Tutoring for 4000 level physics?

2022.01.18 01:58 Misterman0925 Tutoring for 4000 level physics?

I recognize that LSU has many great tutoring sources, but they seem to cut off around the 2000s. Are there any tutors/aids for higher-level courses? Namely: PHYS 4125, 4132, 4135
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2022.01.18 01:58 Jiggles- Just saying I would do some scare shit for this song, Uzi drop it

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2022.01.18 01:58 NoInspection9595 she can eat my 🌯😜

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2022.01.18 01:58 Gullible-Farmer-3935 Hmm...Did Robyn just take Janelle's gift into the house w out wiping it down?! And didn't she touch the gift w out sanitizing it?! What happened to the rules?!

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2022.01.18 01:58 Appropriate-Sport965 New to me, Twosun TS52

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2022.01.18 01:58 sophomore5 Ana de Armas

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2022.01.18 01:58 rmk_1808 Dhanush, Wife Aishwaryaa Separate After "18 Years Of Togetherness"

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2022.01.18 01:58 Drunk_Whiplash help mommy!!

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2022.01.18 01:58 iFeedFeralCats [PC] H: 3 blood eagle skull lord helmets W: caps, 3K a pop

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2022.01.18 01:58 disillusioned_3725 Question about scrip dividend shares

Hi there,
I currently hold 100 + 8 shares of a local bank, 100 being the lot I bought and 8 shares acquired thru scrip dividend.
Am thinking of selling them because I already have G3B and it seems like their yield aren't far off and those monies could have been used for other investments where they may earn bigger returns (e.g. S&P 500).
However, as the lot size is 100, this will leave me with 8 shares which is kinda awkward. What can I do about this?
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2022.01.18 01:58 Unlike_Other_Gurls Would u let a woman suck ur dick while u get fucked / watch porn for $400?

View Poll
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2022.01.18 01:58 deadintheforest_ found these triller hats at the thrift store for 3 dollars

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2022.01.18 01:58 bobaprime Life U2 discontinued? Are they no longer doing wired earbuds.

Not a fan of the true wireless. Is the there anything close to the Life U2 or even the soundbuds slim they used to make?
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2022.01.18 01:58 captainpuffysimp Puffy Vacation Smut Fic (1 of 2)

Puffy’s eyes fluttered open, she could still feel her head throbbing from all of the drinks the night before. She had been on another one of Minx’s drunkcasts, consistently being flirted with by the Irish woman the entire time.

The strawberry-blonde haired woman pulled her arm up to the headboard of her bed and patted around in search of her phone. Once in hand she unlocked her phone to find that the messages from the night before were still open. Puffy had forgotten about how after stream she had been texting Minx for well over an hour. She scrolled through the messages reading all of the flirtatious things they had been communicating to each other, the things Minx wanted to do to her, her responses to some of the things. Just thinking about it made Puffy wet, she glanced down, the streamer was still in a green hoodie from last night and a pair of grey panties on which the wet spot slowly grew. She continued through the messages to see two images, the first from Minx, it was a picture of her fellow streamer with her shirt up as she pushed her breasts together, her large areola sheltering her erect nipples. Puffy stared at the image for a moment before swiping to the next, in response to Minx’s photo, Cara sent an image of herself with her jeans and underwear pulled halfway down her thighs, her legs spread apart revealing her damp and cleanly shaven rose. She moved back to the first pic of Minx and moved her hand between her own legs, beginning to rub herself through her panties. Puffy continued gently rubbing her clitoral region while staring at her friends breasts, she could feel her pulse quickening and bit down on her lower lip to keep from moaning. She could feel that she was getting close, but was unfortunately cut off by her alarm. “Shit!” She exclaimed, she had forgotten that she was meant to go to the U.K today to meet up with a bunch of friends for the first time, they had been planning this for months. She jumped out of bed quickly getting ready to leave for the airport, she grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

Many hours later Puffy was jolted awake by the feeling of the plane touching down onto the runway, she peered out the window to see the bright lights of the airport. After a long wait she was finally able to walk off the plane and go through customs. When she was finally done she found some of her friends waiting for her, Wilbur, Schlatt, and...Minx, were all there to pick her up. They greeted Puffy and then all headed out to Wil’s car so that they could drive to the hotel where everyone was staying.

