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Please i need help. If anyone knows seed from the server oreo.gg or you are able to find it please help me. Thank you

2022.01.20 17:19 Jonas_95_CZ Please i need help. If anyone knows seed from the server oreo.gg or you are able to find it please help me. Thank you

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2022.01.20 17:19 ProfitHour4768 The way they even talk about women makes me sad. I grew up with a wonderful stepfather, I hope she will find one for her kids as well, but those men try to deter any decent men as well! https://imgur.com/a/2YLliKf

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2022.01.20 17:19 andrewduff415 Panzerfaust no longer needs direct impacts to count for longshots

This is for anyone trying to get longshots with this thing as we all know the struggle is real. it looks like SHG fixed the part where you needed a direct impact to have it count as a longshot. I was able to get my remaining 25 longshots done in 2 games. Happy camo grinding everyone
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2022.01.20 17:19 DiscountCthulhu What are your thoughts on the Uncanny Valley Phenomenon and why is it there? Is it an evolutionary response?

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2022.01.20 17:19 blonde-poodle Best Back Up Credit Card

I currently have a Desjardins Visa through Coast Capital. I've had it for years and my credit score is near perfect as I always pay it off.
I do have a Mastercard with my European bank account in my home country but I never changed it from a student card and the limit is only 850EUR. This suits me as I rarely use it and the student status means there's a minuscule annual fee.
However, when I was home over Christmas my Visa incurred a fraud charge and Desjardins blocked it. They offered to FedEx me a new one but because of the situation with Covid, my travel plans were changing daily so I wasn't sure if I'd still be in Europe or back in Canada by the time it arrived. Due to this, I had to put all my costs on my Mastercard and the repayments take a few days to come through so I had to be really careful about what I was spending it on. I paid most of it off with some Euro cash I had but I did have to transfer some money from my Cad account and lost out with exchange/tranfer fees. This could have been avoided because some of the payments were CAD flight change fees with Air Canada so it would have been better to use my CAD card if it was available to me.
So I'm looking to get a Canadian backup card and wondering what the best card is for this purpose?
I did look at the Aeroplan AMEX but it's $500+ fees a year. I'll be flying some family over to Canada this year so I'd probably get the 30,000 points signing on bonus by spending $3000 in the first 90 days but I don't think I'd get 5,000 points/month by spending $1000 unless I used it for the majority of my payments and then it wouldn't be my back up card. If I was to go with this card I'd likely spend 2,000-3,000/year on flights with Air Canada and not really use it for anything else.
So I'm thinking I'd be better off with a credit card that had very low annual fees instead of bonuses that I'd rarely use.
Any suggestions?
Thank you :)
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2022.01.20 17:19 This_is_madness_ Please help...

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2022.01.20 17:19 Riibits How many of you have heard of The Beatles?

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2022.01.20 17:19 Linhly_Twitch [21] weekend starts early for me :)

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2022.01.20 17:19 cadenherring123 Binance Promo Code 2021

Visit for Binance Promo Code 2021. The most used and at the same time the most reliable crypto exchange platform is Binance. Also, Binance extremely easy to use and learn. You can earn a 20% commission discount on each purchase.
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How to Register Binance? To make an account with Binance, you should simply get enrolled on the Official Binance Website. On the enrollment page you will be elevated to enter a substantial email address and pick a secret phrase for yourself. When you consent to the Terms and Conditions, you will be approached to check your account by means of email. The email shipped off your given account will contain a connection where you can check your Binance account. When you click on the connection, your Binance account has been made and you are prepared to start exchanging. Yet, before you do, we suggest getting your account through two-factor confirmation. Since exchanging cryptographic money is an expensive and dangerous cycle, it is fundamental for guard your account from any programmers on the web. Binance permits you to set up 2FA and interface your account to your versatile number. This implies that before you can sign in to your Binance account from another gadget, you will be approached to confirm your personality through the telephone number gave.
Funding Your Binance Account As referenced before, Binance is absolutely a cryptocurrency trade application. This implies that to begin exchanging with Binance, you will be needed to finance your account with some current cryptocurrency. This should be possible utilizing some other cryptocurrency trade wallet. Just go to your wallet where you have the cryptocurrency put away, select the amount you need to move, and send those assets to your substantial Binance account. The most awesome aspect of exchanging with computerized monetary standards is that everything occurs in a moment. When you select 'send' from your crypto trade wallet, your Binance account will be supported right away. If you register with a Binance Referral Link, it will provide to you 15% discount from your each buying.
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2022.01.20 17:19 player21reirei Where they at?

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2022.01.20 17:19 perfectbluexx Is it me or has Tiktok been more picky?

My account is constantly being either flagged or blocked from posting. The videoI posted today was honestly no biggie, it showed my on mybed completely covered and then my lingerie on my bed - obviouslynot on my body. I just can’t with this again for the second week in a roll
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2022.01.20 17:19 Acceptable-Clue-8220 I five stared one of my favorite cookies (i have wierd taste i know)

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2022.01.20 17:19 Himepizzapup I love Yuri and this face she made

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2022.01.20 17:19 ChiMeraRa Joss Whedon synchronicity to Ted Mosby

Both went to Wesleyan
Joss is married to architect while Ted is an architect
Appeared on magazine covers
Second marriage is to Canadian
Both treat women badly
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2022.01.20 17:19 Fabulous-Space6527 That monke got cockblocked pretty hard

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2022.01.20 17:19 Joemungas Or this

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2022.01.20 17:19 Extension_Account_68 Ps4 remotes not connecting HELP

I connected a ps4 controller to my laptop for a few hours and afterwards it won't connect to the console at all! I tried everything I could find, using USB cables, resetting the remote, unplugging the console from electricity, trying to go to the safety mode- nothing worked. I'm at a loss as to what to do, the controller charges and all, but doesn't do anything on screen. Please help.
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2022.01.20 17:19 Nikels21 Anyone looking at ONEX at these prices?

Seems like a great value play - Westjet is dragging them down in my opinion but they are also diversified away from it
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2022.01.20 17:19 bjmiles123 lolllllllllll when you get exposed to Covid and you want a test but there is no more walkins 😌

Don’t mind me just being anxious until tomorrow 😁
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2022.01.20 17:19 proxywashere A story in 2 parts, F*ck this POS 🤡 LOL

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2022.01.20 17:19 Thefriendlyfaceplant Ukrainian official: Biden's answer gives Putin ‘green light’ to invade

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2022.01.20 17:19 Muffin00 Cuban Black Beans. They said "you will come back and thank me". I'm here to do it.

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2022.01.20 17:19 yeetusdeleetus666 Looking for a Tv

Hi could anyone recommend good tvs £400 or under that are 4K 60hz and have a fast response time (~11ms) want to use it with my ps5.
Thank you
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2022.01.20 17:19 dentedlime417 [Spoilers] Possible plot hole

Why didn't the owners of the Muddy Casino press charges whenever Wendy hacked the slot machines (with Ruth and Sam's help)? Its a casino so it's surely full of surveillance and Wendy was not being subtle
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2022.01.20 17:19 sucobe Good ol' Tony Maguire

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