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Do push-ups until you can’t/don’t feel like doing anymore. How many did you do?

2021.11.27 03:25 Nottableputin69 Do push-ups until you can’t/don’t feel like doing anymore. How many did you do?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 03:25 ATLAS__88 People who were in Hawaii in 2018 when the false alarm for a ballistic missile happened what did you do in what you thought were gonna be your last 20 minutes of living?

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2021.11.27 03:25 -xe Any ideas for where I could find basically this same shirt (mustard/burnt orange, large buffalo check) but in a men's cut and size?

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2021.11.27 03:25 RemarkableAward6232 Gf 22F keeps talking to 43M who she hooked up with and had sex several times. I bf 26.

so, she told me she stopped talking to this guy she had sex with(several times), leave the fact before that she had sex with other two guys and a girl. but yesterday I ask if she really stopped talking to him and she say “tbh she has unblocked him, and talked to him a few times.. and she didn’t like blocking someone all over sudden who helped her financially”. That means she wasn’t in for trying fixing things when I get back, if she really was she wouldn’t have done that. like dude. Am breaking up with her for good. I can’t live with a person who doesn’t know the fuck they want.
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2021.11.27 03:25 BillyButEpic The roles of all the Sonic.exe characters (as of day 2)

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2021.11.27 03:25 rarefiedx IKEA 11/27

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2021.11.27 03:25 mdanielgs42 001

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2021.11.27 03:25 Revolutionary_Cup97 🦸 SuperBNB | 7% Automatic BNB Rewards | Just Launched | Huge Marketing 🚀 | Dont Miss Out 🚀

🦸 SuperBNB supports the BNB community and contributes to the BNB ecosystem. Every buy and sell bring more volume for BNB and increases the burn!! Earn BNB every day automatically 🦸
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2021.11.27 03:25 Infinite_Stay_9707 Are Hellsing Ultimate and Hellsing related?

Is there any watch order? Also, is there any romance in the series?
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2021.11.27 03:25 gologany [XBOX] [H] striker tw fennec rlcs x decal [W] credits

please and thank you
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2021.11.27 03:25 typicalenemy im looking for some head ASAP no bs DM me

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2021.11.27 03:25 himuboiishere Nipple slip

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2021.11.27 03:25 sudomakesandwich Ok so...It kinda hurts me a bit to say this but...this video is unironically pretty good: "Kyle's Guide To Thanksgiving Dinner Politics | The Kyle Kulinski Show"

Ok so...It kinda hurts me a bit to say this but...this video is unironically pretty good: submitted by sudomakesandwich to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 03:25 Foreverknight97 Insane week for pack luck

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2021.11.27 03:25 _CreepyZ What are some must have mods?

Hey everyone, I’m still quite new to Skyrim (just started playing earlier this year) and I’m just wondering what some must have mods are? I’m looking for mods that improve things like performance/stability and quality of life (inventory management?)
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2021.11.27 03:25 couchcrush What my wife knew was coming when I showed her my LC-Xs

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2021.11.27 03:25 PathalogicalObject Even though my TSH is within the lab's reference range, it's currently almost double what it used to be before I was diagnosed-- why isn't that a reason to start treatment?

I feel a bit skeptical of reference ranges being treated as conclusive measures of health. I was constantly cautioned by doctors about my "low white blood cell count", until I was referred to a hematologist who just asked me about my ethnic background and told me that my levels are actually normal given my background. The reference range for white blood cells was based on a specific population-- in this particular case, it was people of European descent. It didn't cover every case and definitely was not a conclusive measure of health.
So, I think there's a significant difference between what's normal in one person's specific case vs. the range of values that we observe in a particular healthy population (in other words, the reference ranges). Reference ranges seem to provide a good starting point to detect anomalies, but I'm not convinced that they should be held onto the way so many of my doctors seem to hold onto them.
My TSH in 2018, before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, was 1.41 uIU/ml -- now it's at 2.79. My endocrinologist doesn't want to try giving me even a low dose of levo since my levels are "within the reference range." Sure, but my TSH is twice what it used to be, before I was experiencing my symptoms. Before my hair loss, before my fatigue, before my constipation.
I just don't get it. My levels are so much higher than they used to be, so what if they fall within the normal range? It's normal for some people to be 6 feet tall. But if I woke up one morning 6 feet tall, that would be really abnormal (though welcome). Maybe Joe is completely healthy and symptom free with TSH at 2.79 uIU/ml-- good for him! But I feel like shit and my hair is thinning. Maybe that's too underactive for me. I just don't see why that's not taken into consideration.
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2021.11.27 03:25 Ok-Alternative-7424 Should I go ahead and see encanto or wait till it releases on Disney plus?

