Rolling Acres

2022.01.25 20:56 CollectionNo2799 Rolling Acres

I overheard a conversation about a gun found at Rolling Acres Middle School. I haven't seen any media reports. Just wondering whether anyone knows anything further.
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2022.01.25 20:56 robbermejo White spots/ purple colas

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2022.01.25 20:56 RoundSparrow Omicron US death toll matches Delta

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2022.01.25 20:56 lucerndia Anyone know what specs the hosting for Business plan is?

I use them now and will be switching when my renewal comes up. Just wondering what the actual specs are since I cannot seem to find them listed.
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2022.01.25 20:56 Wilson__Volleyball 🤪 do you ever make this face ?

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2022.01.25 20:56 No_Luck_6721 hey! super new to all of this but was wondering if anyone had insight into my chart :)

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2022.01.25 20:56 keyboardseizur Finalizing NC Taxes?

I'm trying to file my taxes through H&R block but I'm unable to file the state taxes. The message I get states that North Carolina has not finalized the state return yet. Can someone tell me what this means?
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2022.01.25 20:56 Bellikron We love to give this guy the benefit of the doubt on his genocide, don't we

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2022.01.25 20:56 Informal-Issue curious on everybody’s thoughts on the right opinion’s video!

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2022.01.25 20:56 jasonparksucks [Video] 67 Year Old Skateboarder Who Started at Age 63 Transformed Her Backyard Into a Skatepark

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2022.01.25 20:56 hec10rl Found on r/interestingasfuck

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2022.01.25 20:56 BaconCheemseburger I can't find my friend

It says to put his username and tag but I don't know how to put both
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2022.01.25 20:56 RemasterMorrowind Sub $150 headphones with good soundstage

I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for my PC. I will be using them for music, talking with friends, and gaming. I want something with a large Soundstage because of this, but I also want closed back since I have people very close to me and I can't really leak any sound. I prefer something with a good bass as well. I'm hoping I can find something that fits most of these criteria for under $150. All help is appreciated
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2022.01.25 20:56 ephemeralcomet Has anyone ever requested accommodations from a college/how did that go?

Whatever school I end up committing to, due to chronic illness I need to request accommodations. Was the process hard for you, and what type of accommodations did you get?
For more info: I have gastrointestinal issues that would most likely require me to have a separate bathroom, along with meds.
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2022.01.25 20:56 messedupmermaid Looking for friends! F21 and M21

Young couple that recently moved to Augusta and are looking for friends our age!! We like art, hiking, skating, and all things fun((:
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2022.01.25 20:56 myplayprofile Hey Ryan Cohen, since you can't seem to find candidates that work, I decided to be like Elon Musk and work for the company I own - Here's a mock draft of the upcoming announcement from GME of the NFT marketplace. I'm going to make the comments a NFT collection & provide a free NFT to each commenter.

Hey Ryan Cohen, since you can't seem to find candidates that work, I decided to be like Elon Musk and work for the company I own - Here's a mock draft of the upcoming announcement from GME of the NFT marketplace. I'm going to make the comments a NFT collection & provide a free NFT to each commenter. Since Ryan Cohen has a thing for 💩, I see nothing more fitting than a 💩 post to bring things full (purple) circle. As a 💩post, it should not be read by anyone, it is not financial advice, and it is completely unverified. I will mint this into a NFT collection that will include the following "Draft Announcement" from GameStop -

