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Grubhub suspended me and they are not responding or gave me an email about it. (1 month at this point!)

2022.01.23 00:20 Rex_Capacitor Grubhub suspended me and they are not responding or gave me an email about it. (1 month at this point!)

Hello everyone, this is the first time iv’e ever posted. I’ll try to make this short, but more than 1 month ago, Grubhub have either deactivated my account or suspended me with no notice. I did not receive an email about the deactivation. I called driver care 4 times about this and their help has not been helpful. They sent me an email so that I can talk to someone to resolve this. The email is no longer in use. I fill out the request form and all that happens is an auto-generated response. I have filled out 10 forms all under different titles and drop downs. There is simply no human looking at my requests. I don’t know how to resolve this and it’s frustrating when I need to deliver for the dinner hour. Has anyone had experience with deactivation and no help from Grubhub, and we’re you able to fix it?
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2022.01.23 00:20 LawyerSmall7052 I've got my competition today and im excited

Hi ive got my competition today and im really excited what do i need to do on comp. can someone basicly tell me.
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2022.01.23 00:20 KMDarcy The time a cop saw someone who wasn’t there

When I was a teenager there was one night I had been hanging out with some friends and didn’t have a way home but wasn’t allowed to stay. So I ended up just walking around the center of town.
I was walking by this alley inbetween a church and some other building. It was just a kind of grungy place to smoke and kill some time. The interesting part was that the word “Paradox” was spray painted on the brick foundation of the church. So I sat down and started talking to myself. Just kind of thinking out loud to stay entertained and awake. It’s important that I express that I was talking out loud to myself, not like an imaginary friend or anything like that.
When I got up I started walking again before I heard that single woowee and a police car pulled up next to me. I knew the cop because he was an assistant coach at my school. He asked me why I was out so late and I told him. Then he asked me where my friend went. And I’m like what do you mean? And he said he saw me talking to another kid in the alleyway before he pulled up. So I said I was just talking to myself, and he goes;
“No, I saw another kid sitting across from you. I was watching the whole time.” He was serious, it was like he thought I actually had a friend with me and they ran away when they saw a cop car. He ended up driving me back to my house. Looking back I’ve thought maybe he was just messing with me or that his eyes were mistaken by a shadow or something, but at the time it creeped me tf out
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2022.01.23 00:20 youwouldntknowher2 discord update from some else but ‘keith’s words’

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2022.01.23 00:20 Suzuki-whitetail Cheers by friends! I love this place

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2022.01.23 00:20 ladystardust_61184 Does this count? What is the point?

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2022.01.23 00:20 shellnut_9945 Try to cover 心という名の不可解 💜 Please check it out ;))

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2022.01.23 00:20 WhiteHairedWidow What would be your preference in time if you could choose how long you could pee for?

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2022.01.23 00:20 lozbootsbrown Non-binary parents, what do your kids call you?

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2022.01.23 00:20 favoredfire Development vs. Desires - Everyone & (Especially) Eren is a Slave

