I hope pvz 3 would just straight up freaking die

2022.01.27 03:33 SCP-718 I hope pvz 3 would just straight up freaking die

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2022.01.27 03:33 Reginleif69 I am a disgrace and I should play a "lighter" tank according to the Tiger P

Sorry guys I wont play T-103 anymore I obviously cost us the game :(
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2022.01.27 03:33 Grouchy_Energy_1394 "Is this who "We" are?" Proposed Arizona law would make teachers liable for not outing students to their parents who confide that they are LGBTQ

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2022.01.27 03:33 Yana_dice Am I being too persistence? What should I do?

Sorry if I missed anything on this post, this is my first time posting here. I have been thinking what review should I leave or what should I do for a leather pouch I ordered.
I ordered a leather pouch for camera accessories back in December and it arrived weeks ago. The pouch I receive has a few difference:

  1. The snap buttons is steel silver instead of the bronze-ish shown on the photos.
  2. The stitches on the button sides look different, though this is a minor issue.
  3. There is a very stand out logo on the pouch (light yellow letter compare to the brown leather). In most photos shown on the etsy page there were no logo. Only 1 or 2 picture with a logo composed of light marking without altering the color of the leather. The logo on the pouch I received really stands out because of the color contrast.
I messaged the seller and asked if there is anything I can DIY myself to fix those differences, I wasn't even asking for a refund or return.
He/she replied that he/she was out of bronze snap button, and "When the images are photos are processed and viewed from different monitor, there is a difference. The logo is the same, just the relief is clearly not visible in the photos."
So I pulled all of my monitors in use including a cellphone, 2 computer monitors, a Mac, and a graphic tablet. Confirmed that the logo only showed on a few photos while the rest of the photos did not. I even use software to adjust the contrast to back my finding.
I messaged him/her again with my comparison and suggested a update on the listing photos. Which he/she eventually did without further reply. The new photos do have logo included, but the logo shown is still way concealing than the actual item I received.
I picked this product because of how "plain" it appears on the photos, I would not have bought it if I know the logo is so stand out in compare to the photos. I am not sure what kind of review should I leave, I don't want to ruin someone with a less-than 5 stars review, but I don't want to leave other future buyers to run into similar problem...
Sorry for the long post, I am trying to be as detail as possible and English is not my first language.
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2022.01.27 03:33 criptoenewb Not the best but the card is beautiful

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2022.01.27 03:33 Ralfop 4-In-1 Lotion Shampoo Gel Travel Dispenser Access up to 4 lotions, shampoos, and more instantly with the 4-in-1 Lotion Shampoo Gel Travel Dispenser! Simply rotate the top to access your travel bottle of choice. Leakproof and sturdy, this is a great addition to any travel bag.

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2022.01.27 03:33 AutoModerator Daily Looking For/Request Thread

Weekly watering thread has been temporarily removed due to inactivity. If you need watering, please ask here! If we get a lot of people asking for watering, we will make watering threads again.
Please post all requests here. This includes asking people to make furniture for you, asking for fruit, recipes, villagers, etc.
Any vote manipulation will result in a ban.
Do not offer to tip or pay anything. This way, we prevent lurkers from expecting payments.
If you are inclined to donate after the transaction, you may do that but don't mention it in your comments.
Do not bold your comments or ANY part of your comments.
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2022.01.27 03:33 LawrenceOnKeyboard 🚢🪐

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2022.01.27 03:33 JafarAllahverdi Australian farmer Ben Jackson couldn't attend his aunt's funeral, so instead he laid out grain for his sheep in the shape of a heart so that "she could see it through the clouds"

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2022.01.27 03:33 selfgrowthjourney Is it possible to be present and be dissociating at the same time?

