Ex reached out after nc

2022.01.28 03:18 SeaPatience883 Ex reached out after nc

Just wanted to share my experience with all of you and provide some valuable insight.
Background: Last year my ex and I broke up in the beginning of Dec. We’re both in college and with finals right around the corner I suppressed my emotions in order to focus on studying for my exams. During that time frame we kept in touch and I went to see him for the last time. Things didn’t go well and fast forward we finally cut off all communication in the beginning of Jan this year. My ex and I had been dating for 3 years and he was my first relationship and first heartbreak.
Needless to say this breakup was very difficult for me. I felt very sad and unmotivated to do anything, the first week back to college was really hard. I go to a huge school and don’t have many friends so I felt quite lonely. I started to pick myself up though. Going to the gym has been so crucial to my healing. I have been going to the gym and eating healthy for about 3 weeks now. Anyway, I slowly began to accept all worst case scenarios. I accepted that he could’ve been talking to so many girls, hanging out with them, having a great time without me, etc. I just accepted it and slowly began to lose hope. I let go of it on purpose, because I knew the longer I held onto hope the longer it would take me to heal.
Well he reached out to me today and I don’t know if I’ll respond. I’ve been doing really well and would like to continue that momentum. I know I’m not in a place to reconcile with him but reading his text made me realize how much I was being taken for granted for. I don’t ever want to feel how I felt for the longest time, which was a constant state of misery and a feeling of settlement.
From what I’ve learned, they do come back but in case they don’t, hoping they will come back is not going to help you move on. I had recently accepted that we might never speak again and I started to dedicate all my energy and thoughts to my future and journey of self growth. I’ve slowly began to feel in love with myself and life once more. I’ve began to feel liberated and I am no longer emotionally drained as I was towards the end of my relationship with him.
Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to tell anyone who’s going through it, that everything will be okay but you need to work really hard to see results. I spent so many nights crying myself to sleep. Until one day I decided I needed to actively fight against those intrusive thoughts and force myself to do things that will make me a better person. Everyday is different and just because you have a bad day or even a bad week, does not mean you’re not progressing. Just gotta accept healing is not linear and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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2022.01.28 03:18 SilverStar04 Choosing between two PCE jobs

I finished undergrad in December with pretty decent stats, 3.61 cGPA and ~3.5 sGPA if I calculated it correctly (not sure). Lately I've been applying to various PCE jobs and now have two offers I need to decide between. Both seem to be good options but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or feedback.
Job #1: Patient Care Technician at a dialysis clinic
Job #2: Patient Care Assistant at a large hospital
I shadowed at the dialysis clinic I would be working at and really liked it. I've heard these places can be hit or miss but the PCT I shadowed had been there for years and overall it seemed like a good place to be with a team attitude. Job duties are cannulation and monitoring vitals which would be high quality PCE. I witnessed a patient have a cramping episode and how it was handled by the PCTs and RNs so there is definitely responsibility involved. My concerns are the narrowness of the scope of work and lack of physicians/PA's on site. The whole operation is run by PCTs and RNs, the physician on staff rotates around other clinics in the area and only visits for a few hours 1-2 days per week, which means networking and quality LORs could be hard to come by. The hospital job has slightly better pay and being a much larger facility would provide more diversified experience and interaction with physicians and PA's. I would be assigned to a home base unit and have the opportunity to float so most of my experience would be in one specialty (they offered me the choice of neuro or bone marrow transplant) but I would also branch out into other areas. My main concern is part of the job description includes things like organizing the unit (non-PCE) and assisting patients with bathing/grooming (lower quality PCE, IMO) in addition to what I consider to be high quality PCE like monitoring vitals, drawing blood, etc. I'm not really sure what to expect tbh but I suspect the dialysis job would provide higher quality PCE. For what it's worth I'm leaning towards the dialysis position and technically committed to it (at-will) but curious what anyone has to say.
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2022.01.28 03:18 YewSonOfBeach Good Bye Old Friend

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2022.01.28 03:18 StepReferal 💸Easy free $5 dollars from Envel💸

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2022.01.28 03:18 yuritopiaposadism protest now, seize arms later.

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2022.01.28 03:18 ProudNewYorker Opinions on Name for Boy

What’s the opinion of the name Cole, for a boy?
It’s kind of risen to the top of our list for our new baby boy we’re expecting.
Personally, I really like it. I don’t hear it often so I wasn’t sure if that’s indicative of it not being a good name or maybe it’s just rare? Maybe I don’t realize it’s actually popular?
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2022.01.28 03:18 ran_dom_guy_ M.O.D.s, please add a Eto'o flair asap

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2022.01.28 03:18 Saint1121 Exit Gate on Meat Plant - Artist Bug

One of the Exit Gates on Meat Plant literally doesn't allow Artist's power to exist anywhere near or inside of it. It's been like this since she released - it's already a trash map, especially for Artist, and somehow this bug hasn't been fixed yet? I don't understand how a bug that literally prevents a killer from using their power has existed for this long without being fixed.
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2022.01.28 03:18 LoiChainz Guardian of Galaxy Walkthrough Part 10 - Evil Drax

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2022.01.28 03:18 rottencheesepie If you we're given a chance to restore a memory...

If you we're given a chance to restore a memory, what would it be? ✒For me, it was probably back in 2016 when I was having a good time on the beach with my beloved dog. My father had adopted Harlan, a golden retriever, from a shelter. I miss him so much, but I'm pleased he's at the safest place.
Sorry for the reminiscence. This was the first thing that sprang to mind when I learned about Memoverse. A Web 3.0 platform for storing human memories. It truly astounds me that they came up with such an idea. I'm confident that everything will be contained within the metaverse in the future. The distinction between reality and virtual world is becoming increasingly blurred.
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2022.01.28 03:18 Cashew59 What movie was better than the book?

