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21M Looking for friends - US/Anywhere

It All Starts Here! The ONLY bank in Jessamine County that is locally owned and locally operated! Bank Different / Bank Local Jessamine County's ONLY locally owned and locally operated bank! Banking with Friends and Neighbors Serving Jessamine County Since 1934! Professional Services, Carin ... A Public Argument: 5 Part Series: A Public Argument (4.45): Brother tests his sister's limits on a public bus. Incest/Taboo 12/12/20: A Public Argument Ch. 02 (4.50): Brother and sister almost get caught. The CCTV footage showing the moment a well-dressed man stole two phones inside a shop in Ibadan, Oyo state has been shared online. The man had come to the store pretending he wanted to buy some items. He was able to pick the phones when he distracted the shop attendant. Watch the video below ... The purely technology-driven approach that I have often seen in recent years doesn’t get us anywhere. Using a technology just because it exists doesn’t make any sense. Just because machine learning exists, for example, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach for my project. Victorian Hotel: a boutique style hotel in heart of downtown Vancouver with 47 Vancouver hotel rooms. Walking distance to BC Place, Rogers Arena & Skytrain The RX 6900 XT is AMD's most expensive Radeon product ever to feature a single GPU at $1,000. We had seen extravagant Radeon GPUs that broke that thousand dollar barrier in previous generations ... The purely technology-driven approach that I have often seen in recent years doesn’t get us anywhere. Using a technology just because it exists doesn’t make any sense. Just because machine learning exists, for example, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach for my project. Already in a book club or perhaps looking to start a new discussion group? Be sure to check out the Library’s Book Club in a Bag Kits. We have kits available for kids, teens, and adults that can ...

2021.12.05 08:44 seventythreex 21M Looking for friends - US/Anywhere

Heya everyone hope you’re doing well. I am looking to talk to some peeps and maybe form a long term friendship if we click. I am into the common stuff mentioned in this sub like games, movies, anime, horror, true crime, philosophy, light reading, technology etc etc. I am a bit rusty in some of the subjects mentioned. I am laidback non judgmental, honest, patient, open minded etc etc just easy. Only thing I ask is to be around my age please. Send me a dm or chat if interested with an introduction about you and here are some ice breakers: What did you eat last and did you like it? What is your favorite scent? Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.05 08:44 Sandarsky Strange U - Maybe

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2021.12.05 08:44 ChiefKhalil69 Space might be heaven. When you die, there is no biblical heaven. Just space.

And dark matter is nothing else then the spiritual world, that we're not able to see while we're alive.
But when we die, we can travel trough the infinite space, discover new worlds.
That also might be the reason why the space is expanding.
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2021.12.05 08:44 Consistent_Meat_9211 Upcoming rpg smp

₊˙+. m y s a ✧ ! : grinders, going fast-paced, or you prefer to be alone, please find another realm.
‣ Let me introduce to you an up-coming Minecraft Bedrock realm! Theme is strictly medieval(skins, builds, attitude), following a roleplay theme filled with empires, lore, dungeons, and more! We own a custom map, 5k by 5k blocks. The objective? Working with your empire to defeat the dragon. Easy peasy, right?
serious players only !!
agreement from mysa :
· · We work everyday to become a better community, giving you a safe haven to call your safe space, all in our Discord server.

· · The realm opens for accepted users in a few weeks, around December 31st - January 3rd (official date will be polled on.)
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2021.12.05 08:44 GreekFreakFan What would a point guard equivalent of Tim Duncan look like?

Not necessarily TD himself, but TD as a model for the kind of player our hypothetical PG could be: the fundamental aspects of basketball trained to perfection, where anything extra would just be unnecessary.
The one I feel is closest to the idea of a dominant Small Fundamental would be a guy who'll give you 13/3/15 on 60/45/90 shooting and no turnovers every night, someone who can turn someone with even a decent amount of talent into an all-star and who's presence you don't feel until he's on the bench or just flat out gone.
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2021.12.05 08:44 Starscr3am01 Situacija u bolnici

Dakle, djed mi je prije par godina imao upalu mozga i bio je potpuno dezorijentiran, nije mogao razgovijetno pričati, nije znao kuda hoda i bio je u bolnici. Jako slične simptome je imao noćas i odvezli smo ga na hitnu. Dva puta je cijepljen, napravili su pretrage i rekli da ima koronu. Tata je govorio doktoru da je imao upalu mozga prije par godina od ugriza krpelja, ali doktor nije dao ni čut da je išta drugo osim korone. Tko tu koga jebe sad? Čovjek su pustili kući, nije mu ama baš ništa bolje. Na internetu još nisam pronašao informaciju da kineski virus ima simptome kao upala mozga, je li netko od vas možda?
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2021.12.05 08:44 Rushi_Esh Help free

