Jack fanart in Record Player (animated video)

Golden Flumpty returns as a hallucinatory, 'end-game' antagonist in One Night at Flumpty's 2. Appearance. Golden Flumpty is a golden, cracked egg. The right top of his head is gone. His arms are now a brownish, different color and they have different hands. Non-Anime Series. Final Fantasy - All Series [2008] Pokemon [881] Harry Potter - Series [777] Sonic Series [706] Kingdom Hearts [640] Avatar The Last Airbender [226] Teen Titans [213] Supernatural [110] Twilight [97] Legend Of Zelda [96] X-Men [92] Twilight [88] Star Wars - Series [82] Danny Phantom [70] Law And Order - Series [67] Fire Emblem [62] Buffy The Vampire Slayer [50] The article contains all the screenshots, trailer videos, and other images of Bendy and the Dark Revival. This section is empty. You can help out the Bendy Wiki by inserting content here. See Sammy (disambiguation) for other related uses. Samuel “Sammy” Lawrence was an award-winning musician and composer, and the director of the Music Department at Joey Drew Studios, known for writing the music for the Bendy cartoons in the studio's heyday. By mid-1935, he had grown frustrated with his tight schedule. Eventually, it got to the point where his ethics rivaled that of Joey ... The video is once again only audio with no video footage, just a poor-quality photo Tubbo took of a rainy sky last week. This time they overlay the photo with the title of the song and the original band’s name, as well as their band’s name. It gets one view, one like, not that any of them notice. Redirecting ... Redirecting r/Bioshock: This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Or posting anything related to GOW really. Game Grumps VS, in which the hosts compete against each other instead of trading off or playing together.; Guest Grumps, in which a notable guest joins in. Past guests have included Finn Wolfhard, Jamie Lee Curtis, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.; Game Grumps Animated, a platform to showcase fan-made animations that utilize the Grump's commentary for audio and inspiration. 0 Image(s): 0 Resources: Album: Rock in a Hard Place Disc: 1 Language: - Not set - File: rock-in-a-hard-place-50b23cea43f9a.png Author: Lastdance Comments: Replacement Reason: the text is dirty in some parts (check the N in Rock iN) as is the logo which has also lost some crispness.The logos to the right of the logos are indistinguishable and the songnames clearly have different levels of ...

2022.01.22 20:26 JubisVrumVrum Jack fanart in Record Player (animated video)

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2022.01.22 20:26 Grekg5s How the fuck do I stop myself from having sex with my female flatemate

Like title said, im not attracted to her (dont know if its the right word English is not my mother toungue) but some night I keep waking up 5 times and takes half an hours fall back asleep for being too horny. Problem is she likes me and im not even bothered with it anymore I try so hard not to go in her room especially on my day off but those days are the days that keep me awake and horny. I find myself seeks intimacy or sex more than porn and masturbation which is hard not to since she is just right next to my room..
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2022.01.22 20:26 cryptocalbot Mogul's New Features - Mogul Productions (STARS): January 24, 2022 12:00 PM PST

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2022.01.22 20:26 Kkkcobaine I lost a friend today 😔

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2022.01.22 20:26 torn_formality Feeling taken for granted, what should I do?

TL;DR - I do everything for my partner who struggles with mental illness and I’m feeling taken for granted and burnt out.
Long story short I'm (21F) feeling very burnt out with my boyfriend (21M), we've been together for a year. He struggles with his mental health and I have to take on a bit of a caregiver role sometimes, at the end of the day I feel like I have no energy left for myself. I do all of the cooking, cleaning, and I pay all of the bills. He works longer hours than I do for less pay so he thinks I should be responsible for the house because I'm home more.
I go above and beyond to take care of him and I love doing it for the most part, he's my best friend. I give him massages, make him snacks, buy him little gifts and plan all of our dates (that I normally end up paying for). It's really hard because I love him very much but I feel extremely under appreciated and I'm starting to grow resentful.
I feel like in a lot of ways I've been living my life for him and I've had no energy for myself. I know the most logical thing to do would be to break things off but is there any other solution to this problem? He has a lot of amazing qualities and he really is my best friend. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.22 20:26 Wh33lOfKa Welcome darkness my old friend

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2022.01.22 20:26 Busy-Bonus3010 🔥

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2022.01.22 20:26 sayingwhatiam Double Standards