As soon as she sat down in the back seat next to Minx, Puffy could feel the other woman’s eyes all over her, Minx was excited to finally be able to spend some personal time with American and couldn’t help but look her up and down, Puffy was still wearing the green hoodie from that morning along with a pair of grey sweatpants. After a couple solid minutes of staring Minx placed her hand atop Puffy’s thigh and started slowly massaging her. As uncomfortable as Puffy tried to make herself look, Minx could see in her eyes how intrigued her friend was. After a while the affect Minx’s massage had on her became much more obvious, being in such a rush that morning Puffy had forgotten to put on a bra, and now anyone could make out her hardened tips pointing through her shirt. Noticing this Minx locked eyes with Puffy for a moment and flashed her a devious smile, she slipped her second hand down her own jeans and stuck a finger in her presumably wet entrance. Puffy could feel a lake beginning to form between her legs and with it her lust for Minx. After what felt like days they finally pulled into the parking lot of their hotel and Schlatt spoke up, “Oh by the way Puffy we aren’t going to have every room until tomorrow night, and since your the last one to arrive...”

“Oh don’t worry,” the Irish woman next to her interrupted with, “You can stay in my room for the night.” They assumed this would work fine and got out of the car. Before moving Puffy looked back over at Minx, she removed her hand from her pants and stuck her center finger into her own mouth, licking off all of her fluids while keeping eye contact with the other woman, and then followed the others inside.

Puffy followed Minx up to her room, once inside she set her bag against the wall and quickly took in the room, only one bed and a small couch, Puffy new exactly what Minx’s intentions were for that night, but she didn’t want Minx to get exactly what she wanted.

Minx opened up a drawer in the dresser while Puffy’s back was turned and pulled something out of it, but kept it hidden behind her own back. She walked up behind Puffy and started talking into her ear in a hushed tone, “Finally were alone...I’ve been dying to taste you all day...” Minx placed one hand on the shorter woman’s hips, all while keeping her second hand out of sight, she then slowly started moving her hand up Puffy’s petite form. She continued tracing up her body until she was beneath her shirt, until her hand rested atop Puffy’s breast. She kept her hand cupped around it and spoke again, “Now we can do all of those things we said we wanted to do...” Minx gave Puffy’s nipple a light pinch, causing her to moan just slightly.

Puffy turned to face Minx and leaned in near her ear, having to push herself onto her toes, she briefly bit down on her lower lip and then whispered back in a beautifully seductive tone, “You can’t just have me...unless you can handle me.” Minx looked a bit confused by the statement. In all of their messages Minx would tell Puffy what she wanted to do to her, and Puffy would always roll over and take whatever the other woman would do, however now that the opportunity was here, Puffy intended to express her more dominant side upon the Irish woman. Puffy got a firm grasp on Minx’s ass and pushed her down onto the bed, Minx looked up at her a little shocked, she didn’t expect sweet little Puffy to be so strong. Puffy reached for Minx’s hand and quickly snatched the mysterious item from her. Minx had been trying to hide a strapon dildo, probably about seven inches long. “You think I’m gonna just let you fuck me?” Puffy asked her in an almost bored voice. “You’re gonna have to earn me first...take off your pants!” She ordered Minx in a sharp tone. Puffy looked down, working the strapon over her sweatpants. Once she had it on Cara looked back to the bed to see Minx now sitting without her jeans, only her black underwear hiding herself from her friend. Puffy looked at her and gestured with one hand for Minx to take her panties off, she obliged immediately slipping them off and discarding them on the floor. Puffy now had a full view of Minx’s pussy, she could tell that Minx was clearly not as tight as her, she also noticed how her hair was neatly trimmed to be a small line ending above her clit. When she was finally through admiring her, Puffy told Minx, “Turn around.” Minx faced her back to her and arched herself to be in something of a doggy position, displaying her folds perfectly for the other woman. Puffy placed her knees on the bed directly behind Minx, she then raised her hand and brought it down hard against Minx’s ass, causing a loud moan from Minx, and an even louder slapping sound. She extended her arm in order to grasp Minx’s hair, pulling her head back just a little, and with that she pulled back her hips and thrust the entire seven inches of rubber into Minx all at once, giving her no time to become accustomed to it. Minx let out a shrill scream of pain, but Puffy only tightened her hold on her hair and continued plunging the dildo in and out at a rapid pace. As Puffy continued over the next several minutes Minx’s moan transitioned from pain to pleasure, Minx wasn’t use to being the submissive one in the relationship but she found herself loving every second of this. After a few more minutes of this Minx let out a long scream as she came all over her own strapon, this made Puffy realize how close she was to her peak aswell, she tore the dildo out of Minx’s chamber and then off of her own waist. Puffy rolled Minx onto her back and sat directly atop her face while still fully clothed. Even while struggling for breath Minx pushed her tongue through the layers of clothing between Puffy’s legs and did her best to please her. Minx was seemingly successful as within thirty seconds Puffy was screaming with her thighs locked around Minx’s face spilling herself into her own pants. Puffy fell off of Minx and was quickly asleep with her back to her.

