Rangers bid for Danish Ace Skov Olsen!

The Athletic journalist Jordan Campbell has revealed that Bologna winger Andreas Skov Olsen is not an unrealistic signing ahead of the January transfer window. He wrote in his end-of-year review ... Danish international Skov Olsen has been deployed as a winger and wing-back and has featured 17 times this term for the Italian club. Rangers are not the only club reportedly interested in Skov Olsen with Besiktas, Real Sociedad, Copenhagen, Torino and Hertha Berlin credited with possible transfer intentions. Rangers have reportedly to have launched a bid worth around £5m for Danish winger Andreas Skov Olsen. The Bologna wide man has been in and out of the team this season and it is widely believed ... One Rangers target who does appear to be on his way out of his current club is Bologna’s Danish internationalist Andreas Skov Olsen, who is “no longer enjoying being at the club”, according ... Andreas Skov Olsen Rangers transfer enquiry 'sent' to Bologna as Crysencio Summerville loan stance revealed The pair are reportedly being targeted by Gio van Bronckhorst as he seeks January additions. RANGERS have reportedly made an enquiry over the availability of Andreas Skov Olsen at Bologna. Reports have surfaced in the Italian media that suggest Giovanni van Bronckhorst's men are among three clubs looking at the Danish international. Andreas Skov Olsen: Rangers 'bid' £5m for Danish ace but face competition from Euro trio The Scotsman berichtet von einem Angebot über 5 Millionen Pfund, nennt aber auch Torino, Hertha und ... RANGERS legend Brian Laudrup has given his backing to the idea of Danish international Andreas Skov-Olsen following in his footsteps and moving from Serie A to Ibrox. Skov-Olsen, part of the Denmar… David Jean Nielsen (born 1 December 1976) is a Danish former professional footballer and manager of Danish Superliga team AGF.. He played for a number of Danish clubs, as well as Fortuna Düsseldorf in Germany and English clubs Grimsby Town, Wimbledon and Norwich City.His greatest triumph was the 1997 Danish Cup victory, which he won with Danish club F.C. Copenhagen. Further arrivals seem unlikely in the grand scheme of things but one player at van Bronckhorst simply has to lure to Ibrox is Andreas Skov Olsen. The Danish winger has electrifying qualities and ...

2022.01.25 17:59 tongsyabasss Rangers bid for Danish Ace Skov Olsen!

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2022.01.25 17:59 manlikecuz4 Ill rate some hot irls

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2022.01.25 17:59 skyesilver64 My Band did a thing years ago... Thought I'd share

Valley of Corrupted Gravity | Moonstriker (bandcamp.com)
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2022.01.25 17:59 Negative_Iron_9851 We nun but some ALLIGATORS

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2022.01.25 17:59 AthensPoliticsNerd Commissioners reject Frye's redistricting map | Athens Politics Nerd

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2022.01.25 17:59 smartybrome Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course 2022

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2022.01.25 17:59 Tiny_Smell8954 [WoR chapter 45] Holy crap, that was...

