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Belfast was the most boring cinema movie I've watched ever, what did I miss?

2022.01.22 05:43 cally_777 Belfast was the most boring cinema movie I've watched ever, what did I miss?

The first thing I should say is, I'm not prone to exaggeration: this was the only cinema movie in my memory that I wanted to leave due to boredom. However to balance this, I'm not a really frequent cinema goer (and I missed quite a few years of watching movies due to anxiety issues), and there may be many films I watched at home that I would have wanted to leave, had I seen them in the cinema. But to balance things yet again, I've watched many slow burn 'art house' European films (mostly at home) and its not like I have a low boredom threshold, or a poor attention span.
The reason for me even asking this question is of course that this has been lauded by the critics, and seems to have reached out to the general public as well. I don't know whether there has been something of an 'Emperor's New Clothes' effect at work; but perhaps some users on here can explain to me why it isn't hype.
So to describe why I was so terribly bored by this movie. Firstly, very little happened, and none of it was particularly unexpected. (SPOILERS follow, but as you can tell, I don't believe there's much to spoil). A family gets caught up in the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland, and after spending most of the entire movie agonising about it, decide to leave their home town. That's it. Nothing surprising about that plot, is there? I could see it coming the entire movie, and devoutly hoped they would reach this conclusion quickly, so the movie would end, and I could leave.
Next, none of the characters is at all interesting. The central child involved is boringly normal. He shares a bit of 'banter' with his dad, his grand dad and his delinquent older 'girlfriend' (not a romantic one, that would have been too thrilling.) It's not very witty banter, because he's just a normal kid, but why would I then want to hear it in a film? (Example; "If you can't be good, be careful.") He sometimes gets involved in riots, which sounds exciting, but I didn't care about him, so I wasn't bothered. I didn't care that he wanted to sit next to his ideal love interest in class, because she hardly utters a word, until near the end. His other sibling almost never interacts with him at all, and doesn't do anything much until the film is nearly over (and he recounts that in a boring fashion, rather than us actually seeing it)
Other characters that would need to excite interest include all the above family members, but sadly they do not. The mother agonizes quite a lot about leaving her home town, which is hard to empathise with, as we almost never see it except in a state of riot. I just got annoyed with her for not doing the obvious thing, and leaving straight away (see above, I wanted the movie to end!) The father does actually want to leave, partly because he has gambling debts, but of course, (clue: name of the film) he isn't going to do so until the end. Unfortunately he's even more bland than the mother. The movie seems to want him to be an unassuming hero, like the Western cowboys portrayed in the film clips in the film (far the most interesting part) but he doesn't have a tenth of the charisma of any of them. Furthermore he would have been far more heroic in my eyes if he'd immediately taken his family out of danger, rather than exposing them to riots, and the revenge of the only villains, the sectarian extremists.
Oh about these villains. They are completely cardboard cut out ones, and we never hear much about their motivation, except they hate Catholics. All they want is for the father to get involved in sectarianism. The main villain at least has a little charisma. But apart from punching one guy, they don't do an awful lot other than hang around and issue threats. Until near the end ... but lets now deal with the only possible excitement in the movie.
A supposedly enthralling scene is when our MC, the little boy, gets caught up in a spot of looting, via the older 'girl friend' I mentioned. And, with a touch of humour, steals some cheap washing powder, the only thing he can think of to grab. So far, so good, the boredom is lifted a little. But then his mum, when she finds out, instead of just ticking him off, actually takes him back, in the middle of the riot, and makes him put the item back in place. So any credibility or social realism totally goes out the window at that point. Who would do that? It just annoyed me.
But after this demented behaviour (if my memory serves me correctly) the sectarian villains get involved, because, perhaps understandably, they are not pleased that the looting they were encouraging has been spoiled by this daft woman making her son put some soap powder back. This develops into a face off with the MC's father, as they are being held 'hostage', so the main villain can get out of Dodge, as the riot police arrive.
On the one hand we have the villain, with a concealed gun, and the other the father ... with a rock. Now in these circumstances, given that the riot police are showing no interest in helping out, what would a sensible man do? Particularly considering that he's finally (yay!) made the decision to get out of Dodge himself. Risk death and harm to his wife and youngest child? Or let the villain walk out past the apparently uninterested coppers?
Well he chooses to chuck the rock, somehow gets away with it, saves his family, and gets the villain arrested. Really? I know this happens in numerous movies, but this doesn't portray itself as that kind of film. It simply labels him in my eyes as an idiot, who cares more about his principles than his family. Also taking into account that I'm in no way invested in any of these characters, it was another failure to achieve any climatic excitement.
So there you have it, as far as I'm concerned this film is a complete tedium fest, and without even the saving ability of 'so bad its good' quality. (I only wish it was a snooze fest, as that would have been more merciful). Please feel free to say why you think I'm wrong.
I will make this one concession. The death of MC's grand dad, a slightly more (but not very) interesting character, recalled for me the death of my own, at a similar age. So that was one moment of emotion in the entire film. Otherwise, complete washout.
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2022.01.22 05:43 Notorious_Ape Hello Gophers - Risk2Earn NFT game - Unreleased - Invite contest for free mint