Puffy awoke the next morning alongside the still sleeping Minx, she rolled over to see the woman’s mascara from the day before stained in streaks down her cheeks. She could see Minx’s still hard nipples poking through her shirt, Puffy was tempted to reach out and touch her but decided against it, rather she stood up and walked over to the dresser, sliding open the same drawer that Minx had retrieved the strapon from the night before, Puffy was quite shocked to see an assortment of other sex toys there as-well, just about anything you could think of that is small enough to get in a bag was there, after a quick glance Puffy grabbed a pair of baby pink vibrator panties and a remote to go with, stuffing them in her pocket before taking her bag and going down stairs to get her room.

Once she had the room key she went back to the floor where her and all of her friends were staying, as soon as the door closed behind her Puffy made her way into the small bathroom and stripped away her clothes to take a shower, her entire body felt sticky with sweat, and of course her own cum between her legs. She turned on the water and planted her slender form in the middle of the rainfall, allowing for it to refresh her mind and body. That last night with Minx was fun, it wasn’t uncommon for her to sometimes fantasize about her friends, Minx being one of them, but now that they were all together maybe she could make more situations like last nights really happen, Puffy could feel the warmth in her core just thinking about it.

Once out of the shower Puffy admired herself in the mirror while putting on her makeup and brushing out her long golden strawberry-blonde hair that made her irresistible. She put on matching white undergarments and then a maroon t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. After looking at the time she realized that they were all supposed to be meeting outside in a couple of minutes, she walked out her door at the same time Niki was leaving her room, the room connected to hers. Niki greeted her in her cute voice, Puffy stumbled on her words a bit at the sight of Niki, the German girl was in a pink tank top and white pants that really showed off her ass. Puffy said hi and walked with her to the elevator. Niki was another of many of her friends that Puffy would sometimes see in a sexual light, but she was also different in how Puffy had always had a bit of a crush on this girl, she was the kindest and sweetest person she knew, and her fantasies of Niki often moved beyond just sex. She followed Niki outside, her eyes locked onto her ass the entire time. Everyone was there, herself, Niki, Schlatt, Wilbur, Minx, Eret, and Fundy. They were all going to a mall today, they piled into the two cars they had and started driving.

Once they arrived everyone sort of split off into smaller groups to wander around the mall together. Puffy went with Niki, the pair walked through different stores discussing different things that they could do while they were together, of course there were some things Puffy wanted to do with Niki, more intimate things, but she didn’t bring those up, instead she just went along with what she was saying. At one point during their conversation Puffy found herself looking directly into Niki’s dazzling eyes, “Your eyes are gorgeous,” she whispered silently.

Niki not being able to tell what she said, asked, “Sorry what was that?”

“Oh nothing...I was just saying you have nice eyes.”

