Kenny had to hire Apex shills because you fucks weren't doing your jobs in getting back control of the synthetic pool shares.

2022.01.20 23:00 ThePizzaDeliveryM3n Kenny had to hire Apex shills because you fucks weren't doing your jobs in getting back control of the synthetic pool shares.

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New farm up Farm: $USDT / $USDT.e - Earn $JOE Liquidity is still low, please be aware of the potential price impact when trading to $USDT We also have: Farm: $USDC / $USDC.e - Earn $JOE Currently, this has a combined APR of ~20% submitted by Double-Ad-572 to cryptomooncum [link] [comments]

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Beginning to like the name Althea but this is holding me back. Does it flow alright ? What about names like Althea ?
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According to the 2017 Forbes Global 2000, which company held the top spot as the world’s largest food company in 2017?
Think you know? Take the quiz at #trivia #quizzes #quiz #triviaquestions #Food& Drink
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Is there anyone else with connection issues?
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Does anybody know where i can find the video Sophia lucia can't ride a bike . She deleted it off her youtube
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2022.01.20 23:00 yhl3051 I'm so tired of Tumblr

People are too offended, and there are too many social justice crazies.
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2022.01.20 23:00 _Dangerous_Dan BITCOIN FARM LVL 3

Has anyone done the math on how much Solar and then bitcoin lvl 3 will cost and the dividends from getting bitcoin with lvl 3 max? At lvl 2 rn but trying to figure out if worth and time
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2022.01.20 23:00 Maddisuun Red flags getting back together with an ex - asking me to pay his rent

So a little background - I’m a very independent person and when my ex and I got together we were long distance. Because I loved him so much, I gave up my apartment to move in with him and his parents under the agreement we’d have our own place in a couple months. (I know, STUPID decision, please don’t come for me about that). Anyway, a couple months turned into 3 years without moving out. We were both in school at the time so it did help us to live in that situation at the time, but even after we graduated he had very little motivation to move out. He wouldn’t even get a job or stable source of income. I eventually couldn’t do it anymore, got my own place, and we broke up. Cut to a few months later, he got a really great job and has starting to do well for himself. We started talking again and kind of dating, but it’s still casual and not official. He’s been looking for his own place and just signed a lease which I was really proud and excited of him for. Until today. I was in the middle of working when he texted me that I needed to call him ASAP. He basically asked me to drain most of the money out of my bank account so that he can pay his first months rent because he realized he didn’t have the money. Apparently he had the money before, but some automatic payments were taken out leaving him without rent money.
I was feeling good about dating again considering he was getting his life together, but this feels like way too big of a red flag. Am I being overly cautious or should I start to distance myself again?
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2022.01.20 23:00 AnimeCrusader69 Broken Bones- Chapter 6

