He did Nazi see that coming

2021.11.27 12:02 CircleBoxlol He did Nazi see that coming

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2021.11.27 12:02 introsort [Hiring] 2022 Data Science Internship - Job ID: 1733042 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see 2022 Data Science Internship - Job ID: 1733042 | Amazon.jobs
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2021.11.27 12:02 Hunteric56 How do I report this account trader?

So I’ve been on discord and I met someone trading his BS account. He knew he he could himself and the customer banned but doesn’t care. I’ve got a proof of him saying he doesn’t care and I’ve got him to show me his account . Tomorrow I’ll convince him to show his profile and I can get his entire account and him saying he’s trading it in screenshots. So how do I report him?
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2021.11.27 12:02 sterlingmanor The Passenger - gay guy stuck on a failing cruise ship

Recently finished this book. Anyone else? Travel writer Chaney Kwak is stuck on a cruise ship in a storm near Norway.
Im interested in all things cruise ship. This is fresh adventure writing and something pretty different for gay memoir.
He uses the storm to explore his LTR - and I wish the anger around the relationship was explored more in the book: “I recognize, at long last, that the nagging sensation smoldering around my heart has been fury waiting to flare up. I’m so angry, in fact, that I can’t bear to write the parts of this book about Hannes until the very last minute.”
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2021.11.27 12:02 Equeslibertatis Windows 11 neues Startmenü hinzufügen! - SystemTrayMenu

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2021.11.27 12:02 Princess_Fluffypants Spent the holiday hurling this stupid thing around the Alice’s loop in California. I don’t think there exists a more perfect all-around bike.

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2021.11.27 12:02 Due-Ad9415 Jordan 1 Dark Marina Blue | 🏷️ coleog.ru

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2021.11.27 12:02 Leopardskuull Matt Murray Reportedly Heading To Waivers

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2021.11.27 12:02 HockeyMod Game Thread: Ottawa Senators (4-13-1) at Los Angeles Kings (8-8-3) - 27 Nov 2021 - 07:00PM EST

Ottawa Senators (4-13-1) at Los Angeles Kings (8-8-3) STAPLES Center Comment with all tables
In-Game Updates Thread Notes: Regular active GDT can be found in /hockey shortly before the game starts
Otherwise, join us live on Discord
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2021.11.27 12:02 AshleyG97 BR2 Thoughts on Mini Bosses and Main Bosses *Potential Spoilers*

