tfe6f dday4 bez38 dz4dz kkar8 s3329 yff4a n7enr 7rzse tz5i3 nzbra 9743y 4h48a 5k783 k5e8i is7b4 zsn27 nz5ek k8yd7 z7ft6 862b5 Do you use an old handheld as a daily driver? | : Milwaukee M18 FUEL 120 MPH 450 CFM 18-Volt ...

Do you use an old handheld as a daily driver?

Compact, lightweight, and remarkably easy to use, the DJI Ronin-M handheld 3-axis camera gimbal gives you the freedom every filmmaker dreams of. Recommended for use with the Sony A7s. You'll need to buy a battery and charger pushing the cost over $250.00 but its a very high quality tool and worth the money. I use it to remove leaves from my garage and easily blows pollen and debris from my flagstone patio and BBQ place. Great saw dust mover. Battery has four LEDs indicating power use. Ive never run it down past 2 lights. This product is awesome. There are videos to help you use this product and absolutely love the no cords. I use this daily and bought this for my golf addiction. I use this to warm up before I leave the house and when I am done. It definitely helps my old body. If you are active this is a must have!

2021.12.03 18:42 ReadingGlassesMan Do you use an old handheld as a daily driver?

Do you have any tips for using an old handheld as a daily driver?
For some time now, I've been using a Sharp ZQ-570 which I find to be a valiant little road warrior, a bit slow at times but surprisingly intuitive and capable.
For use at the desk I tried an IQ-8300M but that broke so I've been using a Psion Series 5 which is so very powerful but since all I want is an organiser I sometimes find the Psion a little unfocused and the screen lacks contrast.
Recently, I got an RZ-5000 which I love, love , love. Linking entries together provides a very powerful facility. The stylus is a little too necessary for the interface, but I do really like this and given my requirements this may well take over from the Psion as a desktop organiser.
I'm doing it like this because I like the idea of not being distracted by games, not being on the internet and not having any big-tech reading my stuff while putting me closer to my data (though not quite as close as a Moleskine and a pen :) ) There are risks involved with data loss if anything breaks but that's why I duplicate.
Am I alone? Am I sad? I really do love these devices of yore (I had an IQ-7200 during my college days when I was 'too clever' to read the manual only to find when I'm older that I barely used its facilities) and using them gives me a warm feeling inside :)
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2021.12.03 18:42 TychaBrahe Butterfly event starts over!

I finished all of the butterflies and moths and it started over with the opportunity to earn another piggy bank and more chests!
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2021.12.03 18:42 Consistent_Basil_351 Rash on Palms?

Hey! Just got diagnosed with dermatographia today unfortunately. Mine started 14 days post Moderna booster. Was wondering if anyone else gets hives on there palms? I've been getting the while working or doing other things just wanna see if I'm alone lol
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2021.12.03 18:42 Alienlover___ Shredder looks so cute

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2021.12.03 18:42 themoorofvenice Indonesian presidential politics: Of kings, warriors and dark horses

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2021.12.03 18:42 SocialNetwooky Spotify in the App useless?

I connected my spotify account to the app, but only a portion of my playlists appear, and in those playlists only a (very small ... 20 or so) portion of the songs are present As it is it's pointless. Did I miss something or is the app broken on that front?
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2021.12.03 18:42 SeaSurprise777 This City Seriously Has a Homeless Problem

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2021.12.03 18:42 ALiddleBiddle From Inner City Press, Matthew Russell Lee: While live-tweeting the US v. #GhislaineMaxwell trial, Inner City Press this morning sent written questions to @UN_Spokesperson of UNSG @AntonioGuterres, about his Maxwell/Terramar link and the Epstein / IPI - UN world "fellowship" below. No answers...

From Inner City Press, Matthew Russell Lee: While live-tweeting the US v. #GhislaineMaxwell trial, Inner City Press this morning sent written questions to @UN_Spokesperson of UNSG @AntonioGuterres, about his Maxwell/Terramar link and the Epstein / IPI - UN world submitted by ALiddleBiddle to Epstein [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 18:42 Jake0468 [H] +550 orders!!! Nordvpn, Spotify, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Nba, Nfl, Virgin tv, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Direct tv, Fubo tv, AT&T, SiriusXM, Anime, Education and many more with lifetime warranty !!! [W]

Automated shop link
Tell me if the product you want is out of stock and i will add it to stock!!!
Hello! I currently only accept Btc, Eth, Ltc and Credit card (through stripe).
For any questions/difficulties hit me up and i will solve your problem! :D.
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2021.12.03 18:42 MistaJoe Implications of UFO Phenomena with Jacques Vallee. This video is a special release from the original Thinking Allowed series that ran on public television from 1986 until 2002. It was recorded in about 1987.

Implications of UFO Phenomena with Jacques Vallee. This video is a special release from the original Thinking Allowed series that ran on public television from 1986 until 2002. It was recorded in about 1987. submitted by MistaJoe to IDH [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 18:42 SwiftieNewRomantics Title of book 6 confirmed!

