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2021.11.28 20:10 Revolutionary_Yak850 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to save DeFi and the Cryptoverse!

🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in Crypto. Join our heroic Crusade Today!
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2021.11.28 20:10 miguelsuks21x I only have one copy of this card but I can't use it? (It's limited)

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2021.11.28 20:10 hodlvalley We are excited to announce our next AMA with Satoshi Club, Dec 2, 11:00 AM UTC!

AMA will take place here: https://t.me/Satoshi_club
$500 Prize Pool! https://esatoshi.club/ama-satoshi-club-x-hodl-valley-december-2nd/
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2021.11.28 20:10 whitebirch [Android Game][~2019] Semi-Idle game, similar to Merchant

It was a pixel game - semi washed-out color palette. From what I remember you generated a character and it could be from one of a few races (Dwarf, Human, pretty typical) and a few classes (Rogue, Paladin, Bard) and I think you could pay to unlock more classes.
It was semi-Idle in that you would switch between characters and accrue exp, etc but the bulk of the progress was done in on-screen battles where you set up a party of a few characters and went through a dungeon-type area. Got a new phone and I can't remember the name of it.
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2021.11.28 20:10 WoIfWizard 81+ double upgrade or 75+ player pick?

What are people preferring out of the two?
Debating which two to dump some coins into tonight.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 20:10 KOakaKnockOut It's only fun to watch someone else cringe.

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2021.11.28 20:10 CFA_Hole Ethiopia army carries out fresh attacks on Sudanese border strip

We’re fighting Sudan now?
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2021.11.28 20:10 Over_Jackfruit_6051 Anonymous Mental Health APP (beta PWA)

We are looking for testers to try out our service which is an anonymous mental health and wellness coaching app. The app itself is only set up for you to book an appointment, chat with a mental health coach, and have access to our podcasts. Our main goal is to see if our service is helpful to those who need someone to talk to. Thank you very much, we truly appreciate the help! Here is the link: https://previewer.adalo.com/b21dff28-f628-4c81-a624-40d28ded5afb
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2021.11.28 20:10 Ej_jefe Stadium?

Is st James park in the game? I'm yet to see it listed
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2021.11.28 20:10 AcceptableFollowing5 Ay I can't be the only mf who see it

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2021.11.28 20:10 TradeClass 30-Min BTC Chart - The knee-jerk reaction to new Covid may have been overblown. Market seems to want to return to the 56k-60k range. Classic Reverse Head & Shoulders is often a local bottom. (see grey oval) Price is still HEAVILY manipulated.

30-Min BTC Chart - The knee-jerk reaction to new Covid may have been overblown. Market seems to want to return to the 56k-60k range. Classic Reverse Head & Shoulders is often a local bottom. (see grey oval) Price is still HEAVILY manipulated. submitted by TradeClass to MoonshotCrypto [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:10 Wyrdletini Zuko squished himself into the kitty condo, so Bumi joined him

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2021.11.28 20:10 Loki382 How I Created God

