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Running out of torches going caving in 1.18

2021.12.05 04:25 forest_of_illusion Running out of torches going caving in 1.18

Does anyone else just have a really tough time bringing enough coal for torches going caving in 1.18? I really wish coal generated lower than it does now
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2021.12.05 04:25 JamesIsNotAGiantNoob Oh god oh god oh fuck oh fuck

What have I done oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck
Skills might be dying oh god oh fuck
I think I’m boutta end my life… what am I doing oh fuck…
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2021.12.05 04:25 Hothouse_Fl0wer Hello! I (American female, 26yrs old, size 2, 32a bra size) am looking for something edgy and effortlessly stylish to go with these pants for Vegas trip. What top and jewelry do y’all think I should wear with these pants?

Hello! I (American female, 26yrs old, size 2, 32a bra size) am looking for something edgy and effortlessly stylish to go with these pants for Vegas trip. What top and jewelry do y’all think I should wear with these pants? submitted by Hothouse_Fl0wer to fashionadvice [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:25 DragonStation Jesus’s personality…

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on the personality profile of Jesus, in his lifetime.
What impression do you get, personally, from the Bible? Or maybe you’ve had dreams/visions/experiences — some insights or intuitions?
I think he was really funny, bright, and a little kooky. Many may have wondered if he was literally “crazy.” But incredibly loving and intense. Pure of heart. Passionate. Prone to anger and intensity at times.
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2021.12.05 04:25 BastionNargothrond Bluetooth connectivity

Why does it have to be such a chore disconnect once from the car and have to unpair and pair again? Why can't Google fix this? This has been happening ever since the pixel 4 XL
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2021.12.05 04:25 aquapendulum2 Long critique of Tales of Arise: 3 steps forward for Tales, 1 step back (full spoiler)

