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[Lifestyle] - Why the church has rescheduled the rededication of the Washington D.C. Temple — again | Deseret

2022.01.28 14:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Why the church has rescheduled the rededication of the Washington D.C. Temple — again | Deseret

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2022.01.28 14:10 jerry_miller8337 Like, wenn du auch Teil der Diabetesgang bist 😊

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2022.01.28 14:10 skiqs My cousin (16M) recently told me (15F) that his mother regularly hits him

This is not nearly as bad as many other posts in this sub, but I just have no one to talk to and it makes me quite sad.
Last christmas my cousin, who never really speaks about his emotions, slightly jokingly told me about how my aunt hits him. I asked how often and he said that it happened at least once a day. I noticed he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and I let him change the topic.
Now I’m sure that in other cultures it may be more normalized or accepted to hit your children, but here it isn’t okay at all.
I feel so awful for him but I cannot really do anything about it. I also thought that my aunt was one of the least fucked up people in my family, but apparently she is not. She is also quite emotionally abusive towards him. It sucks.
We don’t see each other very often. Just during holidays and sometimes randomly. It makes it harder to check up on him, and we aren’t close friends or anything. I hope he’s okay.
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2022.01.28 14:10 tarot806 Significado de soñar con Bellota - Interpretación de los sueños

Significado de soñar con Bellota - Interpretación de los sueños Ver una bellota en tu sueño simboliza fuerza y ​​durabilidad. Los comienzos aparentemente pequeños tendrán el mayor potencial de crecimiento. No subestimes tus metas menores. Alternativamente, el sueño significa que estás a punto de entrar en una nueva fase en tu vida. Soñar que está comiendo bellotas o recogiéndolas del suelo sugiere que disfrutará de los beneficios de su éxito después de un largo y arduo trabajo. Soñar que sacudes bellotas de un árbol indica que tienes una influencia significativa en los demás. El significado que tienen puede ser positivo y negativo, dependiendo los detalles de nuestro sueño y el sentimiento general que teníamos en él.

Significado de soñar con Bellota - Interpretación de los sueños
Hay varias opciones para el desarrollo futuro. Le informaré sobre el resultado más probable de los eventos y le daré recomendaciones sobre lo que debe hacerse para que sus planes se hagan realidad.

Llamanos para leerte el tarot: ❤️ (☎):

◉ ESPAÑA: +34 911 438 430 / 806 556 213
◉ MEXICO: +52 55 84 21 13 51
◉ USA: +1 21 37 84 79 82
◉ COLOMBIA: +57 15 08 73 39
◉ ARGENTINA: +54 11 59 84 40 88
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2022.01.28 14:10 RainbowFlower8989 If not Crohns, what else is it, help please

Hi, looking for advice: Had a colonoscopy all clear visually but my symptoms still exist

Negative parasites, Negative FIT bowel cancer screen
Doctor is saying no crohns or colitis so far.
Not sure what else it could be
Anyone had similar?
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2022.01.28 14:10 dvd5671 Unpopular opinion: This WR class is going to have the same effect on this sub as the 2018 QB class.

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2022.01.28 14:10 PrincessAlyssa1671 My (23F) Is Ex-Boyfriend (25M) broke up with me because he’s not ready to love me fully

Hello. Me and my ex had been dating since June. Official in October, and he broke up with me last week. Our relationship had been up & down till more recently. He told me early on he broke up with a long term gf ( 6yrs ), a year ago. And was dating causally. I’d had many bad relationships, mainly on my inability to love, and felt I was ready for something serious. We had a lot of chemistry and mutual hobbies ( we met through one years ago, and just got close ) but I told him I was gonna back out as I wanted more than just fun. He asked me to stick around as, “he’s not psychic” and maybe this would go somewhere. He liked me a lot.
A week later after he took me to Disneyland for my birthday, as I told him I’m usually sad on my birthday. As you can imagine it went off like a rocket from there. Together all the time. I fell hard and quickly. He certainly liked me, and felt something special, but opened up to still having issues from his ex, and girls he dated inbetween. Long story short he loved his ex, only left her because she wouldn’t do anything with her life, and he felt like a babysitter. He tried to make it work, but realized she wouldn’t try while he was around to take care of her. And he’d been ghosted by a few girls he dated after. He found it hard to trust and open up cause of this. He tried to break it off cause he felt I deserved more ( I was head over heels) , and he had to many issues. I already loved him, and wanted to be there no matter what. After our bond held us together and he made it official thinking he was ready. Till he broke up with me after a fight. Which lead to him sleeping with his ex. He seemed truly hurt and lost. Scared by his own confused feelings. I ended up talking to him for a week and helping, and after he sounded like himself again. He asked for us to get back together, as he realized he didn’t want a life without me. I agreed. I know his actions were just based off his un mended heart. He’s not just a jerk, just lost.
After everything was nice. Holidays together, we really grew close. But doubts were filling his head. Like If there’s a block on his heart. He wants to be with me, and be happy. But he still feels self hate for leaving his ex for what he feels is a shitty reason. He’s afraid he’s could do it again to someone like me. He’s afraid he can’t love again truly. Though, he told me yesterday, for the first time, he loves me. But love isn’t enough. He wants to give me the love I deserve, to be in love with me as I am with him. He wants to be all in. But feels like he can’t now. He says he needs to get over his issues before he commit. That he needs to be alone to fix this. He wants to come back when he’s ready, but told me it’s not fair to ask me to wait. As he can’t promise he’ll be back. Only wants to. He said I should move on, even if it hurts him, he wants me happy. So one long story later. I need advice. I don’t want to lose hope that he’ll come back. But I’m sure most people will say move the hell on. I know he dosent sound great here. But I love this man. He’s truly so kind to me, we have so much in common, and love spending time with one another. I know he’s not a jerk, he’s just a guy trying to learn to love again. Please help me.
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2022.01.28 14:10 Remarkable-Ad-9665 Where to buy tix if selling here isnt allowed?