Greetings all, from now on personal thoughts will be portrayed in italics as to help smoothen reading experience as I thought it was already confusing enough that characters in this story can use telepathy to communicate. I will slowly go into earlier chapters when I'm able and implement this in past writing. My writing format changes will be shown at the end.
Thank you for reading and all the encouragement, please point out errors if its spelt wrong or punctuated too weird. It helps me to learn from my mistakes.
Max's ears and face burned red as he sit on the floor dazed from a result of his frenzied shout. He was not one to simply faint in the middle of a fight, but the last 24 hours had been one hell of a roller coaster.
His body ached, he had been administered some sort of drug that healed his foot after a gladiatorial match, and after a painstakingly tedious task of getting the collar off, he allowed another on.
"I fucked up." He croaked out with tears beginning to clog his peripheral vision. "Parents kicking off dead weight? I can take care of myself. Need to pay debt? I can work like everybody else... but I can't..." the stinging cold sensation of the collar pressed against his neck.
"I can't handle this." He finished. "I'm only human, yet when the universe's stars align to fuck me, they just don't go away until I make a single slip up. Then whole the world crashes down on me and nobody is willing to help. They call for action saying "Lets help solve world hunger or give the homeless somewhere to rest" but when it come to real contribution besides talk, they stand by like a pedestrian and DO NOTHING."
Hatred and pent-up contempt for the apathetic and high-class seeped through his soul.
"I'd gladly watch them all burn in hell if that meant I had to drag them there myself." Pressure and heat fused around him, choking him until something cool touched his exposed chest. Like a fire hose dousing a flaming house, this new thing extinguished some of the heat bothering him.
Blinking away his tunnel vision and looking down he discovered how the slime alien had lowered to his level and placed a gentle hand on him.
Finally like a suffocating bag was lifted off his face, the only thing he craved in the world now was bestowed upon him. A voice, but not just any lifeless and monotone sound that gave out orders. This voice was new, understandable and bled its heart out to him in understanding.
A smooth, yet uncertain voice entered his mind and said "Here. Here I help. I need help. You."
... Shocked sitting still, his heartbeat let go of its angry tempo and adopted a more fickle beat. The.. slime had finally stopped using two phrase commands, and talked to him. He slowly regained spirit at the aesthetic possibility of equal communication.
"D-Do do you understand me?" He questioned unsure. Perhaps he had just heard wrong and she ordered for him to move up else he receive a shock from his new collar.
The voice continued, slowly regaining newfound life, it said "Talking help. Keep talking. Collar help me watch word?" She almost doubled back. "Collar works, willing to help."
Then like an idea struck them, she said, "CONTRIBUTION WORD WORKS. Understand me?"
"...Oookay?" He raised his eyebrow not knowing what to say next. Was the purpose of this collar not meant to be a torture device after all? She said the collar is "watching" my words, but that sounded creepy. She sounds like a child takings it first steps in learning... how to... talk.
"Holy shit, this collar is translating what I say to you.I don't understand why you didn't do this in the first place." He proclaimed.
It would be sensible for a developed alien to have a tool that could slowly create a working lexicon for them, but WHY DID SHE NOT TRY IT. He pondered angrily.
Hearing his words she un-confidently asked, "You. Don't understand?"
Fixing the small misunderstanding he shook his head at her and said, "No, incorrect, I understand how the collar works. It helps make many words clear-err easy to learn." He corrected himself. Best to stay away from multiple meaning words that may screw with the collar. Like "clear" and "screw".
Taking his mind out of the gutter, he struggled thinking of a way to steer them in the right direction. He couldn't trust himself to not threaten her or make her understand that he was still tempted to outright kill her. He searched around himself and found a strange sight as she lay between his legs. About half her lower body became a puddle so she could crouch in front of him. Also the gun he held earlier now lay resting on the table next to them. Almost within reach, perhaps a way to get to it was still possible. His inner dark voice reminded him.
Interrupting those thoughts, she spoke first. "Help me understand." She pleaded. "Show me words."
This collar is gonna make the rest of my time a pain now isn't it? He sighed struggling to get up as she wouldn't stop making skin contact with him. Only slightly discomforting as he tried to teach her. It frustrated him, but he rolled with the punches.
Leading him to the next new thing, she would get him to say the name in english and he would try his best to give a description of what it did, along with what its physical traits were.
The first thing they approached was the empty metal body she drove around in. When she pointed at a body part, he would say "Arm", "Hand", or "leg" and "foot" while making a show out of it to flex his own and use them in sentences.
It was difficult at first, but he quickly realized the collars translator was no joke as she picked up on english fast.