How to identify Treasure Hunts? (Sorry if I sound like an idiot)
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2021.12.05 08:44 Leather_Transition77 Twitch

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2021.12.05 08:44 Kirilizator Корумпираният характер на интересите на ЕС към ваксинацията или как така начело на ЕС седи поддръжница на Пфайзер

“Начело на изпълнителната власт на ЕС стои поддръжница на Pfizer”
Няколко реда, написани от известния френски журналист Пиер-Ален Депо, добавиха гориво към масовите протести срещу задължителните ваксинации и санитарните паспорти във Франция.
Журналистът съобщи, че съпругът на главата на Европейската комисия Урсула фон дер Лайен, Хайко фон дер Лайен, е медицински директор в Orgenesis, американска биотехнологична компания, специализирана в генната терапия. „В експерименталните „ваксини“ срещу COVID са открити генни методи“, намекна прозрачно Депо, имайки предвид американските РНК ваксини Pfizer и Moderna, които се купуват в огромни мащаби от властите на ЕС. (…)
„Урсула фон дер Лайен, нашият главен купувач на стотици милиони дози ваксини, се оказва, че има съпруг Хайко, който управлява Orgenesis, биотехнологична компания, специализирана в генната терапия. Сега всичко ни стана ясно“, пише известният френски икономист и предприемач Франсоа Дюкрок.
Трябва да се каже, че корупционните скандали и обвиненията в непотизъм съпътстват кариерата на главата на изпълнителната власт на ЕС през цялата й политическа кариера. (…)
През декември 2013 г. Ангела Меркел назначи Урсула фон дер Лайен, лекар-гинеколог, за министър на отбраната въз основа на ... близкото приятелство, което ги свързва. През петте си години начело на Министерството на отбраната Фрау фон дер Лайен успява практически да разгроми немската армия. (…) през септември 2014 г., по време на маневрите на НАТО в Норвегия, поради липса на оборудване, немските войници бяха принудени да използват ... метли вместо пушки. „Ситуацията в Бундесвера е катастрофална” (…)
А в областта на корупцията протежето на Фрау Меркел също показа забележителни способности. През декември 2018 г. Бундестага започна разследване срещу фон дер Лайен, който беше обвинен в корупция, лошо управление и непотизъм при разпределянето на договорите и наемането на консултанти. Федералната одитна служба на Германия, която следи движението на правителствените парични потоци, откри десетки нередности при наемането на външните консултанти от Министерството на отбраната. През 2015 г. Министерство на отбраната на Германия е похарчило €100 млн. за външни консултанти, но официално е обявило... €2,2 млн. (…)
И тук идва най-интересното. Съпругът на Урсула, медицинският директор на Orgenesis Хайко фон дер Лайен и вицепрезидентът на Orgenesis Винсент Вандам, преди това са работили заедно в британската фармацевтична компания GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) в продължение на 11 години. Преди да се присъедини към GSK, Вандам е служил 8 години като директор по качеството в ... Pfizer съобщава Active News. Много други служители на Orgenesis също са работили преди това за Pfizer. (…)
Orgenesis, където работи съпругът на ръководителя на Европейската комисия, както и GSK, активно участват в разработването на ваксината на Pfizer, а сега разработват програмата BioChield, заявявайки за намерението си да ваксинират цялото човечество със суперваксината, която все още се тества върху мишки. Интересно е колко милиарда евро ще похарчи госпожа фон дер Лайен за закупуването на най-новата суперваксина, която нейният съпруг ще създаде?
Източник: https://trud.bg/корумпираният-характер-на-интересите-на-ес-към-ваксинацията/?fbclid=IwAR3841hJxY7IuwG7yCj-w2_8afL90Qitjo4gqcTNtxfZLWh4WjNmRk4pGdU
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2021.12.05 08:44 Party-Category8988 Stuck at character creation - WL3;

I'm trying to acquire my own squad but.. failing? I setup my characters the way I like them, and when I try to proceed it seems to‍ indicate that the appearance section isn't complete. There is no tooltip or anything about what it thinks is incomplete. I'm fine with the appearance of the characters. Any hits? I'd like to try the game..
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2021.12.05 08:44 high_on_cosmos One of the reasons why 'Tamasha' will always be special!