“Aw you do to Puffy.” Niki responded with, now staring back. Puffy found herself using her hand to push Niki’s hair back, making the German girl blush a little. The two stepped towards each other and moved their arms up around each other’s shoulders, Puffy guided Niki towards a wall pushing here down against it until she was looking down on Niki. They both shifted their arms around each other, both of Niki’s hands were now beneath Puffy’s shirt and resting on her slender shoulders, whereas Puffy had one running through Niki’s hair, while the other had obtained a firm grip on her ass. The two stood there for a few minutes staring at each other, loving each other’s presence, their faces just inches apart, after a few silent moments Puffy leaned in and placed her lips against Niki’s, they were soft, delicate, and sweet, she placed her forehead against her friends and then pulled away, both of them smiling at each other. Niki stood up and the two kept walking, almost as if nothing had happened between them, the only difference being that they were now holding hands, their fingers entwined in one another’s.

Another hour or so later everyone met up to head back to the hotel for the evening, Puffy was riding in the backseat of Wil’s car, while Niki was in the front with him. On the ride back Puffy could see how Wil was staring at Niki for practically the entire drive, occasionally bringing up flirtatious compliments or short conversations. While the two always said that they didn’t feel that way about each other no one could ever really tell for sure, but now Puffy was seeing that Wilbur definitely had feelings for Niki, she wasn’t sure if Niki felt the same way, but she knew she couldn’t let him get even a chance, during the rest of the ride to the hotel a plan started to form in her head, to put Wil in his place.

When they got back everyone hung out chatting and having drinks in a small meeting room just off the hotel lobby. It wasn’t until nearly one in the morning that everyone had went upstairs to their rooms, Wil was the last person to leave just before Puffy and Fundy headed to their rooms. Once in her own room Puffy looked into the mirror and stood there for a moment to think if this was what she really wanted to do, she left her own room, walking down the hall and giving Wilbur’s door a firm knock. “Who’s there?” His voice echoed from the other side.

“It’s just me,” Cara replied, “I need to talk to you about something.” The door swung open revealing Wil in nothing but a pair of loose grey sweatpants. Puffy quickly inspected him up and down, starting to feel a little more excited about what she was going to do.

Puffy slid past into his room and started, “Look I see the way you look at Niki...the way you feel about her...”

He spoke up in an embarrassed tone, starting to blush, “What...do you mean?”

Puffy stretched her arm up, she placing a finger over his mouth, “Oh you know...and I only know because...well I feel the same about her.”

Wil looked at her, feeling his entire face go red and stumbled on his words saying, “Well uh so why are you here?”

Puffy placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him onto the bed until his back was against the wall, “I’m just here...to put you in your place,” She said. She moved onto the bed moving herself towards Wilbur on her hands and knees, she outstretched her hand once again placing it on top of and rubbing his crotch region. His face just continued to get more red along with a slight grunt of pleasure. Puffy could feel him growing through his pants, once she felt that he was as big as he would get, Puffy in one quick move pulled his sweatpants all the way down off his ankles, tossing them on the floor. His entire member was now sticking up in the air at her, Puffy ran one finger up the spine of his cock, watching as it twitched at the slightest touch. While a part of her wanted to grab his dick and stick it in her mouth she couldn’t, she needed to teach him a lesson about threatening her in any way, so she just ran her thumb over the head and sat back on the bed, directly facing Wil. Puffy then pulled her own shorts and panties off her legs, and then spread them apart, arching them. Wil’s attention immediately locked onto her tight, cleanly shaven pussy, his gaze moved around, looking at her slim thick thighs. He grasped his shaft and started slowly stroking himself, Puffy swatted his hand, “You don’t get to enjoy this,” she told him, “You don’t get Niki, just sit back, keep your hands down, and endure the pain.” Puffy could see the frustration in his face, but he complied, setting his hands down on the bed. Puffy brushed a finger along her clit and proceeded to start rubbing herself. She moved her hand around, grinding her entire palm against the damp flesh between her legs. Wilbur was sitting watching his friend, who he really didn’t know that well, sit down and masturbate in front of him just to prove a point, she had him so turned on and rock hard, but he was clearly in pain, not being able to pleasure himself to the scene in front of him. Puffy knew he couldn’t stand what she was doing to him but she just continued touching herself while looking at him. After a minute, Puffy’s legs clamped together around her hand and her head tilted back as she let out a deep moan. Wil decided this might be his only chance, he gripped himself and started to pump his cock. It didn’t take Puffy long to recover from her minor orgasm, she looked up to see Wil doing exactly what she told him not to do. Cara slapped him across the face, pulling his head down and making him move his hand back. “Be good,” she ordered, “and you still might get a treat.” Puffy went back to pleasuring herself, slowly sliding a finger into herself, she started off slow, picking up speed as she added a second finger. Puffy continued fingering herself and Wilbur continued watching, his cock throbbing and it’s head swollen. She finally hit her peak, moaning Niki’s name at him as she spilled onto the sheets and drenched her hand. After a minute of heavy breathing she brought her hand up and stuck a finger in Wil’s mouth, letting him lick up her juices. She left him with a, “Don’t touch her...oh and maybe don’t cum?” She grabbed her clothes off the ground and slipped down the hall into her own room, watching for anyone who might be around.