He pointed at whatever scarce colors were in the room like the white walls, his brown hair and her pink skin.
Then the inevitable happened. While describing various such things like nouns and verbs the topic drifted to emotions. HIS emotions.
For example, when she brought him to the machine that created whatever she had deposited into the collar, he told her "Crazy fucking 3D printer." Along with its square shaping and light glowing parts.
"Crazy, fucking 3Deeee printer?" She copied.
As Max laughed deep in the back of his throat she got confused and asked "Throat hurting? Assistance pain needed." She looked at his bandaged foot for a point of reference to help convey.
oh boy here we go.
It was a little difficult and perplexing at first, but soon the collar showed its old worth.
Whenever he spoke, the collar would automatically decipher its meaning and add them to a large database word bank. Then by connecting to Soona's telepathic link she would receive the dubbing assistance of the collar as he spoke. Morphing his words into sounds she was familiar with.
Sadly since she was currently exposed and out of her case's protective system, she would be forced to remain in physical contact with him if they wished to talk any longer.
She possibly could resume communications in her case, but pushed the idea away as she believed that would only somehow upset the situation. Any wrong word and a misunderstanding could unravel all the valuable progress she made.
There indeed were some slip ups since the collar was working double time to understand his dialect, but he didn't seem to get mad with her because of it.
The fuzz follicles on his arms feel so soft. She couldn't help but individually feel every strand her hand made contact with. Making sure not to pull it hard and hurt him she flexed them around like little primitive Anneladia poking their heads out of dirt homes.
Then causing her to let go in panic, his skin started to move and change. Bumps started to jot all over as vibrations took place. Whether that was unintentional or a warning she quit it as he approached the next object to add into the word bank. Putting her hand more gently on him, she tapped back into the connection before he started talking. His deep accent being added with the Bitumin language in her head sounded incredibly unique as half the syllables being sent to her head were physically impossible for his mouth to pronounce. In fact, he may even dislocate his mouth bone if he tried to physically talk in full Bitumin sentences without the collars assistance.
Walking in front of the fabricator, he resumed his style of introduction identifying its name and clarifying the use. Apparently fabricator in his language is very long.
"Crazy, fucking 3Deeee printer?" Soona copied after him.
With the same amount of alert and surprise when his skin bristled, she let go and flinched when he started to vibrate the back of his throat. Not exactly a growl as he exhaled air through his nose in a peculiar pattern, but something to still be cautious about as she asked if he was still hurt. Even looking at his past hurt foot to convey her meaning.
Not letting her anywhere near his throat, he shook his head at her again. A very strange way of expressing no.
"Body is healthy now. Throat rumbling was laughter. Amusement. You learn emotion words next." He spoke with a slight different tone. Giving Soona no time to ask about it as he led her over to the feeding tube. *He wasn't hungry again now was he?
Making contact with him and listening he spoke "Food satiates hunger. Tasty food brings happiness. Happiness equals positive things. Yellow sun, orange and red fire... pink." He ended it off by poking her body. She didn't quite understand all second comparison words but generally understood bright shaded colors aligned with positivity. Like the color of her core that also excreted the pink slime she controlled. Although she was a little put off when he poked her. If she had a more sturdy physicality, or had been any other race that poke would've hurt.
"Happiness opposite sadness. Sadness is negative. Bad." He developed a more somber tone. "Bad health brings sad... Stress. Complicated makes stress." He leaned against the table as his eyes took a more drained look. For just a moment in Soona's vision he looked different. Smaller. Beaten down and weary. Then... he changed like the rising tide of the blind void, a version of hell in Octodren culture.
"Monsters bring hate. Pain." He pointed at his collar.
"They Kill and Maim. Injustice is lack of fairness. Corruption of pure." He then looked at the lasgun still resting on the table. Easily within hands reach of him.
Her core shaking, trepidation overtook her when he spoke. *Oh shape creator! Was this his plan all along?!? Get close enough to the lasgun on the table while making it seem like he wanted to talk about emotions then end me!?" Her mind raced a billion light years a minute. Could she grab it before he could? Without the help of her case, could she even hurt him at all.
Silence engulfed her apartment as he refused to even lift a finger for it, he said. "You are monster. All of you. Killing. Maiming. Forcing submission and create pleasure fighting. Eyes. Eyes are blinded with injustice. Hands forced to kill... I hate you. I loath my life."
As he stood straight up she lost any will to keep touching him. The strand of communication snapped as he stepped away from her cold still body processing what happened.
Leaving her and the lasgun behind his back, he walked to the corner of the room and laid down curled in a ball, something she hadn't even guessed he was capable of with his frame.
