Smash Bros is a weird concept with weird execution and I don’t like quite a bit of it.

The fanfic The Chong Sheng Trilogy.The first installment, War, ends with Ba Sing Se being carpet-bombed to rubble while the characters are trapped underground listening to it and freaking out.The second installment, Peace, involves, among other things, Katara witnessing Jet's torture and murder at the hands of the Rhinos, and subsequently going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge... Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch on December 1, 2017.. In the world of Alrest, the last remnants of civilization live on the backs of colossal beasts called Titans, which swim on the surface of an endless ocean of clouds.However, one after another the Titans are reaching the end of their ...

2022.01.18 19:12 Icy_Assignment6205 Smash Bros is a weird concept with weird execution and I don’t like quite a bit of it.

Thats not to say I don’t like the game, nor to say that it’s one of my favorites. My most major comments on the most recent installment on each end would be, its a solid platform fighter with a large roster (PLANT GANG plant is best character) and the online is garbage and feels like it was designed by the mentally disabled with possibly the stupidest design choices I’ve ever seen (can I just play the game without worrying about about GSP or landing into a goddamn items ffa WITHOUT WAITING IN LINE FOR A BATTLE ARENA). Truly something you could only see out of those who have no idea how playing video games works. So Nintendo.
However I feel that Smash as a design concept is kinda awkward and clunky, as if it’s trying to be way too many things at once, because it is.
Platform Fighter, monument to gaming history, advertisement, party game, esport, online game, legacy game, etc.
Its too many things to do at one time and trying to pull all of them off at once makes it so they all butt heads and sometimes it has to sacrifice one for the sake of another. For example by being both a legacy game series and a monument to gaming history, characters are difficult to change. Take Mario for example, he is exactly the same as when he was introduced in 64. There are a couple references and he has changed a bit, but in total they can’t adjust him to reflect his change over time because he has to remain fairly similar to the original for those who played him in the last game. He is a bad representation of what Mario has done and what he is. This is why we are stuck with relics like Ganondorf, a carbon copy of Captain Falcon who was made this way due to time constraints and can’t be changed.
Furthermore, what would be a good representation of a character? By forcing them into the mold of a platform fighter, it’s awkward to frame many characters. Too many characters feel like awkwardly designed window dressing, with moves that are just there to represent their series, not because they make for a good moveset or even make sense for this kind of character setup, such as Kirbys inhale. He has to have it, he’s Kirby after all, but its effectiveness is excessively dependent on who you’re fighting, it’s short range makes it hard to use, and it doesn’t seem to synergize much with his moveset.
A good point of comparison would be another platform fighter, Rivals of Aether. Each character has a set of moves and they can all play off each other. Orcane’s main gimmick is his puddle, as he can have a single small puddle on the stage at all times. It never disappears and will remain until another is spawned. Neutral special shoots a ball forward that makes a puddle when it hits the ground, Down Special turns the puddle into a bunch of damaging bubbles which can trap the opponent in hit stun or drops a ball below him if there is no puddle, and Up Special teleports him to the puddle, and when he uses a Smash attack on the puddle, it gets much stronger. Having a puddle allows him to be very aggressive offstage without worrying about getting back, and the opponent needs to respect it if they don’t want to be trapped by Down Special, however his recovery can be very predictable and is easily punishable, even more so without the puddle as both Up Special and Down Special use up the puddle, and a new one must be spawned. Furthermore, he has very few reliable kill confirms, and must rely on boosting his smash attacks with the puddle to secure kills. Each character is designed with moves that play off of each other. It creates interesting and concise characters that are fun to play and interesting to watch. With no moves that feel like wasted slots such as Yoshi’s Egg Roll or obligatory place ins like Sonics two Spin Dashes.
Another point is that characters must be designed to respect multiple ways to play the game. A fine example would be Steve. Steve is fairly well designed, despite quite a bit of annoying obligatory mechanics (I hate dirt blocks and pickaxe stages), however while I find that he only works well in 1v1s, in free for alls, Steve always tends to be a point of contention. Those who play Steve tend to sit back and gain a decent amount of materials before jumping into the fray, however this usually leads into one of two scenarios. In scenario A, Steve sits back and mines like its nobodies bussiness until he is supplied by a decent amount of materials, then starts fighting. In this scenario Steve usually starts with Diamond or sometimes Iron tools, and has a good advantage over the others with his supply of materials and higher damage output, not o mention that the others have likely been fighting each other for a good amount and Steve is at a percentage and possibly stock advantage, and will likely result in Steves victory. In other times, situation B will arise, in which one or more players takes note of Steves incessant mining, and takes it upon themselves to confront Steve, often playing rushdown so they won’t have time to mine. However the issue with this is that while Steve has pushed back the entity actively confronting them, they often get caught up in the others fray, and aren’t given time to mine or craft, eventually leaving them with a high percentage, broken tools, and no resources. This is far from the only example, I just wished to give one less obvious than pointing at a tier list and laughing at Little Mac.
And another thing, Ultimate in particular has been cutting back on the monument aspect and pouring more into the fighting game aspect, a feature in which I am very disappointed in. Lots of the fun little gimmicky stuff is gone in favor of just making a tighter game experience, which is kinda weird considering how they seemed to have put lots of effort into all of the single player mode except making a fun core gameplay loop. I miss Subspace Emissary, on the cutscene matter I feel like this is just a factor that must be accepted with modern gaming, but the main issue was having fun character interactions and exploring large worlds. Subspace put the platform back in platform fighter and I want more of it. In World of Light you just have a bunch of Spirit battles which are made to represent the characters, however for each one I have difficulty disconnecting what’s on screen from what it actually is and attaching it to what its to represent. A notable example is when I was fighting the Aerith Spirit, the only thing running through my mind was how annoying this Zelda was. These characters are too established as themselves to be anything else, and this awkward attempt at a middle ground has fallen flat on its face for me. The only time I thought the idea was remotely cute and not at all grating and stupid was during some of the classic modes (Steve, Mega Man, Ryu in particular) and the Jiggy spirit battle. Specifically that one and only that one.
Continuing though on a personal level I hate spirits and I think they are garbage for getting replacing trophies. I want trophies back! Trophies had a sense of permanence and were much cooler. Each one had a little blurb that was fun to read, I could spend hours on those, and sometimes I’d look at my collection and find an oddball, curious as to what the blurb would say as I learned its meaning, such as the one for Tomodachi Life’s decadent 20,000$ “Golden Interior” or how Specknose didn’t have nose hair those were tentacles mind you! Theres just so much cute fun things that got cut, and frankly if they packaged all the fun little things into its own little game with a bunch of trophies, game manuals, maybe some old roms (especially some G&W titles, I love Mario’s Cement factory), just all the cute fun stuff from Nintendo history, to look and poke around with, I’d totally pay 20-30$ just for that.
Case in point, Smash Bros needs to pick a lane. It needs to decide what it wants to be and stick with it, not awkwardly shift around trying to find itself while not abandoning anything and instead half assing things and making bad middle grounds. It just makes the game more annoying and less fun.
Also Marx boss battle LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!! 9/10 game. I’ll make it 10/10 when you can play as him.
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2022.01.18 19:12 noobiefaster Any ectopic success stories?

