Furbo + Meross = Roundabout HomeKit Integration?

2022.01.22 02:38 drg5280 Furbo + Meross = Roundabout HomeKit Integration?

Hi all! I have a Furbo pet camera at home that I really love, but it doesn't offer any integration to HomeKit.
...or does it?
Recently I found out that disconnecting the power supply from the Furbo while the camera is on will result in the camera automatically turning back on when power is reconnected (for anyone not familiar with Furbos, there are two ways to turn the camera off: 1- through a toggle in the app and 2- by physically disconnecting the power supply). This got me eyeballing a spare Meross smart plug I have and wondering if I could integrate my Furbo in a roundabout way, complete with automation to turn on when I leave home.
Has anyone done this before? Is it recommended? My main hesitation here is what sudden connections/disconnections of power would do to the hardware/software setup in the Furbo.
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2022.01.22 02:38 tramp_basket It really seems like a COVID surge like this one is a great time for a general strike

That's all. A 2 week labor strike would send a message at any point. A 2 week labor strike during a surge of a pandemic would send the same point and save who knows how many lives and others from ending up with debilitating long-haul symptoms.
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2022.01.22 02:38 iamverydumb_ i’ve never heard this song

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2022.01.22 02:38 preciousmango Sad Buffalo noises

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2022.01.22 02:38 Bi0_B1lly Without a single doubt, this was intentional.

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2022.01.22 02:38 King-Rex420 I've got a controversial opinion about Kenny...'s beard

So I think pretty much everybody thinks Kenny's mustache is awesome. Regardless of whatever you think of his morality, I think everyone admires Kenny's magical facial hair. I liked to think of him as a cool cowboy pirate with his mustache and southern accent but also his fondness for boats.
Now when we are greeted by Kenny in S2, we realize he has a beard. Now in S2 E2 with the warm lighting of the ski lodge and the Kenny withdrawal we were all suffering from, I think we all accepted his beard. Admittedly, his beard is pretty cool and when his eye gets injured, he looks even more like a pirate. I just think Kenny looked better with a mustache.
Still, one thing I want to make very clear is someone has made a mod so you can have Kenny without a mustache in S1 and he looks hideous. He looks just wrong without facial hair and I screamed when I saw that image for the first time.
I really hope that wherever Kenny goes after Wellington, he shaves his beard back to a mustache and gets another hat (maybe a cowboy hat this time?) or finds his original hat that Clem apparently lost.
But what facial hair do you guys think Kenny looked best with?
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2022.01.22 02:38 the_darkener Was listening to Guns 'N Roses vinyl and thought of you guys

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2022.01.22 02:38 flamezeus 6 looks familiar

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2022.01.22 02:38 AdInteresting9565 Some neat little stickers from whatsapp wish they had them for something other than but still pretty cool

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2022.01.22 02:38 jelaireddit Replacement for this Bergamot & Jasmine body wash & perfume?

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2022.01.22 02:38 Pauloh2001 I need answers

