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How Russ Finessed A Record Label Out Of Millions

2021.11.28 09:26 TheChamberPlaylist How Russ Finessed A Record Label Out Of Millions

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2021.11.28 09:26 SittingWaves We've just put up our latest Dev Blog video, looking at some of the recent changes to the Quartz Arc codebase, as well as what to expect from the videos coming out in the near future.

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2021.11.28 09:26 Iman_S5 Looks so Unreal with the snow coming down

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2021.11.28 09:26 KingKyom Pompon really said "No"

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2021.11.28 09:26 mars-ecosystem The Genesis Event3️⃣: Nov.29th 1pm-3pm UTC $USDm Mintage Cap: 15 Million $XMS requirement: To commit 1 BUSD, stake 1.5 XMS (for 7 days). 🌟Stake $USDm to earn $XMS $BNB #CAKE #BTC #ETH with XXXX%+ APR & Trade $USDm on MarsSwap 🧐How to participate: https://t.co/XSf8gd6ctq

The Genesis Event3️⃣: Nov.29th 1pm-3pm UTC $USDm Mintage Cap: 15 Million $XMS requirement: To commit 1 BUSD, stake 1.5 XMS (for 7 days). 🌟Stake $USDm to earn $XMS $BNB #CAKE #BTC #ETH with XXXX%+ APR & Trade $USDm on MarsSwap 🧐How to participate: https://t.co/XSf8gd6ctq submitted by mars-ecosystem to marsecosytem [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 09:26 bobbyUP-MKII Rachel Yampolsky

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2021.11.28 09:26 SevienA How to comfort a kid embarrassed by bed wetting

I’m 21. My cousin is 6. I was over at his house this weekend, and I accidentally walked in on him when he was putting on a pull-up before bed, and as soon as he saw me his face just melted into tears of embarrassment. He clearly didn’t want me to know that he still wets the bed and wears pull-ups. I tried to comfort him but he just buried his face in his pillow crying and told me to leave, so I did.
(I know for a fact it wasn’t the nudity that he was embarrassed about cuz he’s got no problem being naked around the house, not closing the door to use the bathroom, still takes a bath his younger siblings, etc.)
Obviously it’s no big deal and I don’t think any less of him, but he’s clearly feeling like this is a big deal that he didn’t want me to know. What do I say to him in the morning? How can I make him understand that it’s completely ok and I don’t think anything less of him?
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2021.11.28 09:26 KonekoBot Sun Nov 28 23:26:44 2021

Mostly AAPL, AMD, MSFT, and NVDA.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 20:18:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
yeahhhh but at the same time I bought AMD calls at 80 and sold at 90 and i’m having a real hard time forgetting it
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 17:38:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
I just panic sold Apple was up by 10% and Microsoft up 60% (bought in at 183€) Holding positions: 1.Amazon (now down 2%) 2.Msci World 3.Nio (mistake) 4.Corsair (another one) 5.Global Clean Energy ETF 6.Paypal 7.FB 8.Alibaba (...) 9.Spy 500 10. Palantin (not performing good) 11.AMD 12.ETH 13.Bitcoin 14.Tilray 15.Plug Power 16.MSCI Wolrd Saudi Arabia (just started) (The largest position are on top and some mistakes made on the way ... glancing at you Alibaba) I am planning to go deep on Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and MSCI Wolrd ETF, maybe AMD and or Nvidia and probably some Tilray. Maybe more Amazon if the variant seems more threatening but I don't want Amazon to be like around 40% of my portfolio. Thank you so much again. Bc of your tip I got my returns on Apple and Microsoft but I plan to buy each share back and even more. Was that a smart move? What do you think? Ps: I sold over half of my MSCI World for a small return and all my SPY with 0% return and will buy both heavily back. My buy in will be very high then for WOLRD ETF but I feel like it keeps dropping
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 17:03:07 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'd say this is a solid list; I'll disclose that I own a fair amount of this list as well. Disney and Paypal are great companies, I've been surprised how badly Paypal has been doing the past month or so after the Pintrest rumors. Same with Visa; stocks like these have been taking a beating but are fundamentally great companies that haven't performed well this year; their due for breakouts. I love Sofi. The stocks close to their 52 week highs are all gems. I recently took profits on AMD and Nvidia since both have gone on solid runs, but took positions again in both because their just too good. Apple and Microsoft; can you really go wrong with either? I've been buying more Apple recently since it hasn't performed that great YTD, expecting a solid run soon. QQQ is also great but id replace with Google or Amazon. Amazons stock is finally coming to life and Google...it's Google lol.