So I've done it. I finished Tales of Arise doing everything there is to do in the game other than experiencing New Game+. From the post title, you can already guess that I think it's great. I think Arise is so great that the full price of $60USD for this game feels like a 50% discount, and I think it deserves to be regarded as Game of the Year of 2021, if only because the game industry has screwed up so much this year with disappointing or just lukewarm games. Alas, this post will not be about them.
In fact, this post will not be a(nother) gushing post about Tales of Arise either. This is a critique to extract what lesson to learn from Arise, and more importantly, what flaws of Arise to avoid for the next Tales title moving forward. Yes, even though my overall reception of the game is positive, this is a critique, the focus will be on the "1 step back" rather than the "3 steps forward".
But still, I'll start with what lessons can be learned from Arise. The good points first:
A. Good plot writing: I'll establish terminologies first. A story consist of 3 parts: plot, characterization and world-building. Plot is the collection of events that we follow and observe. Characterization is the writing of the personalities and background of the characters. World-building is the background information of the universe of the story, aka the lore. Tales games traditionally have always had great characterization, but struggled to have a plot that compel your attention.
The 3 Tales games that managed to find a footing with plot writing so far have been: Xillia 1, Berseria and Arise. You'll notice something feels different about the plots of these 3 games that made them so compelling to follow. Yes, these 3 games got the pacing mostly right. They have a sense of direction (unlike past Tales games, most exemplified by Vesperia Act 2), meaning that at any given point in the plot, you always have an idea where your party is heading to achieve what goal. It's not just that, it's not just the big plot twists that they drop on us that reframe everything we know, it's not just the resolutions to the mysteries they use to string us along. Those are all the basic elements of writing a competent plot. What you'll notice that Xillia 1, Berseria and Arise have in common is a central theme.
In Xillia 1, the theme is "it's important to protect the environment, but don't destroy lives in the process". In Berseria, the theme is "when you rob the few of their lives and individual liberty, do the needs of the many still outweigh?". In Arise, the theme is "despite past animosity, it's worth the efforts to make peace with your assumed enemies". These are simple themes at heart, and yet they are enough to create conflicts in the stories, generate conversations and arguments between characters, shape the world-building and leave you with a message to think about when the credits roll, like every good plots should. Xillia 1, Berseria and Arise have really simple plots, and that's for the better. A simple story is easier for the players to remember (in other words, more memorable), and it's easier for a writing team to fill in the details between cliff notes. Pick a simple central theme and make the most of it, that's a winning formula. Bandai Namco, you have found it. Don't break this streak with another Zestiria, just iterate on this formula.
B. A resolved romance: I don't know about you, but an unresolved romance subplot is still an unresolved subplot all the same to me. Unresolved subplots are just bad in principle. It's why I generally hate romance subplots. Most of the times, they just don't give an answer to "will they or won't they?", Tales games are no exception. To be clear: I'd be happy with just a "they won't" conclusion, that would still be a resolved subplot. Example: Metal Gear Solid 4, Solid Snake and Meryl won't, subplot resolved. I can't confirm why writers don't often give a conclusion to romance subplots, but if I had to guess, *puts on tinfoil hat* I think these writers want to appeal to the shippers, which is a practice I sharply disapprove of because shippers are by far the most toxic people in any fandom in existence *takes off tinfoil hat*. Being video games, many chose to compromise: provide multiple romance options. Few games such as Uncharted 4, Valkyria Chronicles 1, Wolfenstein The New Order, Trails in the Sky SC and The Last Story would canonize a romance. Tales of Arise is a welcome addition to this small club and I encourage Bandai Namco to either resolve their romance subplots, or in the case of Berseria (and arguably Vesperia), not bother with one to begin with.
It's arguable that Tales of Destiny already canonized a relationship by the sequel and Tales of Hearts R also did it by a localization change, but none has felt as canonized as Arise did.
Note: I don't count games where the canon couples never go on a "will they or won't they" subplot to begin with. Noctis and Luna will, no speculation about it.
C. A Bayonetta-like combat system: The first boss fight in Arise - Balseph - is when you'll notice something significantly different about its combat system. It went really big on the spectacles. We are now fighting creatures that are so big that they don't fit in your field of view up close. There are now a lot of attacks so telegraphed that they are clearly meant to be evaded even from regular mobs because they will 1HKO you assuming no overleveling. Perfect evasion slows down time for a counterattack among other rewards. There are now multiple mechanics meant to put enemies into a staggered state to create a brief window of opportunity to pile on the poundings. This combat system feels like a spectacle action game such as Devil May Cry or Metal Gear Rising, or specifically Bayonetta due to the similarity of how perfect evasion works.
And yet, what I like about this system is that when looking at its legacy, this system is not out of place among other Tales games at all. Perfect evasion has been a highlight mechanic starting from Graces, and remained a mainstay in Tales combat ever since, having been in Xillia 1 & 2, Zestiria and Berseria all the way leading up to Arise. The brief time slowdown was the only thing Arise added to the existing formula. The dedicated jump button feels like a response to the problem that Graces system has created for the games that iterated on it (Zestiria and Berseria). When Graces started using the Left Stick up motion for advancing toward target instead of jumping, it effectively eliminated aerial combat. This created a major problem for Berseria when playing Eleanor. Her kit revolves around launching opponents into the air and then link to aerial combo, but due to the lack of a dedicated jump button, your choices to become airborne are severely limited. Dedicated aerial artes in Arise too, seem like a response to both this problem and the more legacy problem of Tales combat not having a reliable way to maintain aerial combos.
