Does anyone know why the mods sometimes disallow images?

2022.01.28 00:04 ExpressMeStudios Does anyone know why the mods sometimes disallow images?

Is it a schedule? Like it goes away on weekends and comes back later?
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2022.01.28 00:04 GarfieldOdie69 New entry to the que question

Hey guys, I’ve got my steam deck reservation already for Q12022, but recently my friend has expressed interest in getting one. I explained to him the que system and how most likely if he wants it he’ll have to wait till the end of the year at earliest, but when he went to reserve his spot it just says “after q2”. I know that the reservations are pretty backed up, but what are the chances my estimate is right that the end of the yeaearly 2023 are right? Could it potentially get to him sooner? He got the 399 base model btw.
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2022.01.28 00:04 IcyApartment7131 Surly LHT Components

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2022.01.28 00:04 tittyslayer It has died.

I woke up in the morning with a raging headache. After having a nice glass of water and ibuprofen I felt a little better and decided to go for a walk.
It was a foggy day, and even though it was almost noon the fog still held heavy. I live in a neighborhood somewhere between suburban and rural so the roads are quiet most of the time. I wandered around the gravel roads for a few minutes grateful for the trees and fresh air, before heading down the trail around the wetlands near my house.
I was in my own little place reminiscing about things that happened the night before so it came as a bit of a surprise when I heard voices ahead.
That wasn’t unheard of the trail around the wetlands is available to the public after all, but people seldom walk on it. Curious I peered through the trees searching for where the voices were coming from. After another minute of walking, I spotted two men dressed in white jumpsuits suits talking to one another.
“It died?”
“Yeah, last night.”
“Do they know what caused it?”
“I’m not sure they were looking…” The man noticed me and fell silent. The other man followed suit the two of them staring at me in silence.
“Hey,” I said smiling awkwardly.
The two men nodded to me and turned and walked off the trail into the forest leaving me alone. Feeling a bit weirded out I continued on my way only to notice more muffled voices coming from the woods around me. Were there more of them? This creeped me out even more and I stepped up my pace and hurried back to my house.
Once I got back home I tried to get to work on a project for my computer science class but I was distracted by what I had seen. I checked the local news site and Facebook for any information but found nothing. What had they meant by “it died”?
After some time pondering things I stepped back outside and noticed several vans parked by the entrance of the wetlands. Stranger still as I watched them I saw several men wearing white jumpsuits suits exit the vans carrying boxes with them.
That was it. I had to investigate.
I headed down the wetlands trail again this time trying to move as quietly as possible, I needed to find some indication of what these men were doing. After a few minutes on the trail, I spotted several white figures in the distance near the water. Some of them moved around between the trees while others crouched by water holding long bits of machinery.
Unfortunately, my spying was cut short. As I crouched behind the trees I noticed one of the men pointing to where I stood and two other men began walking in my direction.
Not wanting to mess around with them I headed back to my house.
I still couldn't stop thinking about what was going on in the wetlands. Every time I looked out the window I saw more cars parked in the culdesac near my house and men wearing white jumpsuits carrying more gray boxes. As I watched from my window a plan began to take form.
It was a stupid plan, but I had to know. I grabbed the clear plastic outfit that my friend had given me painting his garage and sprayed the inside with white spray paint grabbed a plastic bin shaved the logo off of it, filled it with packing material, and two dumbbells. Once I had assembled my disguise, I put it on and headed outside.
As I walked down my driveway lugging the plastic crate and breathing paint fumes I began to feel a bit foolish. There was no way these men wouldn’t notice my subterfuge for what it was. The plastic suit I wore wasn’t even the same shape as their biohazard suits and there was no way the paint wasn’t rubbing off on my clothes.
I continued walking down the wetlands trail feeling increasingly nervous. By now the sun was setting and the forest was getting dark with only the faint warm light on the clouds above me. Strangely as I got closer to where I had seen the men before I didn’t see anyone this time.
