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چی بگم

2021.11.27 05:00 Confident-Isopod-980 چی بگم

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2021.11.27 05:00 VesuviusBlotch Who will be on Skulduggery's team in Book 15 Until The End? (a breakdown on potential allies for the final battle)

“What if I told you we were putting a team together?” – Tony Stark, The Incredible Hulk (2008)
As we all know, the fifteenth and final book’s title has been announced (I was fingers-crossed for Raising Cain but Until The End was my other go-to) but just as importantly, so has the synopsis. Now, a lot of it was the usual rigmarole about the end of days and stopping the bad guys etc. but one thing stuck out which ended up birthing the post you read before you, which was the mention of Skulduggery Pleasant, no longer able to rely on Valkyrie Cain, creating a team, one that included enemies turned allies. True, this isn’t too different from The Dying Of The Light’s teaser if you remember that hype train from 2014 but still, it got my synapses firing and resulted in this: a character breakdown of all of Skulduggery’s potential allies for the grand finale, what they bring to the team and what motivations might have drawn them to it. These are only in a rough order of importance and this was written very off-the-cuff but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy. Let’s begin because I’m still meant to be doing university work, damn it.
Skulduggery Pleasant – This is an obvious one. He’s in the synopsis, he’s the other main character and he’s already shown his prowess as both a leader and combatant countless times in the saga. The two really burning questions, however are A) Will Lord Vile make an appearance and B) Does Skulduggery and Valkyrie being on opposite sides mean we’ll see events on the goodie side from Skulduggery’s own POV? Not too sure on the second count, since we can just get one of the number of characters below to act as a POV anchor and at this point, the expectations for a Skulduggery-oriented chapter are impossible to meet, never mind exceed. The Vile query, however, is much juicier. We still don’t know the full implications of Leibniz Vile absorbing some of OG Vile’s shadows in SOW’s ‘final’ battle – is our Vile just permanently weakened or is he literally gone? Only time will tell.
Tanith Low - The sword lady is another obvious candidate for the team. Remnant-possession aside, she’s stuck with our detective through thick and thin and, now that she’s out of High Sanctuary captivity, in the perfect position to continue being an honorary Dead Man. Again, my major questions regarding Tanith are: will she bring up the fact she knows her team leader, the great Skulduggery Pleasant, is also Lord Vile and if so, will she spill to the rest of the team for whatever reason? Will we finally get to see what she’s so frightened of and backing away from in Valkyrie’s visions (I swear, if the Aquamarine Cleaver makes an appearance…)? And, of course, will this be the book where Derek finally kills her off in the most horrendous fashion imaginable?
Temper Fray – How could we forget Temper? Especially since he’s the man who was behind all the guerrilla attacks in DOA and has a personal vendetta against Valkyrie’s new divine guide, Damocles Creed? He’s prime ally material and he’s been Skulduggery’s bro through and through (even if we’ve never had a definitive backstory for their friendship – maybe an idea for the next short story collection?). Since Skulduggery is mentioned in DOA’s final chapter to still be reporting to the Supreme Mage, Temper can be the team’s de facto leader in Skulduggery’s absence and combat-wise, he’s pretty good. His Gist problem, too, is a juicy source of future conflict since he’s a powerful combat asset but as we all know, Gists are prone to attack anyone when unleashed. If anyone deserves to kill Creed in the ensuing showdown, it’s Temper.
Dexter Vex – Come on, the only other surviving Dead Man (and technically, the only one still alive) needs to make an appearance. He’s invaluable as an experienced fighter and since his throat troubles and Saracen’s death, more ruthless and bloodthirsty than ever before. He might even be a problem for his own side too if the Vile secret comes out, because fighting an enemy is a lot harder when you have to deal with one of your closest friends being unmasked as another enemy.