This is mostly good. It's another iteration on Tales combat and not an outright departure. This is by no mean to say Arise combat is better than its immediate predecessor Berseria. Berseria combat promotes a very aggressive playstyle even on its caster-type characters, so much so that even its guarding action also serves an offensive purpose. It gets your blood pumping and you can easily get into a trance in the process of chaining together insanely long combos. Berseria was amazing in its own way. Arise combat system is simply a different flavor, one that asks you to be less aggressive and more tactical. Not to mention the new problems that Arise combat introduced that I'll get to in the flaw section. The takeaway for Bandai Namco here is to keep iterating on Tales combat. People are drawn to Tales because unlike Final Fantasy, Tales games don't try to reinvent the wheel with each new entry, they iterate on top of each other and keep the good parts.
D. The use of Unreal Engine: This mostly benefits PC players which is notable now that Tales has a significant playerbase on PC. It turns out that cranking up the in-game graphics settings still doesn't make Arise look as good as possible. Some cutscenes for Map Actions are weirdly sampled at 30fps, skits are rendered at 720p and upscaled to your chosen resolution which makes the aliasing looks significantly worse than other parts of the game, render distance for NPCs and field enemies is very short, LOD cascades transition too soon leading to shadow pop-in. I get that some of these concessions had to be made in order for the game to run on aging hardwares such as the base Xbox One, but on PC, the hardware can handle the load, and the easy moddability of Unreal Engine games enable the game to look even better. PC modders also made cosmetic mods for Arise aside from graphical enhancements, because of course they will. Yes, "cosmetic mods", that kind of mods. You know what those words mean for a game like Tales of Arise. I highly approve of Bandai Namco's decision to use an engine that enables such ease of creating "cosmetic mods". Seriously, it's about time too. The old, aging Vesperia engine somehow has powered every main Tales games starting from Vesperia (2008) and ending with Berseria (2016).
E. The DISuse of Denuvo: This only benefits PC players. I hope I don't need to explain myself here. This is probably a compliment to Bandai Namco in general to discontinue using Denuvo across the board for all of their new PC games. Berseria PC version will hopefully be the last time we'll see a Tales games being shackled with Denuvo on PC.
Next are the mixed bags. These are decisions that Bandai Namco made for Arise that may turn out good or bad for future Tales games that at the times, I can't predict, but still raise some concerns. They are:
A. The story is not purely medieval fantasy: One of the little things that I think Berseria deserved more credit for is its insistence on staying a purely medieval fantasy story. Why is this such a big deal? Look around you. How many fantasy settings you can count where the steampunky elements have not snuck in even a little bit? Every now and then, you will see a fantasy setting that contains a race that has more technological advancement than others. Or maybe mass manufactured flintlock pistols/rifles (and not conjured weapons that look like a gun like Zaveid's in Zestiria). Or maybe steam-powered mechas. Or maybe "golems" that functionally fill the same role as mechas. Or maybe airships that fly in a purely mechanical way and not assisted by magic or magical creatures. Or maybe any form of interplanetary travel that doesn't use magic. Maybe you just have some device that transmit sound across distance that may or may not be called a "radio". Steampunk is everywhere in fantasy now, and it's slightly disappointing that Arise not only went steampunk, it straight up turned into Star Ocean after 2 entries that insisted on being purely medieval fantasy. Granted, I think Arise has done Star Ocean better than any Star Ocean game has been, and I'm glad that Gotanda, Norimoto & Asanuma voluntary removed themselves from Namco before they had the chance to ruin Tales. I'm sorry for hurting Star Ocean fans' feelings, but I'll never be sorry for dunking on the modern Star Ocean.
I am not putting this down as a flaw for Arise because firstly, this was not the first time a Tales game went full Star Ocean. Remember Graces? That would be the first time you straight-up launched to outer space in a starship in a Tales game. Secondly, Arise set up expectations right off the bat that this is going to turn into a Graces situation in the intro cutscene. Thirdly, if you have been playing Tales for long enough, it's reasonable to have the expectation that something modern-looking will sneak into their settings at some point. This is simply a gripe that Arise is not the savior of fantasy narratives from the infection of steampunk that you may be looking for. I wanted the pure medieval fantasy trend that Zestiria and Berseria started to return to Tales with the next game, but perhaps this one is too much to ask for.
B. No more save point jingle: While some of the familiar sound effects did make a return in Arise, such as the Boost Strike indication sound was lifted right out of the Xillia games, the most iconic sound effect of Tales games, enduring all the way up to Berseria - the jingle of the save point is no more. It's not like Arise doesn't have the place to put this sfx in, it removed save points and allow saving at any point to any save slots now, but it still contains glowing restoration spots like the Grandia and Trails games. Those are the perfect places to put the jingle in as you touch them. The lack of the save point jingle - while having no gameplay consequence - feels slightly alienating to long-time players, as if it's trying to set up our expectations that "this ain't your daddy's Tales" when the rest of the game still pass as a Tales game just fine. For the next Tales game, please bring this jingle back, Bandai Namco. It takes you next to no effort to give long-time fans this tiny bit of fan service.
C. The emergence of idle-game mechanics: This is not specifically a problem with Arise, but it shows a worrying trend that Arise continued and I hope it doesn't become a linchpin in Tales gameplay in the future. Xillia 2 introduced the Kitty Dispatch mechanic, where you set a few parameters and... wait in real-world time for the cats to bring back some rewards, rinse and repeat. This idle mechanic returned in Berseria in the form of Expeditions, and returned again in Arise in the form of the Pharia Ranch. So far, they haven't had too big of an impact on Tales gameplay, but watch this space. If Tales games ever get to the point where you have to wait X amount of real time to have viable gears to fight the next story boss, I will scream bloody murder.