I stopped by the water’s edge where I had seen the men crouched with their long instruments but there was no sign that anybody had been there. I looked back at the dark forest behind me feeling uneasy. Where had they gone? Their cars were still in the cul-de-sac so they hadn’t left yet.
I wondered further down the trail my anxiety increasing. As I looked around through the dark trees I noticed something else strange. A floral scent was coming from the forest.
It wasn’t springtime yet, and the floral scent was… off. I stood considering my options for a moment before stepping forward into the trees. The smell grew stronger as I stumbled through brambles and decaying ferns, but I still saw no sign of the men. I made my way down a valley in the forest and soon found the ground almost impossible to walk on.
And yet there was trampled vegetation around me. I figured I was getting close. The floral smell was also getting stronger.
My foot dropped down and I fell hard smashing my face into the plastic box and hitting my side against something hard. I lay groaning for a few moments before rolling over to look at what I had fallen into.
I was lying on a set of stairs descending into a dark underground tunnel.
I looked at the forest above me and then down at the dark tunnel ahead. I could faintly see light at the end of the stairs. What had I found? I began to get the feeling that I had encountered something that I probably shouldn’t be messing with?
But why was there a staircase in the middle of the forest? I had to know, and besides, I had come this far already. I picked up my box took a deep breath and began my descent.
Soon it was dark and the floral smell became overwhelming as hot humid air hit my lungs. I almost wanted to gag the smell was too sweet and there was a hint of something else in the smell a hint of something fishy. As I descended further the stairs became more uniform and metallic and I was illuminated by small yellow electric lights above me.
The passage leveled out and I stepped into what I would describe as an underground hallway. There were steel doors on every side and pipes running along the ceiling. I clutched the plastic box to my chest and continued. I still hadn’t seen anybody yet but there was a faint hum that sounded a bit like the murmur of voices.
I crept to the end of the hall and found myself in a small cramped circular room. There was a large black metal box with dozens of dials and knobs with a long black piece of metal extending up into a glass dome affixed to the ceiling. As I stared up at the glass dome I realized there was water on the other side and I was looking up at the underside of the wetlands.
“The funeral went well.”
“He did a good job with the embalming.”
“He always does.”
The voices were faint and came from behind me. I spun around heart pounding against my bruised chest. There was an open doorway I hadn’t seen before. I saw a shadow move and then a door slam leaving me in silence once more.
Embalming? What the fuck was going on? The rational part of me told me to run and leave this place behind, but I had to know more. I stepped through the open doorway and into another room this one was filled with open gray boxes and strange pieces of equipment made of shiny black metal laying around. I quickly stashed my imposter box amongst the others and looked around. The equipment didn’t look like anything I recognized, there were also several large tanks filled with fluorescent green and blue liquid sitting atop a table with tubes attached to them running into the wall, and a door at the far end of the room.
The floral stench was stronger than ever. I knew it was emanating from the closed door. Captiously I crept forward and placed my ear against the metal listening in for any occupants. I heard nothing but a steady mechanical hum.
I looked around one more time for any sign of people. I could still hear the faint murmur of voices but there was no one nearby. I took a deep breath cursed my curiosity opened the door and peered inside.
I felt a sense of unreal. I couldn't quite comprehend what I was seeing.
Layed out on a table in front of me was a massive gray-blue mass of something. Its features were twisted and unrecognizable. I could see strands of something resembling hair covering portions of the thing, but as I stared harder I could not place the features and forms I was staring at. It seemed to have a large slightly pointed and sectioned top with long tendrils running off, several flipper-like appendages poking out from its midsection, and strangest of all a deflated bag of skin hanging off the rear like a popped balloon.
What the hell had I found? I breathed in and the floral smell was so strong I could almost taste it. I covered my mouth with my hand and stepped further into the room.
That’s when I noticed the things on the wall.
