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2022.01.24 16:04 emily-lowenbrau A window

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2022.01.24 16:04 RedditFrenzy What champions do you play when Teemo is banned?

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2022.01.24 16:04 fdrsblunt i never get a lot of upvotes on here anymore, any suggestions? 22f

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2022.01.24 16:04 McJumbos [Summers] Some tough news for #Pelicans Didi Louzada — tore his medial meniscus in his left knee during Friday’s Squadron game (saw it happen, non-contact was dribbling & trying to cut around a defender). A date for surgery has not been set, for the time being he is out indefinitely.

[Summers] Some tough news for #Pelicans Didi Louzada — tore his medial meniscus in his left knee during Friday’s Squadron game (saw it happen, non-contact was dribbling & trying to cut around a defender). A date for surgery has not been set, for the time being he is out indefinitely. submitted by McJumbos to NOLAPelicans [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:04 bakabakashiiiii Didn’t talk to bf for 5 days now after an argument. Just curious how long does it take for a guy to miss their girflfriend?

Hello. Me(25f) and my bf(25m) had a small argument that got big 5 days ago. We’re on an ldr relationship and only talk through social media to communicate. Since he hanged up on me on that day I was so upset that I nonstop called him for an hour but he didn’t pick up I don’t know it was bedtime for him already, I am not sure if he ignored me on purpose or he’s just asleep. And I even asked his mom to check on him if he’s awake or not. After that, I decided to deactivate my social media. I am so ashamed of myself that I can’t bring myself to reach out to him. I feel so anxious and depressed right now don’t know what to do. So just wanted to know do guys actually miss their girlfriends and if they do, do they reach out?
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2022.01.24 16:04 ChadCharles20 Steve handjob

Holy shit i binge watched almost half all of gigguk channel video .But to be real i just got back into reading manga and anime again,Mr garnt himself video help me alot through this tough time of family issue .Saying that might come out as dumb because some guy review anime very passionately help you through your issue .Gigguk video help me to keep my chin up and i just gonna fight through it .I don't think anybody gonna read this .But atleast what i can say is thank you garnt. P/s : Eat your damn crust
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2022.01.24 16:04 binarynate Coming to Grips with the American Civil War

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2022.01.24 16:04 Shrek_is_god666 In lore

Could the silent king kill the lion?
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2022.01.24 16:04 ColorfulSoup172 Could a fielder run in and block a ball just after the batter makes contact

Would it be possible for a fielder like the 3rd baseman to run in towards home plate and get their body just in front of the plate such that if the batter makes contact with the ball, the fielder blocks the ball with their body.
I'm guessing you'd need a pitcher with a fairly slow windup so the fielder can move during the motion. Maybe you could get called for trying to distract the batter, but assuming the batter is looking at the pitcher, you should just stay out in their peripheral vision until after they swing where you can then dive in front of the plate. Like a goalie in soccer. We also already see fielders run in on bunts.
The fielder may also want to wear some extra padding and a catcher's mask.
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2022.01.24 16:04 Xpberb FL Studio History Tab

This may be a dumb question. But what exactly forces FL to kick you out of your browser and all the way up to History Tab? I use that tab from time to time, but it really kills my workflow having to go back and dig through samples.
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2022.01.24 16:04 Fun_Appearance_2546 The Pastafarian Creed in Cebuano

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2022.01.24 16:04 SlavaChvi Who is the MVP of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 3?,

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2022.01.24 16:04 Agnxf What is your opinion on cancel culture?

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2022.01.24 16:04 Federal_Base_1005 A fun Christmas party pt.1

