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2021.12.03 19:12 notpablocoin Best modes for RP

With the intention to play for the first time with a lot of mods, also want to make that rulers memes/topics like others do here, what mods do you recommend for maximum experience?
Also any suggestions of starts? Dont mind creating a custom ruler, I always keep doing a Terminator berseker lol
Thats for ck3!
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2021.12.03 19:12 Noodle_Noob13 Reshiram Raid on me! Appear online to get in!

9915 1928 1030
Taking 5
Be good
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2021.12.03 19:12 0xMilkiix0 S u m m o n

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2021.12.03 19:12 PenguinLord123 We have some weird conversations...

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2021.12.03 19:12 Affectionate_Life229 Bereavement Leave

My grandmother in-law is going to die soon. Sad and glad, she's 93 and has had funeral plans since she was 74. She's been ready to be with Jesus for awhile.
Can I use bereavement leave for the funeral of a grandmother in-law?
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2021.12.03 19:12 speekless Schroeder Roadshow - Amok

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2021.12.03 19:12 God_himself7 Can i trust a goat order from hong kong?

Goat sent me the shipping details and its coming from hong kong will they be legit?
I’m kind of worried because this is my first time buying from goat and already had some problems with them then heard they sell fakes.
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2021.12.03 19:12 gotobedRN which cleansing balm do you prefer and why?

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2021.12.03 19:12 MetalNickA Playing the Switch while driving is life-changing. You should consider it!

Last week, there was a great post about someone who played while running on a treadmill. Then there was another one today. I wanted to share my experience on something even better because it’s something I highly recommend. I do it on the daily: five times a week, I drive one hour each way to work while playing my Switch. Two years ago I lived in my mom’s basement (I still do), and today marks my 12th day employed in my entire life, in the 12th month of 2021. My initial goal was to make enough to buy a fourth Switch, and since I reached it mid-June I thought I could hit the 5th mark.
I started playing while driving around November last year, I played Celeste back then (I still do). From February on, I decided to impose myself some rules to make things more fun: I shall get a full time job five days a week, and only play the games I selected while driving there. Animal Crossing is an exception: I play it on the toilet, but if I have stuff to do on my island on my way to work, I’ll start by taking care of that.
My setup is simple: the Switch itself is directed towards my face while propped up on the dash. I have a joycon zip tied on each side of the steering wheel. They would be protected by the airbag if I had airbags but I do not, so I can only hope my precious joycons don’t become damaged should any incidents occur. I always wear the seatbelt.
Before I came up with this, I spent days of my life trying different ways to set up the Switch. Here are some things that I tried: for a while I played with Bluetooth earbuds, first using an adapter, then with the first-party Bluetooth connection, but they ended up drowning out the police sirens behind me and I got arrested for evading the police. They had a latency anyway. I also tried putting it on top of the steering column in front of the gauges, but it would either fall over or I would have to look down from the road to see it.
Since February, I finished Celeste, Metroid Dread, and I will certainly end BOTW in a few days (if I’m still alive). At first, I tried different styles of games: platformers, racing games (a very good idea to practice your driving skills in real time) and it turns out JRPGs are the best genre for me to enjoy. I love JRPGs but I’m often lazy, and don’t feel like grinding. When I drive, it’s much easier: my main goal is not to play the game, but to reach my destination alive. The game is only a little bit of a distraction, and it’s a perfect one.
Over the past 12 days, I have greatly improved myself. My finances, driving skills, and it gives my wife time alone with her boyfriend. I have maxed my job’s hours for the week (40 hours) and I’m not allowed overtime so I go for free drives on occasion and can attest my driving skill is making progress. After each drive, I write down my performance and what I played as well as other stuff (pedestrians hit, tickets received, etc). And so far, both have definitely been a positive number.
In conclusion, I really love playing while driving. I love the possibility to zip tie a joycon to each side of the wheel.
What are some great games that could be enjoyed while driving? I probably won’t live very long doing this, so short games only please.
Also, if any of you wants to start doing the same and needs advice, I’d love to provide help. I know how complicated this whole procedure of zip trying joycons to your wheel can be.
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2021.12.03 19:12 sofalofaa This poor man. First he didnt get his steak, and now he gets his entire world shattered live on youtube #justiceforzach

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2021.12.03 19:12 EveryoneLovesNudez This should’ve been the original. Drizzy destroys this beat.

