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For any Daniel Johnston fans I highly recommend jim Shepard very underground very very snazzy

2022.01.27 14:24 Glittering-Age-2220 For any Daniel Johnston fans I highly recommend jim Shepard very underground very very snazzy

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2022.01.27 14:24 ratchetpony The best sunsets are desert sunsets. Taken from a hilltop near Arroyo Salado campground

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2022.01.27 14:24 Yrguiltyconscience Time travel in Picard/Picard season 2

So according to the trailer, it looks like the method they use to drastically cut production cos-ehm-travel back in time, is the ol’ solar sling boogaloo.
Which is of course stupid as f….
The solar time travel deal always seemed like one of those TOS invention that were just too silly, so they quietly scrapped that in later shows. (And in-universe probably outlawed since it’s too dangerous.)
Abd seeing Guinan again? Piping hot Earl Grey! (WINK-WINK!) Do people in Picard ever drink anything else than hard liquor and Earl Grey?!
AND WHY IS GUINAN WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES FOR 50 YEARS?! Is it a (space) race thing? Did Guinan fall on very hard times?
And Jesus, she’s so FUCKING OLD! Weren’t her species supposed to live for like centuries? Now she has aged a century in a few decades?
It’s all so weird and depressing. I liked Picard I liked Guinan. And here they are, doing the exact same thing, just very, very old.
I don’t watch Trek for constant lessons in mortality ffs!
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2022.01.27 14:24 Freezer137 PSA - possible btb fix for now.

This works for me and others, but I don’t think I’ve seen people mention it really. To increase your chances of getting into btb games without issues, try changing your party settings to “open”. By default it is on “friends”. After doing this I have been able to enjoy btb without many issues. Try it out if you’re having problems wit Btb connectivity etc.
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2022.01.27 14:24 erugurara Is there have any offficial Mobian cow in any Sonic media?

There is a big quantaty of species that are slowly being put in the sonic style, i had to ask there any cow's?, either way they already put themselves bad to talk about species who cloud eat etch other whit the full Chili dogs and Porker being one of the animal friends.
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RAID SHADOW LEGENDS GUIDE: GRINDING FOR THE CLANFATHER WHILE RAIDING submitted by Blazencorp to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:24 rig-uh-TOE-nee Dealer saying no more hybrids are being built…

I just got a call from my dealer (Saybrook Ford, Old Saybrook, CT) that my hybrid will not be built this year because they are running out of them, and that 9 out of his 10 hybrids were not being built. He said my options are to switch to an ecoboost, or be first in line to order a 2023 this summer. I told him that's not true, and I know they are still scheduling and building hybrids, and as long as my order was placed before the cutoff it would be built for this year. I asked him if he did the order correctly and filled out the ROVP, and he wouldn't give me a straight answer. He asked what I wanted to do, and I said I was going to call Ford customer service and he hung up on me. I put my order in on 10/13 way before the hybrid cutoff and received the email from Ford. The funny thing is I emailed him yesterday just to follow up and I mentioned the ROVP and asked for a confirmation that the order was put through correctly, and this morning is when he called me. So, it sounds like I'm not getting a hybrid from him and not sure if I even want to now because he just seems shady. Luckily I didn't need to put a deposit down. What are my options?
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2022.01.27 14:24 FLATDARKTURDMOD2 [WTS] Geissele Super 42 H1/Tungsten weight~ $65 Danny D front/BCM QD~ $50 (MO)

Big G' Super 42 spring with H1 buffer and there tungsten weight to make it an H2/3 as well.
$65 Danny D front light salt with Mlok BCM QD
$50 submitted by FLATDARKTURDMOD2 to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:24 Important_Mushroom95 Minedonia [Roleplay] {Open World} {Free Build} {Creative} Roleplay

Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server welcoming players to join and help create the city. This project is a continuation of a project started in 2016 where players can join and help build up the city and do fun roleplays and activities. We have temporarily turned off our whitelist and everybody is welcome to join, you can join the Discord here for more information discord.gg/7bz6U4a7KA.
Join our server to experience:
-A completely open world free build experience with no restrictions on what to build, there is also full access to world edit and creative to help you.
-A dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play with.
-Constant back-ups and rollback plugin to get rid of griefers.
- Compatible with the Bedrock edition too, but recommend you use the Java edition.
We hope to see you around! Happy building!
Java Edition:
IP: Minedonia.serv.gs Version: 1.18/1.18.1
Bedrock Edition:
IP: Version: 41846
Join us today!
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2022.01.27 14:24 hjrrockies First- and second-order skepticism

I wanted to run an idea past the lovely people here. It's a description of two "levels" at which I am skeptical of the LDS Church. Mostly I want to clarify why I don't see myself participating in the institution even though I see that there are nuanced believers who do. This is not intended as a polemic against that approach, just an explanation for why I don't think it works for me.
The first "level" of the skepticism is just that I am genuinely skeptical of the church's truth claims and teachings. While there are plenty of Mormon ideas that I still rely on and appreciate, I find it really hard (impossible?) to believe that the LDS church is what it claims to be. I acknowledge that there are people who don't share this un-belief: many members are sincere believers that the church is really God's ordained institution. I am not trying to argue against that here, just to acknowledge that I have strong doubts.*
Among the believers, there are those who take a nuanced position on the LDS church's truth claims. By nuanced, I mean that they acknowledge that doubt is reasonable and justified, and that "gnostic certainty", while popular to preach over the pulpit ("I know this church is true"), is problematic in some ways. I appreciate this mindset a great deal, even though my own doubts are too strong for me to try to make things work as a nuanced believer (because I'm not really a believer at all).
This is where the Level 2 skepticism comes in: if my honest assessment of the truth claims is that doubt is reasonable, why does the church promote "gnostic certainty"? I genuinely respect people who make a nuanced distinction between the things they genuinely believe and the things they don't, but the church's own model for faith-building does not make much room for that approach. Basically, I could imagine myself putting up with some Level 1 issues if only the church were not so damn sure of itself. My Level 2 skepticism is that, even we grant some wiggle room for the church to teach things that have questionable evidence (in my mind), my life experience has taught me that seeking the truth more often leads to a healthy appreciation for doubt and uncertainty, rather than an insistence on gaining a "sure testimony." (Again, I want to grant that people can be sincere testimony-havers. I'm not suggesting that they are "bad".) To summarize: while I think the church is probably wrong about many of the truth claims it makes, I think the church is super-wrong in what it teaches about faith, testimony, and doubt.
This is, ultimately, the explanation I've landed on for why I left the church. I could, for a long time, stomach the teaching of things I was skeptical of. But I tried so hard to gain the beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt testimony that church leaders share over the pulpit. And that quest broke me. I spent years self-inducing psychological distress over my persistent doubts. It makes me really frustrated that the church's teachings about "faith, testimony, and doubt" did not provide a clear path to someone like me. I feel like if the church really understood how robust doubt is for some people, and how counterproductive certainty-seeking and doubt-elimination are for these people, it would be preaching a more nuanced approach to the whole thing. Instead, we continue to hear talks and read articles that espouse "sure witnesses" and iron-rod obedience to church teachings. It makes me feel like the church (and its leaders) simply do not appreciate what I feel like my whole life has taught me: Certainty is rarely, if ever, justified, and that an honest approach to finding what you believe in doesn't start off by saying "my goal is to become convinced that the church is true." I burned years of my life on that path.
Anyway, this turned into more of a personal rant. I welcome your feedback. Another note to believers: I intend no offense in what I wrote. I have worked hard to develop a renewed appreciation for faith in recent years. I don't mean to denigrate or dismiss your experience (which is probably different from mine). If you can honestly say you have a sure witness, I respect that honesty and do not intend to attack your beliefs.
*I think most of our discussions here revolve around Level 1 issues: evidence/arguments for and against the truth claims themselves. That's valuable in many ways, but it's also where there's a major impasse: it's hard to have productive conversations between even sincere believers and sincere non-believers, because our stance on the Level 1 questions is different, and it's hard to persuade each other on those questions. This does not mean that either side is in bad faith: it's just that the "mechanism" for changing our opinions on Level 1 questions is very personal.
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2022.01.27 14:24 FullRage Where to find the 1099 for 2021?