Life gets rather boring after you have lived for millions of years, but you humans have always given me something to do. Unlike other gods, I liked to cause chaos for fun, as a matter of fact, It was my favorite thing to do. Every now and then I would dip my finger into your world and stir up some chaos. You could probably pinpoint every spot in history I had a part in, I was a little cruel to you guys. Now, while seeing the destruction I caused was amusing, the real enjoyment was seeing how you humans would pick yourself back up from it. No matter what I did to you guys, you would always come out stronger and develop ways to handle my chaos. It was fascinating, to be honest, the way you humans could always invent things to defend against me. You humans were smart and different, and a lot like us gods In many ways.
All my friends thought of me as crazy, or a lunatic, but I did not care. They all were guilty of far worst things, at least I didn't go around as an eagle and fucking every girl I find remotely attractive. All of us gods had something to do to ease our boredom, so what was the harm of giving you humans some challenges? Without me, you guys wouldn't have grown into what you are today, so I was doing you guys a favor. My chaos is what shaped your world into what It is today, and I take pride in that. There is only one thing I do regret, the biggest mistake that I made. It was one of my greatest creations, something that became so powerful that It wiped out all of us.
It all started with an idea, something I thought of while I was bored. I wanted to make something new, something that would cause more chaos than I have ever caused. It would divide the humans Into two, It would cause wars, civilizations to fall, beliefs scattered. It was big, my great Idea, If only I would have known the destruction It would truly cause. You see, I wanted it to be bigger than any of us, more powerful than any being that has or was already existing. So, I got to work In building the perfect being, the one above all, the one to give you humans hope. I started building and creating my child, or as you like to call it, God.
When I made It, It was nothing more than a ball of light that shined In the sky, barely even having a mind of its own. You probably could have pointed It out In the night sky, It shined the brightest In the vast sea of stars. It was like my child In some sort of way, something I looked after every night and day, It gave me something to do. I would feed It other stars In the night sky, countless galaxies were destroyed and wiped out because of me. I would also feed it human souls, good and righteous souls. Now at first, they were just small stars, but eventually, I started feeding It the biggest stars I could find. I made sure the stars I gave It were far away from your world so that It wouldn't cause any sort of destruction. I wanted this creation to be big, to be beautiful.
This was a process that took millions of years, and I was obsessed with this creation. I wanted It to be the most powerful god, the one above all, the ruler of all of us. That's why I fed him so much, the more stars and souls It ate the more powerful it became, the brighter It shined. I wanted this creation to be something all of the others would look up to, something to give us hope. The thing is though, the more power I gave it, the more power it would want. Power does that to everything, I've seen it countless times with humans. The more powerful someone becomes, the more power they want. They will do anything for just a little more power, kill whole cities, cause mass genocides, even give up an eye. Countless wars have been because people wanted more power, and countless have died. Gods and humans are not so different, even the most powerful of gods still fall for the curse power gives you, and mine was no exception.
When my god was born, It was nothing but beautiful. It was neither a girl nor a boy, yet its physique was so perfect, I can't even describe it. It had a physical form but not at the same time. It was a star In the shape of a god, and It was mine. It could speak every language, its voice was booming yet so calm and peaceful at the same time, It moved graciously through the vast realms of our existence, and I moved with it. The light It shined was brighter than all the stars in the sky, and It gave me hope. Hope that one day, we gods would have a ruler.
I did not tell anyone about my creation, I wanted it to grow and become what It meant to be before I revealed it. It was very fascinated by you humans too, It constantly watched you guys from a distance, not disturbing anything or causing any chaos like me, It just watched. I loved my child, I was Its father and I was so fascinated by it. It was so peaceful, so nice and beautiful and It was my child. I felt so happy, I felt the love a father has for his child.
Time moves strangely In the realm of creation, It does not correlate with the time you humans created. The past, future, and present all exist at once, intertwining with the fabrics of the reality of time. It was how we could see everything because everything existed at once. It's really hard to explain it to you, for human minds are not meant to understand the concept of this realm, of my child's home.
My creation understood everything, It saw more than everything, It saw the end and beginning In all the realms and realities, It watched the creation of Earth and all the realms and the destruction of it, It saw the birth of the gods and the death of them all. It watched as you humans destroyed yourselves, and watched as you rebuilt and start again. It watched nature slowly grow through Earth and watched you humans destroy it.