So basically there is a family friend who has been working in our house for a while. Personally believe if I want to dress nice or look nice, I will. But why would I dress up on my house? I won't. Anyways so this guy has seen me look like an absolute bum and all of that. Then we had a Christmas party and he was there. The family friend, I'll call him Joe and the other guy Sam. So Joe was staring right at me with his mouth was opened because I looked really amazing. I said hi to everyone and when I finally got to Joe he said 'wow you look, great'. I said thank you and that was that. I caught him staring a few times. And maybe 10 minutes later I started drinking. Then I took 2 shots. Joe drank the 2 others with me. And Joe said that he never knew I was so much fun and while he said that he kept staring at my ass and down my shirt. I'm ngl I was a little tipsy so I didn't mind. Anyways right after I made some drinks for everyone bc I am a drink master and I made one for this really gorgeous girl. I'll call her Kate. Kate is a gorgeous blonde with a tight body and a beautiful smile. Anyways made Kate and her boyfriend some drinks. With this all the people who were drinking my concoction were getting pretty drunk.
All the ladies took a group picture and Kate was grabbing my ass. I didn't mind bc neither did her boyfriend. Anyways we took the picture and my parents told me to stop drinking bc I accidentally forgot I had a cup in my hand and dropped it. Obviously I didn't stop bc Joe made sure I was having fun, so him and I started to share the drink I made him. Then I also drank a beer discreetly. As the night went on my parents tried to keep an eye on what I was doing but there were so many cups everywhere and too many things to do. So I got away with drinking a lot more.
Eventually everyone convinced Sam to have one of my special drinks, i made one for him and he loved it. Earlier throughout the party I caught him staring at me too, so when he started to touch me a little throughout the party I wasn't too surprised. I made Kate, Joe and Sam about 3 more drinks until Kate was pretty drunk. She had drank 8 shots before I got to the party, plus the 3 shots we took when i got there and then the 3 drinks I made her. But anyways her step sister asked me to make them 1 for the road bc they'll share, so I did and then they left to go to another party. Then there were 3.
So after Kate left it was just Sam and Joe. I made Joe another drink while Sam and I shared the drink I made him. I sat right beside Sam and he started to play footsies with me. It's been a long time since a guy has done that to me. In my head I was thinking I must look fantastic bc Sam and I have met each other before but we barely had a conversation, he barely looked at me. Whereas I always thought he was cute but never pursued it. So while he was doing that my mother was standing in front of us just talking. And I was getting excited bc she could possibly catch us. Eventually we started talking about Ghost stories, Joe started talking about some things he experienced. I decided to sit right beside him, so I grabbed the chair I was sitting on and put it beside him. Now I was in-between Joe and Sam. As Joe told his story, I was also playing footsies with Sam. Joe asked me if I was even listening and I grabbed his hand, looked in his eyes and bit my lip and said of course I am. He smiled so hard and continued. I was playing footies with Sam still while watching Joe and made sure no one else saw what was going on. As Joe was talking, I was given a snack, it was so delicious. I had like 5 little bowls of the snack. Then Joe gave me another snack. I told him I was too full, he said its okay and he fed me a spoon while looking at my lips I looked him in his eyes while taking the spoon in my mouth. I moaned and said 'thank you Joe, that was so good'. Joe smirked. Eventually everyone left and it was just Sam, Joe and I. Joe told me he was out of a drink so I scooted passed him to make him one. My ass pressed up against his dick and he lightly touched my ass with his hand and I could tell he was getting hard. I'm Sam was in the washroom so he didn't see any of this. I passed Joe his drink and he wanted me to scoot pass him again so he could touch me again but I couldn't give him that satisfaction. Sam was on his phone so he saw none of this.
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2022.01.24 16:04 THEZUKUS Hailey Baldwin Wears a Body Chain With a Tie-Dye Bikini

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2022.01.24 16:04 Joslr722 Me and a buddy needing some better gear (XBOX SERIES X):

Hey everyone, me and a buddy recently started playing generation zero and we love it. We’ve gotten to a point in the game where our weapons are not strong enough to keep us alive and we can’t seem to find anything better. Just making a post to see if anyone has any extra gear lying around they don’t use anymore, it would be much appreciated. Thanks to all and have a fantastic Monday!!
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2022.01.24 16:04 saadmerie Outsourcing Mastery 2021

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2022.01.24 16:04 F1nchy1878 Anyone know why the maps don’t rotate on ranked?

Always wondered why it’s always the one map. Feel very bored of worlds edge at the moment but then want to keep playing ranked. I have been enjoying arenas to be fair but it’s not the same is it
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2022.01.24 16:04 powerrankingsnba Official /r/nba Power Rankings #7 (1.24.2022) - It's cold and so is your team

29/30 rankers reporting this week. /NBA's Power Rankings are published every two weeks which is a bit different from most rankings. Other than that we rank the teams the same way as our competition. If write ups are left blank the team rep decided not to submit. We encourage any user to fill in the blanks in the comment section.

