The Panamerican Federation: Bolivar's dream achieved in the 2030s

2022.01.18 18:56 TheMexicanHistorian The Panamerican Federation: Bolivar's dream achieved in the 2030s

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2022.01.18 18:56 kusahil Friedrich Pollock on State Capitalism

I have a question regarding Pollock’s text “State Capitalism: It’s Possibilities and Limitations” (1941). Pollock discusses the then Soviet economy as “state capitalism” and doesn’t consider it socialism, even though he defines state capitalism as having done away with the rule/law of the market in all essential ways. He also identifies state capitalism with full employment, rising standards of living etc. basically all things we know about Soviet Union as really existing socialism. My question is, if all that Pollock identifies as aspects of state capitalism are really happening, especially the doing away with the rule of the market and of private owners of means of production (private capitalists), how is it still considered capitalism? What is capitalist in this system if those essential aspects of a capitalist economy have been done away with or been reduced to be essentially ineffective? He does not engage at all (at least in this essay) with either why he still considers such a system capitalist and not socialist, and what, in his view then, would socialism be. Any thoughts, explanations, clarifications, corrections works be appreciated.
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2022.01.18 18:56 CompleteTrashGuy Almost a year with Mister P. Health issues taken care of, gained 5 pounds, and 18 teeth pulled. He's a sweet boy full of zoomies and cuddles.

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2022.01.18 18:56 Robinjo1985 Apricot Nectar Cheesecake Tart

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2022.01.18 18:56 Robinjo1985 Grape Tartlets With Almond Crust

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2022.01.18 18:56 blocodents Stop circlejerking about Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard. Sure, they're big, but unless they buy a few more companies like Valve (which is highly unlikely), they're nowhere close to becoming a Disney-like behemoth of gaming.

Title is all. Stop being so alarmist. Sounds too lazy and uninformed.
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2022.01.18 18:56 MrSitunion My conclusion

I’m gonna tell you that the best way to help it is to let the thoughts go through your mind and learn to accept them, because the more denying you do the stronger they come at you. Get therapy too and start interacting with girls. Truthfully we don’t know if we aren’t gay or not, but being able to have that sit lets your mind flush it out. I’m having trouble right because I think to myself and let the gay thoughts sit and then I start to worry if I’m accepting the facts I’m gay. But I know that’s not the case because I feel uncomfortable and it’s isn’t me. The anxiety will go away and eventually you’re left with the thoughts and you have to be able to understand that thoughts aren’t true. You think a million things about yourself every day and feeling this way is just one of those. The feeling you feel will go away if you truly aren’t gay. I read up and it said that denial about being gay is the fact that you’re not scared of being gay and enjoy homosexual things but being scared of coming out, but Hocd is the feeling of not wanting to be gay and feeling like you’re changing into someone. And also obsess about if you aren’t or are. Get therapy, it helped so much. I have all these feelings, like urges to speak or feel like I act gay sometimes, or like I’m legitimately just a gay dude. Unfortunately to me, that’s not the case. It was worse days ago but I've been doing as much research as I could and I feel like I've come to a solution to this. The best is to not look for reassurance so I’m not going to tell you if you’re gay or not, just as someone who has any other Ocd, it’s always an unknown and that’s why your mind clings onto it. There’s no definite answer, the only answer is to allow the emotions to move on. Another thing I read and feel free to fact-check me is that sexuality doesn’t change. And most you can’t change sexuality overnight. Even knowing that the only way to recovery and take over this is believing in your mind that there are just thoughts nothing more. I’m only 16 going through this and can understand how you feel but you’ll be better. I've felt this around guys for a while and always had these intrusive thoughts, but never had sexual desires. It was more out of fear and intimidation. Nevertheless, I felt normal eventually it just spiked as my stress increased. Anyways just stay strong and get therapy. and It’s always a maybe you, maybe you aren’t and that maybe you are scary but remember it’s just thought and you don’t have to act on them.
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2022.01.18 18:56 DonyellTaylor Socialism’s Biggest Hero Is a Bourgeois British Capitalist

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2022.01.18 18:56 RoAmbros Not really antiwork but important info that people here will appreciate

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2022.01.18 18:56 WallaceChristopher $371 - Lying with Data for your own gain

It would be one thing to just be wrong. It's another to talk about everyone spreading misinformation and then doing it really is amazing to watch.
ASM management declares any statement on here as a lie, yet they flat out use data to tell a story of complete fiction.
ASM management, using an SBC article, claims that the current industry CPA for a user is $371, the price willingly paid by betting operators to onboard a new user. And then, which is quite deceptive, puts this figure against the total number of "users" on the ASM platform ~13.5K. They then do math to project $5M of "Value" to celebrate them not spending any money on marketing (which is laughable).
They then project through these numbers that ASM is creating value of $55K per month. My god how bad is this...
Count points:

  1. $371 is the CPA for a user who makes a deposit. NOT simply an email address.
  2. Avg email price is likely $2-$5 fully vetted
  3. Nobody is paying for ASM's database given the very low monthly actives (Not when there are sites like SimBull and Hundo who are doing the same thing without the SEC and Debt hanging over them)
To imply a fully deposited value to anything with ASM is cloak and dagger at best.
And if ASM management wants to run the same KPIs against their users with deposits, please also include marketing dollars which include any outlay of cash to acquire and/or get their attention. The parties certainly weren't free.
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2022.01.18 18:56 enoch33rd 2021 Heritage Low and High Number!!! Complete your sets and collections. More you get the less you pay. Base 4/$1

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2022.01.18 18:56 DRD1985 Avril Pilot

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2022.01.18 18:56 iamtaha14 Any thing I should change ?