That chapter was insane dude. I didn't expect a backstory to be this awesome, to be honest. I did NOT except to see Hoid in this chapter as the messenger from Helaran. Interesting, so it looks like it's going to be a theme in this series of Wit/Hoid meeting with all the Surgebinders/Radiants in this book. So since he met with Kaladin and Shallan, ohhh boy he's coming for Szeth and Adolin next.
Anyway, this part was the best. Shallan meeting with Hoid/Wit who tried to help Shallan unlock her full Lightweaving abilities. Hoid made Shallan remember a time when her mother was alive, her father wasn't a boneheaded donkey, her brothers together and then... Shallan channeling all that into a Surgebinding and ALMOST made it real. However, Shallan couldn't quite complete the illusion because (as Hoid and Pattern explained).
Shallan must learn the "truth" to reach her full, Lightweaving potential.I might be getting excited over nothing lol but this is just SICK dude. It's so fascinating and I also love how Shallan, unknowingly, was a Surgebinder back then, just like Kaladin. You know, I wasn't digging Shallan in the first book, but now she's awesome man.
Shallan survived an attack from Ghostblood assassins by Soulcasting a whole ship, she was shipwrecked on the Frostlands (the coldest place in Roshar) and somehow commanded Tyvlakv to bring her in for shelter. Multiple times, Shallan could've gotten herself killed but, after learning from Jasnah about creating the illusion of power and with the help of Lightweaving, she manipulated the deserters and Tyvlalv to work for her. Immediately after that, Shallan met Tyn, who was the gal who SENT the Ghostbloods to the ship to kill Jasnah (I knew she was trouble from the start)and stole Kaladin's boots LOL.
THEN Shallan killed Tyn with her Shardblade, arrived at the Shattered Plains, met with Dalinar and held her own with the other high princes in the king's conference meeting, and disguised herself to meet with the Ghostbloods benefactors WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT. I mean just damn, dude... And now Shallan is going to somehow sneak into Amaram's palace for who knows what.
But anyway I love all the magic in this book, but anyway, that's my. And that's it for my rave about this book lmao.
EDIT: spelling might be weird cuz I'm on my phone writing this and I was excited lol
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2022.01.25 17:59 TTHH1234000 [Help] Anyone Have The Coolkeypad Deb. Twickd Never Wants To Work

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2022.01.25 17:59 baker10923 Can we please stop glamorizing overworking. Companies would replace you in a heartbeat

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2022.01.25 17:59 No-Explanation-1982 Not even Friday and these pricks are pinning 16 with their shorts. Need some explosive news for a small jump back into the 20s this week! 🍿

Buy and hold. Let's go!
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2022.01.25 17:59 Worldly_Vegetable308 The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes She laughs like God, her mind’s like a diamond Buy her tonight, she’s still shining Like lightning, oh, like lightning 🤍

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2022.01.25 17:59 SinchiDev Sweet Captain

So, I might have gotten carried away with this story, so, fair warning, if you are sensitive, you might wanna skip this one.
Pirate’s Heaven, The Fall of the Fools, Pirate’s Gold Mine, Broken Brakes, Pirate’s Cove, The Last Stop, thanks to rich idiots from around the galaxy, Sector 1EAF2AB2 had many names.
Right outside the edge of Federation space, Sector 1EAF2AB2 was next to a Highway of Sectors, a straight line of Sectors where you could accelerate at the full speed of your spaceship and the challenge was to stop right before reaching Sector 1EAF2AB2, failure to do so left you on Pirate’s territory with broken brakes.
You had nothing to worry about though, the pirates were aware of this challenge and thanks to the great leading of Captain Cioccolata, King of Pirates, the pirates would only board your ship, stealing your goods, credits and maybe some food, without harming any of the passengers or crew and if they were on a good mood, they might even allow you to take pictures of them “threatening the crew and passengers” which made a great souvenir.
But, you should not take their calm behavior lightly, they’d only do this to keep rich idiots going there. If you were to ignore the warning of “Stay put and don’t try anything stupid”, you’d pay more than credits.

Captain Cioccolata, the only member of the vegetal Theobroma race to go Pirate, had an almost liquid brown body, which he used to suffocate people by introducing his arm inside the throat of his victims and solidifying it. Truly a terrifying experience to any witness.
The crew wasn’t far behind the Captain though, most of the crew were from the Gallux race, a featherless, beakless avian race that most agreed looked like a failed experiment, cruel and merciless, they’d kill you with their sharp talons. Even if they’d only scratched you, you’d be in great danger of infection, their skin covered in their natural oil and the 11 spices and herbs they used as protective make up in their entire bodies would severely infect you.
The other members of the crew were the Suidae, grotesque creatures that’d eat any vegetable; and the personal guard of the Captain, the Bos, hulking creatures capable of great feats of strength.
All aboard the Smorgasbord, the most feared pirate ship in the Galaxy.

