Cat funugal infection...please help! Sorry post is longer...pleaaase

2022.01.19 08:01 _nora_g Cat funugal infection...please help! Sorry post is longer...pleaaase

Not sure if OG posted
Background important: We have 10 month old Mouse literally raised week after birth when mom abandoned him after all siblings died.
Well 2 weeks ago, SOs MIL took DIL 13 yr daughter and granddaughter 8 who she has custody of to Wisconsin for snow 4 xmas (we live in Louisiana tho im from MI so no whoop lol) they asked us to take care of animals, feed em 2/3x a day let em exercise etc. Mind you they have 30 cats 5 dogs which is only cuz pound didnt go in their house out of refusal n take rest. Constantly have babies. Claim they well fed n have couple acres to play in. Lets just say their traileland is trashiest on the road, rest is nice homes. Anyway....we find out day they leave they ask SOs stepdads BIL/Wife to help us out. Dont need it but ok. Same night at 30 degree they forget to put animals in, lock doodeadbolt n refuse to meet us, even tho we all live within 5 to 10 min drive n knew we were otw n didnt mention till i got there it was all locked n alwe asked wtf. its 1030 pm. n they dont work. They make up we notnallowrd 2 be there drama etc. Call SO parents, no answer. Next day ppl catch hell lie n still refuse us over..we said fk it. Que to SO family gets home 4 days later; hell breaks lose. Animals never fed, house a wreck, etc etc etc.
Ok so where I NEED HELP!!! Before vacation, dad of 1 of MILs grandkids (her daughter lost custody to all) comes by with kitten few weeks old under his porch abandoned n he has a lotta dogs. She takes em in. Mind you this is ONLY CAT/KITTEN not inbred. 35 degrees outside. We ask can we have kitten as i am 33 weeks preg n would love to have her grow-up w my future daughter. We get a no it's her husband's fav new kitten tho they dont do shit for it. We keep her for 24 hours. Then give back. So after week of hell from vaca trauma she says ok u can have her.
The ISSUE please help!!!!! Mouse has never been outside for many reasons. Fleas ticks as light examples. Kitten lost lil bit hair by ears. Add ointment and clearin up slowly. Well it takes Mouse to go from hateful to friends. I noticed a week ago or less mouse cleans kitten sometimes. Suddenly....hes breaking out in scabs all over nose, mouth, chin, etc. Tiny ones that at first looked like dirt patches. Now he is rapidly losing hair around ears and some of face in various places. I can only guess its from cleaning kitten. Kitten isnt getting worse nut Mouse is. I had a tiny anti fungal cat tube that didnt last couple days, and id have to hold him down and rub it in at least 10 min so it penetrates since he starts cleaning face asap. Also gave tiny dose of dewormer just in case idk
I know it's a fingus....idk what one or what to try. I cant afford a vet with 4 weeks till birth to load photos on here.
Any ideas, knowledge, ANYTHING to help i can get in stores or amazon and that can give me a seriois list of what this may be..please comment
Sorry for long post๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
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2022.01.19 08:01 entangledrhyme Us

I know my voice doesn't matter,
as long as the dinner is on the table
and the children fed, cleaned,
and put to bed.

I know I can stack
my opinions
neatly by the dishes
and let them dry,
for all you want is some TV,
popcorn, and more whiskey.

I let the tap run
and overflow the sink.
And, wonder
of a life sparkling in the rain.

The what-ifs flicker
and drown in the glowing pools,
before casting their last shadow
on the clock
which forgot to tick.

I fumble blind
and let the kettle whistle shrill,
until I see clear
the scunge
and scrub away
these void scalding days.

When we stare at the end
of this abyss,
when your raging fire is soot,
when I am
the only wind
breaking your fall
off the hill,
will I still matter not?
Will I still be the dirt
that bore your seed?

Or is this whole point of us moot?

1 2
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2022.01.19 08:01 notkarissa Question from chegg I need help with

Suppose that,an online retailer, is subjected to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. The web retail system is comprised of 100 web servers and the attacker recruits 50 zombie devices to constantly send 60-byte SYN packets to the retailers web servers. Suppose that each of Retailers servers maintains a table for 256 TCP connection requests, and that in response to a SYN, these servers send a SYN-ACK packet four times, at t = 32 second time intervals, then purge the request from the table if no reply is forthcoming. i. What is the total connection capacity of retailers servers? ii. In packets/second what is the rate at which SYN packets will fill the retailers connection tables? iii. How many packets/second does each zombie therefore need to send? iv. How much bandwidth does each zombie need?
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2022.01.19 08:01 jatin_vision AILET 2022: NLU Delhi Begins Admission To Law Programs, Entrance Exam On May 1

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2022.01.19 08:01 GollyGeeSon Kristin Kreuk

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2022.01.19 08:01 Dampish0 It says i have got a revenue of 0,15 xmr but does not show up in total balance.