Nothing in the mail, where can I find Mercari 1099 at on the app or site?
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2022.01.27 14:24 sspanzerdivisionww2 No lore, fuck you, have a map

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2022.01.27 14:24 LordAqua333 Background Lore: The Pirates

The Heroes page was updated today for the addition of the Pirate (or Pirate Lord as it is named in the website for some reason, sounds a bit more interesting than Pirate in my opinion), and their lore was added in as well. The background lore does not have anything for their leader but that may happen in the coming weeks.

"After a string of dramatic climate changes, a new territory opened itself to the Pirates. For a very long time, they have traveled the seas and now, they have finally set their sights on Heathmoor. Armed with their signature cutlass and pistol, the only language the Pirates speak is of combat and chaos. No ship, harbor or warrior is safe from their ferocity."
So the Pirates went through the effects of the Cataclysm in maybe China or the seas nearby it and view Heathmoor as a more pofitable place to pilfer. Also for anyone asking what language the Pirate speaks, it is apparently is combat and chaos, weird name for a country.
"The Pirates’ main hub is an island near the Wu Lin continent that serves as neutral territory, but they themselves can come from all walks of life. Once alone, abandoned or forgotten, they have formed a union. The water is the only home they know, and they are fiercely loyal to one another. Theirs is a family, found and chosen. Covenants? Factions? Legions? They have no interest in any of that. All they care about is getting rich. They ally themselves with anyone who can help them – and they fight anyone who stands between them and their spoils."
It seems that the Wu Lin have seperated themselves from China to form their own continent, or Ubi has stopped the mention of China. Anywho, they are the first in our "mercenary" faction of Outlanders, and will side with whatever group that will make them rich.
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2022.01.27 14:24 -Lokal "Yedinci Mühür" filmine esin kaynağı olan, Albertus Pictor'un ölümle satranç oynayan şövalye tablosu. 1480-1490.

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2022.01.27 14:24 Sparkingblazer Easiest way to upgrade from windows XP to windows 10?

My computer specs met the minimum requirements for windows 10. I also see that the windows 10 iso file is downloadable. Would putting an SD card in my laptop running windows 10 and adding the iso file into it then putting it back into my windows XP desktop somehow let it open the iso file and update it? Sorry I'm sort of a computer noob.
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2022.01.27 14:24 Cromwell300 The two minis feature is awesome. Was able to depict the hero and villain from my upcoming book series squaring off and I was able to make my Taddol twin characters. Great stuff!

The two minis feature is awesome. Was able to depict the hero and villain from my upcoming book series squaring off and I was able to make my Taddol twin characters. Great stuff! submitted by Cromwell300 to HeroForgeMinis [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:24 pnglol I wish that was what it meant 😭

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2022.01.27 14:24 Accomplished_Host_21 Le mec rejoignez c est le meilleur gratuit avec plein de truc dessus même du rp

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2022.01.27 14:24 Arnadus [ATOM] Cosmos. Price ↘ -1.35% in 15 minutes

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2022.01.27 14:24 Next-Cell Greasy Runtz

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2022.01.27 14:24 born_to_be_naked Teenagers stop a small serial killer on the lose by doping it

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2022.01.27 14:24 who_knows_whos_nose "Unalived"

If you have ever used this word please do the world a favour and squeeze your own nutts the the point of rupture.
Thats it.
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2022.01.27 14:24 JakeConhale Lego Jeopardy built! The set came together beautifully! Submitted to Lego Ideas to potentially be made into an official set.

Lego Jeopardy built! The set came together beautifully! Submitted to Lego Ideas to potentially be made into an official set. submitted by JakeConhale to Jeopardy [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:24 Meret123 [NEO] Silver-Fur Master

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