Hysterectomy planned, at least: experiences/advice/nice words ?

Covid in Scotland UPDATE as Boris Johnson pulls out of planned visit to vaccine clinic. All the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic from Scotland and across the rest of the United Kingdom. Pharmacy Information. PAI's preferred pharmacy benefit manager is OptumRx, a pharmacy care services company that creates smarter health care connections to help more than 65 million Americans realize improved care, lower costs, and a better overall experience. After a hysterectomy, you no longer can become pregnant. If you had planned additional pregnancies in the future, discuss possible options with your health care provider. Rarely, the uterus and placenta might be kept intact, allowing the placenta to dissolve over time. However, this approach can have serious complications, including: The operation includes removing the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. (This is called a total hysterectomy bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy or TH/BSO). Lymph nodes from the pelvis and around the aorta may also be removed (a pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection [LND] or sampling) and tested for cancer spread. Often recommended for the treatment of gynecologic cancer, a total hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a woman’s uterus, cervix and surrounding tissue. If a hysterectomy has been recommended as part of your treatment plan, you may be wondering what to expect. Popularly known as "The Green Journal," Obstetrics & Gynecology has been published since 1953. Then as is now, the goal of the journal is to promote excellence in the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynecology and closely related fields. hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of one or both of your ovaries and your fallopian tubes) at the same time. Some laparoscopic hysterectomies are done entirely by keyhole surgery. Others are done partially through your vagina (sometimes called a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy or LAVH). There are various treatment options available for women who have very heavy periods, including medication, hormonal contraceptives and surgery. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of each can help make it easier to choose an appropriate treatment. If very heavy periods become too much of a problem, treatment can help you to cope better. planned place of birth may affect the mode of birth ... 1.2.9 Discuss birth options (for example, timing of birth, operative interventions including possibility of hysterectomy, need for blood transfusion) with a woman suspected to have morbidly adherent placenta. This discussion should be carried out by a consultant obstetrician, or with a ... The theory of planned behavior links the beliefs of an individual to their behavior. It is an idea that was first proposed by Icek Ajzen, allowing for the predictability of reasoned actions when behavioral controls are in place. It is an idea that can be applied to any human interactions, from marketing campaigns to healthcare …

2022.01.26 14:46 PhilipTheFair Hysterectomy planned, at least: experiences/advice/nice words ?

Hi lovelies,
FINALLY I will have my surgery. Hysterectomy, in the less invasive way, happily. I keep my ovaries. In a month. Do you have advice on how to handle all that? I already take anxiolytics because my ex-bf broke up because of the disease ('it's too hard to see the effects on you', oh sure, break up, it'll be better... fuck you).
I fear... pain, days in bed not able to do anything, I fear that my dad will push me out of bed (you know this mindset 'have a walk, it'll be better' euuh no bcz it hurts ??). I fear all kinds of side effects...
I waited so long for this diagnosis and now I feel just so weak. Any help will be appreciated :)
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2022.01.26 14:46 ThatMiraculousMeme Soul of the night (Neo-Soul music)

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2022.01.26 14:46 GustafWasaYo Don't forget to mark players using "Q" on PC, PLEASE!

Remember to mark vehicles and infantry using 'Q' on PC.
Even when you don't see an enemy, look a bit further away sweeping horizontal and spamming Q and you will probably mark some players. My finger is spamming Q almost every 5 seconds and have countless of times made it easy to kill the enemy because i know exactly where he is because i marked him.
Even if you are an infantry, mark the planes also so our planes can take them out easier.
Your whole team will also see the marked players, so it's really beneficial for a match win.
And you get XP for spot assist, it's awesome.
I don't know how to mark on Xbox/PS4
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2022.01.26 14:46 akvarista11 I got a remindme from 5 years ago... pretty accurate

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2022.01.26 14:46 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] CNBC Tech Check chats with Brit Morin about new crypto initiative — 1/26/2022 ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.26 14:46 apope71603 Uber life.

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2022.01.26 14:46 PwndiusPilatus RGB / Black levels set correct, 4K HDR looks correct, 1080p SDR looks washed out... (madVR/3060/LG C1)

I bought a LG C1 some weeks ago and I re-read some guides to adjust my settings. Regarding RGB out levels it is recommended to set the chain like this: madVr (Limited) > Nvidia (Full) > TV (Limited).
By doing this 4K HDR movies looks correct (I compared the output by playing the files directly on the TV via USB) but SDR content looks washed out, even the 16:9 black bars are somewhat washed out. I have no idea how to fix it. Any clues?
Latest Nvidia driver (old driver was removed by DDU), Win 10 20H2 and MPC-BE as player.
Nvidia Settings are: RGB with 12bit and 23hz (changed them and tried to match some of them with madVR, no luck). Windows HDR is set of, but when I activate it there is no difference.
I am really sure it is some kind of bug and was pondering about re-installing the whole system, but before doing this I wanted to ask for an idea from this sub. Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.26 14:46 FallCompetitive7976 26-January I am still here

It is 26-January 17:46. I am lonely.
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2022.01.26 14:46 JacketWolf2 Which companies have the best slogans?