I-I-Im the m-monster? she shuddered at her disgusting realization. All those times she unfairly treated him. Shocked and hurt him when he tried to speak out for help. She even called him "it" for the longest time until she just named him demon. To be a tool for her to kill and maim those she disliked. She was worser than them. She was going to use him as a weapon and he knew it.
Her reality broke as all her mockerys of what exactly he was were dissolved. This isn't any sort of bone beast for her to command for her own ambitions. This was a living, breathing and thinking intelligent being like her. They both are the same. None above the other as they both can laugh, mourn and regret.
She didn't- no. She couldn't become like the same monsters that took her sister away from her.
Going over to him while almost tripping over the weight of her own core, she placed a shaking hand onto his back. The heat of his skin felt like it would boil her slime soon.
"Please... please." She repeated a second time in almost a squeak as fragile as crystal.
"I'm not a monster. I'm Soona."
After a minute with no word spoken she prepared to take her hand off and cry herself to sleep in her case, but suddenly a deep voice entered her mind. He said.
"I'm not a monster. I'm Max."
With a series of satisfying popping bones and heated muscles crying out after a good workout, Max felt himself rouse from sleep.
"Guha! Neck is so sore." He mumbled drowsy. "Oh right... shit." All the events of yesterday catched up in his mind.
Getting abducted, sent to fight or die, then act like an English teacher before passing out asleep on an alien kitchen floor. Not half as bad as his time in public college, but it was high up there.
Speaking of alien, where is she? cracking the soreness out of his stiff neck he looked around the large room. He hoped he hadn't scared her off yesterday. He will admit tension and emotions were high, but he was still human and had his faults. He was gonna be stuck with this slime for who knows how long and he needed to show her he's capable on manners.
Getting up off the hard flat ground, he surveyed the blank room. This place really needs posters on the walls, something, anything so I can correlate which side of the room I'm looking at.
Even the goddamn table is gone. he noted its faint outlined form in the ground.
With no alien in sight and a growling stomach he decided. Fine, I'll do it myself.
Plucking the images from his memory he walked to the right side wall closest to the table outline and began taping his fingers madly on the wall. You know, if someone recorded me doing this without context, I'd either look like an idiot or lunatic.
He continued. At first nothing happened and he was getting frustrated, but he soon learned to try different sections on the wall. More specifically the faint square outlines that shared about the same hight as the slime's robot body.
Once he stopped tapping the dead zones around his hight, he activated a glowing alien keyboard.
Ok. You got this Max. You spent about a year trying to study engineering. You also badly flunked that course, but It was mostly money problems and a lack of food that stopped me. And like his time in college, his stomach demanded a toll for yesterdays hard work.
Finally deciding to just let it go, he pressed each of the buttons to see what they did.
One repeatedly flashed the lights in the room, much to his eye's annoyance, but he eventually figured out how to turn it off. Another changed the temperature in the room. And finally he discovered a row of them that activated some of the rooms tools and furniture.
After accidentally opening up a few wall boxes holding tools he didn't quite well understand, he by process of elimination got the table out of the ground in the end. Haha! Humanity 1. Alien tech 0. A flawless 100% win rate ratio. he pumped his hand in the air.
... Now which one was that tube again?
All of a sudden a hissing of containers erupted from behind him again. Turning around to see what it was since he hadn't pressed a button just then, he discovered the slime back in her case. Who was also just as shocked as he was as she exited a tight closet from across the left side of the room.
Both staring at each other stupefied, silance reined the moment...
"H-How?" Her voice entered in his mind that had almost forgotten they could talk to each other now.
Feeling like the equivalent of a dog caught chewing up furniture, he smiled and said "Hello." His first ever proper greetings given or received ever since he wound up here.
Seeing his toothy smile, she became nervous at the sight of them. Bubbles started to pop in her vat again.
"Umm, hello." She replied. "Why you do this." She scanned the room and all its opened wall sections showing her possessions.
"Just searching for some food. Didn't mean to cause a mess." He replied looking straight into her vat. Not fooled by the robots head anymore after witnessing her true form.
"Reason accepted... does food satiate your hunger... bring happiness?"
fookin hell Max how badly did you spook her in your rambling yesterday!?! mentally slapping himself for his outburst he attempted to patch the situation.
"I'm stable. The food in the ceiling tube tastes good. My body hasn't rejected anything so its edible." He pointed at the ceiling so she could understand the new word.
"Hey, umm Could I have some more?" He asked.
Standing there acting like she was in shock of the sight of him not killing her, she said "Affirmative." and walked to the wall he was previously fiddling with.