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 06:05:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Not sure about SOFI or a huge fan of SBUX, the rest seem reasonable though. CRSP is a gamble, could easily fail as well, but growth potential is also there so it's an interesting pick that shouldn't be too controversial. AMD and NVIDIA are perhaps on the high side but again have arguments for them, and the rest are solid businesses.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 07:35:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Bro I just started a year and a half ago at 26/27. $50 to $100 in every so often (per week when the money is good, per month when the money is less so) depending on what I like. have about 5k invested with about 1.5-2k profit of profit made on top of that. Small steps go a long way with time. Personally I've done no research on Paypal. but you cant go wrong with Apple, AMD, Microsoft, Nvidia imo. Apple and Microsoft are super safe and reliable imo. Or honestly create a Roth IRA and invest in index stocks. capping the 6k limit every year is a huge key to growing wealth. That's a whole other account I keep separate from everything mentioned above and add to it continually.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 20:37:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
How do we feel about AMD now that Tesla has just switched to them for chips?
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 21:11:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I feel good about AMD, think there’s room to run in 2022. It’s held it’s own even thru the dips.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 21:37:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Personally if I were looking for long term gains, AMD. Chip shortage is going to sort itself out eventually and AMD will rocket more than it has. I see this stock going to $400 by 2023
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 03:00:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Start with what you know. I know computer chips. So i have AMD. I also know cars pretty well so invested in Hyundai. If you know a company in an industry you're familiar with, you will have an edge. I also know games...top.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 07:50:30 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 08:19:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Tech stocks like AMD and NVIDIA
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 15:58:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 16:15:22 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD and Nvidia
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 17:13:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Semi conductor like AMD, NVDIA.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 06:40:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 09:53:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Intel, ASML and TSMC are all nice. Nvidia and AMD are a bit riskier.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 08:16:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I cant wait until Intels GPU sell out, and the mainstream like Cramer finally realizes its potential way too late. Like when he called AMD a sell from 7-40$, then at 40$ was praising Sue as a messiah. Or Bullshit-Saches and their constant fear mongering the entire way up. Long time AMD shareholders know the feeling.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 17:47:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Funny, I think the opposite. Especially AMD.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 08:16:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
What is up with stocks just obsessed with recommending the shittiest stocks ALWAYS. AMD and NVDA are gold
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 11:10:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Sure, fine, hold $Mu for 10 years and you’ll make money. But my statement doesn’t change. Not when AMD and NVDA, and to some extent TSMC are absolutely crushing it in the same sphere. The market may be crazy and stupid but it’s almost never wrong in how it prices companies.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 16:56:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Its gone $437 to $780 in the last year. It has to level out a little bit otherwise it is unsustainable. Personally I have made a decent chunk on it but I am ceasing more investment into semiconductors becasue I have too much in them right now (my AMD investment has also done very well).