Im a 20yr male
The oldest thing i remember from the dream is Being at my fathers home and having to to my stepmothers home down in the building i go there and I talk to her and my step sister seemingly about shoes. Then I go get bread i think and returning i reme being in species of outside building corridor, like some kind of parking lot without parking lot just the space. Here i meet my ex girlfriend from a year ago. From there it morphs into some sort of gymclass, the people in the class were all from my 7th to 9th grade (with was almost 6years ago) buf we were all of present age. We started some sort of exercise were we have to contort or body and do reps. I remember this pair of colleagues i used to have around that time that were always together and one of them asks me to count his time, and I do it I tell the teacher and everyone questions it Suddenly im taking care of a child (with looks like a baby version of a cousin of my stepsister) I leave the baby laying on the floor. Still on the same gym class a group of girls comes in and its in a companhia of a female coach witch ive never seen. Some sort of game starts and i go to the POV of the male teacher and i dominate the game. This game was some sort of basketball with parkour. Instead of the ball i was using another little child. The game ends, and i go put the child (this one looking like my younger brother from the side of my mother) laying down with the other child. The first baby (the cousin one) seem rly precious to me, but it starts transforming into some bloody fleshy thing. I get the other baby a little away from the other, and now we are in what seems a room in an abandoned house, it's day. The fleshy baby just become some species of fleshing snail that with uman facial characteristics and completely ozes itself from hole in its skin membrane. At this point I felt destroyed and I ask my stepmother (that for some reason was there) what should I do, and she tells me with a playful comforting tone that the child was not even mine so why bother. Sodently the remaining shrunken membrane ita eaten by some bug thing that its quickly killed by my stepmother.
I said we have to go away from that place, when I go out I'm with fucking Orlando Bloom (the young version from pirates of the carab) when we go out we are the top of the abandoned house with is a towering rundown mansion covered in dead plants and leaves, it and the vegetation having a redish purple bue. I go to the other side of the balcony and I see some one at the top of another roof that is connected to my roof, from my reaction this was someone that was a rly old friend but I dion't know who he is. I see that this someone is dead, I tell Orlando to go quick, meanwhile a send a crow around the mansion that seems like is relaying a message, that we are not alone there, to hundreds of other corvids. It cut to me and Orlando and I give him a bull, the bull is in some sort of stable but in a palace witch is part of the mansion Orlando grabs im and goes. At this point I become Orlando and I'm going down a modern world to a building complex, were I meet some one that resembled the gay character of v from vendeta he invites me and my mom to his apparent. We go to this apartment and we have to go to another, we go on the bull down a road that my cousin used to live in ( cousin from the side of my mother), this is a road/street that I went through hundreds or thousands of times. We eventually reach our destination were i loose control of the bull, I try to grab jim by the tail and his behind starts burning with energy almost like fire, I try to keep him but the energy is overwhelming. When I let go the guy from v for vendetta is there and he playfully laughs joking at the fact that I lost control. I go with my mom to him and we go to some sort of buffet with vegan esc food and im weirded out and my mom almost force feeds me , and then I wake up
Please can some one explain this dream to me or something ir left me rly unnerved.
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2022.01.22 02:38 MAD_Iion Jheri.

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2022.01.22 02:38 messytaint Cursed_family

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2022.01.22 02:38 itstreeman That moon to the east is huge tonight. Look past glenrose if you can from where you live. Wow

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2022.01.22 02:38 believeitornotjail @ me next time

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2022.01.22 02:38 3ggu Job takes the thermite

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2022.01.22 02:38 STABMAN63 Law and Order

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2022.01.22 02:38 ggnavedd Iris Van Herpen Fall ‘21 Couture (Worn by Hailee Steinfeld, Met Gala ‘21) [1600x2401]

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2022.01.22 02:38 macmus1 Superultrawide on MBA ?

I'm planning to buy the MBA over the weekend and I'm very excited. I don't think i need MBP, cause it will be rather my word processing/programing/learning accessory. I already have ipad mini and i love it for reading newspapers, books and watching stuff.
MBA I'm planning to use it to do all the work outside the work i do on my work PC.
I use G9 Smasung SUW monitor and I wonder if MBA supports it. Will MBA support it ? Will it work with 2 monitors ?
I recovered my wifes 2012 MBA by changing SSD and I was using it for 2 weeks and fall in love with macos productivity. The resolution and performance of 2012 was quite rubish hence I am excited to try M1 and new screen. If this is going to be as smooth as M1 Ipad Mini I think i will love it.

Will M2 MBA come this year ?
Is it better to wait ?
What model do you suggest ? Is it worth paying 2x for MBP ?
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2022.01.22 02:38 stillenacht What is a reasonable cost for a large-ish apartment in a "nice" area

Hi all. I'm moving back to Boston, and am looking to rent either in Fenway near the time out market or in back bay near early.
I can definitely afford the fairly ludicrous rents I'm seeing (3500 for a new apartment ~700 sq ft, woof.) However, I was just wondering if some of the prices I'm seeing are "normal" or if I'm somewhat being taken for a ride. I'd prefer to keep it 3k or less, but I accept that may not be practical
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2022.01.22 02:38 ArrdvarkJ Looking for evo trade

I want to trade my Kadabra so I can evolve him. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.22 02:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - India's daily Covid cases over 3 lakh for 3rd day in a row; Omicron tally crosses 10,000-mark | Times of India

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2022.01.22 02:38 TyrantOdyssey [WP] Mental and emotional trauma appear as physical scars on the body, varying in size depending on the severity of the trauma. You have only one scar and it wraps around your body starting from the base of your neck to your ankle almost like a snake, and you have no memory of how you got it.

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2022.01.22 02:38 R0llsroyc3 POV: "Team" Objective -Chivalry 2

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2022.01.22 02:38 kay_xtacy Am I fu**ked up??

Do I picked the wrong special effects and type of card?
as a beginner I felt so fuxxked up
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