what is a neon puffin worth right now

2022.01.16 16:01 jamdonut18 what is a neon puffin worth right now

i have no clue, if the categories don’t make sense just comment a few pets or a range
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2022.01.16 16:01 KilledJudy Tamisha is worth it. 🎠

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2022.01.16 16:01 Chilledfibro Lost in Space, NFT listed on Solsea.

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2022.01.16 16:01 Many_Sign2901 7 Logo Design Process You Can Learn And Master In 2022

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2022.01.16 16:01 Gemcat24 There’s an imposter among us.

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2022.01.16 16:01 Zypher22 [Xbox][H] Credits [W]Gold Cap, Blk Dieci, TW Octanes

[H] 155,000 Cr [W] Gold Cap
[H] 40,000 Cr [W] Exo Black Dieci
[H] 27,000 Cr [W] TW Dominus
[H] 13,750 Cr [W] TW Octanes (can repeat)
[H] 800 Cr [W]Tactician Black Dune Racer
[H] 450 Cr [W] Tactician BS Dune Racer
[H] 300 Cr [W] Tactician Unpainted Dune Racer
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2022.01.16 16:01 Bonus1Fact You should post the entire interview on your channel, then sit back and laugh as it gets more views than the original.

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2022.01.16 16:01 LCRWIFI when ispyconnect 7210 reboots under ispymonitor

A am a newbie to ispyconnect would like to setup ispyconnect so that when a crash happens and ispymonitor restarts ispy that it does so with all cams recording.
I have tried using the command line i/f using ispy.exe commands "record" and can launch the application, but if a crash occurs it does not restart in "record" mode. I can force a crash using taskmgr and it does restart but I have to manually turn on recording.
TIA for any insights
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2022.01.16 16:01 tbone20x when were you guys going to tell me about Love Me More?!

Asked Siri to shuffle Mitski while I was driving and it just came on randomly 😭 and I’m like “mhm haven’t heard this one before” only to realise I missed a new release!!!
Anyway love it, omw to play it to death
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2022.01.16 16:01 AbleRate7348 Melissa Satta - Elena Santarelli - Backstage Zanzibar (2011)

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2022.01.16 16:01 Fun-Bee8833 PUGG

To improve the cross-chain experience, provide a larger range of liquid mining opportunities, achieve multichain asset circulation, information contact, and generate decentralization, PUGG will integrate ECC into the BSC chain metaverse. The PUGG ecosystem will be powered jointly by the cross-chain bridge.
#Pugg #GameFi u/puggcoin
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2022.01.16 16:01 __SpeedRacer__ How to complete the Millionaire Accolade (Earn a 1 million score skill chain)?

I'm trying to complete the Millionaire Accolade (Earn a 1 million score skill chain) to get the Chevy Corvette ZR1, but I can't seem to do it. After many attempts, I could only get to 880k score skill chain.
How did you guys do it? I get my Corvete '53 up and down the highway, but for some reason, I can't turn it around in time to get back at high speed and keep my skill chain unbroken.
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2022.01.16 16:01 wheresmy_vodka After and before! My 1960s gplan, £10 charity shop bargain! The lower unit is our next project.

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2022.01.16 16:01 smlsa Why is Discord showing my activity even tho toggled off?

Today I was gaming. A few hours later I opened Discord and saw a friend texting me referring to me gaming. I asked how they knew and they said because it is displayed.
Thing is, I do not have Discord running when turning on the PC. I did not access it when I was gaming, thus I also did not get the notification from my friend.
In addition, under settings, the activity status display is not activated.
How come that it still displays it? Can it be because I have a few PCs and maybe on some it is not toggled off?
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2022.01.16 16:01 PaleozoicFrogBoy I attack opponents facedown monster, can my opponent use super poly once it gets flipped face up before damage calculation and destruction?

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2022.01.16 16:01 steamstream The Triumphant March of Lieutenant Maksym Taran - Chapter Eight