# Team Δ Record Comment
1 Suns +1 36-9 The 4th Quarter Suns might be the feared NBA team since the 3rd Quarter Warriors. The Suns continue to flip that switch when the game is close and dominate clutch time. This Suns team, despite having played the T-fewest clutch games, has the third most clutch wins (15-3 record), and also have an abolutely absurd net rating of 42.7 (ORTG 133.6, DRTG 90.8). Looking at the "clutch" net rating stats for players with more than 10 clutch games played, the Suns entire starting lineup takes up five of the first six spots. And while everyone knows CP elevates his game when its winning time but Devin Booker, who continues to be unsung in national media, is shooting a ridiculous 63% from the field in the clutch.
2 Warriors -1 34-13 Steph seems to have the yips. It'a been 20 games of bad shooting. Only 2 out of 20 of those games has Steph shot above .500 from the field. Over the 20 game stretch he has been shooting a putrid .388/.328/.891 which equates to a 54.3 TS%. Tuurrrrible. He hit a buzzer beater though. Despite Draymond being out the Warriors have been able to rely on their defense to keep them in games, ranking 6th in DRating since his injury. Despite these issues Warriors beat UTA and CHI, but they lost big to MIL and lost at home to MEM. It's hard to pinpoint what this team is without Steph shooting like he usually does.
4 Grizzlies +1 32-17 Ja continues his path to All-NBA and a fringe MVP candidate, what's been more important is his defense has taken a step up from awful to managable, which may actually be more attributable to Jaren Jackson Jr's emergance as a legitmate DPOY candidate. We have a relatively easy stretch of games coming up, which may open the doors to sneak into the 2 seed, and contend for the best season in Grizzly history.
4 Heat +3 30-17 Not much has changed since the last time rankings were done. Bam Adebayo has returned and picked up where he left off pre-injury, Jimmy Butler got 2 technicals at the same time, and the Miami Heat can turn any players into contributors. With the return of Adebayo we've seen Yurtseven go back to the bench even though he provided great minutes the past few weeks. Omer and Bam don't work too well together and Spoelstra has always favored veterans off the bench over young guys if he can help it. It shouldn't affect our success in the short term though with Bam back and feasting. We've missed Kyle Lowry and Tyler Herro for the past week due to separate issues, but outside of that everything is pretty good for the Heat.
5 Nets +1 29-17
6 Bucks +2 30-19 After not putting the Bucks in the #1 spot since the preseason, I finally have them back in my top spot despite some recent struggles. It's pretty simple IMO -- when Jure, Khris and Giannis play, the team is 18-3 and nobody else in the league has looked as good as them. And that's all despite the team's 4th best player, Brook Lopez, not having played since the season opener.
7 Jazz -3 30-17 The Jazz are in an absolute free fall. Injuries to Gobert and Mitchell has seen the team slump to just 2-7 in their last 9 games, only OKC have a worse WL over every team's last 9 games, and there doesn't look to be a short term end to these woes. Bogdanovic suffered a knee contusion in a loss to Golden State while Gobert had a calf tear. With back to back games against Phoenix before a road game in Memphis the Jazz's January from hell looks set to continue.
8 Cavaliers +3 28-19 Cavs going 6-1 since the previous power ranking with a loss to the Bulls feels good, and Garland averaging 21/5/12 in that span has been the main catalyst in key victories over the Nets and Jazz. This is our third 6-1 span over a 7 game stretch this year, which tells me that if we get hot in the right moment, any team in the East will have a hard time matching up with our size over a 7 game series. The Cavs could still use guard/wing help, and they’re one of the most active teams in the market right now, but they may choose to exercise patience at the deadline as they can absolutely afford to re-sign both Sexton and Rubio and address whatever holes remain with our 22 FRP, the MLE, or in the 22-23 season by the deadline. If neither Sexton/Rubio are traded within the next 3 weeks, it would seem that our intention is to retain bird rights in order to give them offers this offseason.