What is Hello Gophers?
Hello Gophers is a Play2Earn Metaverse risk protocol game where you can stake your NFT to earn daily yield rewards or steal another player's NFT and impose a tax on their rewards based on the rarity of your NFT.
Hello Gophers is a collection of 10,000 Gen 0 and unlimited number of Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT generated on the Harmony ONE blockchain. Each NFT will be randomly generated from a smart contract with a variety of unique traits.
- Out of the 10.000 Gen 0 , 1000 will be given as free mints for the whitelisted - No early sale for WL or discounts, mints will launch for all at same time (fair launch) - Each mint will cost 125 usdc - Today received the harmony grant - Release possibly end of Feb
Even if you don't want to invest you can still hop in and invite people so you get your free mint Check Hello Gophers discord now!
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2022.01.22 05:43 fearlesslykash I've been wanting this bag, and now it's finally mine!

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2022.01.22 05:43 speaking_moistly He was so proud of himself I actually did throw it for him. (javelin style) 🤣

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2022.01.22 05:43 whitetailsnail I’m revising my end of the world plans…

So the old plan was sit on my front porch sipping lemonade as I watched the world die in a mushroom cloud in the distance.
New plan, if I have weed I’ll be fine enough in this fucked up crazy world. And maybe keep a mikes in the fridge just in case.
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2022.01.22 05:43 Yashwant1606 CRYPTOCURRENCY

#KYCCOIN #CRYPTOCURRENCY #KYCC #KYCEXCHANGE #KYCWALLET. The community really appreciates the vision and the hard working team. So far everything looks promising and we are waiting for the release. Also the team looks good.
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2022.01.22 05:43 sqweakerbeaker dew it

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2022.01.22 05:43 Haziq-Husaini Baru ku tah

Hari ni tengah duk borak dengan ummi baru tahu yang iblis sebelum dia nak buat apa" projek nak menyesatkan manusia ni dia akan minta atau maklum pada tuhan dia Allah (whattttttt!!!!!!).
Kalau korang yang dah biasa dengan imforasi ok la, cuma bila ku dengar perkara ni macam tersentak(banyak bukan sikit). Yelah iblis kot, biasa yang kita tau dia ni jahat keje menyesasatkan orang sampai kiamat. Tapi bila ku dengar, iblis ni minta izin, so kalau tuhan tak izin dia tak buat keje dia lah (sirehlaaah?)
Perkara yang ku dapat kalau iblis(kepala segala kejahatan) tu pun beradap(minta izin) dengan tuhan dia. SO kalau aku tak beradap dengan tuhan maknanya=buruk lagi daripada iblis!
Patutlah ustaz ku pernah cakap yang syaitan(berdasar pemahaman ku yang cetek ni): Dasyat tul manusia ni kalau ikut telunjuk kita. Bos besar aku(iblis) pun dia dulu tak mau sujud kat nabi adam, then barulah dia mula ajak manusia buat jahat. Tapi manusia ni bila ingkar pada perintah tuhan dia pergh lain macam, kalah bos aku.
SO kalau lah iblis tu beradap kita khalifah di atas muka bumi ni lagi lah kene beradap,
NOTE: Kalau ada apa" kesilapan pada post ni jangan segan silu beritahu je(tapi kalau yang nak bagi flaying kick terus, releks be cool. Saya bocah baru belajar ya), ku sebagai pelajar masih banyak yang perlu belajar.
Dan kalua korang menjupai permata dalam timbunan pasir yang ku berikan ini, sesungguhnya TUAN adalah orang yang beruntung... insyaallah
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2022.01.22 05:43 thebluestbitch literally just this image

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2022.01.22 05:43 bucket--bot wanna FUCK YEAH

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2022.01.22 05:43 ElDaryl Asi jsem našel takový štěstí💦🌧😎💦

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2022.01.22 05:43 Throwitaway8aa8 AgustaWestland AW139

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2022.01.22 05:43 Crackitybojangles Think about it motherfuckers. See you on the other side.

