A question in the plot

2022.01.20 19:44 TrashCanManTheTrash A question in the plot

How did K. Rool get back into power in DK64? Because of wrinkly kong's death, we know it takes place after DKC3, and in that game, we know K. Rool was ousted from power after he inadvertently destroyed crocodile isle in the game preceding it. The only way i could think he'd get back into power would be if they had nobody else to return to. And if they would need to go back to K. Rool, then K. Lumsy would have been caged a long time ago, probably in the time between DKC and DKC2.
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2022.01.20 19:44 HulksInvinciblePants If you can't hear films well, or are constantly adjusting the volume, you need to enable Dynamic Range Compression (DRC).

Yesterday, this post was a huge hit.
The only technology improvement that I want in movies at home is the ability to adjust the volume of voice, music and effects Judging by the upvotes and comments, many people agree with OP. It's a fair sentiment, and would be a novel idea, were it not for the fact it already exists in most consumer gear today.
If you find film volume unbearable, I'm about to change your life with one readily available technology:
Dynamic Range Compression What is DRC? The short and sweet is it's a very accessible technology that decreases the volume of louder sounds, while raising the volume of quiet sounds (bringing both to the "middle"). The end result is a soundtrack with a defined range of how loud and quiet it can become.
How do you enable it? Simply enter the audio settings on almost any TV, receiver, game system, or media device. From there it may go by many names including:

What's great is it typically has multiple intensity options, allowing you to find the sweet spot for your personal setup. Also, because you'll likely have multiple devices with the option, I should note you only need to enable it on one.
What if it doesn't solve my problem? Unfortunately, for various reasons, it might not solve your problem 100% (but it will improve it a ton). For example, do you have a center speaker that's aligned like this? If so, there's a 90% chance you have a deadzone somewhere in your seating area that no technology will fix. Its an MTM speaker design, and it's so flawed you'd wonder why they're still sold.
Are you playing audio out of your TV? Then you really shouldn't expect quality results from speaker smaller than a Post-It note.
Why should I have to do this? Why can't they just release it like that from the studio? Good question. The reason they shouldn't, is because there are plenty of setups that can handle the dynamic range very well. In fact, they only thrive with dynamic content. Compressing the range on those systems creates a "brickwalled" sound where nothing fluctuates. Plus, once it's compressed at the source, that data cannot be recovered. It's like trying to make a billboard out of a cellphone pic of your computer screen. The loss from each transition is permanent. However, by leaving it uncompressed, that gives the user all the flexibility they want to compress it to their liking.
Unfortunately, despite this technology existing for over a decade+, many users are unaware it exists and some film studios have started to take matters into their own hands. I'm not going to compile a full list, but there are plenty of films where the studio has chosen to make mixes more "TV friendly" and the end result is the most archival quality version of the film is simply broken. Some have gone so far as to completely remove the bass/subwoofer track. All this, because of an easily avoidable problem.
Hope this helps.
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2022.01.20 19:44 thisstitchisacurse New in my shop: pet embroidery!

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2022.01.20 19:44 AmySharpton Reese Witherspoon is going to read us a bedtime story

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2022.01.20 19:44 DementedFrosty I Killed The Bird - Quantum Conundrum - #12

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2022.01.20 19:44 badnewsbearnews BitMart BTT

My BTT on BitMart still shows my coins but has a $0 value and it shows it as BTTold. Does anyone know if BitMart will be migrating automatically?
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2022.01.20 19:44 rttr123 If average overall gpa is higher than average uGPA, does that mean most did a post-bacc?