9 76ers -- 27-19 We will all be witnesses to the greatness that is Joel Embiid. While many Sixers fans (myself included) may find ourselves addicted to the "slop" of the trade deadline and focus on the frustrating losses to the Wizards and Clippers (another example of the Sixers' poor rebounding this season), the team from Philly has actually been playing some very solid basketball lately. For the past 2-3 weeks, they have been around the top 5 in net rating and are fluctuating into/out of the top 10 overall. Something interesting to note this year? The Sixers are currently 17-9 on the road and 10-10 from home, which is quite the turnaround in the Embiid-era. Player to watch: Can you pick anyone else besides Joel Embiid? This man is putting himself into the top 3 of the MVP ladder and his star is only getting brighter.
10 Bulls -7 28-17 For the time being, the Bulls no longer come from Chicago- they actually reside in the injury report. Zach, Lonzo, Caruso, Pat Williams, Derrick Jones Jr, and Javonte Green will all have missed significant time even after the Covid spike in December, and the team is feeling those losses severely on the defensive end. After topping out at a 2.5-game lead in the East, we are now squarely back in that tight top 6. DeMar continues a season that should earn him a place in the top 5 of MVP voting, and his protege Ayo Dosunmu is having a standout season among all rookies. Let's keep our eyes on the playoffs, Chicago! (P.S.: Fuck Grayson Allen.)
11 Mavericks -1 27-20 The Mavs' defense continues to be a staple, now the #4 defense in the NBA. Kristaps Porzingis has played a key part in this, hosting a team (qualified) best defensive rating, and averaging almost 3 blocks per game since returning from Covid. Luka Doncic has also stepped up his play, eclipsing 35 points in 2 of his last 3 games. A bigger, yet minor, move the Mavs made recently was signing Marquese Chriss, a standout on the hardship exception, and moving on from Willie Cauley-Stein. WCS battled personal issues to close his Mavs tenure, but this was a clear roster upgrade to one of the weakest frontcourt depth charts in the NBA.
12 Nuggets -- 24-21 I could talk about the continued struggles of Facu and his ridiculously terrible on/off numbers, or the generally mediocre play of most of the team this season, however this will instead be a Nikola Jokic appreciation post. Jokic in the 7 games since the previous rankings: 27 PPG, 12 RPG, 10 APG, 64% FG, 41% 3PT, and a four game triple double streak in the middle of it. His impact on the team's success cannot be overstated, and the fact that this team is still the 6th seed in the West without Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. has been nothing short of a miracle. While a deep playoff run may be out of the picture this year, at least we can all sit back and enjoy the show that Jokic puts on every game.
13 Hornets +2 26-21 The Hornets have found a level of consistency I haven’t seen in a long time. We are, for the most part, beating the teams we should beat, and competing with the teams that should beat us. Right now, it’s looking like the Hornets will be in the battle for the 6 seed to avoid the play in tournament. LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges have solid all star resumes. Any way you slice it, this team is ahead of schedule, and playing with house money. If you’re a Hornets fan, I don’t know how you could be any happier with this team’s development right now. What a great season it has been so far.
14 Celtics +5 24-24 The Celtics are back at .500 for the season. This is the perfect .500 team. Win a couple games and get above .500? Time to lose 2 or 3 in a row so we're back under. Perfectly balanced. It'll probably be just enough to fuck around the rest of the season and end up as the 8th seed or in a play-in game, screwing them out of a potential lottery pick. Over the next 2 weeks, the Celtics go up against the Kings, Hawks, Pelicans, Heat, Hornets, Pistons, and Magic. Who knows which Celtics team will show up. We'll probably lose to the Kings, beat the Hawks and Hornets, blowout the Heat, and then lose to the Pistons and Magic.
15 TWolves +1 23-23 Wolves are 7-4 since the new year and they finally found their offense. Wolves lead the league in offense since Jan 1st and are 4th in net rating. The Wolves have hit their last season wins mark before all star break and looking to keep that momentum.
16 Raptors -3 22-22 On the bright side, the raptors have had competitive games. Scottie Barnes posted a new career high, Pascal has continued to shine, and Gary Trent Jr. is back from injury. However we are running our players into the ground playing them 40 minutes a night, and still losing. At some point we need to accept our bench will lose us games and play them regardless. The fatigue seems to be getting to all our starters in various games. We desperately need contributions from players such as Watanabe, Svi, and Banton. Hopefully over the coming weeks we can rely more on them as I’m fearful of the health of our starters playing them as we currently are.
