Ein ganz normaler Fernsehabend

2022.01.18 10:09 Shiny_das_Gespenst Ein ganz normaler Fernsehabend

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2022.01.18 10:09 coindicators Daily Top New Reddit - Subscribers

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2022.01.18 10:09 Ok-Driver6637 QC yeezy 350 mono ice. thank you all😊

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2022.01.18 10:09 iyakonboats SS1 - an accident waiting to happen

Did I get your attention? Great! My original kit for diving included an Atomic B2 with an SS1 integrated inflator. At first I was in board with this, as a new diver of course, and I was on board with it being better for trim, how it breathed the same as the B2 (which isn't that great anyways), and how it reduced failure points (that's a turd hoagie I have to eat). After putting 100+ dives in, reading different books about better SCUBA diving practices, and interacting with Tech and Cave divers about their kit, and experiencing an odd failure underwater with the setup, I now realize these integrated Octos are a terrible idea, especially the SS1 and I speak from experience, but also not as a dive professional who has been hardened by dealing with crap for years, so someone in the middle, unbiased. I'll start with my own observations:

  1. It breathes like crap, sorry, not sorry, even the cheapest crappy Octos breath better than an SS1 for a fraction of the price.
  2. As an inflator, it's ok, for deflation it kind of sucks and I don't know why, but others have said it's not that great either, not a big deal in open water.
  3. It's not at all comfortable to use, and along with using it for my Rescue course I have used it three other times when divers were out of air at 60+' of water (Yay for insta-buddy), each time it was just uncomfortable to use since it's attached to not only a LP hose, but the more rigid corrugated hose.
  4. You want to attach an accessory to the hose using an SS1 (horn or say the Analox flow restrictor)? Too bad, it's not a standard fitting, this is an inconvenience, but one to be noted
  5. It doesn't remove failure points, it increases them. In fact, it doesn't have to be actual SS1 which fails, you have other points along the way that'll take out not just your inflator, but your secondary air source at the same time, which leads to my experience.
While under water it was time to deploy the DSMB, I grabbed my SS1 and realized the LP hose was disconnected and attempted to reattach, but to no avail, it simply would not close on the fitting. Worked around this inconvenience and got back on the boat, same issue. Upon further inspection I realized there was a small gasket on the inside, no idea where this came from and it wasn't just going to "pop" back in place, so I took it out, then I was able to attach the LP hose, but now it leaked! Baffled because there shouldn't be an o-ring visible in this area I asked a crew member if they knew something to help, but they knew as much as I did. Instead what was said was "You can always manually inflate", and this was true, but it also meant I had no other alternate air source.
Ultimately the o-ring was the one you place on the spring inside the coupling, which you have to take apart to see, but this opened my eyes to the dangers of these setups, and along with my already growing disdain for the SS1 and it's performance, pushed me over the edge to get rid of it. As an engineer I was disgusted with myself for not wanting to dig more into his my gear works, the anatomy of it all, and how to service it, primarily because you're conditioned to only let "certified professionals" work on it, and I'll still agree with that for the general public and casual diver.
These things look like a great idea, but every claim made about them is easily dismissed by the problems it introduces. In regards to trim and entanglement dangers, that is a hose routing problem easily solved, but not with an SS1, ever. If you're thinking big buying this, don't waste your money, you could spend it on buying two of your primary regulators for your kit to you have the same performance and reliability on both.
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2022.01.18 10:09 user00067 I am kind of curious as to why there is such a large disbelief that Russia may attack Ukraine?

If I read some of the answers on this group, many people call it a fantasy (unless they are trolls)

Just not 100 years ago, everyone was invading everyone else. War is part of the history of humanity and there is such thing as a healthy fear and a healthy respect for your enemy.
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2022.01.18 10:09 VersusWorldChannel [It's A Wonder] - Part 2