I wanna go watch it but idk. I remember buying the premier package for raya and the last dragon early access and it wasn’t worth the 29.99$ for me. And I’ve already got a Disney plus membership so idk wether to wait or go see it. I don’t know how it ends pleases dear lord don’t spoil in the comments plz. And is it good bc I heard from some ppl it’s one of Disney’s best and others saying confusing and weak writing.
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2021.11.27 03:25 CampaignWorldly7882 tenho tará em pé

Recentemente descobri que tenho atrações por pés femininos... nunca parei pra pensar nisso, mas é verdade. Vcs acham que isso é algo estranho?? Não sei como encontrar pessoas que compartilham da mesma atração que eu, ou estão dispostas a tentar algo... o que devo fazer?
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2021.11.27 03:25 Perfect_Beginning Take Notice of This Reality: Crypto Is Life

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2021.11.27 03:25 Clicker8371 They called my cars junk and justified towing it after only one day!

I swerved in front of the LMPD tow truck to block his way out, I knew he'd have my car in the back. Fuck. I had just been cited the day before. A $15 ticket for parking where they intend to repave (despite there being a single sign so far down the road it's not visible from where I was parked).
The tow driver looked at my title and insurance and seemed like he was going to let the car down. Then Sgt Dan Keeling came down. On the 23rd I had moved my jeep. On fact I constantly shifted them a little bit to ensure they didn't seem abandoned. They were on public streets and far enough away from the apartment buildings to be sure they wouldn't affect anyone. Well, legally at least.
He told me they were already towed and considered impounded. The four hour processing of paperwork and waiting to get information back from the impound seemed to imply otherwise. I'm homeless and use those two cars to hold my valuables and clothes. This fact for some reason drew a laugh and smile from Sgt Keeling I'll never forget.
The Subaru had a new alarm and wheel bearing. Something thst suddenly made the $700 car worth about hopefully $1500.
The jeep I had just replaced a brake line and control arm to make worth hopefully over $2000.
With those sold, I'd suddenly have the deposit and move in costs to climb out of the daily struggle of homelessness with my wife and two kids. It's more expensive this way, as we could've afforded the normal living costs the past two months.
We're stuck in limbo with the homeless coalition. This has come at the worst time imaginable. Using the last bit of the saved $ we had, we got a hotel room as a form of mental respite and physical recovery. It's ending Sunday, we were hoping to have had those two cars sold by now.
We were taking a jumpbox to get them moved when we got to watch LMPD drive them away instead. I hate them so much. They told me they could've towed them away the second they wrote the citation if they'd wanted. The road work has yet to begin.
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2021.11.27 03:25 Nolofinwe7 Fighter: Houndmaster - Ruff Up your Enemies with a Faithful Companion at your side

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2021.11.27 03:25 zoeykae Portal Inception video

Hello fellow Portal fans. I remember a video of someone doing the Inception soundtrack mashup and Portal 2 GLaDOS/Wheatley quotes on YouTube. This video appears to have been removed for whatever reason. There’s one, but it’s not the one I remember. Anybody know which one I mean, and where I could get the full version?
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2021.11.27 03:25 saltofthecarrots important

I have created a discord server for here that is under construction but functional. i just want a place to further acceptance and love please check it out
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2021.11.27 03:25 heinaga1989 I had to explain defi today..

All I could think to say was
Picture a giant game of musical chairs played by apes, frogs, and other like minded degenerates all yelling wagmi and fuck the suits. The two main rules are we need more innovation and triple that in liquidity
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