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Can someone ID this spider? (SE Michigan, USA)

2021.12.08 17:07 clownschoolforducks Can someone ID this spider? (SE Michigan, USA)

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2021.12.08 17:07 Osvemz1 Eris.

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2021.12.08 17:07 Prestigious_Two_5671 Spazz🕊(1200) & Corbin🕊(1200)

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2021.12.08 17:07 ebartan Başkan Oktay, sel sonrası dört günlük çalışmaları değerlendirdi - Habertürk

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2021.12.08 17:07 TheLittleJohn Βάλτε το πιστοποιητικό στο wallet

Για iPhone: Πάτε στη σελίδα getcovidpass.eu και μόλις βάλετε το πιστοποιητικό εμφανίζει επιλογή να το σώσετε στο wallet.
Μετά πατάτε δύο φορές το πλαϊνό κουμπί και ανοίγει
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2021.12.08 17:07 Available_Chonkus "Gang violence now"

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2021.12.08 17:07 FEStienewb What made you realize “they aren’t my real friends?”

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2021.12.08 17:07 International_Farm60 Sick Lausse the cat tattoos I got from the fan page

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2021.12.08 17:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Yunan zulmü AİHM'de #AvrupaİnsanHaklarıMahkemesi #Yunanistan #Kamerun #EgeDenizi son saatin en çok aranan 13. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 3 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.12.08 17:07 The-Local-Weeb Got bored in class and did a thing

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2021.12.08 17:07 MrTurtleHurdle Sorry its true guys

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2021.12.08 17:07 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-76809

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2021.12.08 17:07 ebartan Knidos Antik Kentinde Mermer Heykel Başları Bulundu - Muğla - İhlas Haber Ajansı

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2021.12.08 17:07 blink182punk How many of you were inspired to learn an instrument because of Mark, Tom, or Travis?

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2021.12.08 17:07 Sorin61 Virgin Media fined £50k for spamming opted-out customers

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2021.12.08 17:07 riverskywalker Food keeps getting stuck at the back of my mouth, no throat pain other than a dull pain when swallowing, post-nasal drip too, any ideas?

It happened for the first time last week, I(24m) was eating, I took a regular sized bite and I moved the food to the back of mouth and it just got stuck. I tensed up and it took 1 or 2 more swallows to clear it. I could still breathe through my nose but since then I've been eating mainly soft foods or small bites. Eatings become mentally challenging due to the fear of choking. When testing my regular bite size the same problem occurs. I've no consistent pain but a slight dull pain when I swallow. I seem to have a lot of post-nasal drip and find myself having to swallow often.
I'm going to book in with a Doctor but this time of year I might be waiting a few days so I was wondering if it sounded familiar to anyone! Thank you!
Just some additional information, I'm 85kg, 5'11 and recently had a filling done on my tooth!
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2021.12.08 17:07 anytop10 They don't stop comming

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2021.12.08 17:07 PerennialSoul Persistent post-burnout memory issues

I've gone through a very serious burnout episode, during which I was completely dysfunctional. My memory—both short- and long-term—was completely shattered, and my attention severed to the point of me not being able to do even the simplest of tasks. On top of that, I've had the most horrible depression of my life.
It's been 2 years since this unfortunate event crippled me. I've recovered my mood and attention, but memory is only partially recovered. Short-term memory capacity is very diminished and long-term memory retrieval is significantly worse.
Any hypothesis as to the neurobiological substrate of it? So I can decide on proper pharmacological intervention. I went to multiple psychiatrists, but they were of no help, and I don't blame them, considering how little we know. Any advice is welcome.
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2021.12.08 17:07 OkStranger5113 Do you think it’s possible for the S to do 45 fps in quality mode for games like forza and halo infinite?

Being a pc gamer, 45 fps is much more smooth than 30 fps, that extra 15 fps would go a long way at giving us a mix of quality and performance. Kind of like a hybrid mode with the 2 of them. I hope devs implement it to give the player the best optimisation options.
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2021.12.08 17:07 Chef_Boyardee91 Dragonborn subplot

If you're a dragonborn named Fax please stop reading!
My group and I are relatively new at this, have only been playing for about a year now and I’m running a homebrew world and I want to make significant subplots for each of my players. My current Dragonborn player is really good at guessing plot hooks and is really hard to trick. In my campaign, Dragonborn are very rare. I modified Tamara a bit as the dragon goddess who is in a constant battle to keep a balance of good/evil in the dragons. She places Dragonborn in the world to fulfill a mission at some point in their life that will weigh heavily on the balance. Dragonborn are not informed of what their goals are or how they need to act. She uses dragonborn as the human element helps control the chaotic-ness that dragons tend to have and dragonborn can blend in with society much easier to live their life till they cross paths with their moral obligation to help the balance. The PC is a Chaotic good paladin and wants to stop evil at all costs.
The twist I was thinking is to have him gifted a mighty sward that is sharp enough to penetrate the scales of a dragon thinking his quest must be to slay a powerful dragon, what he won’t know, is that in the hilt is a glowing gem, the phylactery of a powerful Draco-lich that will consume and take over the first powerful dragon this sword pierces. My dilemma is I could easily see the PC instantly guessing this and breaking the sword and the quest is over without any fun.
What would be a fun way to handle this sub-plot without giving too much away and concealing the swords’ identity? Should the Draco-lich be able to speak to the holder, maybe he would speak in riddles that the dragonborn may think its Tamara giving hints? I want a curve ball I can throw that he won’t be able to see coming or if he does guess it how could I still make it fun?
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2021.12.08 17:07 Tbone-YT Ternion?

Has anyone here received one? I was just wondering what the Ternion does, like does it give Reddit premium or gold, bc I know some of the others do
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2021.12.08 17:07 fargito1017 🍫🍰🍫

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2021.12.08 17:07 Stickmin69 25 Wholesome Undertale Pictures until Christmas day 8 (Credit to Корнилова Екатерина on Pinterest)

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2021.12.08 17:07 ErebosGoD What would you guys rate my pvp team? I know its not meta or anything but at least I can get into gold with it

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2021.12.08 17:07 BigCahootas Equity loan after separated is it possible and how much?

Hello long story short;
I own half a flat I moved out of with ex partner (not married) with £100,000 equity in it (£50,000 mine.) property is worth £160,000 and there is £59,000 left on mortgage. I am 35 years old.
She doesn’t work, doesn’t want to sell or let me buy her out, and as I work fulltime and she doesn’t our child lives there and on paper is her home -(so I cannot force sale of property until she is 18 - I think?)
My income is basic £20,000 but with over time £25,000. I earnt about £24,000 last year.
Is it possible to get some sort of equity loan on the current property I own (I am on relatively good speaking terms with the ex) so that I can then buy a property of my own as I absolutely hate renting. What sort of amount would I be entitled to and the amount I would be able to get together to buy a small flat.
Many thanks
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