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2022.01.26 14:46 Stock_Ambition_5472 Friends are lying about situation and I cant defend myself anymore without wanting to throw up

I really dont know what to do, this is breaking me.
I always had mental health issues, manily self-harm/depression/suicidal behaviour, since last year it has gotten really bad again. Except my Boyfriend no one noticed until I left my Friendgroup last year for 1-2 months, with the excuse I have no Internet during that time and barley/wont answer because of that. I did that because I didnt want to be annoying by saying I need space because xyz.
Now that pissed off Alissa (fake names), because I also kind of ghosted my Boyfriend in an Argument and he asked her and another friend if I was fine. Alissa said she was worried in that time and tried to contact me, but she actually didnt. I recieved two messages from her, and she proceeded to tell my boyfriend that she is sick of me, wants to get rid of me, and all my mental health drama is annoying. (She didnt even know about my mental health?? That was the first time in years)
The other friend (Jordan) told him off and said its me and my Bf's issue and she doesnt want anything to do with him. (That was the first time they ever talked)

I eventually came back, I apologized to both friends for leaving abruptly, but then Alissa started saying my Boyfriend insulted her, lied to her and that I have blocked her everywhere. (which isnt true, since then I would have had to readd her everywhere, which didnt happen)

Fast forward to new years, another Friend, Berry, says we should do New Years together, and invited without me knowing, Alissa which she knew I had trouble with, which left me on read since a long while now. The day before I try again and try to talk with her about it but she continues lying or doesnt want to talk about it, I wrote her because I felt it was gonna be awkward.

The day before I couldnt sleep at all and had an early shift (like 5am) but I thought I was gonne be fine. Berry arrives, things are alright. Alissa arrives, things are awkward, like really bad awkward. I start keeping to myself because Im tired and the vibe is off.
Eventually we start drinking and eating Weed Brownies and it gets me out of my shell, but quickly I am pretty drunk and high, but we have fun.
I see it was my fault that despite trying to get out of my shell by drinking, I shouldnt have because that plus being very tired isnt good.
I start getting very emotional, I constantly cry but friends think its funny. I also cry towards Alissa saying over the past Situation and I dont understand why she hates me so much.

(She bullies me (and my boyfriend) constantly and I always felt I more of a pet to her. Its fine by me, I dont have many friends here who share the same hobbies so I put up with it and jokingly fight back with it. I only drew some borders (insulting my looks) which she ignored. She sometimes is nice and offers to buy take out and alcohol, but then she goes straight backt to bullying me. She started disliking my boyfriend because he did not react to her bullying and ignored it. She is nice, but also not really, I am not sure how to explain sorry)

At one point I started to leave my flat, because I wanted to see Fireworks apparently but they get me back upstairs. I dont know how it happend but I start crying again? and crawl into my Room. I sit there for a while, and I remember being pretty down. Berry comes to me and says she wants to sit with me. She asks whats up and I remember we arrived at the topic of depression.
I say I worry about being not good enough or something and she says no, youre fine.
She then tells me she was also depressed and knows how it feels. I dont know if it was that comment or I then said "the world is shit" but I ended up saying "lets do a suicide pact." as a joke, because life is garbage.
Other friends, including Alissa, told me that before too.

Suddenly Berry starts crying and yelling to get my other friend in the room, and accuses me that I told her to straight up kill herself.

I am pretty dosed out at this point, so I cant even defend myself because I cant even grasp the idea that I apparently just told her to kill herself, but I know that they started yelling at me and I snapped by telling everythings that wrong in my life.
I accuse Alissa of lying, she lies some more (and gets seriously mad at me that I offer her money when she gets take out????)
Some other things I got told which werent true but I just babbled on why I just want to kms. They eventually leave my room and I call my boyfriend which I cry to the entire night, babbling on that they are lying and that I did NOT say something like that (why would I????) I can hear them in my living room laughing and watching videos which made me cry harder for some reason, until they eventually left me alone after I begged my boyfriend to make them leave because I had to go to the toilet and was too scared of them. (because I was very scared of them because I knew they just lie and no one ever would believe me)
I ended up staying awake the entire night, with my boyfriend in the call, because I wanted to make SURE I remember their lies, and passing out sometime in the morning.

I ended up muting them on every social media because I was scared of every confrontation and I knew no one was gonna take my side, because Berry was Jordans Sister and Alissa knew Jordan longer.

So until a few days ago I didnt check their conversations but I finally build up enough courage just to see that no one wrote me and Berry removed herself as my Legacy Contact on Facebook (I dont even use Facebook anymore???) and left another Groupchat I am in with Jordan. They still followed me on other Social Media, we are in groupchats together etc. It makes no sense.