While she typed away he thought to himself. Can't really tell if she's just the silent type, or if that's the language barrier. Oh well. More awkward college silence for me~
Once she was done typing, a familiar sight of opening panels hissed out to him. Eagerly having waited for breakfast... lunch... whatever time it was he grabbed it and prepared to eat. But after getting a closer look at it he noticed a tiny difference of the food. There was less.
Seeing him pause to investigate the shortage, Soona, weird name looked as if she was going to apologize to him about it, until he shoved down his apatite and sat on the table taking his time eating the small supply left.
As he closed his eyes and sucked out small portions of the jello tube with cubed meat, he felt a pair of eyes staring back at him. Or none to be exact.
Looking at his side, he found the alien that called herself "Soona" standing there awkwardly and doing nothing. Max thought she may have wanna clean the mess he made, but suddenly realized it was already fixed.
Must have closed them using the keyboard. Fancy place. I think?
He had many things to talk with her about. Where was he? What was she? What is and isn't normal here? But with careful reflection, he realized she must have as many questions for him than he does for her.
Patience Max. he reminded himself and shook his head.
A little confused as why he was shaking his head "no" when she hadn't said anything, she was perplexed when he started patting the table with his hand and telling her "Sit with me."
With body language conveying a tiny bit of fear and morbid curiosity, she placed all four of her metal hands on the tabletop and pushed herself up. Max took a swig of the food tube before deciding to start the conversation.
Taking the lead, he said "I want to ask you questions. If you tell me the truth, I'll allow you to ask me a question back. Deal?
Seeming to hesitate at his forwardness, she replied "Deal acceptable."
"Good. I'll start first." He hummed. "Where am I?"
Seemingly very puzzled when he talked, she said "Collar not working. Word problem. Teach me high ceiling words."
Dammit! Do I have to teach an alien the concept of planets?
"Planets are sphere shaped rocks. They float in space and can have life grow on them. Many have moons that orbit, float, around them. Rocks orbit around bigger rocks. Many planets that orbit together are called a system." He tiredly explained trying to dum it down as best he could.
Soaking in the information he gave her, even though she was the one supposed to answer first, she eventually explained back.
"You are on moon rock orbiting bigger planet rock. Moon is named Noxtide. Planet is named Noxland."
Huh, thats why outside looked so damn weird. It was obvious I was in the presence of an alien society but I couldn't tell exactly where "where" was.
While pushing away the empty food tube thinking to himself, Soona took this opportunity to ask her question.
"Were you born or made?"
Hearing such an absurd thing asked, his thought process lagged as he stared at her with a "what the fuck?" face.
"Please. No anger." She mistaked confusion for wrath.
"I'm not angry." He gently pushed away two arms reaching to him in a pleading way. She definitely must be scared from yesterday.
"I was born like all life does on a planet. My home planet's name is Earth. Why do you ask if I'm made? Like your metal body?" He pointed at her gundum style robot suit. Full well knowing he was wasting a question immediately after she asked hers.
"Naming home planet dirt? Strange. Answering now, you are... what is strange word?" She paused. "Max is anomaly."
Max hearing his name from her for the first time felt weird, but it was even weirder to be called an anomaly. Ignoring the funny translation error of his planet technically being named dirt, in what way would I be an anomaly? he asked himself.
Waiting for her to ask a question, Max fairly let her have her turn. Which seemed to surprise her as she equally almost forgot after taking notice of his silence.
"W-What exactly are you? Not personal name. I want to know sharing name. How do collective group act?" She sneakily added a second question.
"You asked two questions. Not deal." He caught her pink handed causing her to scoot further away from him.
"It's okay. I'll just have to ask two when it's my turn. My species, or race, is called human. We can eat meat and plants. We are naturally endurance hunters. We chased food. Now? Not so much. We built. Got smarter, but not as smart as- nevermind." He shut up before accidentally selling out his collective species to be lesser developed idiots compared to Soona's alien society.
Wouldn't want to be the cause of an alien invasion some day would I?
"Interesting. Your turn Max." She ignored his slip up and used his name for the first time.
Feeling like the atmosphere was settling down, he asked a simple one.
"I ask the same quastion you did. What is your species name? And how do this collective group, this society outside these walls act?"
After taking a few minutes to decide what things she should disclose to him, she spoke. "My species is named Bitumin. Not hunters like you. We eat almost anything. Meat, plant, or... um rock insides?"
"You eat rocks?" He asked with incredulity.
"No. Not all rocks" she shook her head. "Rock inside. Not tasty, but healthy."
"Ah, I see. The minerals inside the rock must be beneficial for whatever that thing is in your chest. By the way, is that your heart or brain?" He pointed at her chest making sure not to make contact, lest he seem threatening her.