China Sorrows – Another classic choice here, although not without its own complications. China might have fought on the side of the angels before and has little choice now but to follow Temper’s band of renegades since being dethroned by Creed but it would be a shame if her slow return to fanaticism was never addressed again, which gives me the chance to propose my own idea for China’s role in the finale. Although she’s a powerful sorceress, she still has a mental connection to the Whispering and while this might be a valuable tool in monitoring Roarhaven, the connection could be something tappable by one of Creed’s trained Sensitives, so while China can use this ability to spy on enemy territory, it’s a two-way link that allows Creed or whichever Sensitive serving him to get a glimpse of the heroes and their schemes too, making it a weapon/tool only to used in the direst emergencies. It also turns out Creed was exploiting the Whispering link to feed ideas of zealotry and religion back into China's mind, resulting in her lapse of weird 'prayer' we read about in SOW.
Omen Darkly – Omen is actually a lot trickier than I originally thought to class for this list. He definitely won’t go full-on dark side, even with Crepuscular’s influence, but taking their dynamic into account makes me think he won’t help Skulduggery directly, but rather be an inside eye into the workings of Corrival Academy, as well as Roarhaven at large. Even if Omen believes Crepuscular’s stories about how corrupting and unhealthy Skulduggery is, DOA’s final chapter gives me cause to believe Omen would assist the good guys anyway, just to help save Valkyrie. If she can be saved. Who knows? Magic, man, it’s a slippery slope. Besides, he’ll probably be too busy trying to track down and cure his Obsidian brother to contribute much to the Pleasant gang’s heroics.
The Unveiled – We already know Kierre is willing to fight alongside the good guys against her tyrannical brother, as proven by her part in the defence of Corrival’s Pillar, but Rune and Strosivadian are still out there, who are both fearsome fighters themselves. True, they might be Faceless Ones worshippers but they’re also strictly anti-Creed and it’s extremely likely that they’re not overjoyed about the Dark Gods being brought back on someone else’s terms. If Skulduggery was able to recruit this wicked combination of assassin, warrioress and barbarian, then his team would already be incredibly strong and more than enough to give Creed ample trouble. Hell, if Rune takes command of the Legion of Judgement in Serafina’s absence, there’s a military force just waiting to be rallied and sent to battle it out with the City Guard and its Cleavers. Although the Legion might be even more deadly under the command of, oh, someone like….
Mevolent – There’d need to be a smooth heist sequence first to get hold of the Eternity Gate and release the man, but just imagine how formidable Skulduggery’s faction would be if Mevolent agreed to aid them. His immense power, his charisma and ability to raise an army of Legionnaires of Judgement and his influence over the Unveiled make him a dangerous enemy but if directed towards Creed and his vassals, he’d be invaluable. As for why he’d join Skulduggery, it could either be because of promised medical aid for his dying wife Serafina or just the chance to crush his brother-in-law. Ever since SOW, Mevolent has been shelved for a future story and now, with the end of days approaching, there’s no finer time to unleash arguably the most powerful mage, short of True Namers, to ever live. But Mevolent is cunning, and might end up usurping Skulduggery out of the leadership role in due time – he may prove as dangerous to his own side as to his enemies’ and is even more dangerous when aided by his Generals, which leads us right onto…
Nefarian Serpine – I’m torn on this one, because Serpine’s story ended perfectly in Seasons Of War, with him retreating into anonymous immunity and given a new right hand by Valkyrie’s healing, not fully redeemed but definitely changed for the better. However, he’s a resilient, intelligent, and fiendishly hard-to-kill sorcerer, even without his notorious red appendage, who would be a prime asset to any side he joined. As for why he’d agree to aid Skulduggery (apart from the opportunity to troll), maybe he feels, in some small way, he owes it to Valkyrie to try and cure her of her Faceless state just as she made him a slightly less evil person during the events of their Leibniz trek. And for the chance to flout that he saved the world one more time. Lastly, another major reason for his inclusion is his penchant for spouting witty dialogue which would make any scene he featured in maximum entertainment, especially if he ran into…