It was late in the cycle, but finally, a ship appeared, Captain Cioccolata was the one handling this one, a human vessel, and a fancy one at this.
The Ramsay was property of the Ramsay Association, a group of human culinary explorers set to push the frontiers of flavors. As any explorer, they couldn’t let go of the challenge ahead of them and pushed their engines. Sadly, the breaks weren’t up to the task.
The boarding had a few issues, that is, the Smorgasbord crashed against the Ramsay in a bad maneuver and now both of them were in trouble, but this wasn’t an issue for Captain Cioccolata, he set up a beacon calling for support from the other pirate ships of his fleet. The other Galluz, Suidae and Bos would be here in about a cycle, more than enough to clean the human vessel. If it wasn’t for the fact that they’d lost their weapons because the crash hit their armory. But the Captain was confident in the ferocity of his crew.
In the human ship the situation wasn’t that optimistic, the Smorgasbord had crashed right into their storage section and they’d lost all of their rations and weapons.

Captain Cioccolata led the charge finding the humans, and giving them the usual warning: “Stay put and don’t try anything stupid”. Which of course, them being humans meant that they did the exact opposite and just ran away, not without throwing something to the Captain along with some expletives first. One of them even managed to land a spit on the Captain.
The Captain wasn’t amused and after considering it, he tasked his crew with finding and killing the humans, this disrespect and the fact that they were witness of his shameful crash were reason enough for him wanting them dead.
While his crew ran after the humans he was left trying to clean himself from the human spit, which he was certain now, was toxic. How else could he explain the pain he felt when the spit touched him, oh, he did fake it well, before his crew, like nothing happened, but the spit had eaten a chunk of him and left a hole in his body. Luckily he could regenerate it. But it was something to worry about, he made a mental note to not allow that to happen again.

There was a reason Captain Cioccolata was that effective. His almost liquid body allowed him to move undetected through any ship using things like vents, using this, he climbed to the nearest one and went to hunt the humans on his own.
He found a group of 3 first, distracted in a discussion, but before killing them, he decided that a bit of human gossip was a good way to entertain himself before killing them so he sat patiently and listened.
“Well, the armory is gone, we have some tasers, but our best option is the oil spray we have in the kitchens and lighters” -said a male human without fur in his head.
“I guess that solves one problem, but what about food? It’s been a third of a cycle already and I haven't eaten much for breakfast. I need at least 3 meals a day.” -wailed a skinny female with long yellow fur in her head.
“Just 3? I missed my second breakfast and I intended to follow my hobbit diet” -complained a wide male human with fur below his mouth.
The Captain was offended, 3 meals a cycle? Spoiled humans! What kind of beings eat more than once every 2 cycles?! He decided that they deserved a horrible death at his hands, but before he could jump out of the vent, he heard a Gallux approaching, the humans turned around and sprayed him with the oil can and used the lighter. Captain Cioccolata was glad he delayed his attack, the weapon the humans improvised was a force to be reckoned with. The Gallux screamed in pain while Captain Cioccolata escaped through the vents. The last thing the Captain heard was the voice of the wide human:
“Do you smell it? Doesn’t it smell like Kentucky-”

The Captain changed priorities, he was to search for his crew, retrieve them and wait for reinforcements. He moved again through the vents, he found another group, a more numerous one and they were also discussing.
“Well, it’s meal time and they destroyed our rations.” -said a wide male human with short fur in his head.
“It’s not right, they are sapient!” -retorted a female human with long yellow fur.
“What are we supposed to do then? Die of hunger? Because of some pirates? We are not even bound by Federation laws here! We are outside their jurisdiction!” -screamed a tall skinny human with short fur in his head and face.
But before they could agree on something, two Suidae appeared, and the humans attacked them. The squeals from the Suidae were something Captain Cioccolata hadn’t heard before, but it didn’t matter, they stopped soon enough. The Captain rushed through the vents again, but like the previous encounter he could still hear something, the voice of the human with long yellow fur:
“Please don't tell me this smells like bacon, it’s my weakness.”