D. The rise of particle effects-covered battles: Have y'all played Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness? If you have, you know exactly what problem I'm about to mention. If you haven't, here's how bad the combat of Star Ocean has gotten in the latest entry: 7 party members simultaneously participating in real-time combat, the visual effects that they throw out quickly get so chaotic and cover so much of the screen that you just stop having a good grip on the state of the battle. Nothing you do matters in that chaos, just smash buttons and you will win. While visual clutter in Arise is nowhere near that bad, with the new engine, Arise is closer to that uncontrollable chaos than ever before in Tales history. I'm gonna be honest, Arise's art direction is walking a very tight rope, and having seen how bad the cousin of Tales has become, I cannot unsee a real possibility of future Tales games going down the same road. Please Bandai Namco, learn from the mistake of Tri-Ace. Their latest Star Ocean is everything Tales SHOULDN'T become.
And now come the flaws. This may feel like a long rant but I'm doing this because I want future Tales games to be better, and here are what they can improve upon:
A. Healing items now give a flat amount of HP: Hey, remember the simpler days when you can set some simple rules to your party AI to "use Apple Gel when ally HP < 50%" and forget about them for the rest of the game? Well, that's gone now. Apple gels now heal a flat amount of 400HP instead of healing 30% of the recipient's total HP. They scale really badly as you progress through the game and at some point in late-game and post-game, the flat-amount healing items just can't heal you enough. You have to occassionally go to the Strategy menu to change the rules to use those gels to high-grade ones as you progress now. But even worse still is the Life Bottle, it gives a flat 800HP to a character after getting up from KO. There's no higher grade version of Life Bottle that you can buy from shops, which makes the combat of Arise heavily dependent on the healers in your party, whose revive skills do seem to scale with max HP. You only get 2 healers throughout the game (Shionne and Dohalim) which results in a soft enforcement of your battle party. You can go into a difficult fight with both Shionne and Dohalim in the back row, but why would you want to? This flat healing rate doesn't gel (pun not intended) with any other part of the game too. Orange gel gives 30% of total CP, other CP restoration gels also gives a percentage of total CP. Elixirs and Omega Elixirs still revive with 100% of Max HP. This little experiment with healing item mechanic should end right after this game.
B. The disappearance of Holy Bottle and Dark Bottle: A widely praised quality-of-life feature of Bravely Default when it came out was the encounter rate slider. It allows you to control the encounter rate to suit your purposes. Do you want to grind level really fast or do you want to travel through an area quickly? You can tweak the encounter rate to suit both purposes. This was praised as some kind of groundbreaking feature for the genre, but as y'all already know, Tales games have long had a similar feature in the form of Holy Bottle and Dark Bottle. Holy Bottle: encounter rate down. Dark Bottle: encounter rate up. Even after Tales abandoned random encounter starting with Symphonia (2003), the 2 bottles still have a place in Tales gameplay. Holy Bottle: field enemies ignore/run away from you. Dark Bottle: field enemies respawn at accelerated rate. So what's the excuse for the exclusion of these quality-of-life items in Arise? I can see none and they should make a comeback in future Tales games.
C. The pain of the shopping menu: Hey, remember how shopping was done in the last time we have a main Tales game ie Berseria? You go into either Buy or Sell, you mark the how many you want to buy/sell of X, Y and Z items, you hit confirm your order and you buy/sell all of them in one batch. In Arise, the shopping menu has regressed back to a more primitive era of JRPGs: you choose to buy/sell X, you choose how many you want to buy/sell X, you hit confirm, you move to Y, you choose Y and repeat the process over and over for everything in your shopping list. What a pain. Another missing feature in Arise is the quick access button to your equipment screen from the shopping menu, so that you don't have to exit all the way out of the shopping menu to compare your existing gears. How could a JRPG regress this much in 2021, after the genre has progressed so much in quality-of-life features?
D. The ambiguity of modifier descriptions: The skill menu of Arise is full of skills that say "Increased Critical Damage", "Faster AG Recovery", "Over Limit Extension", etc... Okay? By how much? You will see a lot of skills that say the same things but cost different amount of Skill Points. Okay, so do they increase X, Y or Z by different amounts? You wouldn't know, because you get no amount number, just a vague description that it will change X, Y or Z stats by an unknown number. You have nothing to make a cost/benefit analysis of each skill with. This behavior is inconsistent too. A skill like "Increased Max AG" will say "Increases maximum AG by 1". And then the completion of all skills associated with a title will grant a clearly spelled-out bonus. Shionne's Escape Artist title grants Elemental Defense +10 on completion. WHY CAN'T THE REST OF THE SKILL DESCRIPTIONS BE LIKE THIS?
Another area where you see this lacking of amount description is the cooking effect. What's the difference between "More Dropped Item S" and "More Dropped Item M". Don't know. Some food effect descriptions have amount and some don't. The inconsistency of amount description also extends to the effect of favorite meal. Rinwell's effect description says "Reduces effect by 20%, but boosts the duration". Okay? How much percent for the duration is that? Once again, don't know.
This is an area where Berseria was clearly superior at (again). If you go back to Berseria, you will find that every description of every modifiers will tell you the exact amount they will change by. Berseria was simply great at being a nerdy game. RPG is a nerdy genre. All of the subgenres underneath it run on a bunch of numbers and formulas to calculate damages and effect probabilities. Talk nerdy to us. We play RPGs for this. What Arise has done here was inexcusable, epecially when you consider how its immediate predecessor has set up our expectation, and that there is a system in the same game that exemplifies how descriptions should be done: accessory crafting. Every accessory effects are clearly described with amounts. You don't get "Attack Up BDSM" or whatever, you get "Attack +20", "Attack +40", "Attack +60", etc... That's how it should be done. Bandai Namco, please go back to Berseria and give us that kind of interface. Arise has been a step backward in interface design and I am by no mean approving of this direction despite my overall high praise.