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 12:43:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Both AMD and Nvidia have been running high all year, a lot of their retail investors are probably in because the stock has been doing so well, so once it stops they are out. You can see it well in the high drops Nvidia has every time there is a new fear in the market. But with such a massive run, the risk is increased. Intel will be releasing a GPU in Q1 and Q2. Nvidia is so worried about it that they are literally threatening OEMs to put cheap things in Alchemist computers and laptops. Nvidia is also withholding GPU stock from shipping in order to keep its price high so that their next GPU price bump doesn't look so high. Regardless, with the release of Alder Lake and when Alchemist is released, it will mark that Intel is awake and back in the game. Intel has the capability to manufacture their own chips so they can make products cheaper (entry-level Alchemist will be around $179). On top of them making most of it themselves, they were the first company to secure 3nm process in TSMC. AMD is a good company and they will most likely still run up, Nvidia is a shit company with good products and will also most likely still run up. But at the end, in my opinion, Intel has the biggest upside because no one believes in it anymore so no high expectations.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 09:44:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Intel has much poorer leadership than NVDA and especially AMD. That'd be my concern.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 09:45:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yeah seriously. I try and keep my active stock picking to 10% of my portfolio (I index the rest) but it has swelled naturally to like 25% all down to ASML and AMD. I actually want to reduce my individual stocks to 5% but it’s going to take a lot more saving and investing in my indexes to do it if the semiconductors keep up at this pace haha.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 15:48:40 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Pick chip stocks. No way to go down in any market conditions. Like AMD, NVDA, KLIC, etc ..
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 17:42:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Why you gotta call me out like this? I missed AMD when it was 120 or so and “bought the dip” when it dropped to 130-ish from 140-ish
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 13:21:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
My average on AMD is 79, still feel like an idiot for not buying it at 15.. I was too lazy to do any research about investing back then, but was confident AMD would rip
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 10:54:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
One of my biggest regrets is that I bought AMD for $1.63 in 2016 and sold it a couple of months later because it had doubled
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 21:00:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Sold my all my Disney a few months back and put some into VTI & QQQ, and used the rest to get more exposure (than VTI or QQQ provides) into stocks that I personally liked better at the time and use in my everyday life, like MSFT, NVDA, and AMD. I like Disney as a company, but I still think it's overvalued and it would need to drop significantly before I would dip my toe in the water again.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 03:26:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 13:42:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 14:28:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD, MSFT and probably adding more VIG
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 19:43:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Just rolled my AMD synthetic longs to a farther date, while they were up some 20% and sold some shorter cash secured puts too. Gotta love synthetics, with volatility like this they give returns quite early on and I only pay like $ 10 in debit for one pair, even with DTE in summer 2022.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 07:12:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD hasn't even dipped
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 13:37:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Nvidia and AMD haven't been this low since... Yesterday morning. There's nothing to bounce back from.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 20:02:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD hasn’t even begun to peak
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 16:54:39 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
MRNA, and NVDA and AMD are only down now because some people had to cut those positions to cover other losers.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 16:36:48 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD gonna peak so hard that everybody in /stocks is gonna feel it.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 17:13:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Not really, NVDA and AMD rallied because several announcements were made, some partnerships revealed (AMD and Facebook), record earnings, etc. The market overall was going up and those companies went up hard because they kept getting catalysts literally every week for like a month lol. You're making a projection based on how those stocks are moving without looking at why they're moving that way. They're obviously slowing down now because there's no new catalysts...
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 11:22:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Let's say you're waiting for AMD to drop, it drops on open and hits your stop limit then rebounds, what do you do now?