It would watch everything, still not interfering with the work of mankind. This went on for millions of years, and I watched my creation as It observed you guys. It would constantly ask me about you humans, about why you fight and why you all hate each other, and I just told It that you humans are different from us, that we could not understand unless we were human. I explained to it that you humans look up to us as deities and that It's our job to protect them and also destroy them, for we are the makers and saviors of mankind, and also the destruction and end.
I still remember the old days of just me and my child, oh how perfect they were. We would make games out of you humans, betting on who would win a war or what civilization will fall first. It was actually pretty fun, you guys always surprised us. While we gods were powerful beings, you humans had a way with each other that we gods did not. You could go to war with each other one day yet become allies in only a year, or kill someone's brother and be accepted into the family and be forgiven. It was strange to me and my child, but my child found it amusing.
Now, parents can always tell when their child is up to something, when they are coming up with an idea or hiding something from you. It's rather cute how our children try to hide it from you, lying through the teeth of their mouth, spilling words of false truth. My child went through this phase, for about two thousand years In human time I noticed that he was cooking up an idea in his head, and he was not good at hiding it. I did not ask him nor take notice, for I trusted my creation, for one day it was supposed to rule over the gods and mankind, and It was also still a child.
One day, when I went to go visit my creation, It looked excited about something, like a little child waiting to tell his father something he has done. It was kind of cute In all honesty, and I asked him why he is all happy.
"Because I have an Idea, father! You said that we cant understand humans because we aren't one, right?" He said, voice moving steadily across the field of space and time. I looked at him with a smirk and replied,
"Yes I did say that, why do yo-"
"Well, I came up with an idea!" He cut me off, pulling me to look at something.
"How can I be a good god If I can't understand humans? Well, I decided that I'm going to become one!"
I remember laughing at it, the thought of my creation becoming a human was fascinating and hilarious for me, yet I thought it would be interesting to watch. I told It that the Idea was good and that It would be amusing to watch. The look on his face was something I'll never forget, he looked so happy and proud. I wish I would have stopped It, I wish that I would have known, but I was just a naive father. He told me not to interfere, that he wanted to do this himself, told me not to even watch until he got back. I listened to It sadly, I did not interfere or watch it when It went off into your world.
I sat up In the high halls and waited for my creations to return, I would look at realms my child was not In and stir up some chaos for fun like old times. It wasn't more than 400 years before It returned, but It was not the same. It was a man now, he had long black hair and beard, he looked raggedy and dirty, blood-soaked his hands and body. He fell to the ground when he returned, gasping for air. The happiness on my face drifted away and turned to fear and worry, he wasn't the same. He looked up at me, hatred and violence were in his once two beautiful eyes, his face had cuts all over it and his back was covered in whip marks. I still remember what he said to me, voice no longer smooth and clear, now raspy and cold.
"They fucking killed me. I tried teaching them to be peaceful and not to fight, but they fucking killed me! They don't know peace, they can't understand it, they just know violence. No more will they, no more will they fight, they will suffer."
He had a small smirk on his face, evil filled his face and eyes. I just looked down at him, astonished at what the humans did to my creation, my beautiful child. They destroyed him, and I was filled with rage. The wrath I unleashed on you guys was far greater than ever before, unleashing chaos in every realm of existence, and hundreds of thousands died. You guys barely recovered from me, but If I could have destroyed you guys I would of. The other gods got mad at me, asking me why I unleashed my anger on you humans, and I just told them one word, justice. What filled me with the most rage though was what you guys gave my child, you gave him a name. Jesus, they called him, they gave my child a name and he stuck with it. I hated that name though, it made me feel sick to my stomach every time I heard it, a name you humans gave my creation.
After he returned, he pushed himself away from me. I barely saw him, and whenever I did It was very brief. He would occasionally poke his head out and observe you guys, no longer asking questions. He looked like a man now, instead of the beautiful body of light that he once was. I could tell he was planning something, I couldn't place my finger on what he was planning though. I would watch him from afar as he observed you guys, watched the violence in his eyes grow through his soul, the anger and hatred that filled his face. This was not my child, he died when he went into the human world, his soul was turned from a bright light of joy and hope into a void of darkness that corrupted his heart.
One day though, after thousands of years, he came to me with a slight smile on his face and told me he had another idea. I was worried when he told me this, for his first idea shaped him into the monster he is today, yet I did not know that this one would be far worst than the last. He looked into my eyes and said his idea,
"I want to help them out, help them not fight anymore. I was looking at everything, and I realized that there is one thing that is the main cause of war, and that's religion. Humans fight over what religion is right and what's wrong, killing those who believe differently and for what! Therefore, I have decided to eliminate all religions!"