E. The disappearance of the battle victory screen: No, the victory quotes are not the only things that I miss from the victory screen. Yes, seeing the funny ways your party members celebrate victories adds to the charm of Tales characters. But the more important function of the battle victory screen is to act as your score card that you can take as much time as you want to review. If you go back to Berseria, you'll find that its battle victory screen contains a very detailed breakdown of your grades and how you got them. Winning within 20 seconds gets you X grades, dying loses you Y grades, finishing with a Mystic Arte gives you Z grades, etc... That's how I can tell how well (or badly) I'm doing in battles. In contrast to that, many of my battles in Arise ended with a negative combat point. What? Why? Don't know. There is no combat point breakdown because there is no more battle victory screen. Please bring this back in the next Tales game, Bandai Namco. It serves both characterization purpose and gameplay purpose. If you are concerned about this screen slowing down the exploration pacing, then just give us a choice in Settings to skip it.
F. The return of a normal attack button: Seriously, why did normal attack return? Starting with Graces, Tales games have had a minor progression system based on the number of times you use an arte. Arte usage counts contribute to their star rank. At each higher star ranks, the same artes that you used X number of times became more powerful, cost less to use among other gameplay benefits. And along with the introduction of this progression system, Graces made all of your actions into artes so that everytime you take any action in battle, you are making a bit of progress in this system. Arte proficiency became another mainstay mechanic in Tales and returned in Arise. But because Arise also saw the return of normal attack, this presents a problem. Every second you're using a normal attack is a second you're NOT making progress in the arte proficiency system. It doesn't make you feel like the every moment you spend in combat is meaningful to your progression like Graces, Zestiria or Berseria. Furthermore, by dedicating a button on the limited layout of a controller to normal attack, Arise has limited the number of arte slots you can assign to 3. With a modifier button, it merely goes up to 6. This is a regression of Tales formula. Arise has wasted one button for a normal attack that looks very repetitive in combo now since they go through the same sequence every time, not modified by stick direction like the Xillia games anymore, limited our selection of artes in combat and slowed down our progression in the arte proficiency system. On a related note, there is also a problem of...
G. The disappearance of nth arte customization: One of the few good things Zestiria introduced to Tales combat was the customization of nth arte in a combo. When you press the same combination of buttons in Zestiria, you are not necessarily throwing out the same arte everytime. Your 1st arte for Left+Attack can be X, 2nd arte for Left+Attack can be Y, 3rd arte for Left+Attack can be Z, etc... and in fact, it's possible to just press Left+Attack through an entire combo and you will not repeat any arte. This enables a great amount of customization of your combo. This system got even better in Berseria where you only need to press one face button for each face button, reducing finger movements for the same depth of gameplay. The 3-arte restriction of Arise would have felt much less suffocating if the customization of nth artes has stayed around. You don't have to engage in that level of gameplay depth, it's possible to just assign the same button to do the same arte no matter if it's the 1st, 2nd or 3rd arte in a combo if you can't wrap your head around this mechanic. But if you can, it's there. Berseria already refined the Graces formula down to near-perfection. The next Tales games just have to go back to Berseria (but keep the dedicated jump button and aerial artes from Arise).
H. No way to switch in characters from the back slots: Tales of Berseria had a mechanic to switch in party members from the back slots into the battle. Berseria not only made it work smoothly, it implemented the mechanic in a very Tales way too. Switching to character from back slots activates their Switch Blast, which is treated like an arte for both the purposes of arte proficiency mechanic and chaining combos. The newly switched in character has a full Soul Gauge, ready to continue chaining your existing combo. This mechanic was itself an iteration of Seraph swapping in Zestiria, now applied to any party member. It's disappointing to see this mechanic not being iterated on after Berseria. Battles in Arise sometimes truly requires swapping in characters for their kits when the bosses change phases. All you can do with characters in the back slots is calling them in for a Boost Attack once in a while.
I. The use of 3D models for skits: It may not be obvious at first, but you will soon realize that all the characters in Arise skits have a severe limited range of expressions. So many skits in Arise feel like the characters should look much happier, angrier, sadder, just more expressive in general. This has not been a problem in the Tales games before Arise, where hand-drawn sprites are used for skits. They can deform in ways that 3D meshes simply can't. It's not like Bandai Namco has nobody hand-drawing portraits for this game, we still see 2D drawings of character portraits in the menu, and we see what they look like in the 2D cutscenes by ufotable too. So how come? Could it be because Arise has a higher-than-usual focus on what clothes cerain characters are canonically wearing at particular points in the story while many skits can be viewed out of order? Maybe, it's faster to just swap out the clothes on the 3D models than draw a variant of each skits with the appropriate canonical clothes. Could this also be the reason skits in Arise had the humor toned way down? Make no mistake, skits in past Tales games have not avoided being serious or somber at all. Arise skits however have nowhere near the same sense of humor as past Tales. After all, 3D models don't exactly have the flexibility to create wacky, funny faces. Either way, the lacking facial expressions in skits is a real loss in Arise and hopefully future Tales games go back to 2D skits.