This is probably a question with an obvious answer. But I was a little unsure.
UC Davis, 3.58 average for uGPA, but 3.72 for overall GPA. Would this mean that most did a post-bacc?
Because I will be most likely graduating with a gpa slightly under the uGPA average.
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2022.01.20 19:44 CharlesP720 Just want to say thank you to everyone in this community

Hi everybody, my name is Charles and I’m a sex addict. I just wanted to get on here and say I’m grateful to have this resource available.
It’s been a journey understanding this addiction but I recently started reading SAA literature and working on the 12 steps and it’s definitely helped put a few things into perspective. I’ve been sexually sober for 8 days now and as I inevitably come across middle circle behaviors, I’m glad I can redirect that energy onto here. Reading and engaging with other people who are battling the same thing has helped me remain strong. I’ve had some relapses since discovering my addiction in October but I’m hopeful for the future now that many things have been made clear to me.
Wishing all of you the best!
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2022.01.20 19:44 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon GCs | Cashapp, Chime, Crypto, Apple Pay, PayPal, Steam, Venmo, WU [W] Apple Pay, Chime, crypto, PayPal | All Your Gift Cards!

Please don’t use mobile to trade. I will ignore your chat message. Desktop Users: Comment on this post and Click here to start a trade App Users, please include the following in your PM (Remember to comment on this post as well):

and payment processors: Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, and Western Union
Want ↓ Cash or a Gift Card ↓ Bitcoin/ethereum/Bitcoin Cash/Litecoin ↓
Apple 60%4 NA
Amazon.ca 50% 50%
Amazon.co.uk 50% 50%
Amazon.com 70% 55%
Amazon.de 50% 50%
Amazon.es 50% 50%
Amazon.fr 50% 50%
Amazon.it 50% 50%
Amazon.jp 30% 30%
Arrow Films 65% 60%
Barnes & Noble 50% 50%
Baskin Robbins 60% 60%
BJ's (not BJ's restaurant)4 60% NA
Bloomingdales 50% 50%
Burger King4 60% NA
Clothing Shops (Small Boutique) contact me contact me
Dell4 60% NA
Delta gift cards4 65% NA
Delta Sky Miles4 PM me NA
Delta Vouchers4 65% NA
Dicks Sporting Goods 4 PM me NA
Disney Plus PM me PM me
DoorDash 70%6 NA
Dunkin Donuts4 60% NA
eBay 70% 70%
Fandango4 10% NA
Five Guys4 60% NA
Gamestop 60% 60%
Gas Station Cards4 PM me NA
Grub Hub 70%6 NA
Gyft 70% 70%
Half Price Books 50% 50%
HBO4 70% NA
iTunes4 60% NA
J crew 40% 40%
JCPenney 25% 25%
Jersey Mike Subs4 60% NA
KFC4 60% NA
Khols 30% 30%
Macys 35% 35%
Magazines.com 40% 40%
McDonald's 4 60% NA
Microsoft6 60% NA
Moe’s Southwestern Grill4 60% NA
Nintendo Eshop6 70% NA
Nordstrom 50% 50%
Panera bread4 60% NA
PSN6 60 NA
PSN Plus 12 month4 NA NA
Saks Fifth Avenue 50% 50%
Sears 50% 50%
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Speedway4 80% NA
Starbucks4 45% NA
Steam6 60% NA
Subway 4 PM me NA
Taco Bell 60% NA
Target 50% 50%
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Urban Outfitters 50% 50%
Vudu4 50% NA
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Wendys4 60% NA
Xbox (gift cards)6 60% NA
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12 month/6 month/3 month/1 month)6 PM me NA
Other Clothing Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Restaurant, & Fast Food gift cards PM me
1 When paying via PayPal, I can only send payments via Goods and Services, thus you will be charged a fee. If you'd rather not face this fee there are plenty of alternatives. 2 Larger denominated gift cards preferred. 3 PayPal is the only payment option. 4 I can't send less than $10 in crypto per Coinbase's rules.
What I don’t buy:
  • Amazon.au
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Fanatics
  • Google Play
  • Hilton Honors
  • iTunes from anywhere but the US
  • Spotify
  • old navy/gap/banana republic
  • Hot Topic
  • PSN Canada or UK
  • Xbox Canada or UK
  • Xbox live gold
  • Cold Stone
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  • publix
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  • Canadian tire
  • Raceway
  • Krispy Kreme
  • buffalo wild wing
Any fees are built into the price.
Selling Please let me know if you have a Coinbase account as you can send a Coinbase to Coinbase payment for free and they will clear instantly.
I have:
$500 in Amazon (can be broken up) and am selling at
  • 85%: crypto
  • 90%: Apple Pay, Chime, or Western Union
  • 90%: PayPal
Here are my GCX Rep profiles with 932 trades worth more than $60,000:
Important: before you send your codes please make sure your account is secure (if your password is twelve characters or less it's best to assume your account has already been compromised; your password should be eight randomly selected words, see 1 and 2). Scams where compromised accounts are used to leverage reputation to scam an unsuspecting user, used to steal codes during the middle of the trade, and steal unused gift cards the victim was saving for later are increasingly commonplace. If you have any concerns as to your account's security, please reset your password now and force logout of all sessions. Thanks
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2022.01.20 19:44 TaPele_ Hello everybody! I wanted to share with you my Revamped Default Billobards I've just finished designing! Hope you like them!