I almost screamed. Seven human-sized things hung next to me their limbs contorted and stiff. Each one had a triangle-shaped head on the end of a long twisted neck with three glassy dead eyes staring blankly. They were bluish greenish with six multi-jointed limbs, most of them had limp damp mauve-colored hair growing from strange places. They were all supported by an iron rack with green and blue tubes inserted into each body.
There was also an opening on the floor beneath the things hanging from the wall. Inside was a giant open metal casket.
I backed up covering my mouth and stared back at the dead thing on the table and the deflated sack of skin that hung from its rear. Had that been where they had come from?
“I think he did a good job. Wouldn’t you say?”
I spun around my heart skipping several beats. A tall middle-aged man was standing behind me wearing a gray biohazard suit.
“Uh…Yeah, really good job.” I squeaked.
“It’s a shame it had to be an Incubator.” The man said touching the dead thing on the table. “And one carrying seven young at that.” He looked up at the things on the wall. “They were angry you know.”
“I mean I would be angry too,” I said trying to keep my voice steady.
“They wanted to blame me, said my trash detectors weren’t working, but I figured out what happened.”
I stood petrified as the man walked closer keeping his eyes on mine. I was beginning to feel like an exit strategy might be necessary. I turned around and looked at the hole in the floor with the open casket and stepped away from it trying to get myself closer to the door.
“Around 2 am last night.” The man said. “There was an unexpected incident. I am not particularly sure of the details but I think I can surmise what happened. See we knew the incubator had died from poisoning but we weren’t sure as to what kind of poisoning it was at first. I was afraid my sensors had malfunctioned and maybe some toxic runoff had gotten into the wetlands, but then we did the autopsy. Do you know what we found?”
I shook my head.
A large amount of stomach acid mixed with alcohol. It seems it was all deposited at once directly into the water. The incubator thought it was food and swallowed it all.
I felt like the floor had dropped out from under me. I could taste the rum and vodka from last night in my mouth. Bits and pieces of my drunken last night flashed in my mind's eye. I remembered drinking at the bar, the uber dropping me off, stumbling through the wetlands. And hurling my guts out into the water.
I looked at the dead incubator on the table, and then the twisted dead things that hung from the wall. I had done this. I had killed them last night.
“You know after we analyzed the DNA I thought we would have to go get you, but imagine my surprise when our cameras caught you stumbling down here with your shitty disguise we were-
I had heard enough. I thought that maybe if I ran for it right now I could escape. I charged towards the door.
It didn’t work.
He caught me by the arm and spun me around. With a swift kick to my chest, he knocked me backward and I fell hard onto my back into the open casket beneath their bodies.
“Please.” I gasped as I lay on my back.
“They're giving you mercy.” The man said looking down at me. “You didn’t know what lay in the wetlands so they’ve forgone the usual torture.”
“So what happens to me?” I said looking up at the man.
“You spend eternity with your victims. The funeral is over, it’s time to be laid to rest amongst the stars.”
“Wait!” I screamed and pushed myself onto my hands and knees. The casket was large but I could easily escape. Breathing with ragged painful breaths I grabbed for the floor above me trying to pull myself out.
Something mechanical clicked behind me. They had come to join me.
I was knocked back to the ground as a tangle of dead cold limbs hit me smothering me with their waxy floral scent. I tried to reach up but another fell from the rack and then another. I was drowning under a pile of alien bodies. There embalmed limbs draped over me I was trapped in a web of death. I screamed but one of their heads hit mine and my teeth sank into its cloudy sunken eye. I vomited over myself and my occupants and screamed again.
The casket closed above me.
It’s over now. My phone is nearly dead and I expect to be out of range of any satellites soon enough anyway. I can barely breathe. My fellow occupants are suffocating me with bodies and embalming fluid and the oxygen is running out. I can tell from the way gravity feels that the spacecraft our casket was placed in has probably hit escape velocity.
There’s no hope for me. At least I’ll soon be at peace amongst stars.
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2022.01.28 00:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Thinking of ditching Spotify? Here's a user's guide to the wide world of music streamers | LA Times