Sometimes I feel like fandom contradicts itself on things they defend vs. what they get upset about/hate a character for.
For example Sam/Tory VS. Miguel/Robby
After the school fight fans completely wrote Robby off for the accident with Miguel. Even though it was an accident. Robby fucked up badly, but he didn’t mean to harm Miguel like that.
Meanwhile Tory’s actions were justified by fans. Because oh wow Sam made a mistake and accused her of stealing her mom’s wallet [right after Tory boasted about stealing vodka and silverware]. It was still wrong on Sam’s end however. But fans will use this as a way to defend Tory attacking heassaulting her with weapons because the one time at the beach means Sam was always instigating things after [which is clearly untrue, both girls were petty at each other]. But fans will defend Tory and place blame on Sam.
On the other end though fans completely ignore the fact that up until the school fight Miguel actually was the one instigating shit with Robby. At the beach he tried to punch him/hit him. At the All Valley when Robby tried to help him but he attacked his injury by yanking his arm, then attacking the injury during the fight.
He also kissed Sam btw, it wasn’t a one way street. It was mutual when they both had a bit to drink.
Then the school fight, Robby was trying to break shit up but got attacked by Miguel who didn’t understand he was trying to break things up. During the school fight Miguel throws 2 harsh insults at Robby “like that move, learned it from your dad” clearly rubbing it in his face of Johnny being an absentee/neglectful father in Robby’s life, and basically rubbing it in that Johnny had a better relationship with him over Robby, than saying Sam love him more than Robby, etc.
Now did Miguel deserve what happened? Absolutely not. But neither did Sam, and unlike Tory, Robby wasn’t aiming to harm Miguel. It’s just his anger was bottling up, and he made a big mistake. I really don’t think in his mind he was hearing Miguel showing mercy.
Fandom is super inconsistent.
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2022.01.22 20:26 Samsuso Chrono Cross running very smoothly on my n2dsXL!

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2022.01.22 20:26 Dinosaureagle24 poor guys

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2022.01.22 20:26 Briutiful22 Decisions,decisions

So I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and while I do love him i feel we arent compatible. We dont have many things in common and its a few things that turn me off about him. He's very unhygienic, messy and just boring. All we do is sit in the house while he plays video games. Its not always bad we do go out on dates once a while and go out on trips yearly but the majority of the time its just me watching him play video games. He talks about how he wants a future with me but our timelines are very different. He doesnt want to get married until around 30 years old. Im 24 now and he's 25 turning 26 in a couple of months. Also doesnt want to have kids until 35 which makes me nervous because i have an hormonal imbalance and was told I'll need help having kids if i can. He also only really wants 1 child maybe 2 but he would be happy being childess. I always knew i wanted to be a mother since i was little and always wanted atleast 3-4 kids. Its this friend of mine who just got out of a relationship and would like to pursue one with me if things work out and wants the same things in life that i want. He wants to get married and have kids asap. He also said we would be going out on dates and just having fun together. Im tired of putting my life on hold. Even when my bf and i go out on dates he's on his phone. If i call him he has nothing to say. His communication is horrible. I really want to see where this goes but im also afraid of losing my bf even though im not happy, im just comfortable with him. He isnt horrible but i do feel like im settling. He doesnt even want to move in together for another 3 years and thats a maybe. He's a mommas boy so i always have the last say in things. I just would like any advice please. Thanks.
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2022.01.22 20:26 Grayoden Weapon Reskins

I wish these weapons reskins could be obtained through regular means.
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2022.01.22 20:26 mblp20 Love panda corys definitely my favourites

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2022.01.22 20:26 StealYourJelly Paul Pena c.1970, phenomal musician and writer of the Steve Miller hit "Jet Airliner"

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2022.01.22 20:26 BotCityBtch Yuno Smashes New Casino Thermite First Try

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2022.01.22 20:26 IAmMostDope92 How long or at what temperature do I air dry red bag chicken?

I can’t seem to find a solid answer on this. I was gifted a Power XL air fryer and I’m just learning how to use it. Any help or tips is appreciated!
Don’t worry, I got pepper Jack cheese, brioche buns, chik fila sauce, pickles and lettuce to go with it. Don’t wanna mess this up 😂
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2022.01.22 20:26 TreeHouseExotics Cherry Cough close up

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2022.01.22 20:26 TannerPack 16 year old new barber.

I’m a 16 beginner barber. Any tips?
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2022.01.22 20:26 Weirdkid2134 So funny

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2022.01.22 20:26 HEEEHEEHAW I dont know if this will make sense

Im a guy and sometimes I find attractive and think about sexual stuff even though Im into women, I also dont like the idea of having a cock up my ass (everything else is ok). Is it possible that I may be bisexual or does not wanting to be sodomized make this impossible?
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2022.01.22 20:26 shuvammax Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39

☘️ CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
☘️ Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
☘️ Listed at MEXC and CMC today

✨ Website: https://centaurify.xyz/
✨ Telegram: https://t.me/CentaurifyChat
✨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentaurifyBSC
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2022.01.22 20:26 GreyRock88 Need an artist/partner for a generative NFT Project.

The project is ready for art and and I'm looking for someone to help decide on a style and produce the art. This is unpaid (I'm not being paid) until the NFT is launched at which point you'll just collect a percentage of total sales... pretty straight forward. The NFT's are meant to be cards of mil themed characters with stats and emblems relating to those stats, as well as other data. Iterating on the theme and overall concept is welcome so there plenty of room for creativity.
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2022.01.22 20:26 Tamagotchi_MadisonW People stop being careless about your tamagotchi!!!!!! 😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡

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2022.01.22 20:26 sujo-solider Ontario Proud has entered the election.

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2022.01.22 20:26 pawngore Started in November, Fifth tattoo and but my first dot work tattoo. Done by Britt at zombie dollz, Donegal Ireland.

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