I wanted to explore how Eren does develop and change, but it doesn't end up changing things for him. That though the end of the series can feel regressive in some ways because it shows Eren didn't do the Rumbling because he developed but instead because of who he always was since birth, that doesn't negate his development, trauma, and circumstances.
Moreover, why this makes the Reiner and Gabi such effective and necessary foils to Eren.
(This is basically part 2 to the analysis I did on the Dina twist and Eren's nature vs. nurture.)
The Search for Freedom
Eren's not the only one who wants freedom, but his desire for freedom is heavily contrasted to other characters who actually want literal and logical freedom.
Like Armin, who is genuinely cheered by the idea of seeing the sights like the ocean.
Processing img 3ghqau29z5b81...
Or Levi (and the broader OG Survey Corps), the character introduced into the main narrative as the "Wings of Freedom" by Eren:
Processing img 77zit64nt5b81...
What Levi is describing, what the Survey Corps fight for when they think of a world without walls and titans, is the idea of literally no longer being trapped inside walls. Levi's saying that when he left the walls, he realized just how cramped and contained the world inside is.
"Yes, life out there is hell... but it's got something the walls don't. Freedom." - This is very important, Levi recognizes even before realizing the true extent of that hell that the freedom outside is valuable even though it's not perfect and without a price. Irrespective of the limits of that freedom, Levi still appreciates it.
And when Levi and Armin realized that the world outside wasn't completely free, posed new challenges, they still saw positives and something worth fighting for; it wasn't what they expected, but they still fought for the core of what they always wanted.
Be it a titan and wall-free world where not all of humanity has to be damned for Levi, that he continues to fight for during the Rumbling and double down on in 136.
Or Armin's world to explore beyond the walls:
Processing img p67s470306b81...
Processing img 0kmuf94506b81...
Armin and Levi are able to come to peace with the world not being what they expected, the freedom having limits.
Accepting Limits
But limits are something Eren can never accept. It's part of what drew him to the Survey Corps.
It's also why he has complex first impressions on Levi- going from being disappointed to learn Levi follows orders given his strength to also seeing Levi so committed to changing things, unlike his Squad who is more willing to accept the status quo.
And Levi pegs him as a "monster" incapable of submitting early on:
This is all because of who Eren is at his core: someone never satisfied with any sort of limitations on "freedom".
But the issue is that limitless freedom doesn't exist, it's an unobtainable ideal; moreover, even attempting to get that kind of freedom comes at the cost of others, something we see on full display in the Rumbling.
The lead in to the famous \"freedom\" panel
Eren only saw the "scenery" by crushing everyone and everything beneath him. Bringing down the walls is literally shown to lead to many civilian deaths in Paradis.
Eren has an innate drive since birth for freedom, its core to who he is and something that always motivated him, but it's an uncompromising view of "freedom", one that comes with costs and isn't logical or obtainable.
It's something that can never make him happy.
"Born this Way"
This is what Isayama doubles down on when he's discussing Eren being "born" a certain way throughout the narrative. In Paths, 131, and 139 especially, it's shown how that relates to his actions with the Rumbling.
Processing img 3ye65wpg16b81...
Processing img 7cr2uzui16b81...
Eren has since birth been readily capable of violently asserting his (and others, particularly those he cares for) freedom.
And while it starts off by feeling understandable, i.e. traffickers should be stopped and walls do limit freedom, it's still established early on as not normal. Eren is established early on as not normal.
Processing img ur1ajzde26b81...
We can accept Eren brutally murdering traffickers who pose a threat to Mikasa's freedom because they were obviously awful people. But what happens when someone or something blocks others', Eren's, "freedom" just by existing?
What happens when one person asserts their "freedom" to live or get what they want and it comes at the cost of others?
When I say that Eren was "born" this way or that it's his "nature" that drives him to do the Rumbling, it's because while Eren's someone who is traumatized and lives in a powder keg type of circumstances, he is someone with a twisted desire and obsession with "freedom" since birth.
And the Rumbling and powder keg of circumstances lead Eren to the point where the extremeness of this mentality is tested and falls apart- and yet it does nothing to stop him from enacting the Rumbling.
Eren's Development & Declaration of War
It also comes into conflict with his character growth, his experiences, and his natural capability of empathy.
Unlike Zeke, who places little value on lives and uses people as tools, Eren is able to form connections, empathize, and even recognize how wrong his actions are.
That's part of what's so compelling about his dynamic with Zeke in Paths, Eren has the morally worse plan to use the Founder's power, but he also wins over Ymir and gains that power by treating her as a human- something Zeke is unable to fathom at the time.
But because his desire for "freedom" is something innate, something illogical, it can't be combatted by development or rationalization.
And Eren does develop. He begins as someone convinced of a black and white view of the world, someone quick to label people "animals" and "enemies".
But Eren is forced to confront that viewpoint over and over- he realizes the truth of the titans and the people of the outside world.
As he questions his choices and thinks on how he'll murder everyone around him in 131, Eren even acknowledges the logic of Karl Fritz and that the scale difference of killing everyone outside the island vs. letting the island die.
Because now Eren knows that the people inside the walls vs. the people outside aren't any different, it's not all enemies vs. allies, it's people vs. people- and knowing that makes it impossible to not see what that scale of difference of killing everyone outside vs. the island really entails.
This is the power of his conversation with Reiner in Declaration of War- he sees clearly the flaws in his justifications for a full Rumbling and recognizes his own selfishness, but he also sees he was just "born" that way and won't be stopped regardless.
