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Every black cat owners’ favorite game: Is that my cat or a black T-shirt?

2021.12.05 11:51 filmbuffy42 Every black cat owners’ favorite game: Is that my cat or a black T-shirt?

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2021.12.05 11:51 lowkeygardening (X-post as once again plant clinic is useless!) Transparent little spots on one leaf (alocasia wentii) - they look black at an angle (pic 3). Cut a dying leaf yesterday as new growth incoming. Anyone know what’s happening here?

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2021.12.05 11:51 AreYouM [US-NY] [H] Green Cerakote 7V w/ Extras, Eniigma Infinitum w/ Extras [W] Paypal

7V Timestamp
Infinitum Timestamp
Can take additional pictures if need be.
Green Cerakote 7V - $925 Shipped
Comes built on PC with L+F Cobalts and Lubed C3 stabs. Has the PVD Weight and Badge. Also includes an extra alu plate + foam + additional PCB. One small ding in front which I think happened prior to cerakote as it is covered. Does not include GMK Botanical. Will be shipped in original box
Eniigma Infinitum - $575 Shipped - Below Retail
Comes built with L+F Hyperglides on Alu on a WT80 pcb with lubed durock (bdz). Additionally comes with PC and CF plate, 2 PCBs, and 4 daughterboards. One flaw on bottom shown in album. Does not include GMK Hennessey. Shipped in original carrying case with the Taeha Cloth.
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2021.12.05 11:51 crustang LB Drew Singleton declares for NFL Draft

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2021.12.05 11:51 Polcari937 Sold the 18 and upgraded to the 22 TRD Sport

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2021.12.05 11:51 Danky-pants Looking to improve my design skills

Hi reddit,
I started a M.Sc. in UX in September. There is a clear emphasis on incorporating the scientific method into UX and I feel as though it will prepare me for a career in UX research. However, I would like to have a well-rounded skill-set and would really like to improve my ability to design, illustrate, prototype, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for resources, courses, or exercises where I could start from 0 and gradually build a foundation for a design skill-set? Is paying for an adobe membership and watching YouTube videos really the best way? Do you recommend any technology? I'm debating picking up a Wacom One by Wacom or maybe even an iPad.
My second concern is my portfolio. Where did you source projects to develop? Has anybody every included hypothetical solutions within their portfolio, i.e. choosing a project that you won't necessarily be able to actually execute, but show what you would do if you could?
Thank you for your time and insights!
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2021.12.05 11:51 KaleidoscopeTrue4553 ITS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE

My semester end exams are starting from january and i have to submit all my projects , group presentations within 10 days , such a pathetic life is it worth it
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2021.12.05 11:51 NigchaserAcurrate I sometimes wish I was anything but black (USA)

I'm above rasisma however the world isn't, I'm a blunt and direct individual, etc.
But why do I wish? Because being Blck is a detriment. I'm implicitly not allowed to date whte. I'm implicitly not allowed to be smart or speak proper English. It's just so annoying to deal with.
The constant "wow ur so smart lol"s because I can use a smartphone. The " you're so well spoken"s because I don't mumble when I talk. Its so fkn tiresome
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2021.12.05 11:51 velzevouvoule Christmas Movies like "Love Actually"

Basically what is written in the title itself!
[I don't like teenage-kind-of-films, though, like "Princess Switch", etc.]
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.12.05 11:51 study5gamer many ques in sample paper class 12 maths are out of portion, too high level and far from ncert

wtf is this, im too tensed, hope exam wont be this hard
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2021.12.05 11:51 DMG41 [USA-IN] [H] Paypal [W] 15" 2015 MacBook Pro in good/mint condition

I'm looking for a 2015 MacBook Pro that is in good condition. Specifically the 15" Model. Not interested in the 13" model. I'm willing to pay a little more if its in good to mint condition. Thanks and let me know if you have one you'd part with.
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2021.12.05 11:51 UsedFrosting1679 guess my age by my favorite Wrestlers

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2021.12.05 11:51 TopShottaTed03 Are politicians overpaid?

