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TOP 5 Fastest Supercars in GTA 5 Online

2021.12.05 12:16 cone_11 TOP 5 Fastest Supercars in GTA 5 Online

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2021.12.05 12:16 vinnybagomeatballs Twist

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2021.12.05 12:16 alexia_clarke Social revolution

Hi, im about to have a presentation about social revolution. Is 4.0 industrial revolution called social revolution? I've been wondering about it for a whole week. Thanks for your help. Im really appreciate it.
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2021.12.05 12:16 Neurobruh Best sports bars in Durham?

I feel like we don’t really have much for sports bars. I just want to find a place I can go watch football at on a Sunday.
I know of Tobacco Road and that’s nice but wish we had more like it
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2021.12.05 12:16 096theshyguy Is brother Yorick halal?

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2021.12.05 12:16 Drain-hair Manton

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2021.12.05 12:16 hiddengirl1992 egg_irl

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2021.12.05 12:16 WildlyWithJoy TRICOLOR PICTUM

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2021.12.05 12:16 madeof_teflon when you ask for a verification pic and they stop responding 😩

is this a red flag?
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2021.12.05 12:16 larry939 Today is my last day being a teenager

I turn 20 tomorrow and honestly, I feel nothing but regret and anger looking back at my teenage years. I wasted so many of my teenage years just playing video games that I have nothing to show for today. I barely put any effort into anywhere else in my life and now, with me facing the start of my 20s tomorrow, it just seems to foretell an even more sharp decline.
I never showed any real interest in any girl, and none ever showed any interest in me. By the time I started trying my senior year, all that happened was me getting abused and raped, stealing the last 3 years of my time as a teenager. Of course, this is because I am just weak. I haven't evolved at all when I was a teenager and deep down I am still a child.
Honestly, I just wished I actually took advantage of my teenage years instead of just so passively enjoying it. But now my time is up, and I face an even greater decline in my state as a person.
I hope anyone reading this that may be going down the same path I went down wakes up and stops being a pussy and actually seizes the day. Don't waste your teenage years as I did, get a gf/bf that isn't an awful person. Or you'll end up like me, probably gonna kill themselves by the end of the year lmao.
TL;DR: dont be a pussy and don't waste your teenage years.
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2021.12.05 12:16 HololiveIdiot Question

I don't follow delu outside of YouTube, does anyone know when was the last time she posted on fanbox? Or any where else? Or has she just been inactive for the past 4 months?
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2021.12.05 12:16 pennywhistlesmoonpie When a bark becomes a yawn

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2021.12.05 12:16 Lampshade147 LF: 5IV Ditto FT: Items/stones/ or whatever

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2021.12.05 12:16 CBSSundayMorningBot Josephine Baker, legend

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2021.12.05 12:16 Library_Diligent Repost this picture please

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2021.12.05 12:16 Mindless_Opposite_41 Charred Anger

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2021.12.05 12:16 thuggernae Any of y'all know where this is from?

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2021.12.05 12:16 Sensitive-Zone-7617 F 18 looking for friends!

Hiiiii I'm looking for friendsss :D
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2021.12.05 12:16 youri202 The Queen’s doing WHAT?

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2021.12.05 12:16 TronicBoy Powerful Goal Setting System

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2021.12.05 12:16 Real-Principle1972 Budapest Trams

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2021.12.05 12:16 astralpariah Any of you RV'ers see some guy standing out front of a CVS?

I saw you dude. I'm standing there vaping and an apparition appears before my eyes. I saw it so clearly, you were like 1ft form my face and you didn't move at all. It was so strange on so many levels. I saw a few aspects of you I'm leaving out of the story in hopes I can prove this to you and myself.
I've never remoteview'd at least not willingly. On a number of occasion I have seen the very believable perspective of another human being, and in meditations I have seen seemingly by accident environments I am familiar with. The latter like a black and white film, it's so strange.
Would disclosing the location or state this may have been remote viewed in help the RV'er self identify?
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2021.12.05 12:16 Baymacks Padma Lakshmi

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2021.12.05 12:16 TronicBoy Powerful Goal Setting System

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2021.12.05 12:16 Greedy_Collection901 Why so few members

Is there another sologenic sub? It seems weird that such a hyped airdrop didn't bring many members. Only 800 currently.
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