NFTs are in the Record era and Im in the 3D VR future

2021.12.06 07:39 Retouchess NFTs are in the Record era and Im in the 3D VR future

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2021.12.06 07:39 ChosukeClone How to get radiant+ banners?

Does I have to craft banners until I get a radiant one or there is other way?
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2021.12.06 07:39 Ilikechickens444 What world in a movie,show, or video game would be the worst to live in?

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2021.12.06 07:39 SleazePipe Did this not so long ago with a terrible ballpoint pen. Think it turned out well. What you think?

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2021.12.06 07:39 Lalal8o Physical lecture in SCSE

Hi! Was planning my timetable and realised some of the mods have physical lectures. I have not attended any physical lecture in SCSE before and am wondering if that means the lectures are not recorded and it is a must to attend the lecture in person?
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2021.12.06 07:39 No_Project6688 GHC Prices

Do you guys believe that valentines day is gonna make all GHCs cheaper, if it doesn’t then doesn’t that mean that buying GBCs would be profitable?
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2021.12.06 07:39 WeezerReference fortnite man

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2021.12.06 07:39 eloi1073 "The Church of the Sun". Is not finished, if you have any suggestion, comment down.

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2021.12.06 07:39 Rios93 I got to make the backstory for my Criminal Contact and revealed their name last session

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2021.12.06 07:39 D3m_0n r/lurenetwork is a subreddit for a minecraft prison server!

Lure Network is a new OP prison server with a lot of features, with one of the best ones being the ability to join using any version between 1.8-1.16! Go trough all the mines, rankup and prestige, max out your pickaxe, compete to be number 1! IP: (new season on saturday 1pm est) Discord: Reddit:
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2021.12.06 07:39 vilufikanu Judge my Swedish
Jag har inte använt eller pratat på svenska i flera år och ville vissa hur jag låter nu och om det är oppenbart vad mitt modersmål är. Läste bara en enkel text jag hittade och vet att jag sa av misstag 'en kök'
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2021.12.06 07:39 No-Presentation4567 Mondays aren't the only thing that suck 😁

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2021.12.06 07:39 liteling For a global future!!!!

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2021.12.06 07:39 pottedpotatoes What movie would have been substantially better had a certain actor/actress not been in It?

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2021.12.06 07:39 Pimmelsenator ich🙄iel

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2021.12.06 07:39 berthabrown03 Aliexpress Coupon Get New Year Ready, Discount, Promo Code Aliexpress December 2021

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2021.12.06 07:39 justanalt12867 should i talk to anyone?

so im 13 and i have noticed i have practically no emotions and i know that sound all "oh my name is conner and im gonna fucking bully everyone and have an emo bart pfp cuz im sad" but that not what this is my grandmother who was fairly close to me died of bone cancer and i felt nothing like i really just didnt feel anything not sadness or anything of the sort but i didnt think anything of it and went back to my usual life of playing video games and watching others play the video games i play everyone i know says im depressed and i just shove it off and respond with "im busy with video games i dont have time to be sad" i just cant seem to bring myself to say that anymore i have had more trouble getting out of bed recently so much so i miss school meetings because i cant get out of bed i usually stare at the ceiling looking for an ounce of motivation to get up and do things i have thought about cutting myself but i dont think i would ever do that i just dont see a point to live though i dont wanna die i have to live on for the people who care even if there is only a few of them my mom has had one thing set in concrete for her kids lives and that was to graduate high school because she couldnt both of my brothers dropped out and i think my sister is going to drop out as well which means i get the ass end of the situation and it stresses me out and with schooling and trying to maintain my happy act i just cant take all the stress im just not sure how to go about any of this
if you read all of this that is very nice of you but dont expect a thanks also sorry for the bad organization i think is the word its 4am and i have no energy left in me after having to deal with relationship issues agaiin help if you want or dont entirely up to you but im going to sleep so goodnight
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2021.12.06 07:39 GazCBG Is there any easy to use App and Boxes they work like a normal STB with full remote features?

Is anyone aware of a app and box that will work like a normal STB with full remote features, like type in a number or channel surf from a normal remote.
The reason I am asking, is my parents are not able to work out, how to use my Amazon FireTV remote, they can't even change to another HDMI source, I have shown them multiple time, they are both in there 70s.
So I am looking for an easy to use system for them.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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2021.12.06 07:39 edonted Letter to my anger

I don’t know where you come from
You sort of always been there for me
Even when i was happy
You were there, waiting around in the corner.

The thing is,
sometimes you tear me down, take all of my forces, all of my energy
Leaving me with nothing left
Every little sparkle, you take it from me
You’re my wendigo
You never-satisfied eater

And sometimes
Sometimes you give back
When i am so sad i don’t see any light anywhere
When i’m so numb i can’t even feel pain anymore
You give it all back to me
All you ate for so long
You give it back to me

I’m no longer paralysed on the floor
I am moving
I can taste again,
my jaws so clenched,
my body so tense,
i can feel every right of mine that has been wronged
and all i see is red
and all i want is to scream and run
and fight
until there’s only the dust to choke me down instead of tears
and that’s all thanks to you
you put your power in my veins
take out the blue inside
until all i see is red

I guess our relationship isn’t really healthy
If we were friends, I would have run away a long time ago
-that’s the lesson you taught me
you taught me about boundaries

But we’re not friends
We’re so far from that
Not friends, not lovers, not enemies
Not family either

You’re mine
And i’m yours
Until my very end
You fulfill me
And I fulfill you
You make me walk when I don’t have enough energy to stay awake
You make me scream when life silents me
It’s always you.

They say
That a life without you is something to wish for
They say
That a life without you is peaceful

I don’t know of any life that is peaceful
A red life of shattered knucles, a red life that only ends in screams and blood and tragedy - so they say
or a grey life of bending backs and silence and forbidding
But I do not forbid,
Neither do I forget.

There is no peace in looking down, no peace in accepting the unacceptable
Because the only peace there is
has its eyes closed
just like justice is supposed to be
but justice has her eyes wide open
and so do I

I’ve seen it all, and I know I’ll see it again
And it’s gonna fuel you, anger,
it’s gonna fuel you.

Please, don’t leave me,
because if you ever disappear
then I won’t be fighting anymore
then I won’t be complete anymore

Really, without you, I am not myself.

Feedback :
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2021.12.06 07:39 ETDesigns_ you should definitely be able to move players around in Fatal classic, low chemistry costs me so many games

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2021.12.06 07:39 CrunchyIceFruit I FUCKING LOVE HIDDEN INDIE GEMS

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2021.12.06 07:39 GeorgeLorenzo What is one brand you would be an ambassador for and why?

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2021.12.06 07:39 apocalypse31a5 Malvika Sharma

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2021.12.06 07:39 Aston1234567 Give away. Game REDDIT PASS REDDIT EU drop pg if you have

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2021.12.06 07:39 Maxcactus GOP congressman’s gun-toting family Christmas photo sparks outrage days after school shooting

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