Rebought all my favourites that have been ignored by next gen consoles. Cost me half a grand.

2022.01.28 13:37 TheDevilRidesAtDawn Rebought all my favourites that have been ignored by next gen consoles. Cost me half a grand.

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2022.01.28 13:37 cynycal Biden heads to PA to talk infrastructure as bridge collapses

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2022.01.28 13:37 Necessary-Flight7250 Some teams open fantasy draft tean ps4 week 6

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2022.01.28 13:37 Olixiar1803 [CPU] AMD Ryzen 5 5800x Microcenter In Store - $329.99

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2022.01.28 13:37 Blibley Modern philosophers are pretentious, redundant and only quote dead people to make themselves sound smarter

Most philosophical ideas are so simple that a child can think of them and it's only through the constant quoting of past thinkers that modern philosophers and those who study philosophy can differentiate themselves from others. In fact, I believe the pretentiousness of who like to engage in this sort of philosophical debate actively detracts from their ability to logically come to reasonable conclusions. Worst of all, these people often quote idiots from the past with idiotic ideas which are then somehow legitimised by the fact that they are quoting a "philosopher".
To summarise: Modern philosophy is pretentious, purposefully inaccessible through incessant use of quoting, and legitimises fools who believe that they are better thinkers than they are.
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2022.01.28 13:37 AprilBelle08 It's a hard life

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2022.01.28 13:37 SkyEyes27 Little skills, bad history. How to find work?

Life is, complicated. I know I'm a loser, and yes, I know it's not good. Not only would I like to get my life together, but most of all, I'd like to live on my own. Parents dont want me here, I dont want to be here either. Issue is, I do indeed suck. I've held jobs before... But 4 months is the longest time. I've been fired from 2 places. And just been in a funk for a while, I've created yet another large gap of unemployment. Because, shooting myself in the foot is my nature apparently. What jobs I have landed have been due to luck, it seems like.
I say "little" because I do have a few - I have worked before. I know how to drive (no CDL), I've cleaned, I've cooked, did shipping, I did work planting trees for a bit, and then I have experience with tack welding. That sounds like a lot, but then it looks much less impressive paired with "not even half a year" and "fired".
Are you really just supposed to lie when you apply places? I just dont know how to make myself appealing when, even I can admit that I'd probably not hire me, lol. I've made mistakes, I like to be honest about that, it's just not having a chance to show that I've learned from them, you know?
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2022.01.28 13:37 Cool_boy_gaymer69 I WILL BE A CUTE EGIRL FOR NITRO

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2022.01.28 13:37 Reddit_user_robbie i feel like people deadnaming and misgendering my friend bc she hasn't come out to a lot of people yet bothers me more than it bothers her

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2022.01.28 13:37 ebeygin Introducing AstroCAT - A utility token ($ASTR) for astrophotographers

Introducing AstroCAT - A utility token ($ASTR) for astrophotographers AstroCAT is the first astrophotographer’s token on the Chia blockchain. There are 13957 deep-sky objects in the universe as compiled by the latest RNGC/IC astronomical catalog. There are equally 13957 AstroCAT tokens minted. Tokens are distributed to amateur astrophotographers to highlight their achievements, bring awareness to the hobby, participate in imaging contests and trivia and receive perks in astronomy gear.
AstroCAT's token is $ASTR and has been listed on and available on and
To receive an AstroCAT, amateur astrophotographers and people interested in astronomy can visit:
Also announced is the pre-sale of the Messier 110 NFT Collection:
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2022.01.28 13:37 Dangerous_Freddy kim demiş roblox karakter vücutlu freddy olmaz diye

kim demiş roblox karakter vücutlu freddy olmaz diye
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2022.01.28 13:37 0ffAnd0n Shell’s fossil hydrogen plant in Canada found to be emitting more climate-wrecking gases than it is capturing
Shell have boasted about the project as an example of how it is tackling global heating, claiming that the project demonstrates that carbon capture systems are “safe and effective” and is a “thriving example” of how this technology can significantly reduce carbon emissions. But our new research reveals that Quest is in fact emitting more than it is capturing. Despite having captured 5 million tonnes of carbon across a five-year period, it has emitted a further 7.5 million tonnes of climate polluting gases during the same time. Each year, Shell’s plant has the same carbon footprint as 1.2 million petrol cars.
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2022.01.28 13:37 ZoagAp SPIDERMAN ON PSNOW/PC

the insomniac spiderman games came out 3 years ago... even God of war got ported to pc. many of us spiderman fans haven't even gotten a chance to play the game because we don't own the console. I bought psnow thinking that ill is able to play spiderman but now it turns out it's not even available on that! now I know that are problems with the licensing of the game but sony for once should just think about the fans and not the money.
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2022.01.28 13:37 OShi3lds New to VR, what should I buy?