Cadaver Cain – As of Dead Or Alive’s ending, he’s probably locked up in a cell somewhere and just like Mevolent, ready to be released and utilised by Skulduggery when the time comes to marshal his forces. Yes, he’s a despicable character in the fandom and his Viddu De retcons will still probably play a part in the finale to many people’s dismay but you can’t deny that the sight of two Skulduggerys launching into battle is one to behold, especially since Cadaver has his own nightmare fuel aesthetic and has 72 years’ worth of combat experience over his past self, and, boon or disadvantage, has much less restraint in using it.
Darquesse – This is one which I predict won’t be utilised until near the end considering how stupidly powerful she is and since Skulduggery has no idea Darquesse and her followers are still roaming around or even that they’re imprisoned but perhaps during the heist to retrieve the Eternity Gate, the gang come across the Darquesse Society and after rescuing Sebastian Tao, they learn of Darquesse and decide to only break her out as a last resort. It’s not exactly new, to have two versions of Valkyrie meet head-on in a maelstrom of violence but after all the build-up Darquesse has been given, she needs to do something worthwhile. Maybe she can be left to take care of the Faceless Ones in the sky while all the other characters duke it out on the ground. (I’ll also add Sebastian, Bennet and the Society members to the list because they’ve suffered at Creed’s hands and if Darquesse joins Skulduggery, they’ll follow in her wake and help how they can.)
Fletcher Renn – No good guy team would be complete without Fletcher Renn, although now that I mention it, having Fletcher be out of action for a while might be a good idea. Considering how much Teleporters can turn the tide of a war in their side’s favour, Fletcher being abducted out of his Corrival classroom and bound in the depths of the Dark Cathedral would make Skulduggery and his crew’s job of organising their forces and toppling Creed and his pet Child of the Faceless that much harder. And we love a good challenge.
Militsa Gnosis – Militsa might be a mite harder to convince to join the team than Fletcher because of her reluctance to engage in violence and thanks to her brush with Coda Quell, strong aversion to taking lives but can still potentially act as a recruiting agent, persuading her fellow Necromancers, who’ve gathered at the new temple in Roarhaven, to fight for the light side (could this finally be Quiver's grand return?!). Additionally, with Fletcher and his teleportation unavailable, Militsa and any Necromancers that join up can act as stand-in vessels what with their shadow-walking and all.
Uther Peccant – Fletcher and Militsa aren’t the only Corrival Academy teachers who’d be contributing to the cause because (Grimoire spoilers) dear Uther, despite his obvious misgivings with his brother Skulduggery, is willing to put enmity aside and help out when he’s direly needed. We’ve already had a sample of his sarcasm-laced goodwill in Dead Or Alive so it’s hardly unbelievable Peccant could meet with Skulduggery in secret and act as another pair of eyes in Roarhaven. Even if his cover was blown, I’m betting Peccant is no slacker with his Elementalism. Maths teachers are a tough lot, after all.
Dusk – Now, I’m willing to admit it’s highly unlikely that all of the characters listed will even feature in the last book, never mind form an epic band of renegades and fight against godkind but if Dusk doesn’t show up, I’ll be genuinely incensed. It’s perfect: Dusk and his vampires have no allegiance with Creed or the Faceless Ones and have already proved themselves as overwhelming combatants. As pragmatic as he is, there’s plenty of opportunity for Dusk to reject Creed’s rule and honour his original agreement with China and join for that reason and they even have a district in Roarhaven, allowing them to form their own vigilante group to keep tabs on Creed’s forces and spread the seeds of mayhem in preparation for the final assault. And at this point, Dusk is one of the series’ oldest and most iconic characters- he needs to return, whether it’s to die or live on as Undead, I’m fine with either. If we’re going into full fanwank throttle, then Isara and Victor could show up too as part of the Fangs’ arsenal.
