotree How do should we handle generic posts?

With this sub getting larger and larger, there are more and more posts breaking rule 1: No generic "What should I eat" posts. This includes posts like "what's the best place", "best secret spot", "what's your favorite spot".
I just removed one that was upvoted and had plenty of comments. It's against the rules though. If we allow one, why not the others?
So please, tell me how do you think this sub should handle those posts in the future?
View Poll
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2022.01.20 20:23 Puffypenwon Recommendations for on the go storage for polishes/equipment

My fiancée just 2 weeks ago bought a few things to start her nails (curing light, nail tools, polishes) and I went ahead and bought her a few more things (polishes, rhinestones, tools). Her first set of nails for her first time came out super good and was super proud of her!
She would like to be able to store and organize these items in a way to be able to take with her. I have gone to sallys, Ulta, etc.. and see alot of makeup organizers but none that have separate spots for polish. Now the ones on Amazon look like they hold polishes but nothing that looks like it will also have room for things like the curing light and such.
Do you have any recommendations to be able to hold everything and easily take back and forth?
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2022.01.20 20:23 southpawFA FUCK DR. PHIL!

Actually, better yet, I guess I should say Fuck Mr. Phil!

So, if you don't pay attention to him (as everyone should, why this discredited dunce still has a television show is beyond me), then you might not have known what Dr. Phil did yesterday. He invited that Daily Wire 5th stringer loser Matt Walsh on to share his bigoted children's book Johnny the Walrus on live television on his show, so that he can double down on his idea of being trans as a mental illness. Mr. Phil's loser self didn't do anything to rebuke any claims of any kind by that loser Matt Walsh, and he basically made the show to be an insulting assault on the trans community, at a time when lawmakers are trying to threaten the very existence of trans people daily.

You can watch it below, but I must warn you that it is some of the most infuriating shit you will see. Fuck Dr. Phil, fuck Matt Walsh, and yes, my language is strong because it has to be.

Side note: if you are more mad at me for using vulgar language than lawmakers or Daily Wire rejects attacking transgender people, you are a part of the problem. I'll tell you the same thing I tell transphobes: shove it. There is a literal war on against trans people, especially trans kids, and the fact you aren't up in arms about transgender people being under attack is a shame in and of itself. Don't come for my anger. You should be angry right with me.
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2022.01.20 20:23 SatisfactionKind1720 History

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2022.01.20 20:23 RedirectToReddit Deadmau5 is selling HIDEOUS NFTs.

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2022.01.20 20:23 diegokny Não sei lidar bem com esperas, mas agora preciso esperar (ME AJUDEM!

Bom, o meu problema (e preciso de conselho pra isso) é que como eu disse no título: não lido muito bem com esperas ou com indefinições de algumas coisas, eu fico MUITO ansioso e isso acaba afetando muito meus pensamentos. Mas agora eu tenho que esperar.
Bom, eu tenho conversado com uma garota faz uns 2 meses e meio que eu tô começando a gostar muito dela, e com as conversas que eu tive com ela foram muito boas, somos muito parecidos, gostamos das mesmas coisas e acho que estamos com a mesma mentalidade (não tenho muita certeza) Ela terminou um relacionamento não faz muito tempo (3, 4 ou 5 meses) e a vó dela acabou falecendo nesse meio tempo tamb´ém, e eu comecei a conversar com ela no mês de novembro. Nesse meio tempo eu estava muito confuso sobre os meus sentimentos e os sentimentos dela e então fui tentar conversar com ela mas acabamos brigando, ficamos uns dias sem nos falar mas logo depois voltamos a nos falar e ela disse que precisava desabafar e acabou desabafando comigo na briga.
Mas logo quando voltamos a conversar, fui e estou sendo sincero sobre meus sentimentos, disse que estou começando a me apaixonar por ela (está se desenrolando ainda a situação) e ela disse que também quer ter algo comigo quando voltar a sair (começar a faculdade) mas tem medo de me fazer mal e de não ser tudo isso (o que não é verdade, não me faz mal apesar de brigarmos e ela ter me deixado muito confuso, e ela é tudo isso sim, por isso não vejo nenhum defeito nela e gosto muito dela) Falei que eu estou disposto a esperar e que também poderíamos ir com calma pois ela ainda estava passando por algumas coisas, ela respondeu dizendo que vai pensar nisso.
Também quando sairmos planejo dizer tudo que sinto pra ela e algumas coisas que tenho pensado.
Agora entra as minhas dúvidas e as minhas necessidades de conselhos:

  1. Como lidar com a indefinição de não saber onde isso vai parar e ter que esperar ela voltar a sair? (Em todas as minhas tentativas de relacionamentos eu sabia onde iria parar, e não saber onde esse vai parar me deixa muito ansioso)
  2. Como convencer alguém de que não te faz mal e sim, é tudo isso para você, e é a unica pessoa que é e vai ser suficiente pra mim?
Me ajudem! e obrigado!
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2022.01.20 20:23 shellyd79 Replacement for 640iGT

Hi fellow drivers - I’m one of the only fans of the 640iGT, and mine was totaled yesterday when someone blew a stop sign and t boned me. I’m considering an X6 or trying to import a 640iGT from Europe. Can anyone share experiences either with an X6 or importing a BMW to the US? Thanks!
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2022.01.20 20:23 mulder-fox FtM periods

Hi all, I am currently studying marketing and have an assignment where we need to promote a product. I am wanting to do a menstrual cup specifically advised for Trans Men that menstruate. I am hoping to get some insight on what its like for you to be getting your periods and what packaging/wording you want to see on these products to feel included. Would you prefer neutral branding or more masculine?
Thank you in advance
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2022.01.20 20:23 TreyLanceMVP Is there a scenario during these playoffs where the 49ers are actually the talking point for national media?