Hey, I recently got a much needed pc upgrade that allows me to use a VR headset, I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while now but I know nothing about them (im UK based if that contributes to anything) anyone willing to give a VR noob advice on what model to buy, what brand to buy and who to buy from? And your personal opinions on them?
Also some game suggestions if possible?
I don’t have a budget, I just want to make sure I don’t spend more than needed or buy something not up to the job
Also I know I can check reviews, I have been, I’ve done a lot of research but before I purchase anything I want to ask trusty old Reddit as my last source haha
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2022.01.28 13:37 nyquil99 Dynasty league trade offer -- too good to be true/too much injury risk?

I'm in a 14-team, 9-cat roto league where we keep 5 guys every year. I have more than 5 keeper-worthy players and I'm in 5th place with no real chance for a comeback. So I thought about consolidating with next year in mind ...
I decided I wanted someone who gave me FG% so I made an offer for Zion. I figured he was a buy-low guy, I have the extra assets, so why not roll the dice. Well, he declined the trade but countered with this:
I would give up Cade Cunningham, JJJ and Jamal Murray and I'd get back Zion and Embiid.
Trying not to take into account I was really getting used to having Cade in my life for the next decade, this feels like an offer I should take. But man, the injury risk of Zion and Embiid feels like a lot to me.
Here are the top guys I currently have: Van Vleet, Porzingis (more injury risk!), SGA, Lillard (injured), JJJ, Cade and Jamal Murray.
Am I over-thinking this? Do I just grab Embiid and figure the rest out later?
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2022.01.28 13:37 Elnuir What are mistakes here? What tenses should've been used here?

'I love you', I faltered(?). Even though deep down I'd (?)knew I(?) hated her more than anything in the world.
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2022.01.28 13:37 super_yasaijin 【朗報】BRSちゃんのうすちち

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2022.01.28 13:37 squibimo Part two of "If only we could have cookie costumes in our profile.." but with all the cookies that have a costume as profiles!

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2022.01.28 13:37 NyotenguHusbando My motion controls stopped working

I went to the setting of Dolphin emulator to fix something , after that when I opened one of the games I have I found out that my motions controls like shaking the phone for move the character you are controlling or other things in the game, aren't working anymore. Can please someone help?
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2022.01.28 13:37 Cream_Gingerly Alternate title: Guys in their 40s who grew up in the 90s can't get over the music they listened to in high school, so prices go boom.

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2022.01.28 13:37 Background-Noise-104 Does anyone ever binge when they are half awake and not fully aware of it ?

I have struggled with bingeing off and on for years. I had a really bad few months with the holidays, my bday and I also had covid the beginning of January which thru me into binging almost everyday for a few weeks.
This is my second week counting my calories and exercising again and it’s going great and I haven’t binged. However I noticed something that is strange to me. Sometimes if I fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the middle of the night I will go straight to the kitchen and start eating. I don’t even really realize I am doing this because I am usually half asleep. This happened to me twice last week but I was able to catch myself and not go into a full blown binge.
Does anyone else experience this?
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2022.01.28 13:37 HebiKelbi Polnareff, Silver Chariot and Star Platinum becomes cursed

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2022.01.28 13:37 TRayquaza Laxei true solo Abyssal Elimine

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2022.01.28 13:37 Due_Cauliflower_2567 Bang for you bucks

What is the best product to buy for you bucks? The one with the most card/rares.
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2022.01.28 13:37 LChris24 Lord Tywin's Plan for Casterly Rock (Spoilers Extended)

Lord Tywin's Plans for Casterly Rock Its quite obvious that Tywin did not consider Tyrion worthy of Casterly Rock. In this post I want to explore just what Tywin was willing to do in order to make Jaime heir to the Lannister seat.
Note: This post is based pretty heavily in conjecture and on circumstantial "evidence", so please disregard if thats not your thing.
The vows of the kingsguard (based on the NW) prohibit a member from inheriting, etc. and the kingsguard serve for life. Lord Tywin seemingly still considered Jaime his heir, seemingly in denial, or he had a plan to make it happen:

"I shall set matters aright!" Cersei softened her tone. "With your help, Uncle. If you will serve me as faithfully as you served my father—"
"You are not your father. And Tywin always regarded Jaime as his rightful heir."
What do I want, you ask? I'll tell you what I want. I want what is mine by rights. I want Casterly Rock."
His father's mouth grew hard. "Your brother's birthright?"
"The knights of the Kingsguard are forbidden to marry, to father children, and to hold land, you know that as well as I. The day Jaime put on that white cloak, he gave up his claim to Casterly Rock, but never once have you acknowledged it. It's past time. I want you to stand up before the realm and proclaim that I am your son and your lawful heir."
Lord Tywin's eyes were a pale green flecked with gold, as luminous as they were merciless. "Casterly Rock," he declared in a flat cold dead tone. And then, "Never." -ASOS, Tyrion I
as we know Jaime joined the kingsguard solely to be near Cersei:
"But," Jaime said, "there's Casterly Rock . . ."
"Is it a rock you want? Or me?"
He remembered that night as if it were yesterday. They spent it in an old inn on Eel Alley, well away from watchful eyes. Cersei had come to him dressed as a simple serving wench, which somehow excited him all the more. Jaime had never seen her more passionate. Every time he went to sleep, she woke him again. By morning Casterly Rock seemed a small price to pay to be near her always. He gave his consent, and Cersei promised to do the rest. -ASOS, Jaime II
Aerys had his reasons as well:
That was the first time that Jaime understood. It was not his skill with sword and lance that had won him his white cloak, nor any feats of valor he'd performed against the Kingswood Brotherhood. Aerys had chosen him to spite his father, to rob Lord Tywin of his heir.
Even now, all these years later, the thought was bitter. And that day, as he'd ridden south in his new white cloak to guard an empty castle, it had been almost too much to stomach. He would have ripped the cloak off then and there if he could have, but it was too late. He had said the words whilst half the realm looked on, and a Kingsguard served for life. -ASOS, Jaime VI
So Lord Tywin has been robbed of his heir, what does he do. You could argue he was straight in denial, but this man is cold, calculated. I would argue he had a plan.
Tywin's Original Plan? When we first meet Lord Tywin in AGoT he was seemingly willing to let Tyrion die in order to win the Battle on the Blue Fork:
Ser Kevan leaned forward. "We had a thought to put you and your wildlings in the vanguard when we come to battle."
Ser Kevan seldom "had a thought" that Lord Tywin had not had first. Tyrion had skewered a chunk of meat on the point of his dagger and brought it to his mouth. Now he lowered it. "The vanguard?" he repeated dubiously. Either his lord father had a new respect for Tyrion's abilities, or he'd decided to rid himself of his embarrassing get for good. Tyrion had the gloomy feeling he knew which. -AGOT, Tyrion VIII
His father's eyes were on him, pale green flecked with gold, so cool they gave Tyrion a chill. "Did that surprise you, Father?" he asked. "Did it upset your plans? We were supposed to be butchered, were we not?"
Lord Tywin drained his cup, his face expressionless. "I put the least disciplined men on the left, yes. I anticipated that they would break. Robb Stark is a green boy, more like to be brave than wise. I'd hoped that if he saw our left collapse, he might plunge into the gap, eager for a rout. Once he was fully committed, Ser Kevan's pikes would wheel and take him in the flank, driving him into the river while I brought up the reserve."
"And you thought it best to place me in the midst of this carnage, yet keep me ignorant of your plans."
"A feigned rout is less convincing," his father said, "and I am not inclined to trust my plans to a man who consorts with sellswords and savages."
but then a chapter later once Jaime has been taken, he immediately treats Tyrion differently:
He finished his wine and set the cup aside, thoughtful. A part of him was more pleased than he cared to admit. Another part was remembering the battle upriver, and wondering if he was being sent to hold the left again. “Why me?” he asked, cocking his head to one side. “Why not my uncle? Why not Ser Addam or Ser Flement or Lord Serrett? Why not a … bigger man?”
Lord Tywin rose abruptly. “You are my son.”
That was when he knew. You have given him up for lost, he thought. You bloody bastard, you think Jaime’s good as dead, so I’m all you have left. Tyrion wanted to slap him, to spit in his face, to draw his dagger and cut the heart out of him and see if it was made of old hard gold, the way the smallfolks said. Yet he sat there, silent and still. -AGOT, Tyrion IX
So Tywin seemingly was willing to let Tyrion die, and while its not not a guarantee the way the above reads to me is that Tywin could have been wanting to use the "only have one son left" argument to Robert, Joffrey.
Other Possible Evidence From this conversation with Jaime we see numerous other examples that Tywin was scheming:
Lord Tywin glanced at Jaime's stump again. "You cannot serve in the Kingsguard without a sword hand—"
"I can," he interrupted. "And I will. There's precedent. I'll look in the White Book and find it, if you like. Crippled or whole, a knight of the Kingsguard serves for life."
"Cersei ended that when she replaced Ser Barristan on grounds of age. A suitable gift to the Faith will persuade the High Septon to release you from your vows. Your sister was foolish to dismiss Selmy, admittedly, but now that she has opened the gates—"
"—someone needs to close them again." Jaime stood. "I am tired of having highborn women kicking pails of shit at me, Father. No one ever asked me if I wanted to be Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, but it seems I am. I have a duty—"
"You do." Lord Tywin rose as well. "A duty to House Lannister. You are the heir to Casterly Rock. That is where you should be. Tommen should accompany you, as your ward and squire. The Rock is where he'll learn to be a Lannister, and I want him away from his mother. I mean to find a new husband for Cersei. Oberyn Martell perhaps, once I convince Lord Tyrell that the match does not threaten Highgarden. And it is past time you were wed. The Tyrells are now insisting that Margaery be wed to Tommen, but if I were to offer you instead—"
Obviously this happens much later but Tywin was seemingly willing to:
in order to get what he wanted. I think we can look at these options he presented and reflect back on when Tywin was originally scheming and each could have some circumstantial evidence in support:
TLDR: This requires a ton of speculation, circumstantial evidence, but its possible that Tywin wanted Tyrion dead in order to help enforce his desire to get Jaime removed from the Kinsguard and restored as the heir to Casterly Rock.
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