Destrier – So we’ve covered potential spies in Roarhaven in the vampire society and in Corrival Academy but what about the High Sanctuary itself? Yeah, we’ve had people like Cerise, Larrup, Regatta and Dr. Peculiar who seem on good terms with the Arbiters, even willing to bend rules for them but only one’s crazy enough to actually go secret agent and that’s everyone’s favourite temporal loony, Destrier. Although he’s rubbed shoulders with people like Abyssinia and the anti-sanctuary in the past, he is, at heart, not that evil and just wants to be left alone with his inventions. I also just want Destrier to have more page-time and see if there’s anything to what Malice said in the future – about Destrier leaving the Sanctuary one day for no reason. Was it to commit his intellect and creative crackpotism to the good guys? Let’s hope so because having an ally who dabbles in time manipulation is a hell of an asset.
Crepuscular Vies – As with Serpine, I’m seriously torn on Crepuscular because he has his own master plan to unfold in Book 15 and sharing page-time with a final stand against Child-Valkyrie and a race of Dark Gods is plot-juggling at its most brain-wracking. Will Crepuscular be foiled by Skulduggery and recruited in defeat to aid against the Faceless factions or will he reveal himself, help out Skulduggery with Omen’s vouch of confidence and then backstab his old mentor at the last second and launch his plan then? It’s a hot mess but we’ve already seen a smidge of what Crepuscular could bring to the team with his banter with Cadaver and frankly, it’s too fun not to want more. And besides, he’s an absolute beast in combat so whichever side he ends up waging war on…sucks to be them.
Vaurien Scapegrace, Thrasher & Clarabelle – If I was unsure on whether or not I wanted Crepuscular to join forces with Skulduggery during Until The End, I’m unsure whether I want Scapegrace, Thrasher and Clarabelle to return at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because I’ve treasured their rare mentions in Phase 2 and it’s sweet to just imagine them off-page relaxing after all the hardships they’ve endured over the first nine books. Like with Serpine, I’m fully fine if they don’t show up again, but if they do…well, Serrate’s no longer with us and somebody has to command all those lost souls from the Necropolis nested in Roarhaven. Will Scapegrace rise up to become the King of the Dead as foretold in Book 9? If so, then all I need is the image of him heroically leading a charge of undead, riding one of the Dullahan’s horses into battle and wearing his new-and-improved Dark and Stormy Knight mask. Tempting…
Reverie Synecdoche – Bringing the list back down to reality for a second, Reverie is a believable addition to the team. A medic is definitely required with all the blood, sweat and toil inevitably involved in the finale and Reverie’s already proven herself a reliable doctor able to cure various injuries inflicted on the heroes throughout Phase 2 and just as vitally, operating outside of official Sanctuary jurisdiction. But if it’s entertainment to go with your remedies that you’re after, then we could also include…
Professor Nye – Yes, I know that there’s two Nyes roaming about but we only have certain information regarding our original Doctor Nye who’s currently conspiring with Crepuscular and Perfidious Withering. Assuming that Crepuscular and his forces don’t meld with Skulduggery’s, then the good doctor might not be a team member but you know who’s equally viable for recruitment, especially since it can match if not outmatch Doctor Nye’s intellect? Professor Nye. I have a feeling whichever side bags this Nye will emerge victorious considering its knowledge of magic is more advanced. Only issues are, any Nye is infernally treacherous and the Prof could be chilling out in any number of alternate universes right now with its pet Shunter. So if Skulduggery has any chance of locating and enlisting Nye’s services (for a nominal fee? Nye does like money) he needs his own Shunter. And that’s where this guy comes in…
Silas Nadir – This might be an odd choice considering he’s not given much thought to in the fanbase and maybe even less by the author and he’s already shown to be one of Creed’s lackeys. But is he? Nadir has shown several times he likes to handle affairs on his own and while we don’t know why he decided Creed would be a good boss to serve, Nadir has always struck me as very mercenary so him ditching Creed and joining Skulduggery’s side isn’t too hard to swallow, especially if Skulduggery offered him another deal, one that was genuine this time. Anyway, whether you like Nadir or not, he needs to show up again and finally meet his maker because he’s been a loose plot thread for too long. If he does that whilst wielding epic metal hand to replace the one sliced off in DOA, all the better.