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 11:04:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
SPY, BRK.B, AMD, Hopefully going to add CCL, UPS, and VZ on monday.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 19:56:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I slammed some AMD calls on Friday just to hold over the weekend. One way or another Monday will be fun
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 02:55:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I own INTC and IBM, am hesitant on TSMC because of China’s recent boldness. I still haven’t looked at AMD and NVDA—it’s definitely on the to-do list though.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 04:25:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Nvidia isn't worried about intel because intel isn't trying to take on the GPU space the same way AMD does. intel wants discrete graphics first then low power consumption stuff mostly for laptops. They won't get any real market share in server or dedicated graphics for a long time. NVDA is still a great buy n hold stock, but if you own it get AMD too. That way, when one falls, the other rises.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 11:47:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>Intel has the money and talent especially with Raja Koduri leading the Graphics department to become highly competitive Doubtful. Intel is hemorrhaging their best employees still. I live in the Bay Area and 2 of my friends that work at Intel in the graphics division recently moved to AMD. Also, Raja gets a lot of hate for being a bit of a self-aggrandizer. I highly recommend Blind if you want to get a sense of a company as seen by its employees.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 16:46:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Nah it's tough to dethrone. Amd was hot on the heels of nvidia and dlss is proving to be superior now. So this year AMD lost. Building fabs that can consistently do 3nm is really difficult. Intel can't get close yet and will need it to compete. Their 7nm isn't going to cut it. Intel was losing the cpu battle last few years vs amd now their latest chips might be enough to fight back a little. If they can unlock some synergies they could give some benefit. No one is clairvoyant, but betting on a challenger who doesn't have the capabilities currently is a long shot.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 20:24:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The model of fabless design + dedicated fab companies beats the combined Intel model. If Intel changes their business model, they lose their (only) advantage and are competing from behind. The later they wait, the worse it becomes. Nvidia on the other hand is transitioning from a combination of semiconductor and software. They're going to be increasing margins. Intel if they change their business model, their margins will drop. If they keep their business model they will keep losing because they're competing against pure play companies. Did you know that just 3 years ago AMD was less than $10 and Intel was $49? Now Intel is $49 and AMD is $155. NVDA was in the $200s pre-split, they would be $1300 now Also in 3 years, Intel's profit has declined, and free cash flow will decline further as they invest in CAPEX to catch up. AMD profit has increased more than tenfold, NVDA increased 3-4 fold
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 14:33:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
No, it's bo underestimated, even AMD had shit GPU sales with tons of experience, Intel will release few GPU and pack their toys because they don't stand a chance and 2's a crowd in GPU market, they don't even rely on their own fabs, Intel had a chance to at least make something of the plandemic and supply the whole market with own fab GPU's and they blew it. Oh and Intel's reputation for their shit UHD graphics won't help, the majoriy are casuals that will associate their dedicated GPU's with Intel UHD.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 16:45:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I don’t trust Intel to not fuck up again or have already fucked up and are to dumb to realize… lol full disclosure I own Nvda and AMD 😂😂😂
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 02:52:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Rumors point to Intel's consumer line of GPUs being at least competitive with up to today's midrange products from AMD and Nvidia. Intel has something like 80% market share in laptops still iirc, close to that in desktops. They WILL ensure that their GPUs end up in OEM products, just like they do with ethernet and wifi adapters, and like they used to with Optane and SSDs which weren't particularly interesting to consumers. If I was a betting man I would expect Intel to eclipse AMD in consumer GPU unit shipments within 3 years, although probably not revenue. For datacenter, it's anyone's guess. Probably they will make products that excel at some niches but are no threat to Nvidia's ecosystem.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 02:45:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I think you're underestimating the business market. If I asked for an Nvidia card, I'd probably be laughed at. If I asked for an Intel one, I'm sure I'd get it like I did with my AMD card that was approved so I could connect more monitors.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 15:09:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I think Intel still has a lot of work left to do to be able to convince Nvidia users to switch, particularly on the software side of things as their graphics drivers still are not great and games will be more optimised for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards but XeSS looks promising and things will get better over time.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 12:02:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Nowhere near that simple. Nvidia won this year, AMD won as well. If Intel had products on the market, they would have won as well. Intel has much deeper connections with PC OEMs than AMD or even Nvidia. They can shoehorn their products into anywhere they want.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 03:52:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Also, I don't like Nvidia's preference towards proprietary technologies and the terrible Linux drivers they provide. Intel and AMD are both much better in those regards but all of these companies have a history of bad practices.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 14:31:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
In Q3, Intel still brought in 2x more revenue than AMD and NVDA combined. Intel is massive. Might be a shit stock… but that doesn’t mean they are a shit business. There are plenty of shit businesses with great stocks in comparison.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 00:58:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
