Red Velvet 레드벨벳 빨간 맛 안무 Red Flavor cover dance WAVEYA

2022.01.22 17:18 Old_Truth6995 Red Velvet 레드벨벳 빨간 맛 안무 Red Flavor cover dance WAVEYA

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2022.01.22 17:18 malikzaheer002012 Afghan Taliban delegation leaves for Norway for talks with US officials

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2022.01.22 17:18 windovs-_-xp666 Olum yardim edin la ben bu cms de ban dalgasina kapildim yeni hesap actim artik reddit surekli beni suspendliyip duruyor bunun önüne nasil gecebilirim yardimci olur musunuz?

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2022.01.22 17:18 Weirdo_seb69 i’ll take anything i don’t have tbh

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2022.01.22 17:18 puffaleupagus Shout out to my original package peeps 💜💛💖

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2022.01.22 17:18 PenetratorGod Sands of Faith

Young Ammar was the son of a legendary commander who had served in Sultan Ayzar's army years ago and died in a siege battle during the wars with the Rhodok Kingdom.
Ammar was in her twenties. He was tall and had a very strong appearance. The determined expression in his gaze gave him a striking handsomeness, and his virtues proved that he was the son of a great leader.
His honesty was never in doubt. When he was told about his ability to use a sword with his courage, it would be incredible for the audience. In fact, sometimes there were young people who came to visit him from far away just to see this, and Ammar would entertain these guests with a small tournament in the village square.
First of all, Ammar would start with a single opponent. Then there would be two, and three, four… In the end, they would accept defeat and drop their swords. After the consolation meal, they would go back to the villages they came from to tell what they saw. Ammar's skill with the sword came entirely from within. He had discovered this feature at the beginning of his adolescence. So no one had ever taught him that.
Ammar was the only child in the household. His mother had died so early that he had no memory of her at the moment. He lost his father when he was seven or eight years old. Little Ammar had no other relatives. She was raised in the village by a benevolent old man who had never had children and had lost his wife to illness.
He raised Ammar with great interest, putting him in the place of his own child. Affan was a master of his craft, a humble farmer and taught Ammar very well. Since he could not work in the fields due to the weakness of old age, all the work was left to his adopted son.
The village of Ayn Asuadi, where they lived, was located in a small area in the region of large sand dunes that formed the western border of Sarranid. This part of the country has been under threat and risk for many years due to its proximity to the Rhodok Kingdom.
The main source of income of Ayn Asuadi Village is date palm groves. Its people were known to be hardworking like bees.

March 23, 1257, Village of Ayn Asuadi
It was a very hot Spring day today. I had been working for hours in a small wheat field just by the south entrance of my village. Now that I was overwhelmed by the scorching heat of the sun, I decided to lie down and rest in the shade of an old palm tree at the edge of our field.
While I was watching the deep blue sky, I started to feel the tiredness of working nonstop since morning in every inch of my body. I've also been sleep deprived for the past few days. I straightened slightly and glanced over the field.
I had very little work left; but meanwhile my eyelids were getting heavy. With the intention of sleeping and resting for a few hours, I lay down again and closed my eyes, but involuntarily I fell into the arms of a deep sleep...
While sleeping on my back, I suddenly woke up. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the darkening sky. I was watching the leaves swaying with the wind on the tree next to me with squinted eyes. I noticed the cooling air and the fact that I slept more than necessary. My mouth was dry. Then I stood up and reached for the broken-mouthed jug beside the tree.
There was no water left in it. With the empty jug in my hand, I got up and started walking towards the well outside the village. I was only a short distance away from reaching the water when I noticed a black horse drinking from the trough.
I paused where I was, so as not to frighten him and prevent him from fulfilling his need. But after a short while, looking more carefully, I realized that the horse was not wild, and I approached it with slow steps. There was a situation that I found strange; because although he had a saddle, his owner was not around, and besides, no one in the village had a horse. We usually rode camels.
As I got closer to it, I noticed that there were blood stains on it. I got out and looked around. When I couldn't see anyone, I started running in the direction it came from, following the horseshoe tracks left by the animal on the road; After a while I came across a man lying motionless in the middle of the desert.
This man, whom I did not know, was scarcely clear from his tattered clothing that he was a Sarranid frontier. One of them was a crossbow arrow and the other two were badly injured by being shot with arrows shot from a regular bow and was unconscious; but he was still breathing...
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2022.01.22 17:18 abc123abz Zillow made an account for me when I did an application for a rental property. How to remove?