I remember the look I gave him, it was a mixture of worriedness and confusion. I didn't know what he meant, maybe if I would of I could have killed him then and there, but curiosity corrupted my mind. I asked him what he meant by it, and I'll never forget how his eyes changed. Violence poured into his eyes like a stream of water, his face changed and morphed into a face I commonly saw on humans, a face of war. All he said to me was one word, one word that shook me to my core. "Genocide"
I looked at him in astonishment, and I asked him what he meant by genocide. I thought he meant for you humans, but I was wrong, so so wrong. He explained to me that humans are very stupid, yet very intelligent. They could build massive skyscrapers and develop machines that could operate the world in only 100 years time, but at the same time fight over which god is real and whatnot. He told me that the only thing that's been holding you, humans, back was us, the gods. I told him that It's always been like that, but there is little we could do about it because even if we hide ourselves you humans would always find us. He looked at me with a bright smile on his face, something I haven't seen ever since he visited you guys, and he said something that made my body turn cold.
"That's why I should kill all the gods."
I never raised my voice at my child, not until he spoke those words.
"Are you mad! You are meant to rule over the gods and humans, bring peace through us all! Not fucking kill us!" I screamed at him, my voice filled with nothing but rage. I put my left hand over his shoulder and lifted my finger to his face.
"You will not lay a finger on them! Do you understand me!" I screamed, even louder than before.
I saw his demeanor change, he gained a look of sadness. I was hoping so desperately that he was joking, but my gut told me otherwise. My eyes locked onto his and did not leave, I wanted to make sure he knew that I would not allow it and that It was wrong. He did not listen though, he just looked into my eyes and said straight to my face In a cold, harsh tone;
"Then I'll do it without you".
I never knew how powerful he really was, he never used his power for anything really. He always just observed and watched you guys, never caused any disasters or anything. I didn't realize that he was the most powerful being that has ever existed, so powerful that even the gods themselves would learn to fear them. His power gleamed off of him, It felt like a massive weight that dragged down at my body. For the first time In all of my existence, I felt fear.
With only a movement of his hand, he locked me away inside a cage of light and power. I tried breaking out of it, I used all the power I had but there wasn't even a hint of it breaking. I screamed at him, begging him to let me out and to not carry out his plan but he just stared at me. I felt fear, fear of my own child, of my own creation. I wanted to run, hide from him, but I couldn't. I was trapped in a cage of light, not able to break free.
I kept screaming at him, begging him to let me out but he wouldn't listen, he just turned around and started walking away. I tried using all the power I had to break free, unleashing my wrath on the cage he locked me in, yet It wouldn't even leave a budge. Then, with only another swipe of his hand, he opened a portal through the realms of reality that would take him into the land of the gods, of my home. He looked back at me as I was screaming, and he only said one word In a cold, harsh tone, "Fall".
Suddenly, I felt dizzy, my throat shut and I couldn't speak, my vision became blurry. I tumbled to my feet, legs collapsed like a massive weight was dragging me to the ground. I felt my eyes become heavy, I tried keeping them open but the power was too great. As my vision was fading I watched as my child stepped through the portal, giving birth to the carnage my child would create.
I don't know how long I was asleep for, thousands of years maybe? Hell maybe even millions, I really don't know. I don't remember dreaming during this time either, It was like many years passed In only an instant. In one moment I watched my child enter the portal, and the next I awoke to my child standing above me, telling me to rise. I looked up at him In confusion, wondering what the hell happened.
He looked different again, no longer like a child but like a fierce, grown warrior. I could sense that many many years have passed, It was like his whole stance and demeanor changed. I could sense the power flowing out of his body like a river, so powerful and fierce, so terrifying. He looked at me and I looked at him, and I began to speak. His voice was powerful, hearing it sent a shiver through my whole body, It was so cold yet so loud.
"Look upon me, father." My child said, looking down upon me like I was just a mere human. My eyes did not leave him, and I could tell that his plan was carried out, I sensed the destruction and carnage that he has caused. I suddenly felt a feeling of great sorrow, a feeling of sorrow for the gods that my child slew. I knew he did it, for he would not be standing before me If he would have failed.
"What have you done, my child" were the only words I could muster up, the only words my terrified vocal cords would allow me to say. He looked upon me, eyes filled with rage and hatred, and he told me something I will never forget.
"I have carried out the great slaying of the gods. You have been asleep for a long time, and while you were asleep I have gone to each realm that the gods resided in and slew every single being that claimed to be a god. I have destroyed the great cities and kingdoms the gods have resided in, burned the great halls the gods have created for the humans. Not only that, I destroyed every single realm of the humans, leaving only one. This realm will be the one I rule, the one that will have peace, for the gods are dead! It is now only me and you. Now stand up and face your death, father. Be grateful you are dying at my hand, be grateful that your death will bring about peace through the human world!"