Draft GameStop Announcement

An Overview of the NFT Collection I am applying to have the NFT Collection I create from this post listed through the GameStop NFT Marketplace. I intend to use Loopring to mint the NFT collection. I have never minted a NFT collection before, GameStop has not approved my application, and everything I am planning is subject to change. I do not plan on monetizing anything from minting this NFT collection. My intent here is to showcase a proof-of-concept and some cool dynamic features Loopring enables with NFTs. If you leave a comment in this post, I will reach out to you in the future so I can provide you a free NFT from the collection. This is a work in progress, I intend to follow the rules of the sub, and may or may not be able to post follow up details regarding the NFT on the sub, but "trust me bruh", I'll follow up with each user that comments when I can. After 69 days if you haven't heard from me, it means the project flopped.
In honor of Robinhood's 1 year anniversary of removing the buy button, I intend to lock this post from new comments at 9:56 AM EST on 1/28/22 and delete it shortly afterwards. Pepperidge Farms remembers this tweet at 9:56AM on Jan 28, 2021, do you?
Unprecedented, yet nothing has been done about it...
Since it takes money to buy whiskey, I want to give a some incentive to those willing to participate and comment on this post. I recently purchased a few NFT's for the first time from Protocol Gemini on Rariable. I will be award the most upvoted commenter with the following -
Sir Apington the Third - Award for Top Comment
If 420 unique users leave a comment, I will award the 69th most upvoted comment a NFT I haven't yet decided on. I'm also considering some type of NFT award to the worst/most downvoted comment, but may scratch that idea entirely.

I hope with the help of others, this post can help show a proof-of-concept for what dynamic NFT's are capable of and combat FUD towards the entire space claiming they are "JuSt JpEgS". Regardless, the story hasn't changed - Hedgies R Fukd, GME is going to the 🌙. BUY. HODL. DRS. Buckle Up 🚀🚀🚀
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2022.01.25 20:56 tanmayeegadkari Reactivation of Disabled Instagram account

So I have been going through those frustrating times where IG disables your account. It's been nearly 20 days but I haven't received any response from them. Also, I sent them various appeals which I did a mistake because we only have to send an appeal once. I proved the ownership of the account by sending my photo with the code - still no response. I created an ad on Facebook and spoke with many Facebook representatives but they weren't helpful. All they sent me is the links to the forms which I have already submitted. I saw many YouTube videos wherein they say that this process takes time and also those representatives told me the same thing. But I was impatient and therefore created a new account while still waiting for the old account to get reinstated. However, I have 2-3 questions. I hope people who were in the same situation as me would help me by answering those questions. It will mean a lot to me.

  1. If I have made a new account with different username but same full name, will my old account be reactivated? Because they might see that I have made a new account and can again disable it for impersonation.
  2. If an IG account is disabled for using third party app (follow/unfollow) do they reactivate the account back and generally how long does it take?
Lastly, people who are in the same situation as mine, I hope we get our IG account back soon. Let's hope for the best and be positive.
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2022.01.25 20:56 Seekingaloha Experience with Blue Board Employee Rewards

I have a few Blue Board experiences from my company I need to redeem. Was looking at a helicopter tour for me and two friends on my birthday and VR. But open to Glamping, weekend getaways and others. Problem is...the description in all of them is a bit scant and you have to choose when you redeem and before you get details. I can't tell if the VR experience gives you an oculus to keep, or do you get it for one experience? Three hours in a helicopter is a long time. Do you go somewhere other than your town?
Can you make recommendations? I think a couple of tech companies give these out, so thinking there might be people in here who have redeemed these.
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2022.01.25 20:56 theresnowaybutup Dev builds tool that lets you auto-block NFT people on Twitter

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2022.01.25 20:56 MasterofCreamCheese last night I had a dream I was playing doom except the goal was to clean a bathroom

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2022.01.25 20:56 teaandfuzzysocks Nail Art Studio Recommendations

I'm looking to get my nails done, preferably someone who also does nail art as well, not just a solid color acrylic, but any recommendations are welcome. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good place to go? Thanks!
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2022.01.25 20:56 11hortong New Genestealer neophytes!

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2022.01.25 20:56 enz1ey Wyze Cam v3 - Performance differences between docker-wyze-bridge and official RTSP firmware?