This is just annoying. I was looking at a rental property and did an application, which got my name, number, and email. And it turns out, it automatically made a Zillow account for me too. And I did NOT want to do that. I used a fake email ([]( because I did not think this was to create an account. I thought my application will only be sent to the broker or home owner so they can call me about renting the property.
Anyways, I did use my real number, since that is the way I wanted them to get a hold of me.
Now, I want to remove my number, but I cannot find it there.
I want to deactivate my account, but I cannot see my number saved in the settings. I would like to remove my number first, then deactivate it. Where is my number? I put it in the application, so shouldn't it be displayed here?
Please let me know.
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2022.01.22 17:18 FlouriteChakra I really need help :/

I’m struggling with a homework problem. It goes: Find the electric field strength between two parallel plates. The plates are oppositely charged and each plate has a charge of 19 µC and an area of 21 cm².
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2022.01.22 17:18 Foad087 Airdrop HeroShibaInu

Airdrop HeroSHIBAINU For every user Prize join: 2000'000'000'000 token Airdrop End date: 15 Feb Distribution date: 20 Feb Contract bsc: 0x8BB22e25FEe8ab6f2C170FDCD4460470D2d6b8f3
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2022.01.22 17:18 Handicapreader ELI5: If fire needs oxygen, how does the sun burn in space?

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2022.01.22 17:18 jazzant85 How does the first drive for the Packers go?