J. Underdeveloped side quests: For a game that did most things right, I did not expect the side quests to be this bad. Side quests in Arise are lazy. They are just a few steps away from the cookie-cutter bounty board of Xillia 2 which is supposed to be a black sheep of the series. Most of the side quests in this game are just collect some materials (which most of the time you already had so the quest completes as soon as you receives it), kill some regular mobs here, or kill an optional boss there. One side quest with the Wonder Bard poses a genuine puzzle that you will have to think a bit about. "Bibliophile" requires you to craft specific weapons for Rinwell and "The Owl Forest" is a game-spanning collection quest aka Arise's version of the cat collection quest in Xillia 2. And the rest of the side quests are just go to a place, talk to some NPCs and watch some cutscenes. That's it. There are some storytelling in some of these side quests, but not enough to meaningfully contribute to the world-building or characterization of the game. Even though I dunked on Xillia 2 earlier for its bounty board, at least that game made up for it by having character episodes. They are optional character-focused stories where we help one of your party member resolves their personal issues, which greatly enrich the characterization in the process. Oh how I long for the day when such side quests return to Tales. Well, so far, not found in Arise.
K. Lame villains: Despite the thread title, this is the real spoilerific part of the critique, so consider this your 2nd warning. So for those who have finished Arise, can you answer who is the main villain of this game? It's the Great Spirit of Rena, right? It was the source of most of the bad things that happened in Tales of Arise, not the least of which is the hollowing of planet Rena and the enslavement of the Helganquil. But the Great Spirit of Rena did all of that out of a primitive sense of self-preservation. There's no more elaborate background about this villain. It's just a dumb, primitive brain with too much power that it inevitably misuses.
What about Vholran? This discount Sephiroth is just a secondary villain who doesn't get a lot of screen time. You learn most of the background information on him through some optional terminals on Lenegis, which boils down his story to: He's a result of experimentation, he's a victim of the social system that the Great Spirit created, he is mentally unstable, he wants revenge on the Great Spirit. Vholran disappeared for the most part in the second half only to show up at the last minute to go "k imma die for real now". Oh, but not before he "1v1 me irl bro" with the protagonist like a true discount Sephiroth.
Just wow, these 2 villains are lame even by the standards of Tales games. And they are all the more disappointing for being the game that immediately followed Berseria - the game that raised the expectation for villain writing in Tales games to a new high. Oh my god, how did the Great Spirit and Vholran get past the pre-production stage of this game after they just gave us Arthur? Arthur is a complicated villain who would easily convince us that he is the hero in any other typical story. We see him as the villain for the things we discover from Velvet's perspective, the sacrifices of lives that he made, the people he keep in indefinite shackles to enable his self-rigtheous goals. And even then, we understand that he's ultimately trying to save the world from the actual source of threats to humanity: the malevolance inhibiting all humans within that world. Perhaps by trying to take revenge on Arthur, Velvet is actually the villain that ordinary people say she is.
No, no, Bandai Namco. This is no way to follow up on Arthur. The villains of Arise are a full flop. I'd even take Creed from Tales of Hearts over this, seriously. Do better next time.
L. Plotholes, lots of them: Let's clarify a few more terminologies first. A plothole is not the same thing as a plot contradiction. To call something a plothole implies that it can still be filled in with additional materials. A plot hole is not an outright contradiction in the plot. A contradiction is when the internal logic of a story no longer holds up. It breaks your suspension of disbelief and does severe damage to a story by failing to even fulfill that basic role of a story - to suspend your disbelief. A plothole does not raise to the level of severity of a plot contradiction, but has the potential to become one. With that out of the way, here are the plotholes I have identified:
- It is never explained why the Renans in Calaglia don't question the lack of an embedded spirit core on Alphen's body, nor why they don't try to embed one on him. When Alphen confronted Lord Balseph, the Lord did not recognize who Alphen really is.
- It's very hard to believe that during the 7 years of Lord Dohalim's benevolent rule over Elde Menancia that the news of a safe haven for Dahnans never reached Cyslodia - its immediate neighbor realm, yet news of a liberated Calaglia reached Cyslodia so fast that within a mere week since Lord Balseph was overthrown, we have Rinwell showing up in Calaglia begging for help.
- Fruit of Helgan: Oh boy, this is a big one, possibly the closest thing to a plot contradiction in Arise's story. We learn that the name has something to do with the Helganquil, but at the same time, we also learned that the Helganquil is a race of shapeshifting creatures concealing their own existence from the humans on Dahna and Lenegis. So with that being the case, how did the Fruit of Helgan get its name? If the Helganquils were the ones who named this fruit, why would they choose a name that gives a clue about their existence which they are supposed to conceal from humans? Why wouldn't they wipe the name "Fruit of Helgan" from the minds of Renans in the process of brainwashing Renans to hide their existence too? If the humans were the ones who named this fruit, how? The existence of Helganquil has been brainwashed from their minds, so how could the humans possibly come up with the name "Fruit of Helgan"?
- After the revelation that the so-called "Renans" are just the humans from Dahna that were kidnapped and genetically modified by Helganquils, it raises a question that remained unanswered in the story: How exactly did this process make the Renans incompatible with light astral energy and create a glow in their eyes when they use astral artes?
- Even though Renan occupation has been around for over 300 year, the terminal on Lenegis attributed Ganath Haros' new form of rule solely on Vholran, who was very recently created and only sent to participate in the latest Crown Contest which started roughly 7 years before the beginning of the story if we go by Dohalim's tenure. It's very hard to believe that within only 7 years, Vholran was able to achieve total subjugation of Ganath Haros' population. Especially when you consider 7 years is not even long enough for a generation to pass, and the fact that Dahnan rebel cells have all formed in other realms where their Lords don't hesitate to rule with violence and fear either.
- The spark of the events in Arise is a completely contrived coincidence of 3 unrelated events with no causal link. These events could plausibly happen at any point within a span of 300 years, but by sheer coincidence, they all happened within a small window of time:

- The merging of Dahna and Rena back into one planet leaves so many questions unanswered. But the marriage of Alphen and Shionne has raised the most pertinent question of them all: What is the naming culture of Dahnans at this point? We know what Dahnans have lost the culture of passing on surnames after generations of Renan occupation forbidding them to have one. But now that the 2 planets have united and everybody is technically Dahnans now, what do they do with the surnameless Dahnans like... Alphen? Is Shionne just going to keep the Imeris surname?
I think that's all the critique of Arise I have right now. Overall: great game, one of the best in a bad year for gaming, still needs a lot of improvements. Bandai Namco Studios have done a good job, but that's no excuse to get complacent. Unlike the stagnant market of Western RPG where it's being hard-carried by a lonely studio named Obsidian Entertainment, there is no shortage of competition in JRPG. Make Tales better, that's all I ask from Bandai Namco.
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2021.12.05 04:25 romHaize JOIN US IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SCHOLARSHIP❗❗❗

For those who are interested Join us!!
Our Managers are still looking for scholars!!
To apply, check the link below to access the application form.
By joining and following the steps for entry You get the chance to have a slot!
For news and updates join our discord server! https://discord.gg/k3h2KmnUv5
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2021.12.05 04:25 niccharmanavach สุดยอดโปรแกรมโกงบาคาร่าออนไลน์อันดับ 1 ที่ดีที่สุดของไทย