Captain Cioccolata wanted to believe he was safe, he knew that he was a vegetal lifeform, the humans appeared to be carnivorous, he needed his personal guard, they must be near his ship-
He had arrived, but he could hear the humans coming too. He hid in the vents, hopeful that his guard could do something. But they couldn’t, the humans attacked with 6 oil sprays at once, his guard didn’t even get to fight. Before escaping, he heard something he couldn’t understand from a human with black spring-like fur in his head:
“Pará ché! Pará! Que me quemás la carne loco! Cómo voy a hacer parrilla con carne quemada?!”

This was bad, he’d lost his crew, he had lost a battle, but, he still had his life, he only needed to wait until the reinforcements arrived. He sneaked back into his ship, what a shameful thing to do as a Captain, he would be sure to make the humans pay for this insult!
He could hear them, they dared to taint his ship with their stench? He’ll make them pay!
There it was the skinny female human with long yellow fur in her head, she would be the first! The Captain sneaked behind her pushed his hand through her mouth and-
CRUNCH She closed her mouth with part of his hand still inside, the pain was nothing, nothing compared with the surprise when she turned around, smiling and told him:
“Aren’t you a sweet one?”

Captain Cioccolata was filled with an emotion he hadn’t felt for a long time: fear. He escaped through the vents with the sounds of the human munching his flesh and swallowing it engraved in his memories forever.
Omnivores, Captain Cioccolata had only heard rumors of such creatures, the humans were dangerous, terribly dangerous and a menace to everything. There was no place for pirate pride, he was to warn others about the humans, the plan was simple, warn the reinforcements, and try to lead what was left of the ships back into Federation space. He’d surely get a 9 life sentence, but compared to what was waiting for him in his own ship, he was better off in the hands of the Federation.
He rushed to the Communications Room, turned on the microphone and:
“Don’t come closer, fast, leave as fast as you can, beware the humans!”
The microphone had the light on, but no signal was being transmitted, too late he realized the humans were here before him. A cold liquid bathed him from behind solidifying his entire body rendering him unable to move or shapeshift.
“Liquid Nitrogen, nice, isn’t it?” -said the voice of the human without fur in his head behind him.
Captain Cioccolata heard him approach the microphone, repair it and use a recording device with the voice of the Captain:
“...come closer, fast…”

Pirate’s Heaven, The Fall of the Fools, Pirate’s Gold Mine, Broken Brakes, Pirate’s Cove, The Last Stop, Sector 1EAF2AB2 has lost all of those names, now it is known for having The Ramsay, a restaurant right outside Federation territory. The pirates, long gone, are no longer a threat and thus the speeding challenge was forgotten.
The Ramsay serves a variety of dishes, but their most iconic dishes are; The Kentucky Galactic, Space bacon, La Parrilla de D10S and the galactic renowned dessert; Sweet Captain.
Though the Ramsay Association claims that they are there for tax reasons, which given the numerous humans going there every cycle, is a reason most accept, Captain Cioccolata knows the hard cold truth, which ironically is the same state he’s in, frozen and solidified in a freezer.
If Captain Cioccolata could still feel something his blood would boil when the news of a war between the humans and his own race, the Theobroma, reached The Ramsay.
Little did the Theobroma knew that all of their future disgraces were caused by their sweet Captain.
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2022.01.25 17:59 ramo3213 Anxiety with workplace management hierarchy and people quitting

So long story long, I work for an engineering firm. I have started from the bottom as a lab tech and worked my way to a staff level engineer over the past 3 years. I did not go to school for engineering, but I have proved myself enough that my boss believed in me to write reports, do field work, and I was promoted to lab director. A lot of my co-workers trust in me to keep our group (soils group) together, without the help of a PE in our office.
Unfortunately, in the last month so many things have happened. My boss, who was one of the main reasons I liked work, resigned. She was one of the primary PE engineers at my company. On top of that two other PEs have resigned and the main PE is retiring this week. It has been causing me a bunch of stress because I have been getting all of the calls, emails, and extra work that she would do on top of my long list of responsibilities already. My boss gave a month notice and my company didnt even post her position until the week after she left. There has been practically no communication to me or my fellow teammate about who will be replacing her, who we should report to, what our responsibilities are now etc. I am just getting so frustrated with how they have handled this situation, and it has gotten so bad that even clients have commented on how they don't have confidence in us as a company anymore because of the loss of engineers lately.