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2021.12.03 18:42 Aggravating_Cattle70 walterreviews - how i felt being forced to watch mamma mia in school [idk what genre this is counted as]

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2021.12.03 18:42 chase9090 Pro-choice protesters destroy pro-life memorial at St Louis University

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2021.12.03 18:42 load_bearing_tree Display new notifications for Messages in terminal with AppleScript?

Is it possible to display notifications as they are received using AppleScript on Monterey?
Something that produces an output such as:

17 New Message from Mom
1 New Message from Andy
2 New Messages from Nate

and updates as notifications are received?
I would also be interested in simply counting the number of messages on the icon's badge (using something like Keyboard Maestro). I've tried to use sqlite3 but have been unable to separate the new messages from the old.
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2021.12.03 18:42 makeittothesunrise Update. The nose tip DOES drop after rhinoplasty. 3 weeks Vs 3 months post op

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2021.12.03 18:42 Ace_Trainer_Zack Hello, I just got my CreditOne card today and it says I already own money that’s due on the 27th?

I have a 600$ Credit on the card and it says I owe 95$ even though I just activated the card about 30 minutes ago.
Is this normal or did they mess up?
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2021.12.03 18:42 PrimaryConcept9325 Labswap ⚗️- $LAB | DeFi Platform Release 24th December 17:00pm ‎(UTC) | Low Market Cap | Organic Grow | Next x100 | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don't miss this rocket $LAB 🚀

🧬The Labswap ecosystem is expanding!! Our first decentralized exchange (DEX) and automated market maker (AMM) with Stake and Yield Farming will be released 24th December 17:00pm ‎(UTC)
🧪Our staking and other DeFi features will further increase the demand and reduce the supply, while continuing to enable growth in value through staking and NFTs.
🧫With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Labswap. Because our token ($LAB) is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token to make profits.
$LAB is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain [BSC]
● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
● 10% Marketing :: :. 1,000,000,000
● 10% Ecosystem :. 1,000,000,000
● 15% Exchange Listings :. 1,500,000,000
● 5% for Core Team :. 500,000,000
Don’t miss this moonshot! Join us before FOMO!! 🚀
📲 Twitter:
🌐 website:
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2021.12.03 18:42 CloudierPeak My first time making bread! I chose to make a simple Honey Lavender loaf from the Elderscrolls Recipe book! I think I may have left it on a little too long, any tips would be appreciated!

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2021.12.03 18:42 texasbluemoon Kyle Shanahan on Brandon Aiyuk, says he’s a better player this season: “I don’t even think it’s close. He’s a much better player this year. Better in the run game, better in the pass game... plenty of times stats will fool ya, especially when stats depend on other people.”

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2021.12.03 18:42 catsNpokemon What's the best vehicle for races / time attacks?

I know there may not be one single answer to this as it can vary from map to map, but in your experience what vehicle gets the fastest times the most often?
I'm asking because I want to be certain on what vehicle to max out next. I currently have maxed out the following:

Rally Car was maxed first since it's the best vehicle in the game due to its consistency across all game modes, still serving me well to this day being my most used vehicle by far. Dune Buggy was next as it was really cheap to do so and I learnt it was a great vehicle for adventure mode and certain events. Its otherworldly grip is a stark contrast to the Rally Car's weaker one, so I thought it would be good to have a range of options. Moonlander was maxed out because of the recent Moon Jump event. I was bored and had enough money saved up so I just maxed it out. It's a really fun vehicle to drive. Hill Climber MK2 was a mistake - I did it before Moonlander during the event because it was my only vehicle that I had the thruster attachment for at the time. I kept getting low scores and figured the thrusters could go a long way in helping me - they did not. I then saw that the Moonlander had thrusters as part of its four upgrades rather than as an attachment, so I maxed it out and started scoring 8+ every time.
Anyway, I figured what's missing from my options now is a fast vehicle. I've found that recently, I've not been winning races as frequently as I used to. Rally Car isn't winning as comfortably as it used to, and often I'm having to rely on Coin Boost, Fuel Boost, Thrusters and Landing Boost to edge it.
So out of the Formula, Superbike and Supercar, which one of them tends to be the best for completing races / certain events as fast as possible?
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2021.12.03 18:42 Throwaway205622 Advice for a possible egg?

Hey y’all, I’ve been feeling pretty weird recently since I’m honestly not sure if I’m actually trans. I’ve recently figured out that I’m a sucker for some more feminine stuff like skirts n all that jazz, and I’ve been wondering if I’m a trans gal or just a dude who like dressing femme. I’ve also been looking at some manga and got a few hard hits of envy from some female characters. Again, not sure if I want to be with them or want to be them.
If anyone who’s been through something like this or has any advice, I’d be super super happy if y’all let me know since I’m at a bit of a loss here. Thanks and g’night!
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2021.12.03 18:42 xdshapeshifter05 If Toby was an actual teen

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2021.12.03 18:42 velvetjungle_1991 Security circle

The only person I have is the person who invite me and they haven't been active for months. How can I be apart of an active security circle,?
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2021.12.03 18:42 RockNRaven Incorrect Duskwood Quotes #3 ;)

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2021.12.03 18:42 TruckerDude9218 SD38-2, Working for Bakken Transload in Ross, North Dakota.

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