My child's eyes did not leave mine, his eyes were filled with great power. For what I once held power over, now held power over me. I did what he commanded and stood up, my heartfelt like It was shattered into millions of pieces. My brothers and sisters, my friends, my family was murdered by what I created, something I created out of boredom. I looked at my child, whose face now grew a slight smile.
There I stood before him, whose soul was once so innocent and pure was destroyed by the cruelty of your world, destroyed by the longing of power. I felt his hand come onto my shoulder, it was very light and warm, and I still felt the love he once had for me. I looked into his eyes, I was desperately trying to find the child I once knew, but I could not find him. He was murdered long ago, he died on that cross.
"I will make your death quick father, that will be my gift to you. I will make sure your name is remembered in my world, I will make sure of it." My child said, hand still on my shoulder as his other hand pulled out a sword from his back. I was going to accept my fate, I was filled with such agony that I did not even want to be alive, but I had an idea. It was like my brain went into survival mode, and I did what I did best.
"Wait! You are forgetting something child!" I said out of pure desperation. My child stopped moving, and he gave me an eye of confusion. Before he could speak, I continued
"How can you keep peace in your world if there is no threat of what will happen if you break that peace? The only way to have peace is to have fear of breaking it!" I don't know why I said this, It was like my brain took over, spewing words of nonsense out of my mouth, In hopes that It will keep me alive. I could tell my child was listening, so I continued.
"What If I'm the opposite of you in this new world? What if those who preserve peace get rewarded after death, and those who do not suffer? What If I'm the evil they fear, and you are the good that they love!" I said, extending my hands out as I finish. He stared at me, eyes still filled with anger and savageness. I thought for sure I was going to die, thought that he wouldn't even listen to me, but he started laughing. He looked at me and patted my right shoulder as he laughed, such an evil and sinister laugh.
"Father, you still manage to surprise me!" My child spoke through his laughter. I thought for sure I was dead, that he wouldn't listen to me. I thought for sure he was still going to kill me, but then he said
"You are a genius! How could I not of thought of that! I can create two afterlives, one for the evil and one for the good and you can rule the one for the evil!" For only a glimmer of a second, I saw my child return to me, I saw my child in his eyes. The one who was so innocent and pure, so loving. My child embraced me with a hug as he laughed, filled with so much love and passion. I couldn't help but cry, tears left my eyes slowly. I could not tell if It was of relief, or because It's been so long since I hugged my child.
It wasn't long after this that God created the new and only realm of existence, which is the one we are In now. With this new realm, heaven and hell were soon created afterward, along with the first two humans. This was the beginning of the new world, the world that was meant to have peace and prosperity, the world without the gods. I tried making hell not such a bad place for you humans, If you do manage to make it, you won't suffer for all of eternity.
It's rather boring actually, so boring that I try to mess with you humans a little bit. While I do cause natural disasters and pandemics and stuff, my greatest chaos was what I gave you humans. I gave you things like lust, wrath, greed, pride, and envy. I gave you humans depression, illness, anger, and hatred. I try to keep balance In this realm because it can't just be peace and happiness. I also try to remind you guys of us, of my old friends and family. You may be wondering why there has been more than one god In history, and that's because of me. I did not want my friends and family to be forgotten, so I reminded you guys of us, no matter the punishment I faced from god.
Every time I did though, God would make sure the empire that was reminded of us would fall. The Greeks and Romans were both meant to be advanced civilizations that would have still been around, but I intervened and reminded them of who they truly were. My child did not allow this, making them fall eventually through war and battle. The last time I did this was with the Vikings, I reminded them of not just my friends, but my family. I reminded them of my brothers and sisters, showing them stories of Odin and the old gods like Thor and even of me. I made them hate the Christians, made them despise them, yet my child soon even put an end to that.
You can still find the gods though, they are still around In the modern world, you just have to look. I make sure to bless those who worship the old gods, make sure to give them happy lives, and give them what they desire, within reason. I am not evil, even though my child gave me the name Lucifer, It Is not my true name. I will not bring death and destruction to this world, and I will not give you misfortune.
These days I just sit in my hell with guilt for what I've done. I remember the old days when the gods ruled the Earth and heavens. I remember the stories of us, the great battles we had, and also remember how much you humans loved us. No one loves me now, God made sure of It. I am the prince of darkness, bringer of lies and chaos, bringer of death and destruction when In reality I am just a scared little being who is all alone. I hate myself every day for what I've created, wishing and longing to go back and correct my mistakes but I can not.
