Kumpi versio Tuntemattomasta sotilaasta on parempi ja miksi?

2021.12.05 17:48 Kampela_ Kumpi versio Tuntemattomasta sotilaasta on parempi ja miksi?

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2021.12.05 17:48 hshamshu Anyone “receive” a gift but then it’s not there at the barn?

This happened to me twice now (on Series X): when I load the game it says I’ve received a gift. I press X to see where, it shows me which barn, but when I get there there’s no gift.
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2021.12.05 17:48 night_riderr Can you recruit Prisoners?

Anybody know if it's possible to recruit prisoners you capture on map?
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2021.12.05 17:48 Negative_Magician_42 Only in Benidorm

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2021.12.05 17:48 Super_PenGuy Question about a scenario with my state school

Hello all. I am looking for advice on whether or not I should send an email or update my state school in their portal about a particular scenario I am in.
For context, I fit very close in line with my state school's stats. I have not received an interview invite from my state school and have submitted 2 application updates into their portal. My girlfriend, who I plan to make my fiancé, was just invited to our state school for an interview in their biomedical sciences program at the medical school. For those who do not know, an interview with a PhD program is like an 85% of getting accepted. Considering she just applied 3 weeks ago, she's more than likely going to get in and there's a very high chance she will be attending the school given their generous stipends, opportunity, prestige, and location.
My question to you all is would it be appropriate to inform the school of this information. If it is, how would I go about to giving the school this information in a professional matter. Obviously I plan to get stay with this girl and marry her in the future. Of course it would it be convenient to us to stay close to eachother, but is this information something admissions consider? Legacy is an important factor in many schools I understand, and many schools enjoy having members of the same family attend.
I do not want to come off as desperate to the school to request an interview, that is not my goal. However I do believe this information should be shared with the admissions committee. Thank you!
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2021.12.05 17:48 Mety7606 RECAST v kostce. Je to osmiminutový klip z jedné z Cimrmanových her o neschopnosti myšlenku udržet a neschopnosti myšlenku opustit (kdo ví, ten ví). Pro celý kontext je nutné se podívat na celé video, ale zoomerům trochu kultury neuškodí si myslím :)

RECAST v kostce. Je to osmiminutový klip z jedné z Cimrmanových her o neschopnosti myšlenku udržet a neschopnosti myšlenku opustit (kdo ví, ten ví). Pro celý kontext je nutné se podívat na celé video, ale zoomerům trochu kultury neuškodí si myslím :) submitted by Mety7606 to CzechCloud [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:48 glitchboiroblox trading NR dodo for any potion neon t rex

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2021.12.05 17:48 NfiniteNsight When you're so toxic, even Forbes is talking about it...

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2021.12.05 17:48 k_e_francis The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci | READ ALONG Part 10 | Authortube | Booktube | Horrortube

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2021.12.05 17:48 ShizueRobles 🐲ECCHICOIN🐲 - BSC -📈 Lbank Listing! l💲Sold over 1000 NFTS l 📱Dapp live next week l 🎥Anime show coming Soon!

All of these in the next 2-5 weeks:
🔥Hired experienced anime industry professionals to make the music, visuals and voices for the game and Anime series.
🔥Major campaign with cosplayers.
🔥Aggressive and guerilla marketing done by the team on a daily basis!
Ecchicoin is probably the first crypto “kickstarter” project raising finance to produce an original anime series called ‘Isekai island’, a NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn game all on the same platform. Having partnered with Strawberry Hill Music and having the who’s who of Anime industry like Mika Kobayashi (of Attack on Titan fame), Raj
Ramayya, Cherami Leigh, Morgan Berry, and Kira Buckland on their panel, with integrated characters and a
multitude of well-known cosplayers, a prolific ecosystem and an army of members on their Telegram channel forming the backbone of this unique venture; it remains to be seen when (not ‘if’) Ecchicoin will open the floodgates of decentralized finance for upcoming talented movie-makers to make
their passion projects a reality without having the need to hand-out cheap freebies and hats in return!
The team behind it wants to build a movement, where you can be part of. They are focusing on building a new brand, which will encompass a series of P2E games(tower defense, adventure, metaverse based on their proprietary IP), they reward holders constantly with airdrops and prizes like special NFTs, ANIME WALLET is getting filled to start the production of their own anime series aimed to be released on big streaming companies.
ECCHI COIN have so many special and unique plans and that is only possible with hard work and the support of our community. They are sure that we will be fast a very strong community which believes in their work and see how much they are dedicated through their daily VC on telegram. They have been working on that vision for the past 7 months and will do all it takes to make it happen.
The team plans to become a reference on the anime and crypto gaming community.
📱 Telegram: https://t.me/Ecchicoinofficial
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ecchi_Coin
💎Website: https://ecchicoin.com
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2021.12.05 17:48 Janiththa Very soon she will be a mother ❤️❤️❤️

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2021.12.05 17:48 rectangularprisim How to enable steam workshop mods?