Eachan Meritorious – Speaking of alternate universes, here’s another suggestion that might have some merit. Haha. If Nadir was successfully recruited (and I’m sticking with him because introducing a new Shunter who’ll be a pivotal character is a tad too late in the game #Lukeshouldhavelived) then another trip to the Leibniz Universe is possible and Skulduggery could enlist another army in the form of the Resistance. Meritorious has always been an advocate for anti-Faceless rhetoric and the surviving members of the Resistance gathered in Tahil Na Kurge are just strong enough to be useful without being too overpowering to end the story within seconds. And as for Meritorious himself, he might have been taken out by the Sceptre quick af but otherwise, he’s likely an immensely powerful mage. And having a shielder on hand is always useful defence-wise.
Thurid Guild – However if Meritorious is too much and we’re all sick of the Leibniz Universe, then here’s another former Grand Mage who could lend his veterancy to the cause. True, it would have been wiser to have Guild return in Bedlam and advise the Arbiters about the location of Greymire Asylum but him returning to act as a strategist for the cause is neat too. We know Guild is a ruthless opponent even if his combat ability is severely lowered due to age and loss of limb and since Skulduggery’s own assassination attempt failed, Guild can try and get the job done himself by organising another hit on Creed behind enemy lines, Vanguard-style. That’s the Exigency way.
Eliza Scorn – Another classic ‘enemy to ally’ here. Like the Unveiled, who she once served under, Scorn is another Faceless zealot but while there’s a chance she'd embrace the Dark Gods' return, there’s arguably a greater chance she’ll follow Mevolent’s orders and join up against Creed, who usurped her position as the Church of the Faceless’ leader. And since Scorn and China would then be on the same side, there’s your juicy frenemy banter there, folks.
Christopher Reign – Mayhaps I’ve been ticking off too many returning characters for the sake of fan service so here’s a return to grounded Phase 2 realism and a character who not only has a believable reason to knock off Creed and the Faceless Ones but is very likely to return and that’s Roarhaven’s favourite nightclub ownecrime lord, Christopher Reign. Reign definitely strikes me as a pragmatic man and has already shown both a level head and willingness to bump off ol’ Uncle Damocles. Like a good chunk of this list, he’ll probably turn tale and flee at the first sign of defeat (you know, like the last time we saw him in DOA), but his small army of gangsters is perfect for both manpower and cannon fodder.
Detective Rylent – Although he’s already redeemed himself slightly by awakening China from her coma and without an enormous conspiracy to crack, he no longer needs to do any detecting, Rylent has even more opportunity to show he’s fighting for justice by acting as spy for the High Sanctuary, if Destrier’s unable to do so. A ruthless and capable man, seeing him work with Skulduggery after all their clashes in the past would be a treat to read and bring the Somnolent plot thread to a satisfactory closure.
Frightening Jones – Although we’ve had some amazing heavy hitters on the list already, there's always room for Frightening. In terms of Phase 2, he has perfect reason to return, since he very likely fought with Black Sand against China’s tyranny and now with Creed spearheading the return of the Dark Gods, Black Sand has a new target to disrupt. If Tanith is on the team, which is almost guaranteed, she can bring Frightening on board no problem. However, if we have too many characters, Frightening can instead be mentioned in passing to be fighting some of the other Sanctuaries around the world since we already know he’s willing to break the rules (i.e. The Maleficent Seven) and Creed reportedly has control over the other Sanctuaries anyway.