I end up writing Alissa and Berry a long message saying I did wrong by agreeing to meet when I was tired and then continued drinking and getting high. I also wrote her I DID NOT tell her to kys, and only that I said something about a suicide pact.
Now I was drunk and emotional but I remember some things clearly, espically that argument, because why would I say that? It would have been unprompted, out of my entire character. But that I do apologize if that stament (which I didnt even mean seriously) hurt Berry and that I am sorry for ruining the evening and I am going to make up for that and I am going leave them for now.
Alissa and Berry didnt answer.

Jordan responded to my message (where I said something simliar like that, and told my side of the story, and that I will take some time to myself.) She was friendly, but today she wrote me a message saying "Berry didn't say she wants to kill herself, you told her to. So idk why you would tell me otherwise."
WHICH I DIDNT? And there is no way you can misread that in my message either. She even saw the message I send the other two which I even stated it more explicit, I just dont get it
I cant answer her, she wont believe me and I am also too scared to have any kind of confrontation, I just have a panic attack thinking about it.

Thats how everything is at the moment and If I am honest I am honestly considering ending things between me and my life. I have years of proof and conversation I never harmed or insulted them, I always tried to help, and they helped me. We vented to eachother etc

I was drunk before and never insulted anyone, I rather end up either being joking and singing or crying about the world, plus I KNOW I havent said it. Thats the first thing I cried to my boyfriend, saying its not true. Her yelling that to Alissa still rings in my ear and I want to tear my skin and hair out. I literally want to set myself on fire.

I dont know why would they do this. I know Jordan rather believes her Sister but even she knows that Berry is kind of overdoing things sometimes. (I once said I am okay with cheese Sausage, when she offered me some later with bread I declined the sausage saying Im not the biggest fan. She ended up crying and ignoring me for 3 hours. No, she didnt make them, they were 99ct from the store.)

I am trying to get help for my mental health for months now, but the waiting lists are long. Ever since New year it gotten worse and If I do end up eternally sleeping I want Authorities or whoever to go through every single Social media and conversations account I have and see I was always trying to be nice and helpful and would NEVER insult my friends or do something like this.
I can even post my messages to them in screenshots and some of Alissa lies, just too proove my point.

Alissa also said when I said I want to confront my boyfriend about him insulting her "he deleted all the messages." He recorded the messages on video a bit after they happend, cause he knew she a liar. Him being mean is not his style and he would never insult someone, espically not a friend of mine. Also if he insulted her did she also delete the messages of her reacting to being insulted??? And I cant proof the thing with Berry either, its word against word in a verbal conversation between only us two.

This might be minor to some people but I am seriously considering this to be the last straw for me, I cant stop crying, I dont know why they would do this. I am grateful for any advice, thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a good day.

TD;LR: Friend says I told her to kill herself while drunk, I didnt, there is no proof from either side
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2022.01.26 14:46 zek_997 Herd of young wisents grazing along red deer in Andujar, Southern Spain.

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2022.01.26 14:46 Klutzy-Mall-9458 I got him 2 days ago and I originally thought he was all black, but the blue is starting to come out. Any name suggestions?

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2022.01.26 14:46 kiwixkieran help low fps for pc and i cant find the problem :/

would really love all the help i can get :)
I currently have a intel i7 6700k 4ghz running completely fine with 16gb ram and 1070 graphics card, i have followed so much youtube vids, tiktoks and random threads trying to boost fps but none work.
i have a 144hz monitor and during game im running around 130-150fps fluctuating sometimes dropping below 100. Nothing in task manager suggests any problems, all drivers up to date and recently (3week~?) reset both hdd and ssd. Game is on all low settings and nvidia settings optimized.
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2022.01.26 14:46 CognizantSynapsid You know what it means.

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2022.01.26 14:46 JRose570 Here's the current DD on $BBIG:

Here's the current DD on $BBIG: • Short Interest: 29% (ORTEX) • Borrow Fee: 95% (FINTEL), 174% (WEBULL), 168% (ORTEX) • Available Short Shares: Zero (FINTEL) • Market Utilization: 99.96% (ORTEX)
Has the higher daily volume that most of the other short squeeze candidates (this is a very important element to generate a squeeze!)
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2022.01.26 14:46 littercoin Citizen science funding in Ireland vs other countries

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2022.01.26 14:46 VegetableAd2152 What does the new hero selection screen look like?

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2022.01.26 14:46 Kunphen Virginia’s new Republican Attorney General might be even more deranged than Glenn Youngkin

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2022.01.26 14:46 Kikasrules Audio works not working in certain devices

Hello gang,
I have hit a snafu after I finished editing a video on resolve, I exported it, everything was normal, but then I sent it to a few people and only people on pc or iphones could hear the video. While I was editing, because the recordings were only coming from one side, I changed the clip attributes so it was mono instead of stereo and I also changed one of the two tracks to the one that actually worked.
I don´t know how to fix this, any advice?
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