Long drive with a TD?
Long drive with a FG?
Long drive that stalls?
Quick three and out?
Quick TD bomb ala Adams/Lazard?
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2022.01.22 17:18 hillboy_usa "El Salvador’s plan to create the first Bitcoin-powered nation is tanking the economy—and is a mess by every measure"
The Article (for those who can't view): Many don't understand or trust Bitcoin, or shun its huge fees. There are worries that the global money-laundering police are poised to crack down, and the experiment has so undermined confidence in its showboat president's economic program that his nation's debt is now selling for 36 cents on the dollar. Yet many of the crypto community's most influential commentators are still praising the daft scheme. In a recent interview, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood raved that adopting Bitcoin has more than doubled the ranks of Salvadorans "with access to new banking services and new financial services."
El Salvador was doing fine with the dollar when Bitcoin became “forced tender”
It's important to grasp how the new Bitcoin regime upended a period of stable money and forces banks and merchants to accept a wildly volatile currency they don't want, and that can't work. In 2001, the Central American nation of 6.4 million made the daring decision to scrap the colón and "dollarize" its economy by taking the greenback as coin of the realm. "I had a hand in that," Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University told me. Indeed, Hanke played a pioneering role in counseling Latin American governments on the benefits of embracing the dollar some 20 years ago. He had previously served as an adviser to the minister of finance in Ecuador when El Salvador's neighbor adopted the dollar in 2000—Hanke's known in Ecuador as "the Dollarizer." Around that time, he discussed the impact of making the move at length with El Salvador's finance minister Manuel Hinds, a former World Bank economist and a close friend. Hinds was the architect of his nation's landmark conversion following shortly after Ecuador embraced the buck.
"El Salvador made the dollar legal tender, but it allowed any other currencies to be legal as well," says Hanke. But the shift to dollars worked great, banishing any thoughts of using an alternative. Over the next two decades, the nation enjoyed average inflation of just 2.03%, mirroring the U.S. trajectory. Its mortgage rates were stable and moderate for a developing nation at 7%, and its economy—though plagued by widespread poverty—grew at better than the average of its Latin American neighbors.
Despite that exemplary monetary record, following his election in May 2019, then 37-year-old President Nayib Bukele hitched his economy's future to Bitcoin. Last June he pushed through a law that made Bitcoin a second official currency. But the rules applying to Bitcoin marked a stunning departure from the former template that had worked so well. Bukele, a former publicist who sports baseball caps worn backward, blue jeans, and aviator shades, is a self-styled revolutionary who called himself "the world's coolest dictator" before switching monikers to "CEO of El Salvador." His new law wasn't about choice. It requires all merchants and banks to accept Bitcoin for payment from any consumer or other business that wants to pay with Bitcoin. "Even today, no one has to accept the dollar for payment," says Hanke. "So Bitcoin isn't legal tender like the dollar. It's forced tender. It's what the Soviet Union imposed in banning all other currencies, or what nations demand when they conquer other nations."
As we'll see, the forced use of Bitcoin will prove its downfall. The banks that have no choice but to accept Bitcoin won't be able to comply with the stringent, looming rules that would make the king of crypto unworkable inside El Salvador's borders.
The reasons for adopting Bitcoin were bogus
"The big question is, 'Why would you use Bitcoin in the first place?'" asks Hanke. "Why would you want to change anything?" Bukele's justification was that the newcomer would greatly improve "financial inclusion" by giving a wide swath of the 70% of Salvadorans who lack bank accounts access to financial services. At first glance, Bukele's main argument appeared to make sense and drew international acclaim that made him something of a folk hero in crypto circles. El Salvador's economy relies heavily on "remittances," payments to families from relatives or friends working abroad. Those transfers account for one-quarter of its GDP, the highest share of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Bukele wrongly argued that the processors exacted huge fees that greatly diminished the dollars his people collected from Western Union, MoneyGram, or Ria. Deploying Bitcoin, he trumpeted, would make remittances far cheaper, leaving more money for Salvadorans and ushering millions into the financial mainstream.
"That was a typical lie," says Hanke. He cites that El Salvador's remittance costs rank sixth lowest in a survey of 104 countries at 2.8%. "The law backfired by greatly increasing remittance costs using Bitcoin," says Hanke. But he adds that it accomplished Bukele's true objective by strengthening his grip on the nation: "He forces his enemies to follow the Bitcoin law, and if they don't, he puts them in jail, and he lets his friends ignore the law."
Bitcoin’s downsides: Businesses and consumers don’t want it, and it’s incredibly expensive for remittances
Bukele attracted users by giving everyone who signed up for the government's app a $30 bonus in Bitcoin, held in a digital wallet called Chivo, El Salvadoran slang for "cool." "He had to bribe people to sign up," says Hanke. But the millions who got Chivo mostly cashed $30 in crypto for dollars, and dumped the app. One problem is a widespread lack of familiarity with Bitcoin. A survey by Central American University found that nine out of 10 Salvadorans didn't know what Bitcoin was, and that eight in 10 didn't trust it. The government frustrated potential users by botching the launch in September. Folks couldn't exchange their Bitcoin for cash when the app frequently failed to connect to the nation's few Bitcoin ATMs. Nor did folks embrace Bitcoin for what was advertised as its main appeal: low-fee, superconvenient remittances.
In fact, dispatching funds in the virtual coins is shockingly costly—on both ends of the transaction. Exchanges such as Coinbase charge the sender commissions of 2% to 4% for changing dollars for Bitcoin. When the Bitcoin arrives in San Salvador or Santa Ana, it posts in the recipient’s Chivo wallet. But the Salvadorans don't want Bitcoin. So they go to an ATM, where they can use the app to get dollars. The ATM provider takes a 5% cut, and pays more fees to the network that handles the exchange from coins to dollars. Hanke puts the total cost at 7.0% to 9.5% a transfer, as much as three-and-a-half times the expense of traditional remittances, and he thinks even 9.5% may be a low number. And that doesn't include the inconvenience of traveling to the ATM, which are scarcely distributed, or the risk of getting mugged while counting your cash. Over 80% of the people surveyed by the El Salvador Chamber of Commerce said that they don't want remittances in Bitcoin, and over nine in 10 rejected the idea of taking their salaries in coins.
Global policemen may soon crack down
Hanke predicts that the anti–terrorism-and-money-laundering police force that spans national borders will soon put El Salvador in the penalty box. When the intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF) finds or suspects that a nation engages in such wrongdoing, it places its government on a "gray" or "black" list that imposes severe reporting requirement on banking and business transactions, and especially those in virtual assets. For Hanke, a signal that the FATF may be ready to pounce is a U.S. State Department's conviction that Bukele is heading a corrupt regime. Bukele's handpicked legislators recently nixed a law barring presidents from successive reelection, contrary to the nation's constitution, and in response, the State Department issued a scalding press release titled, "Salvadoran Re-Election Ruling Undermines Democracy."
"Now, El Salvador is positioned to violate the FATF's virtual asset regulations," writes Hanke. If it goes on the gray list, he says, its banks and businesses will face two dozen tough reporting regulations that will be virtually impossible to fulfill. "The Bitcoin transactions are all about anonymity," he says. "If the FATF takes action, anyone who opens an account will have to comply with 'know your customer' rules that require the disclosure of the source of the funds and details on every transfer." In his view, an FATF crackdown is practically inevitable and would kill any chance that Bitcoin could serve as a viable currency.
El Salvador’s finances are in shambles
The heavily indebted nation is seeking a $1 billion loan from the IMF and also courting aid from the World Bank. But Bukele's getting nowhere with both, and the IMF has strongly criticized his crusade to create the first Bitcoin-powered economy. In late November, Bukele unveiled his nuttiest idea yet, a plan to build a Bitcoin City on the Gulf of Fonseca, funded by a $1 billion bond offering, $500 million of which would be deployed to speculate in Bitcoins! Practically overnight, the price of sovereign bonds dropped from 75 cents to 63 cents of their par value, on its way to its current level of 36 cents. "El Salvador now has the most distressed sovereign debt in the world, and it's because of the Bitcoin folly," says Hanke. "The markets think that Bukele's gone mad, and he has."
The tragedy in El Salvador shows that Bitcoin's a disaster for buying and selling things, and that the dollar's a matchless currency. For a while, a flamboyant promoter marketed his fantasy to other zealots who want to believe. The test was selling it to his own people. They weren't buying.

My own thoughts: I'm not sure if El Salvador is handling this the perfect way, but remember they are the first country to enact Bitcoin as legal tender so in a sense it is a big experiment and there are bound to be hiccups. However I don't think forcing people to use bitcoin as tender is the right way to go because it obviously causes more resentment than positive associations. Unfortunately, I think this will have negative impact on the course of any countries trying to implement the same system in the future. What do you guys think about how this will affect the course of history for bitcoin?
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2022.01.22 17:18 castaner3 Menstrual cycle and covid

I tried to ask this in a menopause group I’m in and I got denied. So I’m asking here. I have covid for the second time right now. BOTH times I have started my cycle almost 2 weeks early. I’d love to hear from anyone else this has happened to. It’s never happened for any other sickness I’ve had or stressful event. Just covid.
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