17 Lakers -3 23-24 The Lakers are like the Globetrotters,they got stars and fans will sometimes even want to watch them over their favorite team but in this case to watch them put together a complete disaster on display.They continue to seesaw around the .500 mark,there doesn't seem to be any kind of consistency that they're building.The past couple of weeks have had some awful drama,as mutliple reports came out indicating Vogel's job being in jeopardy,the firing of Vogel seemed imminent after a crushing loss to the Nuggets by 37 and another home loss to the Pacers where Russ,who's been abysmal was benched.The Lakers are currently on their annual grammy trip,which features matchups against some East heavyweights.Lebron James continues his amazing scoring run with 17 straight games of 25+ points and is second in scoring in the NBA.AD is expected to return sometime within this road trip and him at the five along with some of the small-ball habits the Lakers have developed over the past weeks could be intriguing to watch and maybe they can avoid the play-in if the approach works out well. sigh
18 Knicks +2 23-24 RJ Barrett is the real deal. Kid's a machine when it comes to fundamental basketball, and his leadership is more profound than anyone else on the team, save maybe Taj Gibson. Fact of the matter is that we've been playing like a .500 basketball team. We handily beat teams with losing records, but lose to teams with winning records. Randle has been playing up and down (mostly down as of late) but RJ has really stepped up and is the convincing second option in front of Fournier now. If (and while an if, it is seeming likelier than at the beginning of the season) RJ can apply his outstanding perfrormaces more consistently, I forsee a gradual shit in him becoming the focal point of the offense above Randle. In any case, I hope to hell we get DRose back soon because we need a damn PG to pick up the playmaking slack. Toughest remaining schedule in the NBA from this point on. Let's see what the Knicks are really made of when the postseason is on the line. Quote of the week: "Loyalty is its own reward" -Lion El'Jonson
19 Wizards -1 23-24 Blow it up. Just blow it up. Bradley Beal continues to struggle to define himself as the leading man of a good NBA. Despite a relatively tough stretch of games without Wes Unseld Jr and Kyle Kuzma, Beal did not put together performances that warranted the dumping of assets for Jerami Grant or Sabonis. It is pretty impressive how much pain one can feel while watching his team sit around .500. And while one can be upset about the current state of the Wizards, at least they don't have Russell Westbrook.
21 Hawks -- 21-25 The Hawks are maybe finally starting to look like an actually good basketball team? With four straight wins that include victories over the Heat and the Bucks, the Hawks have looked like a different team since trading Cam Reddish. The bench units, which have been a disaster all season, are suddenly providing solid minutes led by a resurgent Danilo Gallinari and a vastly underrated Delon Wright. However, perhaps the best thing about the Hawks (other than Trae Young who is just absolutely insane as always) lately has been the play of Onyeka Okongwu. OO has flashed signs of brilliance as both a rim protector and as a roll man and looking every bit like what Hawks fans have expected him to be. With Okongwu, Clint Capela, and De'Andre Hunter all finally back in the lineup, the Hawks might finally start playing some defense and winning some games.
21 Clippers -4 23-25 The healthy roster has grit, they play hard and aren't too bad. If the 2018 roster could take GSW to 6 games, then I could see this team winning a few playoff games.
22 Trail Blazers +2 20-26 The Blazers have won 6 of 8; and honestly, they've done that while basically trying to tank. Dame has been shut down indefinitely. Powell is just...gone. CJ took extra time off for the birth of his baby. And Zeller is back on the shelf to continue his rehab. They're starting and giving big minutes to Nassir Little and Ant Simons, while giving significant run to Watford, McLemore, and Smith Jr. They're doing everything right to tank. They're just not losing. There are a lot of explantions for this, but the crux of it is this: Anfernee Simons is a star.
23 Pelicans +3 17-28 What the Pels lack in overall talent they're making up for in hustle. Herb Jones continues to crush and ranks as the best wing defender in the league, Jose Alvarado is looking like another steal (and oh so many cookies he's taken), and Willie Gang is a land of friendship and hard work. BI has been playing like an All-Star, and we have good momentum to try and reach the Play-Ins as long as he stays healthy. Being active at the deadline for a guard seems key, and if the Blazers start the tank (Please give us Stormin' Norman) we have a good shot to really surpise some teams and make some noise. Also, BI and Hart bought tickets for Alvarado's family during their New York trip - Flock Up means Family.