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2022.01.19 08:01 Amann_69 (ยด๏ผ›ะด๏ผ›`)

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2022.01.19 08:01 eatmoarbeats pros and cons of Bantams

What are the pros and cons of getting bantams as opposed to full size chickens? I really like how they fit in your hand, but is there more to it than that?
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2022.01.19 08:01 goodpet4u I married out of guilt

I my husband is/was physical abusive. Now he is more verbally abusive.
Eight years ago I cheated. I know it's wrong but after being accused I thought it might bring the relationship to an end. After getting hit in the jaw for wanting to break up and the guilt tripping for wanting to leave. Daily I hear I don't love him nor care about him. Although he doesn't work when he needs some one to talk I was there. He gets upset over sex. I don't want to. 8 even told him could sleep with other women.
Am going to stop here I feel like am rambling now.
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2022.01.19 08:01 Prometheusz935 The Well of Ascension was a good book, but it dragged waaay too much. SPOILER WARNING!

First and foremost, I am just gonna be straightforward and say I enjoyed this a lot less than The Final Empire. The well of Ascension had around 150 more pages, but it felt like a lot less was happening, especially in the mid section, which felt like a political drag. People warned me for this when I posted my review of The Final Empire.
Let's start of with the story. After The Final Empire I was excited about the Deepness, the Lord Ruler's quote at the end and the greater, mystical story. And this was just missing a whole lot in my opinion. It started off interesting with the mists coming in the days and killing people, Marshe, the Conventical and the whereabouts of the Inquisitors, but then it left almost entirely. Nuggets of info and hints along the way were not really enough there imo.
The middle part was dragging soooo long about armies stationed that would sit there idly for a good 500-600 pages, only to leave and not attack the city at all, whilst Straff and Cett were planning and scheming. Neither took real action and Straff and his army just got cut up at the end without a lot of detail, Cett's army aided Vin, but their action was left out entirely. There was so much more potential for action and consequences, instead of all the political games. The siege was also said to be straining time and resources throughout the whole book, but it did not have fargoing consequences or actions from the people or main cast. Also, the Koloss were cool to be introduced, but Jastes Lekal and his sham made no sense to me. Zane was a cool addition and an interesting allomancer with his weird tics, but somehow he disappointed me near the end. Also, I know some people think the characters are flat, maybe true, but I stilled missen Kelsier. OreSeur and the traitor were also meh to me personally, the payoff was okay at best.
Now onto the strong points. Firstly, the introduction did get my attention. Again the mists, Marsh, the conventical and the disappearance of the inquisitors did make me wonder what larger scale events were going to occur. The room with blood and potential new inquisitors set up an interesting potential army/bigger cult for the last book. The introduction of duralumin as a metal also enhanced the progress of the magic system a bit, although it was not as prominent as in book 1. The struggles of Vin and Elend in their roles and emotions was a central point of their growth. Tindwyl was a good addition to make Elend learn as a kingly leader. Also, it was nice to have Sazed interact with someone differently. My most praise must go out to the end of the book, which captivated me again thankfully and left me enthusiastic for the final book. The attack on Luthadel by the koloss and the crew fighting, some members dying did have an impact on me and the doom of which they knew it was coming, came. After such a long buildup, Sanderson delivered here. The impact that was foreshadowed all the time and built towards was not a let down. Vin commanding the koloss was epic and how she linked it to Lord Ruler made sense too, he had a grip on them somehow. The Well being at Luthadel also made sense the way he must have changed the lands and placed Kredik Shaw where he did. The prophecy being false and Marsh for whatever reason working for the force really got my attention and curiosity. This does put the Lord Rulers motives and why Alendi was killed in a new perspective. Vin releasing the power and empowering the evil force sets up the third book well, but It is a shame the book didn't do more to explore this plot. Lastly, Elend becoming a mistborn shines a light on a new metal, that I also think creates Steel Inquisitors, but hopefully more on that in book 3.
All and all, it was a good book, that had a lot more potential. Especially considering the end, I don't understand why so much time and energy was spent on the warcamps, the siege and the politics. The book could have been trimmed down and focus more on action and the Deepness, to have matched the pace of The Final Empire. Still, it does leave The Hero of Ages with a lot of potential for a great payoff I think and I am still excited to read it. My rating for The Well of Ascension is 3,5 stars at best.
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2022.01.19 08:01 Far-Ad5331 Borutos arc is just like obitos arc of sacrifice and coming back to save the world in his vision(theories)