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2022.01.18 18:56 Robinjo1985 Shor

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2022.01.18 18:56 anyboxs Selling a NFT NFT
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2022.01.18 18:56 datboisus696 What are your thoughts on Professor Pyg?

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2022.01.18 18:56 r_u_ferserious What is the advantage Russia has to invading the Ukraine? Seemingly the whole world is against them, why are they pushing forward and what is likely to happen?

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2022.01.18 18:56 quesawhatta The Hampster Dance (circa 1998)

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2022.01.18 18:56 studentbot07 Best body lotion for sensitive skin for winter months?

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2022.01.18 18:56 icarusphoenixdragon Remember, SS may be a shrewd and secretive man, but that doesn't mean he's not doing anything.

Had a little email exchange with the fellas over at IR last week. Before you get all excited and jonesie, this isn't anything but a little query, a response, and a reminder. So you can just put your spoons and lighters away now.
The query:

Hello Jeff and Matt,
I hope that you're settling into your new roles at point for Microvision IR. Trial by fire here I'm sure. Godspeed gentlemen.
Good news is that I'm not here to complain.
Rather, I'm curious about the state of our track testing. Microvision released some footage and data overlay images of track testing around the time of IAA, both of which looked stupendous in terms of both presentation and content.
We haven't seen or heard anything since then. Has track testing been ongoing? Can Microvision release more info, images, footage, and data from those sessions that were shown around IAA and/or subsequent testing sessions?
Thank you both for your time and effort.
Best regards,
And the reply:
We will have to see what can be released. The focus is on winning partners for the technology, which is how we win in the market long term.
The reminder:
Stuff is happening. Important stuff. Development stuff. Non fluffy stuff. Looking through our most recent 10-Q we have increased R&D and sales and marketing expenses.
We've been track testing. We have some photos from that, as well as a bit of recon high quality. We (Microvision) have data from that. For whatever reason, SS and team are holding it close to their chests. I'm excited as anyone for the reveal: this is what our lidar can do, this is how small it is, this is the exact power consumption, here it is at speed, suck it, etc. But if SS and his team and advisors think it best to keep that stuff under wraps, then fine.
Was that an earth shattering and mind blowing response? Nope. But it's not like they were gonna give me the link to the dropbox where we keep all the juicy track testing data and vids. IMO, as a talking point contextualized to my question, it was a fine reminder that they are indeed working and pushing forward with the plan, even when we don't see it all.
I'd rather a payout version of u/pollytickled's visionary (and I'll assume still open) prediction than whatever piddly sub pumps might come from prematurely blowing releasing our data.
Have a great evening everybody.
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2022.01.18 18:56 4ndreiNewFuture New to NoFap

Hello NoFappers. I feel like I have nothing left to do, so I'll tell you my story. I'm sorry in advance for my very bad English. First of all, I don't know if I should ask the question here, but I have no other idea. So, I'm a Romanian teenager who has loved porn since I was 12 years old. I'm 17 now, almost 18. Recently, in 2020, I started watching extreme porn, sissy hypno, to be exact. From November 2020 to August 2021, I watched this type of pornography, exploring my bisexuality and even trying to have sex with other men. Of course I didn't do that and I tried to stay who I knew I was, but my desire was so great that I kept watching this kind of porn and making sext with other men. I have often wondered since April 2021 about my sexuality, I was afraid of being bi or gay. But these thoughts went fast. I could still see myself straight. All this continued until one night at the end of August this summer. I had a gay dream, but not a normal one, but a very strange one, then I woke up sweating and breathing hard from fear. I think I had a panic attack. As soon as I woke up, I went to the bathroom and masturbated on straight porn, but my penis didn't get hard. I was scared. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I didn't even want to see sissy hypno. My fantasies about women were also gone. I read about it on the internet and apparently I had HOCD. My fear had reached its peak. I didn't want to be gay. The days passed, and I no longer enjoyed life. I was afraid of men, but at the same time I saw them as attractive, even though they were not, and I did not want to see them as attractive. I also participated in NNN and passed it for the first time, just because of the disease. I did it after a test to see if I was aroused, but only sissy hypno brought me that dose of dopamine. I was disgusted with myself and who I was. I want to say that until and after NNN I continued to masturbate and test myself. Time has passed and January has arrived. I decided to quit porn and masturbation on January 6th. It's January 18, almost January 19, when I write this. I know it hasn't been long since I started, but I have some weird symptoms. I feel like I have nothing to live on. I feel good-for-nothing. It should take about 90 days for all the symptoms to go away, on average, but I don't know if I'll get there, and not because I want to go back to porn. Now I hate all kinds of porn. I'm saying I won't get there because of suicide. I started having suicidal thoughts. I can not do this anymore. I don't want to exaggerate anything I'm saying here. I try to stay calm and firm. I know I have a long way to go before the 90 days go by, but my bad part tells me I'd better die. I only see the world in black and I'm not lying to you. It's sunny outside, but I can't enjoy it anymore. I'm reading the book "Your brain on porn" right now, because I want to understand what can be done to get rid of porn addiction and what symptoms can occur. Now my question is "What else can I do to avoid such facts, in addition to staying calm?", If there is another solution. I want to mention that I deleted all my porn from my phone and I don't read HOCD forums, or reasure myself, to not activate the OCD.. If you've read this, thank you very much for your understanding and I'm sorry if you wasted your time reading this. I just wanted to get rid of the emotions, to have a moment to breathe.
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2022.01.18 18:56 Robinjo1985 Chef Freddy

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2022.01.18 18:56 Offres فرض الرسوم على العمالة يخرج أكثر من مليون عامل من سوق العمل السعودي

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