I found out I was pregnant for the first time in june (very planned and wanted) after about 8 months of trying but it turned out to be ectopic. Now we’ve been trying for 2 months with nada and i got my booster 2 weeks ago so now my cycle is all messed up further prolonging ovulation. Sigh I’m just sad and discouraged. I would love some success stories
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2022.01.18 19:12 iSenri Not much diversity in the main characters

Is there a mandate from Square USA that every FF main character needs to have Caucasian features? And any significant character needs to be fair skinned?
I’m not kidding.
The warrior of light is depicted as a generic 1. White 2. Male in all trailers and also they shoved that same generic character in the story line.
Hien has Caucasian features in game and irl(voice actor is British half). Gosetsu looks like a white guy in cosplay, voice actor is a full white dude.
Lyse became the leader of country of darker skinned people.
Even Nanamo is white ffs. Raubhan is being swapped around by the two. At first they portrayed him as one of leaders right, and then he turns out to be another lackey.
Every scion is white.
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2022.01.18 19:12 yoyoyo12937 Werid growth my hair is straight it’s like a part of my hair is missing this photo is from July last year I had acne in this spot also. Maybe my hairline is maturing idk. Looks the same today also

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2022.01.18 19:12 Bombay_Tricycle_Club Our first Ultrasound tomorrow, both excited and petrified - 11 Weeks in!

I'm putting on a strong front for my wife as it's our 11 week ultrasound tomorrow. I love that I can bring my emotions to this community at every step in our journey because you'll understand or have been through it before. My wifes tests were all fine and she hasn't had anything alarming happen so far so I'm hoping we won't have any bad surprises at the US. I keep playing back that we will find something troubling and I know I will only find a baseline for my emotion when we go to the US but I'm both excited and petrified at the same time. I hope it all goes well!
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2022.01.18 19:12 newsfeedmedia1 Dan Crenshaw SNAPS at young girl who asked him about comments he made on Jesus and gets booed

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2022.01.18 19:12 kazzzzii What will ENHYPENs next album be like?

I know it's way too early to even know, but I wanted to hear what people think the next album will be like. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up with their recent comeback due to college (still listened to the title track!) but I heard that Dimension: Answer was the 'end' and the next album will cover a new concept (or lore??) [pretty sure that was a theory i think)
What do yall think?
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2022.01.18 19:12 C00R4H estou procurando alguns livros sobre o existencialismo

esses tempos eu estou atrás de alguns livros sobre a filosofia existencialista pra tentar entender melhor o pensamento, alguém aqui tem algum livro sobre o tema para recomendar?
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2022.01.18 19:12 whyaremypantssoshort Florida's governor wants to create election cops. Yikes.

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(NSFW) |
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Mission Dispensary is looking for a part time Weekend Security Associate.
Pay starts at $17 an hour.

Benefits of working with us include:
More details and link to apply:
Find a job Inweed
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2022.01.18 19:12 jnp802 Another screenshot I thought I should chime in

I get it, modern finished, more SF but still, see YOY increase, that's almost 40%. Some will argue taxes, fees but this sets a milestone for the next one in line.
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2022.01.18 19:12 newsfeedmedia1 Woman busts boyfriend texting another girl, tricks him into confronting her

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