It also is a major callback to Eren and Reiner's Clash of Titans conversations and justifications.
The whole conversation is Eren giving Reiner the out by reminding him of Reiner's previous justifications while saying he's "the same".
Reiner also mentions Eren's promise in Clash to cause them miserable deaths, something Eren dismisses- highlighting how Eren has moved away from this black-and-white view of the world, developed a new understanding of the situation, since Clash.
He's pushing Reiner because he's already realized the justifications for the Rumbling don't hold up and has come to the conclusion that Reiner also experienced this, as he's another "half-hearted piece of shit". That's why the final "we're the same" and closing of the conversation hinges on Reiner admitting his selfish motivations.
The "yes, I wanted to survive, but it's more than that" is like Eren's admittance that the Rumbling is "to save the island, and Eldia, but it's more than that". External factors aren't the true reasoning, even if they are factors.
And also that he wants to "vanish" now as he faces what he did for selfish motivations-
And Eren has realized, like Reiner did, that once the justifications don't hold up, that it's something innate that drives them.
Why does Eren keep moving forward after he realizes his own selfishness? He was born with this innate need for "freedom". But it still hurts him, and as the misery of his real body/head during the Rumbling illustrates, makes him want to "vanish" in some ways, too.
Foiling to the Brauns
This is one of the reasons why the Brauns are such incredible foils to Eren.
Like Eren, Reiner had external factors to do something awful like breaking down the wall, and clung to them, but in the end, he recognized he was motivated by something selfish. The external factors weren't nonexistent/irrelevant, they were just not the reason Reiner pushed Annie and Bertoldt to continue the mission and break down the wall.
After recognizing his selfish motivations, Reiner began to make choices that led him on a path that ultimately let him act selflessly- he was able to act to save the world with no hope of it benefitting him, a sharp deviation from his desire for heroics originally.
Like Eren, Gabi was someone who witnessed the destruction of her home for reasons she couldn't fathom and clung to revenge and rage as a result of that trauma. But more than that, she also had a selfish desire to have the Paradis people be devils for the betterment of other Eldians, like herself.
But unlike Eren, when Gabi realized the truth of the world and her own selfish motivations, she was able to change paths, she let go of her hatred and ultimately allied with the people she had thought were devils.
Gabi has always represented the path Eren could've taken, and this is why. If it were just the trauma that Eren experienced and the circumstances of the war, he would've changed paths once he realized the nuance of the people demonized and his own selfishness, like Gabi did.
The Brauns both change paths once they realize the truth of the world, empathize with their enemies, and recognize their own inner "devils" and selfishness. Their experiences impact and change them, leading them on paths of saving people who would demonize them with the belief that they won't benefit from these choices at all.
But Eren's epiphanies didn't drive a change for him. He was on a path of destruction that he couldn't stop.
Eren is someone who develops an ability to see he isn't in the right with the Rumbling because people outside the walls aren't all evil and deserving of death- but he still can't listen to reason, even when that reason is something he himself knows.
About serumbowl, as Eren, unlike Mikasa, never could put aside his selfish want for Armin to live- even if it benefitted more people to let go
"Like a little kid who won't to listen to reason" is very interesting in the context of the Rumbling where Eren is depicted as a child and acting even against his own conscience and knowledge of what's right.
Everybody's a Slave
One of the most important chapters of the entire story is 69, aka the Kenny and Levi backstory chapter. There's many reasons why (like the importance of Uri and Kenny's story for the messages about the cycle of hatred in the end), but a big one is this speech by Kenny:
Processing img 6z5niivcm5b81...
No one can escape this idea that something drives you, something "enslaves" you. People need something to keep them going, something that lets them push forward and find a goal, even beauty, in a cruel world.
The story has many characters driven by something and forced to reconcile their wants with realities.
Some characters, like Armin sacrificing himself even if it means he won't reach the ocean in RtS and Mikasa with her choice to kill Eren to stop the Rumbling, are able to give up their dreams and desires for something bigger than themselves.
Some characters, like Erwin, have to reach out for help to let their enslavement go because they can't. There's also Kenny himself, who in his last moments gives up on his pursuit of power, what he was enslaved to, to do something selfless for his nephew.
And both Kenny and Erwin are depicted as smiling in those last moments with Levi, at peace having given up their enslavement.
The reason why Eren is a standout among characters is because his nature overpowers his development and other, more logical wants. It's not that he lacks complexity and the ability to develop, it's just that it doesn't matter in the end.
He cries to Ramzi knowing he will kill him because he knows Ramzi deserves to live and there's no justification for killing him. But he also chooses Ramzi, someone incapable of understanding him, to confess to because while he wants to let out his turmoil, he can't let himself be stopped.
And this is a sharp contrast to Erwin, who can't stop himself from wanting to prioritize his desire to see the basement over his responsibilities and chooses to reach out to Levi so that Levi can help him do what he knows he should do.
Eren recognizes that the people outside of Paradis aren't all enemies and don't all deserve to die. He recognizes that he's doing the Rumbling primarily for selfish reasons.
But he still can't stop himself. His destructive inner nature, that enslavement to "freedom", just always wins.
Everyone has a "devil" in them, and Eren's wins.
While I usually avoid writing about Eren because he's been examined so many times, figured I should at least clarify my thoughts. (And also discussing the Eren vs. Braun dynamics is always worth it).
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2022.01.23 00:20 iamgonnapukewhy My date wants to take me to a climbing gym I know my coworker is always at. How do I say I don’t want to go because of this?