Just subscribed to a bunch of workshop mods on steam and non of them seem to work. Is there something in mod manager I need to enable?
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2021.12.05 17:48 2020-RedditUser I forgot to include the template to the meme I posted earlier so here it is

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2021.12.05 17:48 karendjones Quarashi wallet you can store over 9000 cryptos, a private chat, VPN service, DEX and Launchpad

Quarashi wallet you can store over 9000 cryptos, a private chat, VPN service, DEX and Launchpad
🎙 Quarashi is the complete package -- the next generation mobile platform focused on privacy chat, decentralized exchange, blockchain UI multi chain crypto wallet, IDO launchpad, vpn, airdrops. With Quarashi, 100% anonymity, privacy, encrypted, usability is assured.
Quarashi is a Crypto wallet where you can store over 9000 crypto a private chat, VPN service, DEX and Launchpad
A strong community with 13k+ members

QuarashiNetwork ICO Round 2 is LIVE
Be part of the Family
🔥 https://quarashi.network 🔥
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2021.12.05 17:48 JohnnyMn4monic [WTS] Goal Zero Nomad 50w Solar Panel BNIB CHEAPEST PRICE ANYWHERE!

Goal Zero Nomad 50 BNIB
The box is rough, but the panel is an absolute perfect condition, it has never been used at all, immaculate condition
Comes with all accessories inside and paperwork. Everything included.
🏷Asking 210 w/ Free Shipping
Plenty of references & past posts of sales[over 100+ sales in just the last year], including my own Prepping FB group, if you would like an invite, just message me.
Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns, thanks!
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2021.12.05 17:48 Toilet_Time_Material TikTok

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2021.12.05 17:48 dcdmtcdood G14 Zephyrus works well as a traveling gaming rig

I've had my G14 Zephyrus (RTX 3060 + Ryzen 9 5800) since September. I'm traveling for work this week and came in a bit early to get some things done. Saturday night I fired up the laptop with the guys to play some Apex. We played from 5pm - 11pm.
I'm not going to lie - this gets HOT in the middle of the keyboard, GPU runs consistently 80+ degrees (celsius). But, there were no issues with the game itself. No crashes, no glitching, no lag. Also a soft plug for Hilton high-speed internet. If you're gaming definitely pay for the faster internet.
I have a sffpc that I built up, but it was too much to travel with. I was a bit nervous not having my cooling pad, but the laptop did great. I had my gaming mouse but even used the laptop keyboard for my wasd stuff, no problem.
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2021.12.05 17:48 freierschwinger Feuerwalze des Wahnsinns