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2022.01.20 19:44 Sea_Quality_1873 Need help with the mods!

I am gonna start my second adventure on this game. I have been also following what people doing recently... I see some crazy stuff. I played vanilla, no DLC. can't afford DLC's yet. I wanna play with mods but don't want to change much. Just better UI or little more weapons, armor, more plants. Maybe mods lıke better ruins (I don't mode name) Whic mods you suggest ?
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2022.01.20 19:44 Late-Dig4119 Unwelcome Guest - Trophy

It's the last trophy I need to get 100% , so if someone is willing to help - ShodaN_92 on PSN
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2022.01.20 19:44 sixjack12 [PS4] [PS5] [M22] Selling 950k at 7/100k

900K available at 7.5/100k, PayPal only
Can also do 3 250K QS instead ($8/100K each)
Bronze seller on 2K subreddit, just getting started here
REP: https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/r5jrno/usixjack12_mcs_rep_profile/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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2022.01.20 19:44 smernt Pear, digital, me, 2022

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2022.01.20 19:44 simonalle010101 Lyrics AII my life I wanted to be somebody and here I am! I know what I've got and there ain't nobody Gonna take it away from me! So let me tell you What I I'm a red hot fox I can take the knocks I'm a hammer from hell Honey Can't you tell I'm the wild one Yes I'm the wild one!

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2022.01.20 19:44 Crunchycookiebutter This streamer is building an OF competitor using SOL for payments.

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2022.01.20 19:44 neuroticnoise Cause of perioral dermatitis?

I can’t figure out if it was sweating in a mask, going through a major stressful event or from starting birth control.
Maybe all of those but I just can’t stop wondering what causes this beast? Once I understand that I can understand the rash better and hopefully defeat it.
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2022.01.20 19:44 AmySharpton The could-have-been 'Scream 5' ending that keeps me up at night

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2022.01.20 19:44 Vermarsis How would you feel if Eddie gets the Long Min treatment

He survives this fight and escapes just to get offscreened by Yan or someone similar
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2022.01.20 19:44 U_WOT_M249 Dm me and I'll do jack shit

Cba tbh
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2022.01.20 19:44 Large_Obligation_705 Any interest in these two? Would love a dracovolt or artocovolt or sword exclusives

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2022.01.20 19:44 beanbag426 I can’t decide what color they are? Could you guys offer your thoughts please.

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2022.01.20 19:44 Funky_monkey2026 Vegetable seed swap, anybody?

I'm in the UK, and thought it a waste of having thousands of seeds, only a few dozen of each variety will be planted. If anybody wants a few of each, or would like to swap for stuff that's not on the list, give me a shout! I have: Brocolli (early purple sprouting) Cabbage (savoy) Lettuce (little gem) Lettuce ( mixture of lettuce red salad bowl, lollo rossa, batavian, curled endive, radicchio rossa, rocket) Sweet peppers, mixed colours Pak Choi (white stemmed) Parsley (moss curled) Radish (mixed pack 20% white, 40% red, 40% half red/half white)
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2022.01.20 19:44 JustAnotherPenmonkey Lighthouse keeper recruitment poster

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