Question is in the title. Not really a democrat thing, more a politics thing in general. I really have a hard time with lifelong politicians who retire as multimillionaires. Are they really for the people, or are they there to make a paycheck and get free luxuries on the taxpayers dime?
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2021.12.05 11:51 BotDefense overview for mattallan9

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2021.12.05 11:51 Exzaladze How can I boost my Twitter?

I want to have a Twitter profile that tweeting about finance, economy and design. Where and how should I start to make it an account with at least 10k followers?
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2021.12.05 11:51 Brock-Flanders I’m sick of how red pill and “incel” have become lumped together when they are completely different, and how any criticism of women is immediately labeled as “misogyny.”

Do women and simps realize that slinging “incel” around as some sort of dreaded label everyone is afraid of has completely lost its meaning and can be spotted from miles away as an attempt at shutting down and deflecting any criticism leveled at feminist double standards and hypocrisy right? Like no one is hurt or offended by it, especially guys who are not even celibate and have a fairly consistent amount of success with women?
There is a distinct difference between “incels” and red pill ideology. Trying to lump them all into one category to malign and marginalize men’s rights while simultaneously diminishing genuine misandry and gender inequality is not only disingenuous it’s extremely transparent and intellectually dishonest.
Incels believe that the game is based entirely on looks, and that due to their genetic shortcomings they are doomed to celibacy. Hence “involuntary.”
Red Pillers are simply aware of the reality of dating and gender relations as well as how full of shit women are. They are mostly attractive, but are focused on the mental side of the game and building confidence and developing the necessary social skills to get women.
Lumping them together and calling Red Pillers misogynistic for highlighting women’s double standards and abuse of their privilege while playing victims is intellectually lazy and weak.
Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, every guy who has success with women outside of celebrities and politicians are Red Pilled whether consciously or unconsciously. It’s simply fact, it’s all based on well documented psychology.
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2021.12.05 11:51 Arimaru Why I think no MUI for Christmas

Just an unpopular opinion :)
I think a reason MUI wouldn't drop on the 2nd part of Legends Festival is for 3 reaons:
1st: The content that is scheduled till now doesn't point to ToP content (Blizzard theme schedule for January, The Broly Movie Goku about to drop, Broly & Cheelai Zenkai, etc)
2nd: Yes both MUI and FP Jiren are hype units but if they drop now whats left for 4th year anniversary? I believe that they will milk out other hype content, like many people and youtubers said, an Ultra Gogeta for example.
3rd and final: Both MUI and FP Jiren will be no doubt busted characters, we cant forget that those 2 are the single most powerfull characters in the franchise (not counting angels, GoD, Zeno, or DBS Manga new Characters). So I believe that such powerfull units will drop later in the future
What you guys think?
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2021.12.05 11:51 Onion-haseyo3 Lovers become friends

You said you still love me And I still love you. But we've learned now, that we need more than love.
It would be so easy... to fall back I to it.. pick up were we left off 2 years ago and try to do better than we did for those 5 years we shared.
But I'm also sorry... this is exactly what I'd hoped for and not what you expected. At that wedding you could barely even look at me let alone talk and I couldnt bare it. So I linked your arm and we jumped along to cotton eye Joe. (Were adults I swear)
You told me that at the wedding you were over me and then I grabbed your arm and it all came back. That was pretty selfish of me and I'm sorry. I just missed having you in my life.
I was happy to hear you say we shouldn't try again and that we haven't grown enough for that. We finally made a friendship and if we got together again and messed it up we might not be so lucky.
I love you too And I love being your friend
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2021.12.05 11:51 UchihaItachi1638 Anastasiya Timonina

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2021.12.05 11:51 John_Cherrington4 Our imaginations and the Universe itself are so elegant, and so magnificent

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2021.12.05 11:51 eushturkEy ne kadar malım biliyormusunuz kulağımda kulaklık şarkı açık elimde telefon yarım saat telefonumu aradım

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2021.12.05 11:51 bussy-enjoyer Women (and men) How would you react if your boyfriend/girlfriend stopped showering and stopped being hygienic?