โปรแกรมโกงบาคาร่าออนไลน์อันดับ 1 ของไทยที่สามารถทำให้ได้เงินจากการแทงเดิมพันทุกตา มีได้มากกว่าเสีย สามารถรวยเป็นเศรษฐีได้ง่ายๆจากการเล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ในไทย
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2021.12.05 04:25 Chombo_qt can anyone give me cayos i’m not a noob but i’m on my pc account and i got nothing if you could only just give me like 4 i’d appreciate

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2021.12.05 04:25 killergame02 Hey, I need help.

I can't get rid of my computer. It's so difficult for me.
I'd get home from a long run and want to find a way to relax. However, the first thing that I want to do is get on my computer and spend my night on it, going right to bed once the clock hits bedtime. I'm too tired to meditate and brush my teeth even. I just hit the bed and sleep. Is there any way that I can relax and have fun instead of using my pc?
I already journal and meditate. I'm thinking of reading in bed and doing chores around the house. But I just want to relax for a while and be carefree, so what could I start doing?
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2021.12.05 04:25 takkun-gozira fromJapan 海外フレンド募集 南米 ヨーロッパ アフリカ

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2021.12.05 04:25 Important-Post-9997 Possibly the coolest Shib mug ever!!!! Just ordered myself one 😎

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2021.12.05 04:25 SzegedNewsBotka 3 év alatt kell megújulnia az vásárhelyi szennyvíztelepnek

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2021.12.05 04:25 gnarwin Is anyone struggling with Infinite MP?

I wanted to ask the low Na community about this. I actually don’t mind the battle pass/progression, I’ve played F2P games for a few years and I get it. The gameplay in Infinite feels amazing.. I just get so frustrated playing it sometimes.
I can’t really post in the main subreddit because people are so up in arms there. But what can I do to be a better player? How much do you play to complete weekly challenges vs playing the objective? I love the game and just want to grind and decompress with everything else going on, but sometimes I just hit my limit and can’t focus on having fun anymore. What do you do to keep it fresh?
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2021.12.05 04:25 YouTube-Kyrexx Assuming these are both good condition 🙏 how much would a color match to black for the Oem wing be (Coming off a gray gray) or could I just do it myself?

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2021.12.05 04:25 ActualDepressedPOS I got banned from a trans subreddit even though Im trans.

Wanna know the horrible, hateful, and dreadful taboo statement that got me banned? I’ll type in the exact quote:
“Your sex cannot be changed. It does not matter how much you alter yourself”.
Im not surprised, just annoyed. I was responding to a post that was ranting about how sex can be changed and how it is “incorrect” and “hurtful” to say otherwise. That subreddit is such an echo chamber. There’s literally no chance of having an open discussion about relevant issues because someone will get triggered and as a result, I (a 19 year old trans girl) got thrown out (by a bunch of 57 year old transbians). I deserve to be bitchy about it.
I don’t understand how someone can be so delusional about a simple fact; it irks me to my core. All of my teachers would argue the same thing as me, heck, even a kid in a biology class would. It’s not that complicated.
I think that transitioning is very much a social situation. Yes, I may take hormones and get surgeries, but at the end of the day my chromosomes are XY. At the end of the day, my DNA is not female. I don’t really mind though because out in the public I am always identified and treated as a woman, which is my goal. I am not able to portray myself masculinely because my characteristics are feminine. That is one of the reasons why I transitioned. It’s the only way that I can live a happy life and be a contributing member of society. Everyone has different issues and being trans just happens to be mine.
/uj copy and pasted from vent
i was scrolling through my bad mental health reddit account because- reasons, and for some reason this post was suggested to me because i once looked at vent.
awesome lol
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2021.12.05 04:25 Successful-Heart9134 Potential Increase in Job Postings?

Just curious if more jobs tend to get posted after the new year.
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2021.12.05 04:25 Skye_hai_bai I created an all indigenous squadron!

It's not much and only has two members atm, but I'm super excited for it! We're a Federation Squadron based in EZ Aquarii, and I hope to recruit more indigenous commanders soon!
That's all 😅 I'm just really, really happy!
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