Prior to the Cowboys game the talk was all focused on the Cowboys. After the Cowboys game the talk was all focused on how the Cowboys blew it.
Prior to the Packers game the talk was all focused on the Packers. When we beat the Packers the talk will all be focused on Aaron Rodgers and his future.
Prior to the Tampa Bay game the talk will all be focused on Tom Brady. When we beat Tampa Bay the talk will all be focused on Tom Brady and his future.
(Alternatively, if the Rams beat Tampa)
Prior to the Rams game the talk will all be focused on Matt Stafford finally winning some playoff games. When we beat the Rams the talk will all be focused on McVay's inability to beat Shanahan.
...does it take us getting to the Super Bowl to get any respect? Probably not if we play the Titans, because it'll be about Derrick Henry's miraculous comeback. Probably not if we play the Chiefs, because it will be about them reaching their third straight Super Bowl. Bengals? Nah, the arrival of Joe Burrow is the story. Bills? It'll be about their Super Bowl drought.
Is there a scenario prior to us and winning the Super Bowl where we are actually the story the media wants to talk about?
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2022.01.20 20:23 Thryloz Congresspersons simply have access to too much confidential information to be trusted not to engage in insider trading.

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2022.01.20 20:23 malanom3 Lo-Fi Sci-Fi: Comfy retro tunes for studying or relaxing

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2022.01.20 20:23 Lauris25 This show should be mini-series

I love shows like theese, but problem is, it doesnt fit to be more than 1 season. Theese type of shows usually are 6-8 ep miniseries where all the story is told and mistery solved. This one ended like there could be second season and if not... Then ending sucks really bad cause it doesnt explain fully, but enough to not watch season 2. I just dont care about season 2 that much cause there's no mistery anymore. This reminded me True detective 1st season. That was a bit similar because of the cult to this one, but without sci-fi, better ofc. But this one wasn't that bad ether. What are your toughts? Mby somone knows, will there be second season? Or it ended just like that.
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2022.01.20 20:23 thefreshestthing GET NEW WRITERS

Omg I love this show but the writing can be AWFUL!
First of all, the dialogue is so basic. It makes the characters sound dumb. Like, you never even really get how some of the characters feel cuz the dialogue is just like "Um, I feel bad". They need to do better.
Plus, so many dropped storylines. It's like they're making it up as they go along.
The acting is good because I know they're going for a documentary feel, but whoever plays Maddy needs to take acting lessons.
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2022.01.20 20:23 JzaDragon Monk Hulk still mighty after nerf

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2022.01.20 20:23 WrestlingBootyNBoobs Some lovely Aussie cleavage by Jessica and Cassie

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2022.01.20 20:23 Morty_Im_A_Pickle How do i play VR with the Epic Games version?

Trying to set up VR for H3 on the epic games store but I have no clue where to start with that lol
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2022.01.20 20:23 TPhizzle Tips on adopting feral kittens and mother

Hi all as the title says looking for advice on domesticating a family of 3 cats.
Backstory: the mom has been around for years as we’ve been feeding her and has given a few litters already. 7 months ago she gave a litter of 3 in our backyard however only 2 survived. Over the months we’ve been feeding them regularly and introduced toys and cat trees which they’ve enjoyed a lot. Initially they were super skittish, especially the mom but over time they’ve slowly warmed up to us but still no touching. I’ve built them a bed inside our patio and they’ve been sleeping there the past few months. As of a few months ago I’ve also been able to feed one from my hand but she immediately runs away after. This same brave one also ventures into our house occasionally looking for food but her sister is still super shy. Fast forward to now, they’re much less shy now, even approaching us when we come out side bit will never come closer than a few feet. They regularly sleep in the bed we make them, apart from the mom these days, in our patio. The mom being much more skittish than the other two.
So in short we would love to get closer to them to allow them to touch us but not sure how to do it. Anyone have suggestions? I’ve read to try to trap them but that sounds like it’s traumatize them.
Any help appreciated!
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2022.01.20 20:23 Mercadelabuena [Fixed] Top dps of every element

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2022.01.20 20:23 Plants_for_everyone I bought this massive dwarf umbrella tree on clearance today. Can I prune? Direct sun or no?

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2022.01.20 20:23 VentriloquistYaMook Games with OSR simplicity/approachability but the superpowered fantasy of later D&D editions?

Hi! I'm relatively new to the tabletop scene. Learned about D&D 5E through Critical Role back in late 2020, and then discovered the wider world of roleplaying games not too long after. I've read up on the various types of settings, mechanics, engines and the like, but I've yet to actually play a game of anything. I'd like to try GM'ing for my family so I can finally join the fun, and fantasy seems to be the easiest in (as well as a genre we generally enjoy).
The OSR caught my eye with the sheer number of rulesets that appear much easier for newbies to learn over something like the modern iterations of D&D and other heroic fantasy games, which is nice for someone like me. What I'm wondering is if there are games of a similar approach that also deliver on the fantasy that these newer editions provide? While I enjoy the light rules, I'm apprehensive of the lethality, limited magic, and general avoidance of combat that seem to be core to the OSR philosophies. What I do like is the emphasis on rulings over rules, player ingenuity, exploration, rolling on tables to create new story opportunities, and smaller things like morale systems.
Are there games that meet this specific criteria? I know many OSR games are made to be "hackable", so is it just a case of needing to tinker with the rules until I end up with the experience I'm seeking? I'd appreciate any responses!
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2022.01.20 20:23 kreyfor I did it too, thanks for the 1st guy before me, it made me more motivated.

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2022.01.20 20:23 konnock What’s ur favorite strain:)

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