Part 2 – Taking a Hike

Scott pictured all sorts of ways that eventually could be a lot longer than he wanted to spend, but then realized that Zoe could probably point the way if there were any forks or alternate paths to take. Leaning down a bit on the handles to give the chair a bit more leverage in the gravel, Scott soon had Zoe’s chair on the path, and began the hike to the lodge.
It didn’t take long before they left the hot, dusty parking area and followed the path into a lightly forested area. The path seemed well maintained, and without the ruts that would normally make pushing a chair in the wilderness dangerous to both the pusher and the rider. Scott picked up a slight aroma of pine, and found he was feeling relaxed even though he was hard at work.
The trail peaked and then began to go down an incline. Scott found himself leaning back while he noticed Zoe was pushing a bit on the hand breaks to keep the chair from going too fast. He appreciated that she was trying to make it a little easier for him, but didn’t want to let go of the handles to sign a thank you.
When the trail flattened out again Scott was able to enjoy the light streaming through the trees, but wondered where everyone else was. He stopped for a moment, and Zoe looked up to see what was wrong.
"I thought there were a lot of other kids here?" he signed.
"There are, but we came in a bit late. Most of them are probably already at their cabins." she signed back.
Scott resumed pushing, and a few minutes later the trail climbed a small hill. Beyond that was a clearing with a long, low building in a bit of an arrowhead shape, which joined into a main area that was two stories tall at the front. "Pretty much what I figured it would look like." Scott thought to himself as he admired the thick log beams that made up the lodge.
They moved closer, and they came to a table with a number of packets of paper. Cindy's Mom – Becky Turner – was working through some of them as she stood behind it. Becky was a little shorter, and a little fuller figured than Cindy, but shared the same red hair and blue eyes. With Cindy that seemed to reflect a wild spirit waiting to get out, while Becky gave off more of an "Earth Mother" feel. As the Camp Administrator that was a useful trait.
"Oh there you are!" Becky said and signed at the same time. "I was beginning to wonder if the van had broken down."
"No," Scott explained, "the driver got a bit confused at the fork in the dirt road that led off to the General Store by the Dam."
"I wonder..." Becky replied. "That's the third trip he's made up here this week. I wonder if there's something at the store that has caught his fancy. Is Becca with you?"
"Cindy met us at the van, and the two of them were going to drop Zoe's stuff off and then take our stuff to our cabin."
Becky arched her eyebrows a bit at that, but didn't say anything. "Well, Zoe's paperwork is already filled out so you can take her to her cabin. She has the same one as last year. Why don't you wheel her over and see if Cindy got Zoe's bags there okay. Once she's settled in, you can come back here and I'll introduce you to the other counselors."
"OK..." Scott said tentatively "… umm... and where would Zoe's cabin be?"
Becky laughed a bit "I forgot this is your first year Scott, even though Zoe was here last year." She pointed past his right shoulder. "It's the one just behind that grove of trees, Cabin 3-A."
“Thanks.” Scott turned Savvy’s chair around, and began pushing her in the direction of the cabin Becky had pointed at.
As he was pushing her, Scott realized that even if Zoe’s bags were there it would be difficult for her to unpack and get everything arranged by herself. “Are you going to be alright if I just drop you off at your cabin? Won’t you need me to help?”
Zoe didn’t even have to turn around, and signed above her head so Scott could see, “I'll be fine. I'm sure one of the other counselors will be by in a bit, and I can do some things myself you know.”
“OK, you're a big girl, and I'm just being the overprotective brother.”
“Besides, I won’t be alone in the cabin; my roommate will be there pretty soon if she’s not there already.” Zoe paused, and then continued signing. “I’m SURE you’ll like her.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Scott asked.
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2022.01.18 10:09 NineZ9 Finally..feels bitter sweet though.

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2022.01.18 10:09 geobadzo Malwarebytes Premium

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2022.01.18 10:09 nullfier Alexandrite laser on face was successful, a change to Diode caused paradoxical hypertrichosis

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2022.01.18 10:09 Dismal_Wizard The Observers

Just wondered what peoples thoughts are on this film. Personally, I found it rather disjointed, and some of the commentators on various phenomenons seemed disjointed in their thinking and opinions also. Some of the claims delivered at towards the end, I also have trouble with, as basically they just pull them out of thin air.
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2022.01.18 10:09 geobadzo Quillbot Premium Subscription (Shared)

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2022.01.18 10:09 Formablesabb We’ve started a war. this is the best color there is!

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2022.01.18 10:09 Wichrich Moth warrior! by me, Wicharts

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2022.01.18 10:09 e90_l0v3_ Sleep at coworker

I've been in a relationship for 3 years living together, but been really unhappy and tried to break up since like 6 months ago. Last evening we both had a really healthy talk and kinda broke things off, but he told me if he could still live here till his next salary around 5th of february and I was fine with that. Also In the past months I ve developed something with a coworker, nothing sexual, just really deep talks and we both can see that we are into each other. This Friday the whole team, including him should go to another colleague house party that leaves really far away from me, so he prosoped me to sleep at his house. I mean I really wanna do it, and it would be convinient for me too, but if my now ex bf I guess found out he would be really sad and also I have a bit of second thoughts because I'm afraid we'll end up doing it. I really wanna sleep with him but maybe not so quick and I’m still fragile with the situation about my bf. What do you think?
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2022.01.18 10:09 BryanD42217 My other Mod1c tailhook came in after a couple months on back order. 😍

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2022.01.18 10:09 SonicBoom500 I’ve been doing the Dirac Sea a bit, and have lately seen a drone moving around

Basically, I decided to do the Dirac Sea a bit, and I’ve been seeing this drone with a username on it, it looked like it was patrolling for something, so I tried to avoid it, and I’ve been wondering if I should be
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2022.01.18 10:09 yaldon-99 Swan. designed by the plant psychologist.

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2022.01.18 10:09 westerngrit He was not happy getting his picture taken. I am now on the defense.

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