That's a good point about Nvidia becoming more of a software company as there are higher margins there but whether it would be enough to offset the reduction in hardware prices due to increased competition i don't know. I'm not sure about why Intel's more vertically integrated model is worse than that of the competition though? It is a high upfront cost (which is being helped with government grants) but they will be able to produce products cheaper, less reliance on other non-US companies and can sell any extra capacity to produce chips for other companies. Even AMD and Nvidia may use Intel's fabs in the future.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 14:51:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> arm Is far more efficient It isnt. There is just a difference in design principles that causes ARM to generally use less power. You also know why apple is able to match intel and AMD in performance? cost. They are basically paying more money than literally anyone else is willing to to make a chip absolutely humongous. A wider(but lower clocked) chip is a lot less power hungry(but also a lot more expensive to make) than a higher clocked(but less wide) chip. Intel and AMD go the tall route, apple went super wide. There is nothing stopping intel or AMD from doing the same with x86, and if they dont want x86, they both have licenses for ARM
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 15:49:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They are trying to stay relevant after some horrendous years. AMD is closing the gap on the cpu market. Apple dropped intel for their own chips. Playstation and Xbox both went w AMD chips this generation. Intel is lagging behind big time and has not been innovating shit in years now.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 16:01:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Nvidia's marketing to gamers is insane. The hivemind of thinking AMD gpus are still leagues behind Nvidia's lineup is hilarious with the 6xxx series Radeons. Gaming-wise, they definitely trade punches wit hthe RTX 30xx series (minus the ray tracing). Admittedly, I use the Nvidia flagship 3090 because I'm a degenerate. It took AMD until Zen3 to REALLY start overtaking Intel's "enthusiast" market for CPUs...kinda following the same progression the GPU front for AMD. Intel FINALLY brought competition back on the CPU front with Alder Lake, and they hope to do the same for their new GPUs. Competition will be fierce, but all three of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia seem to be good investments for different reasons.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 13:01:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm personally not a fan of acquisitions. I think a lot of the charm of a company is lost when they're bought out. I will say, as an engineer, Altera changed a lot when they were bought by Intel. Atmel changed some when microchip bought them. I like AMD, I like Xylynx, both stocks are doing well for me. Their products are great, I can't complain. I haven't heard of this acquisition, but I think it's a good fit. Might go buy more of both in anticipation.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 00:57:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
A huge risk with Intel is that if they mess up execution of their next node again, they'll be WAY behind the competition, and continue losing sales both to consumers and data centers. With the new node they released just this month, they finally matched where AMD/TSMC have been for over a year, but AMD is already leapfrogging that in just two or three months with TSMC's 5nm and 4nm nodes.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 17:08:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The problem is AMD, NVida, Apple are reliant and competing for TSMC capacity. If Intel actually launches their 5nm node, uses TSMC for 3nm and then is able to transition to their own 3nm manufacturing being independent of TSMC will put Intel at a huge advantage. Also transistor size is quickly approaching theoretical limits. There is only a handful of generations left and then it will be left down to manufacturing capacity and optimization of existing node size (which historically Intel is pretty good at). If Intel is finally caught up in terms of node size with their own capacity while everyone else competes for TSMC capacity, then intel might be in a good position again.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 06:31:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
When will people understand that the stock is not the company? Can a company be overpriced like a stock is? Can a company be underpriced like a stock is? No, a company operates the same with no regard to how their stock moves. If you need examples, just look at Nikola. A stock going up does not mean a company is good, it means that there is enough hype around the company or people believing in the financials of the company. It has absolutely nothing to do with how good a company is, just look at how shit Amazon treats their employees, but the financials are good, most of the time. In regards to Nvidia screwing over Intel (and regarding your friend, I could probably find hundreds if not thousands who will say otherwise). Intel is too big for Nvidia to screw them, they have far too much power in laptops and Nvidia is likely to slowly disappear from laptop as they are screwing the OEMs as well, not to mention them screwing over AMD as well at every opportunity. The only people who don't see Nvidia for the shit practices that they employ are the fanboys who are too blind to what is going on behind the scenes and people who hold the stock and ignore everything because it is going up.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 00:51:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yet the stock is crappy and they don’t grow. Declining sales YoY while AMD and NVIDIA are up at minimum 60% YoY.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Fri Nov 26 21:59:48 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
A lot of ppl in these subs absolutely underestimate the sheer volume that intel pushes in order to support the vast majority of business client systems. OEMs pushed out 84m client pcs this year.. those systems were mostly packing intel CPUs. Businesses that order with volume don’t want to support AMD based systems in their environment. Ppl on Reddit like AMD. They like the synthetic benchmarks, overclocks and FPS gainz that your eye can’t even see. They love to hear about the retail sales numbers (which is peanuts compared to OEM sales) .. all the things that don’t matter. Intel is a silicon giant.. I wouldn’t underestimate their reach and longevity.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 00:45:02 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
When you think about it, it’s rare for a winner takes all in most industries Example: Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Taiwan Semiconductor, etc. So healthy for the industry to have more than 1 player
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 07:20:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
AMD, Nvidia? Anything tech?