My dissociation (both drug induced and childhood trauma related) is where my mind is blank and I don’t have many thoughts or feelings, but I don’t have extreme dissociative symptoms like I used to. Now, I am numb basically every moment of the day, and have different like moods? Or states of awareness. I function basically off my poor memory and false sense of confidence, instead of addressing the dissociation (which is too overwhelming with all I’ve got going on). I’ve gotten so good at dissociating to where I appear normal that I don’t know to fix it. I keep telling myself “when I come back” but I don’t know if that will ever happen, honestly and truly. Sometimes I think about how far away I feel from myself, but I can’t take the sadness and depression so I just dissociate even more. I feel so complicated and don’t know what to
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2022.01.27 03:33 TheEnglishman58 Bed Adhesion Issues after Filament Change

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2022.01.27 03:33 _QR-coded_ What is the least played dino in legacy in survival?

Ps: Also what's dino you consider to be overrated and underrated?
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2022.01.27 03:33 jjohnson863 First year attending! How much should my tax refund be (compared to residency)?

I know this varies widely, but literally nothing in my form from last year has changed except 1) form 1099-R for doing the backdoor roth IRA, and 2) my salary for the year was 83k since i started in September and it still took into account my resident salary. My tax return last year was 1800 and this year it's about the same - did I mess something up or does that seem about right?
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2022.01.27 03:33 AniGabe Different colored mucus coming out from different nostrils. (Not in much worry just curious)

13 years old. 102 LBS 5’3 No Drug or Alcahol use (obviously) No Prescribed Medications
I recently had a really strong cold (not covid thankfully) and it has passed. Though i am constantly having nasal discharge and have lots of snot lately. Though my real concern is that on one nostril i am constantly discharging dark yellow mucus, and on the other its clear. This has never happened to me before so im pretty confused. What does this mean? And yes this is completely constant throught any time of day
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2022.01.27 03:33 mental_foundry Punisher and Daredevil I drew

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2022.01.27 03:33 berndkopf44 This is the Title

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2022.01.27 03:33 Future_Arrival_8197 Advantages and Disadvantages for being SELF-EMPLOYED. PLEASE ANSWER :)

Hello, I'm just curious about how SELF-EMPLOYED people manage their money? Are self-employed people entitled to any benefits for example, long service leave, maternity leave, sick leave etc. What are some benefits and disadvantages of being self-employed? THANKS
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2022.01.27 03:33 Specialist_Link4842 Full webinar of 24/1/22 on you tube ...

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2022.01.27 03:33 Admirable-Divide-679 I DESPISE being hypersensitive

I am having to push those feelings aside because it’s too intense, I don’t want to but if I don’t, I become a crying anxious mess. It has never gotten easier, I have just found ways to project myself as a normal person, I am a cold but also sensitive person, I say what people want to hear out of fear of having an outburst at contradictions or potential arguments.
Someone touches my arm, I shut down, someone shouts at me, I shut down. Someone isn’t using the right tone, someone is unaware of a stupid argument they’re making and will NOT even consider any other view point and it sets me off. It fucking sucks, nothing works for me anymore. Even my own voice makes me upset, it can be deep but I don’t like the way the vibrations feel and it attracts too much attention. Tossing and turning in bed is too loud and I fear that I will wake everyone up. I can not handle stress at all. Constant hair touching and fidgeting unconsciously. Public areas are deafening to me, my ears start to crackle and I can not listen to anyone.
Yet, I write this with a single facial expression of numbness as if it isn’t affecting me. I’m unsure if it’s autism, adhd or a combination of both mixed with some spoonfuls of OCD, but I don’t know what therapy can teach me that I don’t already know about.
Nothing I know works, I’m wondering if anyone has any other ways to deal with this, I am trying meditation and I’m scared of stimulant medication due to increased risk of Parkinson disease.
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2022.01.27 03:33 Turtle456 Frankreichs Parlament beschließt Rückgabe eines Klimt-Gemäldes

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2022.01.27 03:33 lochydjango r/simpsonswave Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.27 03:33 anthonyeagle Il mio primo meme dopo tanto tempo

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2022.01.27 03:33 Raymancer Nice opinion Savathun....One small issue...I am inside your throne world

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2022.01.27 03:33 NewMeNewWorld Dear Oxfam, stop looking for inequality in India, go back to distributing blankets

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2022.01.27 03:33 Emperor_Bearinstein Diablo and Loki snuggling under a heated blanket... Are they spoiled?

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