So me and my fiancees first date was at the Yung Lean concert in London in 2017. We've been dying for another dgsbe event, but got instantly scalped when the tix came out for the dg show on the 27th.
If we arent allowed to buy/sell here, where is the safe alternative?
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2022.01.28 14:10 temporalwanderer Large body of water? Check. Vast emptiness? Check. Distance from land? What land???

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2022.01.28 14:10 bzzking Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Crypto Bridge Hacked for $80 Million - biggest attack in 2022

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2022.01.28 14:10 BoomNebula Just finished dropping some LEDs in the Defender and couldn't resist not doing a small photoshoot :)

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2022.01.28 14:10 Doxy_proxy Zvao sam SBB da raskinem ugovor i rekli mi da moram jos jedan mesec da platim ekstra zbog otkaznog roka

Istice mi ugovor za koji dan i ja ih zvao da otkazem i oni mi kazu imate otkazni rok mesec dana bez obzira da li ste pod ugovorom ili ne. Kako to ima smisla???? Ne trebaju mi vise njihove usluge a moram da platim jos mesec dana?
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2022.01.28 14:10 mushypear101 Let him eat

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2022.01.28 14:10 Zechariah07 What's the best place to learn hacking, surface web or dark web?

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2022.01.28 14:10 luisbeqja00 Innovative Industrial Properties

Che ne pensate di un entrata agli attuali prezzi?
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2022.01.28 14:10 bomberman0210 The Artist and The Anthropologist.

Korekiyo was looking for Angie. He had something he wanted to give to her. He found her dorm room and knocked.
Angie was finishing a sculpture of herself when she was interrupted by knocking.
She put her sculpture down and opened the door, letting Korekiyo in.
Angie: Korekiyo? What is it?
Korekiyo: I want to give this to you.
Korekiyo handed Angie a rose.
Angie: Huh? Atua didn't ask for this?
Korekiyo: I'm giving this rose to you personally.
Angie: Personally?
Korekiyo: Yes. I mean this with full sincerity, Angie. Looking at you made me realize something I never knew. Your beauty was something that I absolutely couldn't ignore.
Angie's face turned red as Korekiyo continued.
Korekiyo: Your amazing personality, your optimistic smile, and your elegant way of moving brings me immense amounts of joy. I never want to lose that smile.
Korekiyo Kneeled down.
Korekiyo: Take my hand, and let's escape as one. If you should refuse, I will not be upset.
Angie held Korekiyo's hand in hers.
Angie: I accept, Korekiyo. Me and Atua accept you with open arms. Once we get out of here, let's both practice art together, ok?
Korekiyo: Yes. Thank you, Angie.
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2022.01.28 14:10 CodrinSpadasin Recommendation: Wooden Overcoats

Hello Bojack fans!
If you are like me, you have probably binged the show at least 5 or 6 times as you can’t get enough of the humor, wit, and the feels. Then why not try Wooden Overcoast?
It’s a podcast about two rival funeral homes on a remote island called Piffling Vale. In each episode they get into all sort of mischief. It is narated by a mouse. And being a podcast, you don’t even need eyes!
It’s more comical than depressing but I think you will like it :)
You can listen to it here!
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2022.01.28 14:10 parishhills WHAT DOORS🚪DO GRATITUDE OPEN?🙏

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2022.01.28 14:10 Dayna_doodles_ What in crustacean?

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2022.01.28 14:10 ncl96 16/F/UK looking for international penpals

•1🌸hi hi looking for long term penpals🌸1 2🌷im a 16 y/o student from the uk🌷2 3🍄i like folk/rap/country music, old cinema, film photography, classic literature, hiking, travelling and geography🍄3 4🌍i study humanities/geography🌍4 5🌾i speak german & english 🌾5 6🌜currently learning turkish & arabic 🌛6 7🪐i love learning about different cultures/beliefs🪐7 8🌳email or snail mail is fine but i can’t send letters to the USA🌳8 9🌼age range 16-19🌼9 10🐌i will send you music recs🐌10 11🪴message if you’re interested🪴11• -^
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2022.01.28 14:10 jacob902u Can Clickup integrate with an on premise Exchange server?

Looking into options for some internal users. Would be using Exchange 2016, no azure or O365 accounts in use. I've been looking for the answer, because our users can't quite get the add-ins to work on their outlook desktop or OWA.
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2022.01.28 14:10 andriajorjo იმედია ნახავს ნიკა პირველად შემოვედი რედითზე

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2022.01.28 14:10 banditbat Friendship ended with Pokemon

Friendship ended with Pokemon
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2022.01.28 14:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Bridge collapse: Is local, U.S. infrastructure decline inevitable? | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2022.01.28 14:10 chickadee789 Hello! 32F seeking a fun chatting buddy for distraction. [FRIENDSHIP]

As the title states, I’m a 32F and I’m looking for a casual chatting buddy.
I’m a newly single mama, so my response times before bedtime may be odd- but I will respond!
Things I enjoy: Consuming too much caffeine, reading books of all genres, painting and DIY, history, hiking/nature.
Things I do not enjoy: Being lonely as I navigate divorce, the snow, and doxxing.
Open to all types of new friends- but I imagine you between 25-45 and maybe going through something similar.
Reach out if you want a support buddy! :)
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