The Triumphant March of Lieutenant Maksym Taran - Chapter Eight 23rd December, 2018
I began the day like many other stalkers at Skadovsk; by going for a hunt with two novices I met yesterday. Beard told us about a pack of dogs frequenting the wetlands a few kilometres north of his ship. However when we arrived, our eyes spotted the said group of dogs fighting with a pseudogiant. I told my companions to be quiet and watch the spectacle. The canines were throwing themselves at the giant by dozens and even though the beast was much stronger, the dogs with their sharp teeth and large numbers were able to deal enough damage to slow the beast down. Finally, the pseudogiant killed them all and we stepped in, opening fire at the monster. It didn’t take much to kill him in his state.
Back in Skadovsk we split the payment I received for killing the pseudogiant and his body parts. The stalkers seemed happy. Maybe they won’t get rich but that money will keep them fed for the next few days…
24th December, 2018
Today the marshes of Zaton seem quiet, almost peaceful. The blanket of fog is hovering over the swamps. Beard sent me on another hunt. Some humanoid was seen around the Preobrazhensky Bridge. The stalker who reported was too scared to remember what it was, but said the mutant was wearing clothes… any mutant sentient enough to wear clothes might be a psychic so I feel obliged to eliminate it as soon as possible.
I went to the place where the mutant was sighted and perched myself on a bridge abutment. A few moments later I saw it - fat, dressed in an oversized coat and wobbling on its tiny legs. A Burer. It took me a few shots to exhaust the dwarf enough to make him drop his kinetic shield, but then only one to penetrate his thick skull. Psychic or not, no mutant can just shrug off the 7N14 round.
On my way back to the ship I encountered three members of that foreign military scouting the Forestry Management building. They didn’t see me coming in that thick fog. I took their PDA’s, but during the digging through their belongings I was in turn surprised by a Freedomer who jumped me from behind. He was too close to use my rifle so I shoved him away, shot him with my Colt and finished the job with a knife. You don’t mess with Spetsnaz… Judging by his gear - silenced AK-101 and a pathfinder suit in Freedom colours he was another assassin sent to get me.
The bandits attacked Shevchenko. The stalkers repulsed their attack, but Spartakus and four other stalkers lost their lives…
For the rest of the world it’s Christmas Eve… It’s hard to ignore even in an Orthodox country… Even in the Zone. Beard organised a supper for everybody in Skadovsk and survivors from Shevchenko. A feast for the living, a vigil for the fallen…
25th December, 2018
A small group of stalkers came to our shipwreck in the early morning. Among them were Dennis Friday and his companion, Biggie, who encountered these foreign soldiers yesterday as well. The stalkers were shot at by them south of the Volkhov complex but managed to kill the assailants and go through their equipment. Dennis told me they’re armed and equipped like a regular military and he found a few documents concerning the strange experiments performed in the Zone in their backpacks.
Dennis and Biggie are going to Pripyat in a few days. I have expressed willingness to travel with them, maybe I’ll find out something new about these foreign agents or the laboratories.
We went hunting boars in the Izumrudnoye resort, then travelled to the swamp south of the Sawmill to look for the artefacts. We found one called “Black Angel”. Not very useful, but quite valuable as the stalkers told me. A pack of pseudodogs and blind dogs attacked us there as well. We shot them down, but Biggie panicked and ran into an anomaly. There was nothing to pick up… The two of us returned to Zaton in a foul mood.
26th December, 2018
The sale of the Black Angel caught the attention of the other stalkers. One guy called Bonaparte and another one, a sniper nicknamed Hatrack, asked to join our team. The four of us left Skadovsk after breakfast and marched south, to Jupiter. By the cement factory we witnessed a fight between two loners and a group of bandits. The thugs largely outnumbered the stalkers so me and Hatrack put our skills to use, eliminating a few of the villains. After splitting the loot with the remaining loners, we hung out in the tower for a while, killing pseudodogs who came here, attracted by the smell of blood.
Our next destination was the mobile lab. The mutant body parts I gathered were slowly starting to smell, so it was high time to sell them to the eggheads. By the Anomalous Grove we discovered corpses of zombies and a scientist who died fighting these. When we were going through his equipment, a lone mercenary began sneaking up on us, but Bonaparte saw him first and gave me time to react. I quickly grabbed the rifle carried by the scientist and killed the assassin. I’m pretty sure he was another one sent to get me…
A few moments later we received a call for help from scientists which made our blood run cold. The mobile laboratory was attacked by a pseudogiant! We moved as quickly as possible, even ran through that overpass by the parking lot, yet when we arrived the mutant already barged inside. I was fearing the worst, luckily the heavy fire of the bunker’s security finally stopped the pseudogiant. We counted at least four dead guards outside and two researchers laying in the airlock, who desperately tried to prevent the beast from getting inside. The mutant finally died in the living quarters for the lab’s personnel. It was a dreadful sight and the smell… The smell was even worse. The cleaning will take a few days at least.
Luckily Hermann and Ozersky were still alive. To divert the attention of my companions away from that tragedy, we took a job from professor Hermann and went to place a scanner inside the Anomalous Grove. We got back after two hours and since the lab was still reeking of death and decay, I borrowed a few tents for us to sleep in.
27th December, 2018
After spending the night as the Ecologists’ guests Professor Hermann asked if we could grab some intel stashed in one of the apartments in Pripyat. After a brief conversation with my companions, they agreed that we will go out today. First, we went south, rounding the Yanov station. By the checkpoint we found the corpse of a bandit. Someone ripped the bastard apart with machine gun fire. Some time later I saw a red dot appearing on my PDA’s display; another Duty squad, passing by the Concrete Bath anomaly. We marched towards the mark and soon saw none other than Captain Zonovyev himself.
Captain was really happy to see me. The man clad in a heavy exoskeleton grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a bear hug. He told me that he was sent here by Petrenko and spent the last few days hunting mercenaries and bandits in the area. The mercs were gathering intel, clearly looking for something and trying to gain control over the artefact fields, which resulted in a few small-scale conflicts with free stalkers. When I told Zonovyev we are going to Pripyat, he gladly joined our team.
At this point I wasn’t sure what we were going to do there apart from searching for the documents. I heard some rumours about a laboratory located under one of the buildings, but didn’t have a clue where is it. After passing through the northern part of the Jupiter complex, we marched towards the underground depot, hiding the entrance to Pripyat-1 tunnels.
We stopped on the ledge of the underground shelter. Two figures were approaching our position from the direction of Zaton. After a quick glance through the binoculars I saw they’re most likely mercenaries and made a decision to eliminate them. We thoroughly searched the bodies, taking their grenades and ammunition and took a break in the underground train depot.
Three hours later, when we were mounting up, Bonaparte looked up from his PDA and announced that someone was asking for my whereabouts. A few moments later we were ambushed by a group of well-armed bandits. They barged inside the building and shot the stalkers. Zonovyev and I were lucky to be hidden behind the wall. We waited for the cutthroats to get closer and exterminated them in close combat. Unfortunately it was too late for our companions. Hatrack, Bonaparte and Dennis Friday have died on the doorstep of Pripyat. We took whatever could be of use to us and descended into the darkness…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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2022.01.16 16:01 SadBoiBrax Difficulty blocking. (Mouse And Keyboard)