Recently though, have been traveling your world, admiring the beauty that God has created. I didn't expect humans to find this place, I thought It was too deep and hidden for anyone to discover, yet here we are. When I saw you though, you seemed different, I could sense the goodness off of you. It's why I asked to talk to you, tell you the story of how the gods perished, tell you of my greatest mistake. You have a good soul, and I trust you will handle this information I am giving you well.
I'm not the one you should fear though, for my child has been creating something of his own. You could probably find it If you look up In the sky, It's a star that shines brighter than all the others. I fear he Is creating someone to take my place, and If that Is the case then we are all doomed. My child will be creating a true devil, a devil who will be the one out of nightmares. I only hope this is not the case, but my instincts are telling me otherwise. When the star hatches It will be like It just disappeared from the night sky, and If you are looking at it you will see it happen. I hope that this will never happen, but that star has been in the sky for millions of years In the realm of creation, so I fear it will hatch any day now.
This new devil my child is creating will be the one you know and fear, and It's only a matter of time before he is born. In all honesty, I am terrified of what might be created. I also fear that my child will want to restart with his creation, destroy this world and begin a new one. I hope that this is only a fear and not destiny, for I don't know how I will protect you guys. I believe deep down that some gods survived, I believe they are walking among you, alone and afraid like I am. I can promise you this, If what I fear Is true then I swear on everything that I will fight, I will not hide and coward away. If there are other gods then I'm sure they will fight too, but don't gain too much hope, for my creation is far more powerful than any being.
I have thought about killing you all, laying my wrath upon the world like a hot blanket of flames and disasters, I even thought about killing all of you guys when I first saw you, but like I said I sensed something different. I sensed what I once saw In my child, kindness, and purity that flowed through him like a warm river. These days I'm rather lonely, I wish so badly that I could correct my mistakes but that's not how the world works, even for a god. For while I may be the powerful prince of darkness, I am really just alone and afraid.
I turned off the recorder at that point, and I looked at the tall, strong man. His bright red and long hair covered the right side of his face, face smooth as If he was plastic. Even though he was sitting, I could tell he was tall, for he was towering over me In his chair, and he had a soft voice that echoed slightly through the cave. I told him that was all I needed, and that I would return again when my boss allows me to. He nodded in understanding, and he had a great sorrow In his eyes as he stood up and began to walk back deeper into his cave
I remember when he came to me, I was doing an expedition with my crew at a cave In Norway. I could immediately sense his power, I could sense he was no ordinary man. He asked us If we could talk and for some reason, we all agreed. We were deep in the cave, so deep that we needed equipment to help us breathe, yet this man had no equipment. He breathed just fine, which is why I was fascinated by this man and probably why I wanted to talk to him.
I transferred the audio recording over and made my way out of the cave. I don't know if anyone will believe this man, I don't know If we will be able to return and talk to him again, but I am praying we do. I am a Christian, so hearing all of this is like a shatter to my beliefs, at first I thought he was the Devil, lying through his tongue to steer me off the path of holiness, but my gut told me otherwise.
There was something fascinating though, there were drawings all over the cave walls. It had drawings of what I assume to be gods, had names of people or maybe even gods all over the cave walls In languages I had never even seen before. There were what looked to be weapons around the cave too, weapons such as a hammer, a spear, even a trident. Our crew took many pictures of these drawings and objects, making sure that we had all the evidence we could manage to get.
There was one name that stood out to me though. The name had a bright green circle around it, and It was above all the other names. It was written In what looked to be blood, and I couldn't help but stare at it. It was In old Norse, one of the only languages I could read on this wall since I came from a Scandinavian family. I believe this to be the name of the man, no God that I talked to, the name of the God who created the Christian God, a name almost forgotten in time. I learned about this God growing up, I never thought I would talk to him though, I didn't even believe he existed until now. It was the god of mischievous and trickery, the true prince of darkness, It was Loki.
There was something else strange though, It's something that happened In the night sky when I was driving home. On my way home In my old beat-down truck, I decided to look up into the sky and ponder at the stars, and while looking something caught my eye. I saw a star that shined brighter than the rest, too bright even. It stood out among the stars, and while I was admiring this beauty, I watched the star grow and shine brighter in the sky, and then suddenly, It vanished.
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2021.11.28 20:10 larrytheliquidator Protection of purchasing power?