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2021.12.03 19:12 SquirrelKing12 Some of my favourite Miles Morales shots

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2021.12.03 19:12 clip_mirror_bot Ludwig's New Job after Ban

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2021.12.03 19:12 overeift 21M, looking for accountability partner

I'm computer science student live in Algeria, my goal is to be more productive in studying and working on my side project, I want to stop procrastination since it ruining my life, it would be great if I can find a hard worker motivated buddy that plan to focus +8h a day, my timezone is GMT+1, feel free to message me in Reddit or Telegram (@mouaim)
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2021.12.03 19:12 Spirited-Tie-8319 Samsung Galaxy Foldable 3 5G unboxing

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2021.12.03 19:12 FlyingTurtle4790 :(

I've posted a lot on teenagersbutdepressed today :/
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2021.12.03 19:12 Ok_Following_9336 What's taking Duke so long?

At the start of the cycle they said mid October right? Can they really not have made (barely) any conclusions thus far? Genuinely curious.
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2021.12.03 19:12 elbesgarden I like misogynistic/sexist men. AMA.

I’m a femboy, 23 years old. I date masc guys who are into femininity so I’m always the “girl” in the relationship. It’s a but of a guilty pleasure of mine but the more misogynistic they are the more I’m attracted to them. AMA.
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2021.12.03 19:12 jeanskirtflirt Please listen to us survivors & experts on these topics while we’re still willing to speak.

I don’t think a lot of people understand the gravity and significance of having so many survivors speaking out at one time or at all.
We’re all choosing to speak up to help everyone understand & to shed light on the reality of what abuse of every kind looks like.
We’re giving our own stories and showing how hard healing is.
I hate to say it but in someways this is a privilege for most of y’all to willingly hear our voices.
I see so many posts of “why would” “I can’t imagine” “how could” etc. on the same threads where survivors are sharing the answers you’re looking for.
Likewise experts on the subjects are speaking up and giving answers you’re not going to find so readily available after this case.
I want to emphasize how rare of an occurrence this is & how we’re trying to help y’all understand to many of our own detriments.
I’ve recently watched Logan so imma compare this to that movie… currently we are taking the shots to give us our superpowers so we can help everyone in need.
But that shot will wear off soon & our voices will go silent out of exhaustion and pain for us.
This is a rare opportunity & we’re trying out here to help as much as possible.
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2021.12.03 19:12 SwordfishNo4311 Ryzen 3950x, need to buy more ram, 3200, 3600 vs 4400 mhz

So I have a rig I use at home for a wide range of tasks, some gaming, but most work / dev / music production stuff.
I do use a lot of ram and want to go from 32gb to 64 so I don't have to worry about killing vms when I get bored of work and load a FL project that takes 15gb for itself.
I want to go from the current 2666mhz up to 3600 really, also looked at the 4400mhz.
But the price jump is huge, even from 3200 to 3600, will I really notice that much difference?
Storage is mainly NVME which I know gives the ability to pull in from the disk faster than my current ram, but realistically what would I be expecting here?
Thank you 🙂
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2021.12.03 19:12 X-Plane_Simmer Looking for temp jobs in Detroit area with Little to NO interaction with people.

As I've dealt with very toxic employers and employees in the recent past, I'm looking for immediate hire temp jobs such as light security, desk or Janitorial jobs with little or no interaction with people.
I've also been aggravated by online job boards. If anyone here can refer me a list of walk-in security and janitorial companies, that would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.03 19:12 CheeseYeeter1000 Cheese

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2021.12.03 19:12 batolAmper For Anyone Looking To Start, Scale and Grow A Digital Business In 2021

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2021.12.03 19:12 Snoo27158 I met a person who uses they/them but describes themselves as a woman?

I don’t want to hate on them but I’m confused. Can any NB people help me understand? I thought using they/them meant you were non binary.
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2021.12.03 19:12 miscollier This is my husband's doodle from the other day. I think he's very creative 😊

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