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2021.12.05 08:44 StrangerSignificant9 New player

It’s my second day playing and I’m really enjoying it the beginner banner went away and I wanted to know how to get more of those crystals
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2021.12.05 08:44 freewilllibrary Facts | Noam Chomsky

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2021.12.05 08:44 jgomez315 Error Code 028 fucken hell

Can't play multiplayer normally for more than 15 seconds before either me or my friend (regardless of who is hosting, we've tried both ways) get kicked with error 028.
the workaround is to close out entirely, launch the game, click play and remove your character from prospects, click play again, remove it from prospects again if it didn't remove you, and then click select character.
now, open up steam overlay, right click your friends game, and join. it should say "join x game blah blah" when you shift tab out.
if you dont do it this way, you get error code 028, or it will just tell you you have no characters able to join even though you see the character in the prospect character select right in front of you.
this game is a ton of fun but man does shit like this really make you wanna give up. having to restart to fix memory leaks or change a graphics setting means going through all of these steps every time, it takes 5 minutes to get into a game not counting load times. just actually joining the lobby.
hoping they fix stability or something, cause it's like the main combat in the game is actually managing to log into a prospect instance.
ill add that roughly 30% of the time when you do load in, you encounter a bug where nothing is selectable. You walk around with a blank UI and nothing gets highlighted or is targetable to pick up. I tried to use unstuck to fix it, and one time out of literal dozens of tries, it managed to restore my UI for less than ten seconds before going untargetable again.
but when it works, it's fun! it just doesnt work very well for a large minority of the time. something like 20-30% of my seven hours played is just trying to get the game to run.
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2021.12.05 08:44 ArsCortica Mokou and a little friend

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2021.12.05 08:44 maxzix74 Guida ai fumetti da regalare a Natale 2021 - Fumettologica

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2021.12.05 08:44 Fit_Bad1620 3060ti

What fan speed should i keep my 3060ti’s ?
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2021.12.05 08:44 Electronic_Hunt_6492 Should I change to 240hz?

I play csgo on 144hz but I feel like the peeks are too fast for me to respond. For example if I am holding palace and someone pushes stairs I feel like my reaction time is a bit slow? How to improve my reaction time? Will changing to 240hz solve this?
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2021.12.05 08:44 Relevant_Injury69 FACEIT bug

im done with faceit, im never playing this matchmaking again, bunch of lazy website developers, everyDAY thousands of players around the world face bugs , a lot of bugs. this is the 3rd time im facing a bug, everything was set and then 'you must be in a lobby to be in the match' where do you think i am? huh? in some manhole? nothing interests me the most but your elo system attracted me and ive been playing faceit for about an year now. do you know how irritating it is to recieve a cooldown for half a day even though you didnt do any mistake? pretty sure you dont.
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2021.12.05 08:44 Zestyclose-Fun-5055 کدوم؟

View Poll
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2021.12.05 08:44 nightdice [LF] Stacks of stones [FT] NYP

I have some spare DIYs, lots of 2.0 items, and bells so you name it. Can’t provide things like real art or anything like that because I don’t have any spare ones
I need about 3-5 stacks of x30 stones if possible!
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2021.12.05 08:44 greenpepperhypernova On the bright side at least bitmart says they have the other 99% - 99.5% of funds in cold wallets, didnt realize they had ~$30b in assets .

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2021.12.05 08:44 meetdemo Need suggestions on buying my car on CASH or on LOAN

I've collected 10L in liquid which I plan to invest in the Indian equity market if I see some corrections.
I am also looking to buy a car (9L ) in near future. I have 2 scenarios to buy the car

  1. Do a 3L downpayment & take a loan with an EMI of 10K/mo for 7 years
  2. Self fund the entire purchase & do a SIP equivalent to the EMI
I also did a mathematical comparison between the above 2 scenarios

If I self-fund the car
A Starting cash ₹1,000,000
B Car full payment ₹900,000
C Present Value ₹100,000 A-B
D Monthly SIP (equity) ₹10,069 equivalent to car EMI
E Annual interest 12.00%
F Period (months) 84 (7 years)
G Future Value ₹1,559,569
H Original Investment ₹945,796 C+(D*F)
I Capital Gains ₹613,773 H-I

If I finance the car
A Starting cash ₹1,000,000
B Car Downpayment ₹300,000
C Present Value ₹700,000 A-B
D Monthly SIP (equity) ₹0
E Annual interest 12.00%
F Period (months) 84 (7 years)
G Future Value ₹1,614,706
H Original Investment ₹700,000 C+(D*F)
I Capital Gains ₹914,706 H-I
H Loan repayment ₹845,819 at 7% for 7 years
K Net Gain ₹768,887 H-K
Clearly on excel Self funding wins but I am a little doubtful about my approach. Am I missing any important factor and getting into the bias of self-funding? Please help me see-through.
I have taken the following assumptions
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2021.12.05 08:44 TheHiddenNinja6 Komi Padoru?

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2021.12.05 08:44 Saffron_Freddie NGD! Actually I got it a few weeks ago but I've been so busy playing it that I forgot to post a pic.

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