Now that several HomeBridge plugins out there support HKSV, I've been experimenting with getting my Wyze Cam v3 devices into HomeKit. I used the scrypted plugin for a while, and recently tried CameraUI, but both times I've been using docker-wyze-bridge to expose an RTSP stream from my cameras, and the performance just isn't very great. Lots of freezing video, then jumping ahead 10 seconds, playing fine for 3 seconds, then freezing again.
I'm wondering if anybody has used both docker-wyze-bridge and the official RTSP firmware, and whether either one performs better than the other.
FWIW, I can stream live just fine and smoothly from the Wyze app, but viewing the RTSP stream from docker-wyze-bridge either through VLC, in a browser, or in the Home app is far too buggy to be satisfied with.
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2022.01.25 20:56 MattyOld-Spice A high, high-wisdom problem player. Any suggestions?

This is a long;dr is at the bottom but I feel the block of text explains all the context.
Running a game for my close friends (who are also housemates). Game got kind of rushed together one night when we were chilling without a decent board game to play, and so the players (who hadn't played before bar 1 who has played loads) put together character sheets with little backstory to begin. I asked them what they want to do in the world and what sorts of weapons they want to use and stuff, fairly straightforward stuff since they are all used to high fantasy. I explain all the classes and abilities and what they could do regarding these archetypes. I'll name them all their character names from here on.
Arramir creates an aasimar paladin, shalbot makes a dwarven fighter, and finally goldthorn makes a dragonborn ranger. I wanted to let them have freedom in their stat layouts, as this would be a good way for them to learn (I did explain optimal stat placement to them). While making the character, goldthorn said "I want to make an assassin type dude who is a dragon." I explained that rogue and dragonborn are probably the closest bets for that, but then he said "I want to wield a bow" I told him that can be done with a rogue, or other classes as well including ranger. They like the sound of being a ranger, so I said yeah sure. They were stoned at the time and I didn't really want to go back over stuff again, but I gave them another chance to go back over stuff again if they were confused. I went back over with them and they seemed settled on the idea. Cool stuff. Ran the first game no bother.
Cut to now; multiple times goldthorn has forgotten we are going to play. They smoke weed everyday. We have cancelled d&d night a couple times because goldthorn straight up forgot on the day. The game tonight involved a dungeon crawl with draconic inscriptions on the walls. Thought this would be perfect for the dragonborn to guide them through the dungeon. The player however, kept on doing the dumbest shit; trying to use speak with animals on zombies, barging into doors that had signs to say they shouldn't, running up and trying to talk to bandits in the bandit cave which they are trespassing in, jumping into a burning fireplace to find a secret door that didn't exist and that I never even implied anywhere does exist. I had a 5-minute argument with them about why I wasn't going to let them fire 2 arrows and a quarterstaff at 3 seperate zombies in the same round. I made little notes for them to read aloud to the group, goldthorn was that stoned they couldn't read any of it without getting facts totally wrong in the texts. They are supposed to have a high wisdom, but literally never use it and so the fighter had to pick up the slack in that area while goldthorn ordered 3 boxes of sweets to the house.
Everytime I talk to the player about the game they really enjoy playing, love the idea of finding out more about the world. Suggested maybe multiclassing into rogue also, but they forgot about even thinking about that. They put no time into setting up their player, any items and stuff they pick up I have to do for them on their d&d beyond.
I get that this is THEIR chill time, along with everyone who plays, but the other housemates are getting frustrated that this wise character is being steered by a stoned idiot, and so am I. I don't want to be a dick and kick them out, and I want to keep them going so I give them chances to change what they want to do and spend a lot of time explaining the situation again and again because they forgot and thought they were in a fight or whatever. how do I deal with this going forward? They won't cut down their smoking which I get, but it's really impacting and dragging the game.
Tl;dr: one housemate player gets too high, makes stupid choices at almost ever turn in-game, and they are supposed to be the wise one even after explanations. Help?
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2022.01.25 20:56 3ggNud31s Why isn’t there an ‘Update Later’ option? -_-

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