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2021.12.05 11:51 DoctorSinkInDaCoom Is my driller looking good?

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2021.12.05 11:51 TiredOfLifeItself My intern story/rants

I just need to rant,i also hope they dont find this post of mine, so im sorry if this makes everything so confusing since English is my 2nd language so im not really fluent and i might get off topic or the rants have a bunch of holes so im sorry again
Im(21F) interning in a hotel for 6 months, and i got covid for a month on july just after i started intern for only 2 weeks and i was thinking how my 1 month break is so good away from that toxic workplace, and i know its a horrible thought and im sorry.
The reason as to why i say its toxic is cous, its a 4 star hotel, i didnt get paid per month but i will only get paid if i finish my intern until the last day, sick leave or gotten covid is ok as most work place i think, most of the staff at first are kind except A he is a demi-cdp in the kitchen and he can work in both hot and pastry department, his words also hurt even tho he is joking around like for example "you want to go home? Who comes to work earlier between you and me, its me, arent u embarrassed?" And he even got a bad reputation amongst trainees he also got a past trainee crying just from his words, and he is the hrd frequent complain from trainees too.
I hated whenever he comes to work, so getting covid is like a temporary relief from his words. When i got back new trainees already arrive they are the same age as me and 2 of them are older at first everything was fine, I was in charge of pastry dept alone since the trainees mostly wander off to hot kitchen and rarely do they help me unless i ask for help, so most of the time i was in panic mode working on coffee breaks alone with no staff to guide me through, and no i did not receive training before i got covid on how to do coffee break nor lunch dessert, they just shove me to be on stand by at buffet and just help around a little, so i was at lost when i was suddenly shove to be in charge of coffee break with another trainee who also dont know since it is his first time in morning shift, but for 2 months almost everyday im alone at the pastry dept. The trainees become more toxic as time goes by, they dislike that i am independent like whenever we are allowed to go to break comes i always goes first without waiting for them, and the same with going home.
When covid cases become lower, the commis and A comes back to work, they are mostly in charge of hot kitchen, but one particular day i was alone In pastry dept if i do remember correctly, i was cutting a cake to refill in the cake shop, with A occasionally checking in, i got scolded for cutting the cake 1cm crookedly and he began scolding me as if i killed his cat or ruined his master piece that day he was being more harsh on me cous apparently the next day i will be moved to hot kitchen.
the moment i move to hot everything become easier except ala carte and A since he is also in charge of hot kitchen occasionally, the staff want us trainee to be faster for ala carte, but i got anxious and just become blank and thus i got scolded a lot too, fast forward high school trainees come at first me n them get along fine but as time goes by again they too distant themselves from me, i also heard rumours about how i am arrogant, doesnt wanna know anything. I guess what they say are probably true but then again i dont know.
Time skip to today, today is my day off, and tomorrow is my last day of interning before i am free, schedule comes out and i got monday and Tuesday off along with me needing to work for another week, i immediately message the cdp in charge of the schedule, and he joke around with serious words, saying i have to extend to end of the month just because i got covid for a month, all my build up frustration from dealing with unfairness scoldings, the trainees bad mouthing me and a bunch load of drama along with my unusefulness just makes me broke down right there and then, i cried i dont wanna stay in there for any longer, so with no progress with the cdp i message the executive after hours with my thoughts gnawing at my brain and what ifs scenario happening, i was finally able to get some peace of mind after executive chef said the ok for me to come and do food test
Thank you for reading my rants, it have a bunch of holes so bare with my first post and thank you
TLDR : Pent up frustration from toxic workplace after getting teased via whatsapp i got extended i cried
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2021.12.05 11:51 electronzapdotcom Fallout 4 starting over

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