I am weighing if it is even worth it to stay at this company. Of course I feel like I have some obligation to stay just for my co-workers sanity and sake. But I also am tired of all the stress and extra responsibility being thrown on to me without any extra compensation. I feel like it sounds pompous or entitled to ask for better compensation if I must take on responsibilities of my former boss...I feel they will bring up that I don't have an engineering degree and I should be thankful in the position and the compensation I am getting currently. At one time, I really enjoyed working here. I don't really want to go through finding another job, starting over, etc. I would like to push through if I can, but I am finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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2022.01.25 17:59 Plenty-Permission306 I'm (18/F) gonna meet my bf (20/M) in person in next summer for the first time and I have acne scars.I am very insecure about that.

i've some acne scars in my face (cheeks )from my earlier puberty.They are left because of i did wrong treatments because i was ignorant.I've send him photos of me, we both did.And in the photos my scars don't seem clearly.I know that i need scar treatments.He wants to meet at this summer and i want to too.Because i love him.But i am not sure if i can make it while i'm like that.Honestly he's someone handsome and that makes me more insecure about that.I can't get any treatment till summer.And i don't know what to do about it, it hurts me a lot..
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2022.01.25 17:59 silpa26 Simple boiled Egg fry

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2022.01.25 17:59 ClaimSwimming Hey, J.

I will always love you. The moments we spent together, were the most special times of my short 23 years of life. I wish you joy and happiness. I hope you achieve all your dreams and above all, peace. You are magical.
I’m sorry about how I went about confessing my feelings. You deserve better than that.
And if I ever encounter you, again, just know that, everything will be different.
I’m working on myself and it’ll take lots of internal and external changes. Like you said, I have to learn how to be alone. Bask in my own company.
Thank you for blessings me with your kind words.
Keep going. You got this.
Love, L.
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2022.01.25 17:59 Ed_SkammA How do I report this guy for cheating/hacking? It's getting beyond a joke now! So, do you guys think there should be an easy/easier way of reporting people?

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2022.01.25 17:59 Silverstacking_lyfe DCA based on USD or based on number of sats?

Do you DCA based on UDS or based on number of sats? Explain why. Just new to Bitcoin and seeking information. TIA
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2022.01.25 17:59 politicly1 San Jose, California, is poised to pass new gun ownership requirements

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2022.01.25 17:59 __insolvent It's pretty stupid to delete threads about that other new thing

...as if Capt PineapplePizza didn't sign them and as if we're not all on the same team.
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2022.01.25 17:59 malina21425 What are your favourite books?

I'm on a two week school break and this is my only chance to read in the next few months because I will have a busy schedule. My first week of break will end tomorrow so i have about a week to read. Yesterday I've read Sorcery of Roses and it was pretty good. My time is limited so I'm looking for the best books to read this week. Fantasy books with romance subplot are preferred. :)
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2022.01.25 17:59 PhatKiwi Any idea why those patch looks stunted?

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2022.01.25 17:59 ProjectGameVerse2000 Activision CEO Wants Xbox to Revive Guitar Hero and Skylanders

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2022.01.25 17:59 Elmer9999 Rolls and spotdodges really need to be more commital, even if you hard read them, more likely than not there just isn’t enough time

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2022.01.25 17:59 Gay_Charlie Where are the worst spots to leave a bloodstain?

Does anyone even drop bloodstains anymore?
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