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2022.01.28 00:04 LittleLani06 Is this burn infected?

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2022.01.28 00:04 hootie303 Can I replace a 8.5w humidifier solenoid with a 2.3w one? both are 24v 60hz

Help, kinda hard to find a 8.5w one.
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2022.01.28 00:04 TheRoamingToes Please help me reach 500 subs!!!

Hey guys, new video dropped be sure to watch and like. If you enjoy the video then please subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don't miss out on my latest uploads. It would be really appreciated if you would help me out. Thanks
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2022.01.28 00:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Metro slashes bus service amid driver shortage | LA Times

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2022.01.28 00:04 theconnernelson mid fade from yesterday. feedback?

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2022.01.28 00:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Esteban Torres, longtime L.A. congressman who championed Latino rights, dies at 91 | LA Times

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2022.01.28 00:04 Matlabguru Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

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2022.01.28 00:04 TdogIsOnline Can I use a temporary ID to buy alcohol on my 21st birthday?

I also posted this in the Tennessee sub, thought I’d post it here too just for good measure!
I’m turning 21 on Monday and completely forgot about having to renew my ID, which expires on my birthday. I’ve read that in TN a temporary paper ID is not considered a valid ID, so I’m trying to see if I’ll really get denied on my birthday if I get it renewed and only have the paper one (I know they take your old ID from you at the DMV when you renew it).
I’ve also had some people tell me that I should just wait and get my license renewed the day after my birthday, and that on my birthday my license could still be accepted even if it expires that day. I’m not sure which is the best option, so if anyone has some advice that’d be awesome. I just really don’t want to get to my 21st and not be able to buy alcohol lol
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2022.01.28 00:04 aservert Need help please

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2022.01.28 00:04 OhMyHerro_14 Anyone wants to improve at zombies, add me up on Activision...

I'll go over the basics with u, or just wanna run it up
If youre not that good at zombies, after we play youll be alot better.
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2022.01.28 00:04 SirDogewick Good guy wins in the end 🧙‍♂️

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2022.01.28 00:04 JallopyJon [WTS][WTT] 1926 P Oregon Half PCGS, ten 1oz hand poured Atlantis,Pirate currency, and lill’ foreign silver - Trade- Kooks & $5 AGE

Hello weirdos. Yeah, you’re weird if you value actual money. Anyways, a little random sale here.
PM is preferred over chat heading to work shortly, will answer your questions when I can, and in order I receive them
Payment cash app, Venmo, Zelle, PPal
I pack securely, but not responsible for lost/stolen packages. Ins. is at cost, and up to the buyers discretion
1988 $100 Antigua/Barbuda 23k plated note w/ booklet

My 1988 $5 Proof for your 86,87, or 90 Proof
My 09 & 20 Kookaburra for yours with similar mintage
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2022.01.28 00:04 usdballum FS/NFT $1 each. Ken Griffey Jr Singles. Shipping $1.50. PayPal Only

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2022.01.28 00:04 Tcarl3 Big Commerce / POS

Looking for a reliable POS that is tightly integrated with BC. Want to avoid a connector if possible. I am aware of Connect POS but would like to look at other options. Thanks
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2022.01.28 00:04 sussy_imposter_5 what is a song you hate that everyone else seems to love?

For me it's come & go by juice wrld, it has 600m something streams on Spotify and, personally, it's in my 3 least favorite songs by him and definitely my least fav on the album
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2022.01.28 00:04 5m1tch Upset Alert!!! Auburn women take down the #4 Lady Vols 71-61! First win over a top 5 opponent since 1997.

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2022.01.28 00:04 GreenTrie Finally got my hands on some 🙏🏼

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2022.01.28 00:04 BarbCowman [H] Warrior Pro Trading Course 2021 LATEST! [W] $65 PayPal/BTC/ETH/USDT

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Our Warrior Starter Program includes monthly access to our Warrior Starter classes below, as well as access to our live trading chat room and real-time trading simulator. The 15 chapters of our Warrior Starter Course teach everything that traders at all levels need to know before they can perfect their own trading strategy. You’ll learn everything from the history of the stock market, to how to read a trading platform, the basics of making a trade, which trading tools are must-haves, why being in the right mindset matters, and how to determine which trading strategy moving forward might be the best fit for you.
Our Instructor
Teaches Day Trading Momentum Strategies.
Learn how to trade various penny stocks priced within $3-$10.
Small Cap Day Trading Course
Chapter 1: Intro to Day Trading
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Chapter 7: Gap and Go Trading
Chapter 8: Momentum Trading
Chapter 9: Reversal Trading
Chapter 10: Short-Selling Momentum Strategies
Chapter 11: High-Speed Breakout Trading (Expert Level)
Chapter 12: Stock Scanning
Chapter 13: Position Management, Trader Psychology, Building Discipline, & Recovering from Loss
Chapter 14: Creating a Trading Plan
Chapter 15: When to Trade with Real Money
Chapter 16: Small Account Challenge
Chapter 17: Interviews with Profitable Traders
Chapter 18: Taxes & Accounting for Day Traders
Chapter 19: Overview of Trading Tools
Chapter 20: The Capstone Class
With Mentor Session recording…
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2022.01.28 00:04 sunqiller First gunpla built! RG RX-78-2 with some custom colors and a FM Barbatos Lupis Rex (:

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2022.01.28 00:04 TrainingAbrocoma9050 Buys desk pads and mousepads
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