24 Kings +1 18-30 Yuh, Terrance Davis. From out of nowhere, he comes in and drops 35 points. Remember the name! Unfortunately, Tyrese "Young GOAT" Haliburton has been out these past two weeks but we will soon see him + fox play together, perhaps for the last time since the trade deadline is in about two weeks.
25 Pacers -2 17-30 At this point, the tank is in full effect, whether Herb Simon likes it or not. Down 6 (6!!!) of their top rotation guys, Indiana followed up surprising back to back wins in LA and Golden State with an absolute shellacking at the hands of Phoenix. The young guys for this team are getting a lot of good experience, and it looks as though the Pacers will have their highest draft choice since taking Paul George. With the trade deadling approaching, look for Indy to load up on even more draft assets.
26 Spurs -4 17-30 The Spurs keep playing good teams close and keep losing games. All going according to plan I suppose. Also, Dejounte Murray is an All-Star; please vote accordingly. The Spurs have @Rockets, Grizzlies, Bulls, @Suns, Warriors, Heat, Rockets over the next two weeks before getting a 5 day break in the schedule to preempt the annual Rodeo Road Trip.
27 Rockets +2 14-33 Eric Gordon's godly shooting has given the Rockets a few wins here and there, and with the controversy behind him, it seems that KPJ has found his niche as the closer for the team. It has to be said, however, that Jalen Green is not going through his best run of form these days. You have to hope that it's just growing pains.
28 Thunder -1 14-32 If anything sums up the current state of tanking in the NBA, it's this: Oklahoma City has won one (1) game in the entire month of January, with that win coming against a heavily depleted Brooklyn team starting players who could easily feature on TNT's "Who He Play For" despite being several months in the season. And yet, the Thunder can't even break into the top 3 of lottery odds. Normally, one might consider a young team being on pace to exceed their preseason O/U (23.5, according to BBR) to be a good thing, but many hardcore Thunder fans might be anxiously remembering last season, when a 50/50 coin flip at both a top 4 pick and the #5 pick turned into a single pick at #6 after a win on the last night of the year dropped their odds.
29 Pistons -1 11-35 6-7 record in January shows we are making some strides. We certainly have looked competitive in recent games, particularly against the Jazz (skewing my ranks for them this week). Cade just tied the Pistons rookie record through 36 games for most 25-5-5 games with Grant Hill and Isiah Thomas. He's the real deal guys. Anything else is just gravy.
30 Magic -- 9-39 The return of Suggs has brought some semblance of life to this team. Unless some late season heroics are in store for the Magic, it looks like they'll be going into the offseason with the lottery's best odds. With the trade deadline looming, it'll be interesting to see what WeltHam do with this young roster.
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2022.01.24 16:04 fordgt1221 Guys I need help . I used to be an athlete but onlyfans chicks have ruined me .

Guys I am trying to recover to my best phase , when I was on top of my game i never fappped because I knew it would take always my power which I always needed in the game . But now I am addicted to onlyfans chick and spending my money like it’s the real deal . I feel miserable . I don’t want my parents hard earned money going on this . I want to go back to my earlier ways where that money was only spent on diet books and a good coach . I once took my no fap spree to 97 days . But Now even 3 days I want to talk to that chick. Help . 🥺
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2022.01.24 16:04 pardonmyfinger if congress idiot the "ankdfkjd the" ajkd "the and" what else? why?

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2022.01.24 16:04 Goal-Awkward human retsuko!

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2022.01.24 16:04 crytoloover Snowflake floki token SCAM🚫 Snow flake floki token news | The Right Way

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2022.01.24 16:04 Naive_Grass_5529 Did what the directions said, don't know what I did wrong... Any advice?(first time making cookies) burnt and not done inside.

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