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2022.01.22 05:43 bleucheesecake I pierced got my medusa 3 days ago. Does it look infected?

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2022.01.22 05:43 robinnickhood Disc link

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2022.01.22 05:43 MattiaDC For this new jam I recorded four tracks on a tape loop with the Volca FM and enjoyed touching and pitching the tape.

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2022.01.22 05:43 Abject_Action5001 Look out Midge, Homers in the mood for a California Cheeseburger...

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2022.01.22 05:43 wahidazal66 Rules for spiritual living

Rules for spiritual living:

  1. Shut the fuck up, sit down, breathe and pay attention.
  2. Being an asshole to arrogant people is an act of compassion for all beings, especially for the arrogant.
  3. Wash the dishes, clean your kitchen, make sure the shoes at the entrance are in order. Then go back to 1.
  4. Stop saying "fuck" all the time.
  5. Oh shit, I just said "fuck".
  6. Oh bullocks, I said "shit"
  7. Being able to kick someone in the balls but choosing not to do so makes you a good guy. Not being able to doesn't even allow you to chose. It just makes you a nice person. A bit like a pure, nice smelling piece of immaculate toilet paper. No need for me to elaborate on the use of toilet paper. (See 5 and 6).
  8. Feed stray cats. Why? They're teachers on the Path unlike dogs. Dogs worship humans. Cats don't give a rat's ass about your self perceived superiority and they don't depend on you. If they love you, they mean it.
  9. If someone slaps you on the left cheek, present the right one to him as well...and as he raises his hand punch him in the throat, kick him in the balls, then move aside and break his knee with a side kick. That way he won't slap others. That too is compassion for all beings.
  10. If you attract people make sure you make them think you're an asshole. That will keep the ass kissers away.
~ Ayatullah Shaykh Yusuf al-Khattat
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2022.01.22 05:43 Anabu1 Never compete with cbc cause it's one of a kind

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2022.01.22 05:43 LimitlessSoulja420 How do I retain my factory wiring harness & radio when I install my new amplifier?

I have a 46CXA3604 kicker amp I just bought and am trying to get it hooked up to 4 JBL 629’s. I was told I need to buy a aftermarket harness for my car to retain all the factory wires. Idk what I’m doing someone please help. I just purchased a metra aftermarket harness for my car.
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2022.01.22 05:43 mr_etymologist Worked Like a Charm - They Immediately Ended the Game

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2022.01.22 05:43 kushyar village goes BOOM

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2022.01.22 05:43 PeterShitPeas Distraction Therapy. Secrets of the London Underground TV Series

Stumbled upon a lovely gentle tv series last night, Secrets of the London Underground. Presented by non-nerds. 😊
Thought maybe a few of you might be interested. Nice distraction from all the chaos of the world.
Watched the Clapham episode last night, didn't know the HUGE wartime air raid shelter under the tube line still exists. Don't all jump together on the platform, it might collapse! 😋
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2022.01.22 05:43 6BCK200UP DM FOR FULL FILE

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2022.01.22 05:43 remilauren0 Dealing with a relatively lesser salary hike

I've been in the IT industry for 2.5 years now, working as a Software Developer at an MNC. As part of the program, I received a promotion and 11% hike in 2021 Jan. Fast forward a year, I'm facing an 8% hike and no promotion (this was expected).
I say okay to my manager but turns out everyone else who joined with me has received at least 11% hike (without promotion) and it goes as high as 19% (again, without promotion). Hell, their ratings are also a notch higher than mine (Mine has stayed the same as last year). I am feeling anxious thinking if this would be the norm now since I didn't ask my manager immediately as to why the hike was lesser. I am a fool, I should have asked but I simply assumed it was less due to lack of promotion.
Any advice on how to deal with this situation would be helpful.
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