"Don't know what heart or brain word means." She said as Max mentally sighed.
"Heart is in my chest. It pumps, moves around my blood." He put his hand on his chest. Now pointing at his head he said "And my brain is in my head. It makes me smart. Stores memories. Dead without either one, or both."
Seeming to greatly soak in the new lesson, she gave her answer.
"My heart and brain are one. Can move it anywhere in body. Core uses food, minerals to creat more...mass? Understandable?"
"Yes I understood. Thank you." Said Max as she learned what praise in english was. "Now I know my second question may seem big, but could you tell me how works?" He asked.
Seeming to rumble with uneasy bubble popping, she said "Don't know. Not enough talk words. Soona willl show you outside walls soon. Running low on food. Must... acquire more." She pointed at the empty tube at his side.
Nodding in understanding, Max said "Good idea. Easier to show than tell using this problem collar. Your turn."
Soona seemed to have lost concentration at his harsh wording of "collar" but she regained focus when he notified her of her turn. Only taking a minute to phrase her next question.
"Why not kill me. When three... hunters?"
"Enemies. Or bad guys." He helped her.
"Yes, enemies. When all three dead. Why not kill me. Soona ...earned it. Soona hurt you. Collar. Forced you pleasure fighting. Almost die by bone beast." She asked not facing him anymore.
While the word "bone beast" did intrigue him, it could wait a minute.
"Maybe you do deserve to die." He said as she felt like he was burning two eye holes in the back of her case.
Continuing, "Maybe you deserve worse, but." He paused. "Maybe a lot of your actions were a misunderstanding. While I can't burn you on a holy stake for simply doing whats normal in your... culture. The first action I can do is learn why you did it. You have... remorse, sadness. That is what makes you different from monsters." He ran his fingers through his greasy hair as she was now looking at him again with an unknown silent vat.
"I know it may take awhile for this collar to understand english, but I'm willing to wait and find out-"
Then unexpectedly in the spur of the moment, Soona grabbed onto his arm and put her head on his hand. To which Max raised his other fist until he realized she wasn't being aggressive. She was groveling. Violently bursting bubbles inside her vat that it seemed like it would go nuclear soon.
Giving her a minute to calm down, he waited for the bubbling to stop. And stop it did as she let go of him and faced him, vat to face.
"I'm sorry. Sorry for all. I know sorry has no value. Everything I say now is weak worded. Worthless. But I hope you understand Soona. I wish to understand you, Max."
Damn. She's getting smoother. he thought as a smile appeared on his face. She scooted away from him as she saw it but Max suddenly understood the small misunderstanding.
It probably is weird that a human social greeting is to show teeth.
"Showing my teeth is a positive thing. I mean no violence." He said reassuring her worries.
"Your actions hold more value than words. While you have done many bad actions to me, I feel that the few positive ones outweigh the bad ones... I think. Just don't prove me wrong." He said seriously while staring straight into her vat.
Staring back with a sense of renewed life, Soona let go of his limb and hopped off the table back onto the ground facing him.
"I won't disappoint." She said. "Explore outside walls now? Will answer question. Must acquire food."
"Sounds like a plan." he unconsciously smiled also hopping off the table... to which the flag tied around his waist fell off. God why-
"Could you also acquire me a fresh pair of pants." He asked her.
"Umm, What is pant word?"
Formatting story style:
italic thinking
"impactful words"
......... = POV change or writers note zone
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2022.01.20 23:00 mizu-no-oto Tokyo ward assemblyman's tweet against same-sex partnership system causes controversy - The Mainichi

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2022.01.20 23:00 tacobellbossnachos Just lost my $20/hr job and health insurance due to pending charges. Not sure what to do with myself anymore.

Title explains most of it.
This is the second job I’ve lost since being arrested in early November. It truly feels like I will be forced to settle for a $9/hr fast food job or never find work again. I won’t be able to pay my bills this month, including my upcoming $350/month bond payments.
I’m a known figure around my town due to a job I used to have, so the backlash against me has been pretty rough. I lost all but three of my friends, my long term girlfriend, and the respect of hundreds of people that I’ve worked with in the past.
I turn 30 three weeks from today.
All that I’ve ever wanted is to start a family, and I know that is never going to happen now.
My current plans are to end things a few hours before I hit 30. I’ve struggled with bipolar disorder and various mental illnesses since I was 12, so this was a long time coming. It was even being considered before my arrest was made.
Anyways, I’m sorry for the rant. I just wanted to verbalize this and hope that it helps me cope until the time comes.
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2022.01.20 23:00 DanialAtif45 My Best Kills In The Last Of Us 2 With No Damage

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2022.01.20 23:00 FredKendallHere Straight Men of Reddit, Why is Tom Green the Sexiest Straight Man of Earth?

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