An event that caused obito to make the sacrifice so his best friend can live is the exact same thing boruto will do but for the world. By having kawaki kill him.
My hypothesis would conclude with Boruto being the ghost of the past(obitos arc) coming back secretly. But by saving the world behind the scenes til it becomes necessary to come out onto the fold. Obito did exactly that but by having a twisted view on saving it.
Theory #1: Boruto will be killed by request exactly how the leak panels show. Boruto will be "out of the picture"
Theory 2: Jougan activates and teleports him to toneri. Toneri has a connection to jougan since he activated it. Boruto will train to master his jougan during the timeskip. Kawaki preps for dispair as konoha disapproves his choice to kill konohas hero.
Theory 3: Boruto will eventually get sasukes gear. I believe Amado will make his move on konoha. After the timeskip. He's not ready as code is still a threat to his plans. I believe once code is taken care amado will get rid of one of the pillars of konoha. As in Sasuke. I think jougan has the ability to peer into someones chakra signature from planets, dimensions away. As a way to ping their location. Since its an eye that can see chakra waves. Why not give it an ability to pinpoint an individual and peer into their chakra pathways from that far. Pretty op And a good chance for boruto to teleport to try and save his sensei before its too late. Only for him to die in his arms. Leaving only sasuke discovering of boruto being alive for the moment.
Theory 4: Boruto will search for the otsutsuki kings homeworld to find answers on stopping ten tails becoming the chakra fruit. Eventually we'll run into the folklore of the king. Where he went and what happen. I think its best to conclude that the otsutsuki had a royal mutiny. As a new family now leads the otsutsuki through a new practice. As the old practice may have been what kaguya was trying to keep. Preserve life and expand the race with other beings without the usage of the seed.
Theory 5: Anime may end with Boruto becoming the otsutsuki king to keep tabs on otsutsuki from coming to earth. Otsutsuki have a hierarchy system and if that system is broken, no one would be capable of containing them without the jougan. Kawaki will sacrifice his life so naruto could live( I think naruto ended up in a comatose state near death brought into the dimension kawaki has for "unliving" things. I think that comatose state could be a breach in the jutsu that broke its laws. Only way kawaki would sacrifice himself would be by feeding himself to ten tails so naruto can walk again. ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ
Theory 6: War against the otsutsuki will be the last Naruto series arc. And will take place on the otsutsuki homeworld. With the final battle featuring team 7 vs Otsutsuki king. Edo tensei being at play bringing back every character in the past to help out. Shinobi side Five great nations Great snake sage kabuto and Uchiha clan Orochimaru and Edo tensei Boruto and Otsutsuki that rebel the current hierarchy system.
Vs Otsutsuki king and his followers.
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2022.01.19 08:01 jatin_vision UN confirms 2021 among 7 warmest years on record

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2022.01.19 08:01 availableusername16 What normal thing seemed weird to you when you moved states/countries?

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2022.01.19 08:01 Smellyfeet2021 Who do you think about my soles? ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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2022.01.19 08:01 Dark__Creed So there is no way to hide text containers in new versions of OneNote?

I was looking to hide the text containers in a newer version of OneNote and couldn't find the option. I know the 2016 one has this option but I wanna use the newer version because it's much cleaner.
I couldn't find any solution on google so I was wondering if you guys know a way to do this. (Using registry or anything)
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2022.01.19 08:01 LoveMangaBuddy Read Rebirth: City Deity - Chapter 282 - TrueManga

... Read Rebirth: City Deity - Chapter 282 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.19 08:01 Toony77 "MerryMaker" - Good Vibes Fluet/Piano Hip Hop Instrumental 2022

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2022.01.19 08:01 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.19 08:01 1thedeals ACEBEAM X80 12* XHP50.2 25000lm + RGB 4*18650 Flashlight >>> 40% OFF

ACEBEAM X80 12* XHP50.2 25000lm + RGB 4*18650 Flashlight >>> 40% OFF ACEBEAM X80 12* XHP50.2 25000lm + RGB 4*18650 Flashlight
๐Ÿ’ต Usual Price: $314.90
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๐Ÿ“ Details:
๐Ÿช Store:
12x CREEยฎ XHP50.2 LED Bulb 50,000 Hours Life Time
2*CREE XPE2-R2 630nm
2*CREE XPE2-B4 475nm
2*CREE XPE2-G3 530nm
1*Nichia 276A 365nm
25,000 lumens
4*18650 Battery Included
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2022.01.19 08:01 toiletbrushes The battle of the DAOs has begun.

Wow, just when you think you've seen it all. In the wake of IreneDao's success, many have followed her example and now she has new competitors. In the pursuit of easy money, influencers who have any audience will rush out their NFTs. MarenDAOs just might be the next big move, 666 NFTs were minted in the last hours.
Meet Sommer Ray DAO, EllenDAO, CindyDAO...
All this NFT, just makes a mockery of the NFT community. Imagine a random person walking in and seeing this in the Opensea trends. What do you think of it?
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2022.01.19 08:01 javeedahmed1 What was your random "gut feeling" moment?

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2022.01.19 08:01 throwjonator how would I integrate ฯ€ sin^2(x)?

I'm aware that pi is treated as another constant but I'm not sure the steps to complete this. thanks
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2022.01.19 08:01 freddi-honor Symptoms worsening

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2022.01.19 08:01 ThisRedditorCares [Serious] Your former manager never sent you your W-2. What is the best way to get it?

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