Ok, du willst dich also nicht impfen lassen. Habe ich im Prinzip kein Problem damit. Nur ist es jetzt so, dass uns die Intensivstationen volllaufen. Dann sterben am Ende Schwerverletzte, Herzleidende, Krebspatienten ... unsere Mütter und Väter - Omas und Opas weil einfach keine Betten mehr frei sind. Unnötig. Auch uncool irgendwie. Achja, du stirbst auch mit weg. Zu mindest wenn du Ü60 bist, hast du eine gute Quote. Traurig. Aber du musst jetzt dieses Bett belegen, klar. Ach, das hast du davor nicht gewusst? Nunja, man hätte es schon wissen können. Glückwunsch zum inneren Widerstand gegen die Diktatur - großes Tennis! Fakt ist: Wir halten ein scharfes Schwert in der Hand. Die Impfung verhindert fast alle schweren Verläufe. Damit könnten wir schon längst wieder normal leben. Andere Länder haben Ruhe, weil sich praktische alle Impfen lassen. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Verschleppung der Lösung. Wir hätten komplett Ruhe und könnten normal Leben, wenn nicht ein paar Hans Wurste meinten, sie müssen ihrer Kleinheit das Land schwächen. Jaja, bedankt euch ruhig ihr Gastronomen, ihr Künstler und Eltern. Der deutsche Widerständler kann endlich auch mal das ganze Getriebe blockieren. Welch Macht. Welch Triumph. Wie süß ist doch die Rache. Für all die Demütigung. Angehäuft über Jahre. Jetzt zünden wir den Laden an! Wer ist schon so doof und lässt sich mRNA spritzen? Da nehmen wir doch lieber die eingeschleuste DNA des Coronavirus und lasse es unkontrolliert walten. Was soll schon groß schiefgehen? Große Zahlen? Statistik? Interessiert mich nicht. In der persönlichen Erfahrung liegt meine goldene Wahrheit. Natürlich stecken die Regierung und Wissenschaftler unter einer Decke. Was wollen die? Weiß ich nicht! Schlimm aber ist es bestimmt. Das erscheint mir schlüssig. Jetzt gibt es zurück. Widerstand! Nirgends mache ich mit. Und wenn es mich das Leben kostet. Was ist schon mein Leben im Vergleich zu dieser Sache (true). Was? Panikmache? Hahaha, der gut informierte Selbstdenkende weiß doch, dass alles nur übertrieben wird. Alle Länder dieser Welt handeln praktisch gleich. Haha, wie doof die alle sind. Da finde ich schon 1,2 Ausnahmen. Ja, was ist mit denen? WAS IST MIT DENEN? UNSTIMMIGKEIT entdeckt. Ihr Buschnelken. Hehe, ja mit mir habt ihr nicht gerechnet.
Und was ist denn mit meinen Freiheitsrechten, bitteschön? Die sind extrem zentral! Ich will tun und lassen, was ich will. Weder profitiere ich von der hiesigen Infrastruktur noch gibt mir der Rechtsstaat irgendetwas ... naja ... also ... zu mindest merke ich das nicht. Ist eingespeist. Gefühlt bin ich nur 1 freies Ding. Nichts hängt mir nichts zusammen. Von der Gemeinschaft profitiere ich sicher nicht. Verantwortung für andere? Ach, hören Sie doch auf. Jeder weiß: Ob ich zur Bundestagswahl gehe oder nicht. Macht keinen Unterschied. Kann ich also lassen. Gut, Steuern werden gleich abgezogen. Für die da oben natürlich. Aber ich: klein. Unbedeutend. Praktisch egal. Und jetzt wird mal nach oben gefickt. Was ich nicht verstehe, gibt es nicht. Was ich nicht sehe, gibt es nicht. Was ich nicht will, gibt es nicht. Es wäre recht einfach. Alle Ü60 impfen lassen. Alles wäre entspannt. Würde laufen. Easy. Manchmal findet man selbst eine Sekunde der Klarheit. Sieht, wie einfach es wäre. Aber dann: die Feuerwalze des Wahnsinns will seine Nahrung. Also geht es weiter. Und wird es weitergehen!! Bis selbst die Klügsten beginnen dumm zu werden.
Gute Nacht.
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2021.12.05 17:48 Sally-MacLennane I received this plant as a gift as is because the previous owner didn’t know what to do with it. What kind of plant is it and what’s the best way to repot it and give it structure?

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2021.12.05 17:48 signore-frank Is LEGO LOTR available to buy on Xbox 360 storefront? Not available on Xbox One/Series X

I’ve been trying to find a disc copy locally with no luck.
Just wondering if it’s available to buy on a 360. I have one at my parents house and would wait until the holidays if so.
Very strange they added it to backward compatibility on Series X without being available to buy!
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2021.12.05 17:48 Toreroguysd Help with iCloud photos - multiple devices, first time

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I searched and couldn’t find anything.
I’m a longtime Apple user and iCloud user. But I just upgraded my iCloud storage and want to use iCloud photos. My Mac photo library is about 70 gb and my iPhone is prob 20 gb. My questions:
1) Is there an order by which I should enroll in iCloud photos on my devices? Like Mac first before phone? If so, why? 2) Will iCloud photos keep my albums from Mac photos? 3) If I have duplicates between my Mac and iPhone, will all the duplicates upload or will they merge when I choose to backup my iPhone to iCloud photos? 4) Now the big question: I want photos I take on my iPhone stored locally and backed up to the cloud and do not want my Mac photos to store locally on my phone. In other words, I want to keep my Mac photos on my Mac and in the cloud but don’t want my phone to download them once I put my phone on iCloud photos. How do I do this?
Thanks all! Anything else I should know?
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2021.12.05 17:48 Money-Motivation- Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France 🇫🇷🏰🏹

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2021.12.05 17:48 nujabest_ I’m a truck driver who discovered this gem of a sub and I just wanna ask

Why won’t anyone let me use the electric pallet jack? I just wanna help unload :(
And also, how the HELL do you guys manage to make room for an ENTIRE trailer full of shit? I’ve been to so many stores where there’s barely enough room to walk in the back & I roll up with 25 pallets lol
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2021.12.05 17:48 LCHWBeatzzzz (FREE) Future Type Beat 2021 "Fendi" [Prod. By LCHW & RICHIE SOUF]

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2021.12.05 17:48 roastmyboastingtoast What should I do about my uti

18F, height: 5'5, weight: 119, Caucasian, no pre-existing medical condition, not on any meds, no history of substance abuse, from Canada
So yesterday it felt strange going pee like I couldn't finish and I've never had a UTI before, but I was suspicious. Anyways I woke up at 4am this morning to pee and it was painful and felt like I didn't finish. Throughout the day today I have been going to the bathroom constantly and it hurts. Now there is some blood in my urine and I have some chills. As well, my lower stomach felt slightly nauseous. I had sex on Friday night, but forgot to pee after. I was going to go to the doctors today, but they were closed all day.
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