After sitting down for a moment Puffy pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, she looked down at her nude body before standing up and opening her half of door to the joinable room next to her, Niki’s room, she knocked on the door and prepared herself. Niki knowing that Puffy was in the room next to her stood up and opened the door, Puffy could see that she was visibly shocked and confused by the sight in front of her. Puffy didn’t give her a moment to think, she pushed herself onto her toes as she leaned in and kissed Niki, her hands moved to the back of her head and between her shoulders. Puffy pulled off for a moment and looked into Niki’s eyes, they stared at each other for a moment before Niki pressed her lips back against Puffy’s. As they kissed Cara slowly walked Niki towards the bed while also sliding her top off until her large tits dropped out. Once the pair were laying down, Puffy on top of the younger woman, she slowly moved her kisses to Niki’s neck, making the girl softly moan. After a few moments of this, Puffy’s mouth traveled further south, she placed her mouth around as much of Niki’s big breasts as she could, flicking her tongue out over her areola and nipple. As Puffy satisfied her friend who she had always fancied, she kept eye contact as best she could, only turning them both on even more. As Puffy suckled on her tit, Niki ran her fingers through Puffy’s long hair. Once she was done mouthing either of Niki’s breasts, Puffy brought herself off the german girl and gripped the sides of her sweats, slowly lowering them off her waist until she was no longer wearing them. Puffy brushed her hand over Niki’s black panties hiding her womanhood, she could feel how soaked they were. Puffy lied down on top of Niki, holding their faces inches apart, she placed her hand on Niki’s panties and started rubbing her, Niki’s eyes rolled back as she squirmed underneath Puffy. Puffy continued rubbing Niki’s sensitive area, taking in how she moaned and moved with the slightest shift of her fingers. “Tell me what you want,” Puffy whispered.

Slowly between breaths Niki managed, “I want...you, I...need you...I need to taste you.” Niki’s struggle to speak only further turned Cara on. Puffy slipped her hand in Niki’s panties and stuck a finger in her chamber, causing Nihachu to let out a long gasp for air. While sliding her finger in and out of her friends Puffy also got Niki to tilt her head back, planting kisses on her neck. When Niki’s walls clamped down around her finger Puffy let the girl ride her hand until her orgasm subsided. Once she was done Puffy pulled her finger out and brought it up to Niki’s face, indicating what she wanted, Niki obliged to Puffy’s needs and stuck her finger into her mouth, sucking her own fluids off of Puffy’s finger. As much as she knew that she was in desperate need of an orgasm herself, Puffy needed to taste Niki first hand, she moved her body down the bed so that she was hovering above Niki’s waist, she removed Niki’s panties, the girls shaven pussy was as pink as her hair and everything between her legs was wet. Puffy looked up at Niki, she gave her a slight nod, and Puffy placed her mouth against her, flicking and moving her tongue all over, making her moan even louder than before. Niki gripped her friends hair, hanging on as tight as possible, but Puffy’s free hand she only used to pleasure herself by rubbing her own clit. Niki’s moans only escalated as Puffy continued to eat her out, pushing her lips directly up against Niki’s pussy and more rapidly flicking her tongue into her. It took no time at all for Niki to hit her second orgasm of the night, her thighs gripping Puffy’s face as she came all over Puffy, who was savoring the delectable taste.