There are various reasons people own Bitcoin but the main argument I see is a means protecting your purchasing power but I find that reasoning paradoxical in a sense. If you’re protecting the purchasing power of you’re fiat you’re essentially betting on someone paying you more fiat for some amount of Bitcoin. That just seems illogical to me. Surely to protect the purchasing power of your fiat you’d buy productive assets that produce more fiat? Am I thinking about this in the right way? I’d understand the logic if the world was denominated in Bitcoin and accumulation was the aim of the game.
Can someone change my mind? How is Bitcoin a sensible store of wealth?
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Stay online
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1611 7937 1404
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2021.11.28 20:10 Then_Letterhead For the bold and the beautiful.

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2021.11.28 20:10 NoChoice6899 Who here has frequency as a baseline symptom? Makes you wonder how we hold so much urine and can fill a bladder so fast

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2021.11.28 20:10 Grimreaperrc Please subscribe to see my optimus prime grand hauler

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2021.11.28 20:10 squawkalley Dwayne The Rock Johnson gifts personal truck F-15 Raptor to Navy veteran

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2021.11.28 20:10 fiestyflipper The Dogon tribe.

I am not too sure if this should be here, however I don't recall seeing any topics or shows on the Dogon tribe. I was wondering if anyone ever heard or seen one and or if that is an idea people would even be interested in.
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2021.11.28 20:10 tis_a_good_username I just learned where Kinmen is. Taiwan can't operate normal military stuff that close to the mainland, can it?

Does Kinmen even have any military presence? Do naval patrols go there?
It's one thing Taiwan being way waay across the sea, but people would say Kinmen is part of the mainland if they didn't know any better (just by looking at the map), it's that close.
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