⚔️ Enter the Dragon Land Fantasy Metaverse ⚔️ Launching Now on BSC ⚓ Liquidity Lock ⏳ Low Marketcap!!

2021.12.07 22:03 tanakorb ⚔️ Enter the Dragon Land Fantasy Metaverse ⚔️ Launching Now on BSC ⚓ Liquidity Lock ⏳ Low Marketcap!!

Dragon Land Metaverse (BSC)
⚔️Dragon Land is the first Fantasy Metaverse coming to BSC. Join us in building a fantasy world where people can buy land, characters, armor and other treasures and fight other players and NPCs in a P2E game. Building out a complete ecosystem, the DRAGONLAND token, launching on Pancakeswap, will be the governance token to pay for treasures and other goods in the Land of the Dragons.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚔️Create your character, build your kingdom and interact and team up with other players in the metaverse. Fight dragons, other creatures and other kingdoms to collect valuable armor and other treasures and expand your empire!
⚔️Check out our amazing website for more information, which includes a V1 whitepaper.
⚔️Professional audit paid for and will be available a couple days.
⚔️Marketing budget of 50k USD.
⚔️Trusted devs with experience in other BSC projects and a lot of connections.
⚔️Liquidity will be locked.
⚔️External AMA + Private Doxxing.

Don’t miss out on this one, it might be the next NetVRk.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚱️ Pancakeswap


✨ Website: https://dragonlanderc.net/

✨ Telegram: https://t.me/DragonLandercOfficial

✨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonlanderBSC
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2021.12.07 22:03 Drumguy92 A dumb theory

Hey all!
I’m new to the game, started playing it last week and finished it and i LOVED IT.
As my interest in the game grew, i started watching videos and browsing this sub, seeing various theories that are very interesting.
Rewatching A video about Spamton, a certain line caught my attention. “..[[It Burns! Ow! Stop! Help me! It Burns!]]…”
I saw some people say that they threw him into battery acid and thats why he is that small and the reason for that line, but i don’t think it is.
After defeating Spamton NEO, the addisons next to his shop mention that he left before he was evicted.
So if that is the case, who other character had suffered a burning fate that could be tied to this character?
W. D. Gaster.
He fell into the core to his demise, never to appear again.
At first i thought it was dumb, but i started thinking about the phone. The addison mentions that he heard static when he approached the phone, so what if Spamton always heard static because part of the SOUL of Gaster was in him, and he communicated with him internally through the phone (jojo part 5 spoilers) like dopio and diavolo that are one and the same.
The thing with Mike, i think that is truly Spamton speaking but i dont believe he is the reason of the corruption. Maybe he ruined his status as a salesman only, but the insanity comes from fusing with Gaster.
The crystals we are collecting from each secret boss will form Gaster i believe. And maybe each crystal will have a motif of him. (Jevil beign the loneliness of working in the lab, Spamton his big ambition, etc)
I know this may be dumb and im new here, my friends don’t play this game and i have nobody to talk about it so I thought sharing it with you guys so don’t be too harsh :(
If you have a comment or want to add something i’ll be more than happy to discuss!
Sorry for the long post!
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2021.12.07 22:03 JeniceMontgomery 🔥 Fairlaunch 10th December | 🌊 LiquiDoge – You missed Dogecoin and Shiba Token? Join us on a new Doge token! Get in for high potential rewards - Community-focused crypto🐕

💲Welcome to LiquiDoge💲 Our links :
🌐 Website : liquidoge. tech
💬 Telegram : t. me/liquidoge
📜 Whitepaper : medium.com/@LiquiDoge
👉🏻 Launch time : 10th of December 2021, 19h00 UTC on PancakeSwap.
LiquiDoge Vision
Descended from Japanese wolves, Liquidoge is destined to be the leader of the inu packs. Liquidoge is a community driven cryptocurrency with a goal to become a decentralized meme token ecosystem.
Being a natural leader, we aim to build the most inclusive and serving community in the world with three main values in mind: integrity, vision, and humility.
What is LiquiDoge?
LiquiDoge is an All-in-One DeFi Banking App built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although decentralized finance has generated significant interest in developed countries, we believe that widespread adoption in China, India and Southeast Asia can only happen through the ease of use with mobile applications that combine the possibilities offered by DeFi with safety and privacy.
- LuquiDoge offers mainstream FinTech services with instruments and possibilities of DeFi. Such as high-return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer.
- Personal banking services to accommodate the needs of risk-averse private investors interested in portfolio diversification and risk assessment.
LiquiDoge offers a solution where retail investors in developing countries can join DeFi with low-entry barriers and a wide range of products such as high- return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer. LiquiDoge will achieve its vision with its governance and utility token. Earn rewards by staking with LiquiDoge.
More Information :
LAUNCHING: 10th of December at 19h00 UTC
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000
🥇 LP : 20 BNB / Max Buy : 3BNB at launch to avoid dumps
⚡️ Auto buyback and burn - Hold $LiquiDoge to earn $BNB
🥇 5% buyers fees 10% sellers fees
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2021.12.07 22:03 UltraVioletKindaLove That inner battle every December

That every lower elementary school teacher must face (okay, maybe just me)
On the one side: "Wow, that looks like such a cute, thoughtful ornament, I bet parents would love that!"
On the other side: "You have to make this with 20 kids. You are going to be making this, mostly yourself, at least 25 times (can't forget about the kids who travel between homes or the ones who break their first try). Close Pinterest and get out the popsicle sticks."
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2021.12.07 22:03 RevolutionaryOne2537 Like for like f4f @bby.sxcorpio

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2021.12.07 22:03 brock4822 Scam or real?