Oberon Guile – From ex-boyfriend to current boyfriend – Oberon’s already been a prevalent member of Phase 2’s ‘goodie’ team and been a key player in disrupting Creed’s regime during DOA. However, we mustn’t forget the theory that there’s more to Oberon than meets the eye and take into account the possibility he’s in cahoots with one Crepuscular Vies. There’s plenty of evidence (which have been covered in the past, so I won’t waste time pointing it out here) so even if Oberon does join his girlfriend in kicking City Guard ass, remote chances are he’ll betray them to Crepuscular’s whims anyway. For a rugged hottie, he’s still got Guile, remember that…
Aldo Ruckus – Yeah. Just a typical shoring up the numbers character here. He served the same purpose when he was part of Temper’s team in Dead Or Alive so hey, if we need a goodie to die within the first few chapters of UTE, I nominate Ruckus. His brother, Mr Kerfuffle can take over in his absence, I’m sure.
Jericho Hargitsi & Onosa Tsira – Won’t lie, I forgot about these two while writing because they didn’t immediately spring to mind as combatants, but Jericho has already offered his expertise with his astral projection lessons and Onosa has fought City Guards alongside Temper, so there’s no real reason they won’t stick around. And it’s always wise to have some Sensitives on your side.
Gracious O’Callahan & Donegan Bane – So, you know how the Monster Hunters are fan favourites and how a good portion of the readers would jubilantly freak out if they showed up for the finale? Well, I’m torn about them too. There are just so many characters left to wrap up and giving the Monster Hunters enough page-time to satisfy the readers, be relevant to the plot (which they were already pushing in Book 9) and do this in a book already overrunning with story threads and shorter than 600 pages is just…I personally wouldn’t mind them returning like my suggestion for Frightening – getting a mention of them doing good elsewhere in the world, fighting off Creed’s other Sanctuaries. Dai Maybury could even be third-wheeling.
Tipstaff – Damn, there’s been so many characters thrown around this list that it’s easy to forget even armies for an epic finale need some degree of competent administration. Tipstaff is the man for the job for two prominent reasons – firstly, I’m still rankling from his pointless betrayal back in Resurrection and having him be a good guy again would be a great step into redeeming such an appalling decision made for his character and second, unless mentioned otherwise, he’s still languishing in his cell at the Sanctuary so, as I’ve previously mentioned, there’s every opportunity for a heist/rescue scenario where Skulduggery releases him and drafts him into the Arbiters. It might never erase the stain on his character but it will be an admirable attempt at recovery.
Trebuchet – Last but not least is another choice which I’m surprised at yet proud of because I doubt anyone considered bringing this guy back of all people. If you need a refresher, Trebuchet is the ex-Grand Mage of France who was replaced by Mandat and now spends his days in the ghost town of Wolfsong, suffering eternal torment at the hands of the Warlocks’ curse and seeing the villagers die time and time again by wraiths. It’s a very niche character to return and having his strategic experience or battle prowess could be accomplished with a number of already mentioned characters. But I still can’t shake off that dream I had years ago, of reading a future SP book and Trebuchet being mentioned at some kind of war meeting.
BONUS: Sturmun Drang – Yes, I’m fully aware he’s dead but I’m mentioning him anyway because I maintain that killing off Sturmun Drang is still one of Derek’s biggest mistakes regarding Phase 2. As a Grand Mage but also a secret badass, he was perfect for reconnaissance into Creed’s affairs via the Council of Advisors and his hinted rivalry with the Unveiled, or at least with Serafina, could have been extremely juicy to delve into if they ended up working together. I might be less salty about it if we actually knew for certain who killed the guy but all we have are hints and whispers. Well, Drang, I personally will not rest until you are avenged.
If you so wish, please let me know in the comments which of these characters you think Skulduggery should recruit for the final battle. Do you have any favourites? Are there any I missed? Any you’d rather die before you see them come back to the series? If you had to choose only six or seven for the final *final* onslaught, who would it be? Thanks all so much for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoyed my list. Here's to Book 15!
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2021.11.27 05:00 ethiomahir Tire and rim sizes