I just went on a date with this guy I met on a dating app and it went really well. He offered to go on a second date at a rock climbing gym but I know my coworker goes there every day. I am a private person and I don’t want my coworker to see me on a date. Is it okay to tell my date this is the reason I don’t want to go to that gym?
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2022.01.23 00:20 meltyOrco Dorms is infested with vampires

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2022.01.23 00:20 KANYEKLAN-9B9T Who is the best musician ever. No rappers cuz that is silly.

We all know rap is dumb(my fav rapper is Ye, doesn't matter) for me Chick Corea is the best musician ever. Who is your fav musician. I wanna see!
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UFC FREE Streaming HD➤▎ Morales vs Giles Live Stream Free ✳️ Fialho vs Pereira Live Stream Free ✳️ Stamann vs Nurmagomedov Live Stream Free ✳️ UFC 270 fight Live Stream Free ✳️UFC 2022➤▎ submitted by AdditionalShow6 to pamakapatena [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:20 GrapeBubblegum1 How messed up is my bf’s mom for causing me to be hospitalized with a UTI from constantly pooping all over the toilet seat?

How messed up are his *parents? EVERY SINGLE DAY in the morning and night I see grains of poop and SKID MARKS on the toilet seat.
My bf would clean it up for me and I would put down toilet paper and sit. I shouldn’t have sit down because I ended up having a severe UTI, (I was peeing straight up blood) and was hospitalized for it.
Now I’m absolutely horrified to sit down on that seat. But I have a terrible stream and it goes at an angle so when I hover, it sprays everywhere lol. So a couple hours ago I took a piss and I got it all over the seat and some on the floor. Gross I know, but not as gross as POOP! I cleaned it all up with toilet paper and then alcohol. Threw it in the garbage since there was way too much toilet paper to flush.
Now his parents are complaining about HOW MUCH TOILET PAPER I USED. AT LEAST I CLEANED UP AFTER MYSELF. What do you guys think about this?
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2022.01.23 00:20 HappyCat1912 I wanted to share the website, given the enormous amount of misinformation that gets spread about regarding tipping points and positive feedback loops.
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2022.01.23 00:20 DelTacoRio Need help on John Montroll’s lobster diagram step 10 to 11. It looks so easy, but I can’t seem to get the fold to replicate the steps!

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