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 09:10:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I capitulated on CRSR and PLTR the other day. Sticking with stocks that actually go up from now on. Currently in FB, NET, AMD, NVDA.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 22:47:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Seriously me too! Its always Astra or AMD that keeps me in the green.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 00:37:21 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
AMD and XLNX merger should be announced next month. Get some LEAPS and make some of your losses back. Moreover, MRNA has price momentum. You can Yolo into it tomorrow. If it gaps up pre-market Monday, watch it run to 360+. This is just a suggestion.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 17:34:54 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
AMD will follow Nvidia chart 2.5d / 3D stacking NAND chips Heterogeneous computing Ez 10 bagger $200 2022 eoy easily
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 18:13:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Definitely true, intel is definitely behind, but next year I think it was around March that I two is releasing a gaming lineup, more powerful, and to get a foot into the door and catch up, it'll probably be at the same or lower prices as AMD and Nvidia, I've also been wondering if I should buy amd
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 09:59:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I'm super bullish on AMD. You know their first truly gaming gpus were released ast year. And as a result Nvidia lowered their prices for their GPUs which is a great sign that that they feal the competition. I'm investing in both AMD and Nvidia, yet I see the room for growth is much bigger for AMD, they just need time. I think them being making CPUs and GPUs might give them optimizatin leverage that will pop up someday in the future.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 11:51:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
$200 - yes, but when? AMD fluctuated in 78-95 range during a year since Aug 2020, so we can see this again and price will reach $200 in 2023 only.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 17:13:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
For 20 years AMD had been the little train that could, it's healthy, poignant, in TSLA vehicles, expanding, automation is exploding, Musk is one person, and finite, owning both nvidan and AMC isn't like owning wish
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 23:41:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
It’s easier for AMD to go below 130 than it is for Intel to go below 40 imho. You could be right in your call but in general I will stand by what I said as Just something to think about
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 02:32:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
AMD is on a bull run, a lot of hype, but I believe it will come down to Earth. I would buy it at 90$.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 05:41:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You can get AMD 2200g for less than $100 at Facebook marketplace.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 06:53:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Hoping AMD has a run like NVDIA
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 22:19:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I'm guessing you don't have any AMD stock and missed out on the gains so far? Why would you ever give someone advice to not buy a solid, proven stock? If everyone does their own DD, let them make their own educated decision on whether to buy or not. Especially one that appears to have everything lined up for success in the future!