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2021.11.27 05:00 VAIOFAN_Average My new VAIO - VAIO FH 14 Ultra - Core i7-11390H, Geforce RTX 3050 ti, about 1.4kg, about $1,200 - has the highest GPU performance of all-time VAIO so far.

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2021.11.27 05:00 DivestTheRCAF I wanna see NCD's thoughts on these magnificent machines

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2021.11.27 05:00 destructiveintrovert Fellow baristas, any tips to connect with customers as an introvert with social anxiety?

Besides therapy of course lol. My manager has been on my ass about this. I’m also fairly new so between getting the drinks right and making small talks i’d rather focus on the former. Thoughts?
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2021.11.27 05:00 SparklezBot Minecraft: Vault Hunters, The Second Coming - Ep. 141 - [73:28]

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2021.11.27 05:00 Heisenberg1973 And guys wonder why they don't get matches. P.S. - It's a verified account.

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2021.11.27 05:00 Falkenhausen23 What Happened?

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2021.11.27 05:00 BasicallyMilner White man born into huge family of wealth and privilege tells poor POC in Africa to stop having kids

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2021.11.27 05:00 Gersza With my help you can buy anything for 80% + 5$ OFF! Wish promo codes 2021, wish.com promo codes 2021, Wish 80%

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2021.11.27 05:00 darkwebviewer Europol: nel 2021 crescono frodi e attacchi ransomware di Livio Varriale

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2021.11.27 05:00 LaDeckard In The Swamps Of Little Egypt, Illinois

My father used to take my elder brother Lawson and I to Southern Illinois to go hunting and fishing every summer when we were kids. Our father established the custom, and it was always a highlight of the summer, But as Lawson and I got older as time passed, We skipped a year due to scheduling conflicts. Then there was another, and another, and another, before we knew it, we never did it again.
We'd just gotten started on our respective jobs in Chicago when our father died earlier this year. In honour of our father, Lawson called and recommended that we go on another weekend fishing excursion in Southern Illinois. I agreed right away and began gathering my belongings, the belongings being my childhood fishing equipment and bow for game hunting.
We left early on Friday afternoon, while the sun was still shining brightly in the sky. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the swamps of Southern Illinois, but it's essentially thousands of acres of cypress-tupelo swamp and it would be easy to mistake this place for Louisiana rather than midwestern Illinois.
We piled our belongings onto our canoes and set out into the muddy water. Though we were soon far from civilization, we persisted, travelling dozens of miles into the submerged woods. After all, that was the whole idea of these trips: to get away, be in nature, and clear our minds of modern problems. For a few days, I was relieved to be leaving everything behind.
We arrived at the location we'd chosen after a few hours of paddling. Every summer, our father would choose a new river to investigate, and we'd done the same this year. There was something thrilling about being the first to explore a new river and being the first to find whatever lay within. We moored our canoes on the beach and we discovered a decent fishing spot and were able to catch a few fish. As the day progressed, the sun began to sink lower in the sky.
When Lawson shouted out to me, I had just caught another fish. He was pointing across the river when I looked up. "Take a look at that!" He said, My gaze followed his point until I came across what he was pointing at, an abandoned house on the banks of the river "Oh, you know, we've got to look in that," he remarked.
For a brief moment, I was concerned, but the house was abandoned and evidently vacant. We dashed back to our canoes and before we knew it, we were walking through the deserted house. It seems to have been neglected for at least a decade, for nearly all the wood was bent and riddled with swampy decay. Around the house, there lay numerous household items and it seemed the previous owners had left several things behind as if they were in a desperate hurry.
"It appears as though whoever lived here didn't give a damn about getting everything before leaving," I observed. Then I shifted my gaze to the living room. The wall above the couch was scratched with large lettering.
Lawson was the one who inquired. "Who is He?"
All I knew about it was that the "Land of Goshen" was a biblical reference to Ancient Egypt. Our father had told us this hundreds of times, he said of how the Geographic features of the Mississippi and its flood plains were like the fertile Nile valley in Egypt. But as for "He" I told Lawson I had no idea, Something about the letters made me feel uneasy. It seemed they were written hurriedly as if someone was rushing to scribble them down before going. I peered out the windows of the house into the woods, seeking for... I'm not sure.
The message had given me the creeps and it seems it had affected Lawson. We left the house and returned across the river. At sunset, we set up our campsite and because camping in a sleeping bag in a swamp isn't a good idea, our father has always encouraged us to utilize hammocks. I went up a tree and hung my hammock a couple of feet off the ground, while Lawson did the same with a couple of nearby trees.
After that, we found a level spot, built a fire, and cooked some of our fresh-caught fish. I couldn't get rid of the uncomfortable sensation I'd had since entering the house and It didn't make sense, and it didn't seem like someone would do as a prank, seeing as the house was miles from anywhere.