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2022.01.28 03:18 sweetstrawberrycow What was your first/new grad job and what do you do now? How long has it been?

Title!! Have been worrying about choosing the "right" job out of college when in the long run I know it isn't going to be my whole life. Would love to hear some responses.
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2022.01.28 03:18 Noxious_potato Kneel before his floaty majesty

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2022.01.28 03:18 NoOutside621 Extreme fatigue: sign of severely overdoing dxm, dehydration, or something else?

I've been on a bit of a dxm binge lately, had done 3rd plat about 3 days in a row. In the past 24 hours I've probably slept about 18 of them and am going to sleep again in about an hour. I have skipped every class today and feel incapable of doing anything but sleeping. My arms felt heavy again like the time I did 900 mg and I felt extreme, desperate thirst. I haven't urinated in the last 24 hours and don't feel a need to. Wassup?
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2022.01.28 03:18 GenuineHuman04 [H] Puffco Peak 3grams ICA, Halo Cap, Extra hot Rebuilt Atomizers [W] PPGS shipped conus only (prices in comments)

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2022.01.28 03:18 GigglySaurusRex Omicron variant & key mutations. Source : IE https://t.co/HRa8b1nTrh @UPSC_Content ⇧ Kindly Upvote #UPSC

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2022.01.28 03:18 Fagotron96 some shit my friend said in discord

yo my man's sent me this video and I kid you not there's got to be the fattest family I've ever seen in my life first off look at his fit he got the PBS 13 office starter pack right then look at his body so if they ever put on the cha cha slide and they said hands on your knees hands on your knees he can't cuz his stomach is occupy in the area this man look like he's melting are there any bones in his body I've never seen a fat man make a fat lady look skinny so and this is ridiculous they ordered 10 boxes of pizza what are you ordering pizza there's got to be some form of attempted suicide like where is the government when you need them they need to regulate big people from buying this time to Fuuka they killing themselves this is ridiculous look at the rest of tthe family heavy wrote ton just humongous they pulling up to the crib right now look at him when he walk he look like he's storing bags of groceries inside his sweatpants this is ridiculous what size shirt is that sénèque gotta be a king-sized bed sheet wait a minute they just came in a crib with five boxes of pizza but they left the pizza store with ten boxes with these mofos ate five boxes of beats are all the way to eat dinner this is ridiculous and to make matters worse he eaten again oh my lord big orange Syracuse University over there and this huge lady is bedridden this other lady in the black I know they had to reinforce the foundation when they made this house for these big people son then over here this lady in a salad thank God somebody trying to eat healthy what is going on at the bottom of homeboy pants it doesn't split open what is going on just look at the size of this one - yo they got nothing but big momma's and daddies in this house this means kneecaps are completely covered by his stomach the only one who looks like they in shape this Megamind in the middle right there the little kid looked like he's well on his way as well and nobody explained what's going on at the bottom of this man split pants is that his nuts is that his stomach is that his navel what's going on I'm gay in calories just watching this joint so I feel bad for the chairs if you put a mic next to the chair I'm sure you can eat the shit screaming Sunday brought life to the furniture this is ridiculous I've never seen a family this big in my entire life I know Thanksgiving at the house gotta be hittin cuz all of them got that fat on the elbows so you know they could cook but you know they ain't gonna have no leftovers on the Friday morning on Black Friday it ain't gonna be no food left why this man sweatpants split open and nobody tellin them nothing then take a look inside the room these ladies as hell a big fam this is completely ridiculous she's sitting in the bed with a split yo if they die they gotta go to hell by default because the clouds can't hold up this weight in heaven you know what all of them might as well go down to the DMV and register themselves cuz if you get to this size you're pretty much a veal
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2022.01.28 03:18 LordIvann Clicking out of the Text Color box brings up the window below HELP

It's super infuriating after a while, Whenever I click out of that box that chooses the text color to close it, it always brings up the window below Vegas instead of just closing the box. Anyone know a fix for this??
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2022.01.28 03:18 OkFly5452 Partner 1 Female 23yo, Partner 2 Male 23yo, Who is in the wrong?

Partner 1 told partner 2 that a coworker at their job liked them but does not anymore because the coworker was not aware they were in a relationship (This happened at the beginning when they met). Partner 1 does not want to tell Partner 2 the name of the coworker because it is someone they work with and is unavoidable to encounter them. Partner 1 does not want to create any conflict later when the name comes up in conversation. Partner 2 trust Partner 1 100% and does not think there is any foul play involved. Partner 2 believes that out of respect they should say the name. Partner 1 has never done anything that will make Partner 2 believe there is any bad intentions. They've been together for almost 4 years. They have been doing long distance for 7 months now due to work. They've never had trust issues and want to have a family together one day. Who is in the wrong?
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2022.01.28 03:18 Timon-D Під дахом ОП. Як у Зеленського обирали голову ДБР, яке розслідує справи Порошенка, Трухіна, Гогілашвілі та «Вагнергейт». «Схеми» виявили зв’язки між Сухачовим і членами комісії, які голосували «за» нього як за директора ДБР

Під дахом ОП. Як у Зеленського обирали голову ДБР, яке розслідує справи Порошенка, Трухіна, Гогілашвілі та «Вагнергейт». «Схеми» виявили зв’язки між Сухачовим і членами комісії, які голосували «за» нього як за директора ДБР submitted by Timon-D to ukraina [link] [comments]