Hi everyone,
So I was looking through my email today and I seen an email that I received a reward Venmo gift card for $1000. It says cash has been sent to my account.
It wants me hit confirm to finish the necessary steps.
It's odd because I have repeating email reminders since Nov 17th.
But I'm confused as to why I don't have any notifications in the app itself.
99% sure it's a scam. But what do you think?
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2021.12.07 22:03 SSJInfernoDelta Legends under maintenance again

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2021.12.07 22:03 Dragon22721 H: b50c25, v2525, mu50c25 fixers and a qe50b W: legacies offers

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2021.12.07 22:03 liquidshade Can anyone confirm what mm the adjustment heights are for the new 36v HP mowers? R36XLMW20

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2021.12.07 22:03 frostmanga Spy Family Vol 1 in stock on Simon & Schuster

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2021.12.07 22:03 yjman Honduran LGBTQ community, observer in the 2021 elections

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2021.12.07 22:03 DarkAgent Something no one seems to talk about regarding armor.

We all know the long repeated problems with armor etc. But the glaring thing to me is that on series x with quality mode enabled, the armor looks absolutely trash. I could kind of understand the price (not really, its a stretch) if the detail in the armor was mind blowingly next gen, but they look barely any better than original xbox models. Also, what is going on with lighting in this game. During the intro segment showing the team, it looks lile there is no lighting effects being applied at all.
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2021.12.07 22:03 magnanimouspedro O torcedor dos anos 2000 do Corinthians com certeza deve se lembrar daquele fatídico jogo

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2021.12.07 22:03 Godawgs19711 Any chance will find out early admission acceptance prior to end of January?

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2021.12.07 22:03 Lavender-Canarie OMG I just found the cutest wooden box at the market today! I wonder what's inside...

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2021.12.07 22:03 Xen_Noir Synthetic Souls NFT Collection

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2021.12.07 22:03 Southern_Ad3032 Ive noticed that my mom never calls me by my first name

My mom never calls me by my first name and I hate it it drives me crazy. She always calls me son, but she always calls my sisters by their names. It is as if she doesn’t care. I feel like she does it because my first name is also my dads first name, and he was abusive to me and her physically, and plus during the divorce she took her anger out on me by yelling at me over random bull shit so I think she calls me son to not remind herself of my dad. Could this be the reason? I can’t wait to move out of this house.
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2021.12.07 22:03 footonthegas_ Ghosting as a Common Practice

For any recruiters or HR people, it seems to be common practice to ghost any person who is interviewed, but isn’t hired. I was wondering if there is a reason why I rarely receive even a form email saying “we are going with another candidate.” I can understand not sending an email like that to every applicant, but why not at least send one to people who interview? It just seems so rude.
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2021.12.07 22:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: quadrature

quadrature: the finding of a square having the same area as some given curvilinear figure
See tree for quadrature: https://treegledictionary.org/define/quadrature
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2021.12.07 22:03 Leforrtnit Is Trap Team able to be played without Snap Shot?

My buddy gave me the game for PS4 along with foodfight, portal, and a ton of crystals. So is Snap Shot or any trap master a required figure? I have two other trapmasters, but they are not water types.
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2021.12.07 22:03 Pepper-Tea Server is down for maintenance?

Anyone getting that message? Cannot see anything on Nintendo’s website
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2021.12.07 22:03 Joried [WSIB] Action RPG or Open World Game available on Steam

I'm looking for a game to play now in December but can't find what game to play.
I am looking for an action RPG (I don't like turn-based games) and/or open world with many hours of duration and that isn't too old (for example I would like to try the Gothic saga or The Witcher 1 but its controls make them impossible to play for me). In addition, I like games that they have a lot of secondary content, that you can make decisions and influence the plot of the game or the mission, and that they allow some customization of the character.
Some games of this type that I have played are the following:

From the previous list add that I have bought Cyberpunk 2077 but I'm going to give it one more year before playing it and I tried to play Sekiro but I didn't like it, even though Dark Souls III is one of my favorite games.

Can you recommend me a game similar to the ones on the list?

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2021.12.07 22:03 nevertoolate1983 Rudolph. [OC]

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2021.12.07 22:03 ssahv Who do I look like!

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2021.12.07 22:03 4206969420696942069 I just paid $80 for Dog Poison

please tell me I’m not an idiot
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