Puffy licked her lips and looked up at Niki, “You wanna help me out now?” Niki smiled at her and she got up, planting herself above Niki’s face. Niki was more delicate than Puffy, she started slowly dragging her tongue along her pussy bottom to top circling it around her clit, Puffy had never felt something so great, she could feel an electrifying sensation run up her back when Niki brought her tongue off and planted a firm kiss between her legs. Puffy pinched her nipples while Niki worked her magic beneath her, every time her tongue made it to her clit Puffy would let out an audible moan of praise. Before long Puffy also hit her climax, staining Niki’s face in her fluids. Puffy collapsed on Niki and the two licked their own juices from the others face, once they were satisfied Puffy rolled off of Niki and stretched an arm over her, the two embraced each other while falling asleep from a nights workout.
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2022.01.18 01:58 Ghirahim_W How would you guys say this looks for a pre safi dualies build? Never really tried a homemode build, so feedback is appreciated.

How would you guys say this looks for a pre safi dualies build? Never really tried a homemode build, so feedback is appreciated. submitted by Ghirahim_W to MonsterHunterWorld [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 01:58 xetaichuyendung3007 Sơ mi rơ moóc xi téc (chở LPG) KCT J43-BL-02 24 TẤN 4

from Xe tải chuyên dùng https://xetaichuyendung.com.vn/so-mi-ro-moc/so-mi-ro-mooc-xi-tec-cho-lpg-kct-j43-bl-02-24-tan-4-p1486.html
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2022.01.18 01:58 Jimmyno511-chi Had a dish my Palestinian friend brought me they were like what we call in Ireland donut holes

Does anyone know what these are called and how to make them he told me it’s a winter treat back home for him
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2022.01.18 01:58 eYeParkeR Happy Together

I even followed a guide and did all the blue dialogue and chose the correct options (according to that guide I used, which seemed correct) visited the niche and all that and I still failed the quest! I want to save the dude but nooooooo, it’s apparently not meant to be. Anyone else have issues or recommendations?
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2022.01.18 01:58 Damm0-0 How do I turn off simultaneous multi-threading off ??

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2022.01.18 01:58 Dragonfire14 Got denied for a rental application with no reasons given, need advice for future applications (Ontario Canada)

My wife and I recently got denied for a rental. I contacted the building manager and they said that corporate doesn't give them reasons, so I contacted corporate and was told that the application department deals with that. Finally I contacted the application department and they ignored me.
The unit was $1439 a month all inclusive. My wife and I listed a total income of $26,560, and even created a monthly budget planner that left us with over $200 extra a month. My credit score is 819 and I was the main applicate on the application. We both listed good references, but wasn't able to list credit references because we literally don't have any that qualify. She is a manager at a grocery store chain, and I work for our local municipality. Is there any red flags there?
We are desperate for a place, and are super scared that every place is going to deny us and we have no idea what we need to change. It's already super difficult to find a place that is pet friendly and within our price range, so the silence on the denies is not helping any.
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2022.01.18 01:58 ononothimagen Goddess

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2022.01.18 01:58 BagerCast Bora

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2022.01.18 01:58 stagepsych Day 4? Still kinda sick but I got some steroids (non-performance enhancing kind) and felt well enough to do something. Did some wall push ups(2 sets of 10) and 15 min of yoga

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2022.01.18 01:58 Sadboy_looking4memes Alina goes from Zero to full Freak in 1 second.

Alina goes from Zero to full Freak in 1 second. submitted by Sadboy_looking4memes to 90dayfianceuncensored [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 01:58 NamelessMeem is there any news about 16*29 at all

i've left this sub for about a year now but i was cashing out a customer at burger king and the total was $16.29. that reminded me to ask if there was literally any news about it
last i heard was that the "cartier" song and mv leaked a while ago but that was it
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