I main Orochi and Kensei, I switched from console where I have 50 hours and am rep 11. To PC. I have about five hours on PC, deflecting, parrying, and dodging is much easier but I have trouble blocking with the mouse. I have guard mode sensitivity to 0, but it still feels too slow. I've done practicing where I set a bot to only lights and heavies, I feel like deflecting is WAAY easier than a simple block.
Any tips to improve blocking?
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2022.01.16 16:01 machinisttalk Draw

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2022.01.16 16:01 moglinmarie Moving to ABQ from Texas- any teachers have advice for relocating?

Hi there! Title offers a great summary. I’m pretty active in teachers but thought I’d ask y’all directly.
I’m a little unsure how to transfer my teaching license to NM. I started teaching during the pandemic and am taking some time off to move and substitute in the meantime. In Texas, certified teachers get paid a higher substitute rate than non-certified teachers. Does NM do the same thing? Any elementary schools you heavily recommend? I specialize in 3rd-5th grade for elementary subbing and would totally be willing to sub for middle schools.
Any advice you have would be SUPER appreciated!
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2022.01.16 16:01 dave_613 Why do many people seem to go straight from 10mg to 20mg of Lexapro?

I've noticed that a lot of people posting here seem to go straight from 10mg through to 20mg.
I've just increased from 10mg to 15mg as I felt that the "standard" dose wasn't helping enough with my anxiety and depression.
I was thinking about asking my doctor for 20mg but he made pretty clear that he preferred to step up in 5mg increments and evaluate things at monthly intervals.
What's the argument in favor of jumping up by 10mg at a time?
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2022.01.16 16:01 BR41NF4RT Games showing up in wrong directory?

I set up a few subfolders within my "games" folder, however a lot of the games will show up in the wrong subdir, even after I've confirmed they're not actually in there. They show up in the right spot, too, just a few show up in folders they're not supposed to be.
Using UnleashX.
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2022.01.16 16:01 bogvapor What’s Going on With my Pothos

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2022.01.16 16:01 Philosothink That reminds me ..

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2022.01.16 16:01 Jonanfulano 😔

Check out this comment! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1265813381?t=2891s&comment=0e3093b4-1881-43e4-ba47-7d469fc5213c
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2022.01.16 16:01 TasumiThierl Ussop is not the protagonist and that won't change for Elbaf

So many people talk and write about Ussop and Elbaf. They say that Elbaf will be "Ussop's arc", it will all be centered around him. He will get a huge power up among other things. Reasons given for that are that he wants to go there since Little Garden, his father is presumably there and so on. Similar things could have been (and maybe were) said about Fish-Man Island in regards to Nami. We see Fishmen the first time when the Strawhats come to take her, all the way back in the East Blue Saga. We learn that she was tormented by Fishmen. Going to Fish-Man Island is difficult and requires good navigator. So did Nami get a huge power up on Fish-Man Island? Was everything centered around her? Was it "Nami's arc"? She had a short emotional scene with Jinbe, that was it. Ussop will have some cool scenes, but these won't be the highlights of Elbaf. Way more important things will be happening.
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