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 12:23:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I bought 5 of each of them when they were trading about 20$ over each strike price. I also had purchased a number of 11/19 105$c so I have been payed off plenty by AMD this year and am very comfortable holding these to look for 200.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 12:11:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Market isn't as bullish on AMD as I am because the market is full of noobs. I was on AMD from $2 to 15 then took a break elsewhere, and I'm pissed I didn't hold longer it would have made me rich lol. Everyone thinks Intel is gonna catch up which they are doing to an extent in consumer space on performance but I don't think so in servers unless something drastic happens. AMD is prioritising efficiency now which heavily hints to me they are looking to dominate the HPC server market. Market has barely reacted to them trouncing Nvidia with a GPU that Intel has been failing to make work for the DoD with a bottomless pit of govt subsidy (Ponte Vechio equivalent). Anything could happen though, the chip sector is moving fast, I had a $180 target but I think that's unlikely until end of Q1 22
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 11:32:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Did you get what I wrote? AMD almost a year ignored all positive news and beat earnings. A YEAR! Market can decide that zen 4 is also priced in, as well as many other good news.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 18:09:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Very insightful and spot on. They are absolutely prioritising efficiency like you said, they are focusing on the server market while still dominating new sales in the consumer market with CPU's. Intel has a way to go to catch up again. I personally don't think they'll catch up anywhere in the near future so AMD is poised to continue to grow. Especially once the merger goes through.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 12:18:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
This. AMD has always focused on HPC and has trickled down the unworthy dies to retail. If intel goes all out on retail they will get back the marketshare, but the moneymaker is HPC
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 18:56:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Intel will catch up in the servers area in 2022 and then probably fall behind after AMD releases it's next gen. Q3 2022 Intel releases sapphire rapids for servers. I would be more concerned for AMD it arc starts to steal low end GPU sales when Alchemist is released in the fall. Full disclosure I own INTC.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 04:32:36 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
In my opinion, the momentum will continue with AMD for now due to intel still not having a proper response to all of AMDs products (intels new alder lake arch. Looks like to be start of something in consumer, next 18 months will be telling). AMDs only real limitation is TSMCs production capacity. Otherwise intel would have been passed up a long time ago.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sun Nov 28 11:51:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
They also dominate the laptop market now, they have a chip in Tesla, if they are going into that market with strength they will boom Nvidias original ramp up was all about self driving cars. They are dominating the APU market which is likely to boom, they have exceeded my expectations of them when I was bullish years back, I was stupid enough to listen to the debt issue. Their big risk is they are reliant on other foundries. I think Intel is going to crash and burn personally I think the doubters are right, they are going to overextend trying to do everything and failing to win anything, they are literally copying AMD and Apple, nothing suggests they will exceed them, their big advantage is they have some very well developed accelerated Math libraries but AMD is catching up fast, with CUDA as well. They'll be relegated to a decade of celeron level (relative) chips in budget laptops and languish at a $40 share price imo whilst they slowly lose their grip on distributors and PC brands. Idk though their AI/Auto offerings might be winners, and all chip tech is going to be a winner on some level.
KEYWORD : AMD DATE : Sat Nov 27 15:20:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
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2021.11.28 09:26 Cute-Purple-2880 Looks like Jack Bean vs Blitzo (Killer Bean vs Blitzo) was already shot, so whats next on striking my Original Matchups to determine which is the greatest? Also can you explain why the matchup you pick should be eliminated I think it needs to be reasonable (No off-topic too please)

Looks like Jack Bean vs Blitzo (Killer Bean vs Blitzo) was already shot, so whats next on striking my Original Matchups to determine which is the greatest? Also can you explain why the matchup you pick should be eliminated I think it needs to be reasonable (No off-topic too please) submitted by Cute-Purple-2880 to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

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Did y'all know that CNN has a pre-recorded broadcast for the end of the world...but no one will ever know what it says.
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I have wanted to invest for a while now , and now that I have 100 dollars set aside I want to learn all the ins and outs of crypto currencies . So I was wondering: -Is 100 dollars enough to start investing or would it all go in gas fees whatever that is (heard a couple of friends talk about it) -Could you recommend some good YouTube channels to learn about crypto in general not just Bitcoin ( where to start , how to calculate how much I have made , when to buy, when to sell how to do day trading,when to hold , what is the next big coin ...) -Do I pay a commission fee to the app, and if so do I still have to pay if I am lost money -Should I consider rendering (again whatever that is) instead of crypto. -Should I put 20 dollars (decent amount of money where I come from) into this new fjb (lgb) coin or do you think it will flop .
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It wasn't even scary at all
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