As I ate my meal, I felt a bit better, It was most likely all in my brain. We ate our fish and caught up with each other while telling anecdotes about our father from previous visits. I was more than ready to collapse by the time it became fully dark. I ascended the tree and slid into my hammock, I was fast asleep in no time.
I was awakened sometime later, I'm not sure how long, by the sound of something rummaging through our belongings underneath me. At first, I assumed it was Lawson trying to grab something in the dark, but that was not the case as another noise could be heard. A sort of weird croaking noise was coming from below me and I froze in my hammock, but turned to the side and gazed at Lawson, who was dangling a few feet away from me. He was gazing at me with a look of bewilderment and terror on his face.
He nodded at me as I put my fingers to my lips as whatever underneath us searched through all of our belongings, the croaking sound persisted, interrupted occasionally by loud grunts. After long, I finally heard it creeping away into the trees after what seemed like a lifetime. We both waited an excruciatingly long time before eventually talking.
“What was that?” I muttered into the darkness.
“Perhaps a bear?” Lawson speculated.
That was impossible, I knew for a fact Illinois doesn't have a bear population, but neighbouring states like Missouri and Wisconsin do, but I knew it was impossible especially in these swamps so far south. I shook my head and gazed down at the ground from my hammock. Lawson followed suit, but it was too dark to make out any details.
In the darkness, I mumbled, “Let's just deal with it tomorrow.”
Lawson rolled over in his hammock with a hesitant nod and soon his snores radiated from his hammock. For the next half hour, I laid in my hammock, my heart pounding. All night, I drifted in and out of sleep until I noticed the sky begin to brighten up as the sun rose above the swamp.
When I got out of my hammock, I saw that our campground had been entirely demolished. Our fish cooler had been ripped open, our gear had been strewn around, and our canoes had been ripped from their moorings and flipped upside down. My mouth dropped open, something to have flipped both canoes must have been powerful and far stronger than I anticipated.
Lawson descended from his tree and noticed the canoes.
“Did a bear do it?” He wondered.
“I'm not sure,” I said. “There are no bears in Illinois and I never heard a roar last night, all I heard was a weird croaking.” We did everything we could to clean up the place. We considered cancelling our trip, but we reasoned that as long as we were more diligent about sealing our food, we'd be good.
We tried to unwind for the remainder of the day, We went fishing and bow hunting for game, and the events of the night faded into the obscurity of the swamp. Even still, I felt my gut clench as I watched the sunset and I grabbed the sole trail cam that I brought just in case, I set it up as we made our way back to camp.
“Can you tell me why you're bringing that?” Lawson inquired.
“So that if we find Bigfoot, we can have solid evidence for the news,” I said. I pointed the trail camera towards the direction of the trees where our hammocks were hung. Just in case the thing came back, we opted to keep our food a good distance away from our hammocks just in case.
We ate some of our newly caught fish and spoke for about an hour before crawling into our sleeping bags. I tried to sleep but ended up looking at the stars through the trees for a few hours. I knew the creature was unlikely to return, but something about the noises it was making...It gnawed in the back of my mind. It wasn't like anything I'd ever heard from an animal.
I must've dozed asleep because I was startled awake by the sound of something rummaging through our belongings in the location where we'd left them, far from where we had placed them last night. A similar croaking sound resonated across the swamp. To get a better perspective of the surroundings, I went down on all fours in my hammock. But being my clumsy self, My right hand then slipped on the cloth and I tried to catch myself, but I lost my equilibrium and to the marshy ground below my hammock.
I slammed onto the ground with a hard thud and because the mud absorbed much of my fall, I lost my breath. The sound of something smashing through the trees followed and it was heading straight towards me. Something massive came to a halt just above my head, and I could hear its croaking sounds. The trail camera was activated by the action and captured a photo, thus a light burst out across the trees
Whatever it was, it made a horrible moaning noise and bolted into the woods as it saw the light. I lingered in the mud for a long time, until the only noises I could hear were the sounds of the swamp at night. I crawled back into my hammock after I regained control, turning around to see Lawson looking at me with his palm over his lips.
I sat in my muddy, damp clothing till the sun came up. We piled our belongings onto the canoes and sailed off back home without saying anything. My ribs were not shattered, but they were painful and for the rest of the trip I paddled in pain as that thing from last night still lingered on my mind. I didn't see the photo that was taken by the trail camera until I got home and viewed the trail camera.
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2021.11.27 05:00 YungToaster01 [H] StatTrak™ AK-47 | Case Hardened 0.08 4x Crown foil [W] 6400 rmb in items

b/o = 6400 rmb / preferably items worth as much
lookin for upgrades mainly , i can add a deag blaze 0.004 and a bayo ph2 0.01
Trade Link
Feel free to add me :D
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