Hi again. I made a post after I completed BR1 to tell you guys how I felt about some of the bosses and got some of your opinions on them. This post is going to be somewhat similar as I want to break down each of the mini bosses and main bosses. I'm gonna go over the fights, their design, and just how I feel about them. Would be great to hear what you guys think too.
Mini Bosses
Foreman - I feel like this boss does what it's meant to do pretty well. I see this as more of a tutorial to combat than actual boss, at least with the first encounter. This boss helps teach the player how to understand patterns, when to dodge, and when to attack, and does it all fairly well. These are slightly over used towards the end and become very easy encounters after the first.
Male/Female Dhampir - I see this boss as almost an advanced turorial boss. These bosses helped me undertsand dodge patterns a little more with how they throw out power attacks at the end of combos. These can be fairly easily cheesed with a variety of dodge attacks, or just cornering them and going crazy. All in all, a pretty cool boss, especially the female ones as they offer a little more variety.
Turned - These I found to be too easy. When I first encountered one of these I thought I'd be scraping Rayne off the floor, that was not the case. You can just run to a certain range and force them into their charge attack, which can easily be dodged and then you can unload on it. Pretty poor mini boss, especially when used in the later stages of the game.
Pink Suits - I'm not really sure what to make of these seeing as there was only two encounters. The first is a solo fight where I dealt with it much like how I would a Foreman. The second, you fight six, which sounds crazy but with a bit of luck you can just cheese it with the lmgs on either end of the room. Not a great boss, in my opinion. Just felt like a re-skin of the Foreman.
Shadow Legion - These were really cool by design, but really aren't too different to the Dhampir mini bosses. They're quick, and in some cases can be annoying, but they seem to have a smaller health pool than other bosses. They can also be cheesed by using dodge attack much like the Dhampir. Overall cool design, but again too similar to other mini bosses.
Ancient Vampire - I never really saw the point to these as they are essentially a male Dhampir with a gun in terms of fight style. Can be cheesed again with the use of dodge attacks. Not really too much of a threat as they are introduced late game by which point you know how to deal with them.
Now for the big guys.
Main Bosses
Zerenski - This felt like a test after the tutorial mission, but not in terms of combat and more in terms of navigating levels. The fight sees Rayne chase Zerenski from A to B and shooting Zerenski when he transforms to deal damage. There is no real threat on this fight, just the potential for some frustrating moments if you don't use blood rage to avoid knockdowns. Not the worst fight, but not the best either.
Sleez - I actually enjoyed this fight. It wasn't overly complicated, although it took me a while to work out what to do 😂. Just a case of throwing some bomb guys back at Sleez with the occasional guy running up behind you for health. I liked the design of this boss, and the unique way of killing Sleez also adds a few points for me.
Feril - I have a major issue with this boss. I don't like the idea of completely avoiding Feril during what's meant to be her fight. Instead you just go round and destroy pipes. It's not very challenging even with the DoT from the shroud, and despite Feril being faster than Rayne I think I only saw her 3 times during the entire fight. If you do find yourself in a rough patch you can just jump to the bottom of the tower and feed of her men. By the time she gets back down to you, you should easily have close to full health. Really felt like they did Feril dirty as she's such an interesting character, just my opinion.
Ephemera - I'm only going to include the main fight here. Now then, this boss starts out with a similar idea to Feril. You have to destroy a set amount of objects to remove shadows and prevent Ephemera from regenerating. I don't mind this idea as much, as it's you weakening the boss to then fight her on a more fair playing field. Ephemera has a good set of moves, some of which do ridiculous damage if you get caught (that spinning move melts your health), and she summons what I would consider to be the hardest minion type in the game which is Ephemera's ninjas. Decent design, and I liked the story of this fight. Probably one of the better fights in the game for me.
Unraveller - I did not like this fight one bit. I think one of the bigger problems with this fight is that it's not very clear on what you have to do. Navigating the arena can be a bit of a pain especially if you're hit by the unraveller. His spit has a very annoying knock back effect, and knocked me off more ledges than I can count. Not a very enjoyable fight for me this.
Xerxes - This was a puzzle fight done well. It can be a little awkward due to the camera and lock-on not being the most friendly, but beyond that, it's solid. You have to destroy 4 growths within his suit by shooting them and then removing them with the harpoon. You get a nice amount of minions to feed off for whatever you need, and a vampire lair for a little top up. Not much more to be said, but I honestly believe this boss, and Ephemera are possibly the best in the game.
Kagan - This fight was good, if not a little underwhelming. I found you could quite easily go toe-to-toe with Kagan using the old BR1 strat of relying on blood rage. His attacks didn't do as much damage as I thought and he was fairly easy to dodge. The blood pool in the room was a nive touch, and I used that to my advantage a lot. I got in a position where I could remain on the pool whilst keeping Kagan just on the edge, basically making me invincible. The arena for this fight is 100% the best in the game. I wish there was a little more dialogue between both Rayne and Kagan during this fight and I feel like the end cutscene could of been managed better for more effect, but that's more of a me thing.
Thanks for having a look at my opinions of bosses. Would like to start a discussion with anyone who wants to share their opinions of the bosses to. A lot more to talk about compared to BR1. Thanks 👌
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2021.11.27 12:02 JosiahWillardPibbs Samantha Garza

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2021.11.27 12:02 Livid-Ad-9402 [SALE] [US] P. Plowmanii, P. Tenue, P. Malesvichiae, P. Silver Sword, P. Melanochrysum, Waroqueanum, Cissus Amazonica

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2021.11.27 12:02 LolPeashooter69 Okay, so are Sasha's parents are divorced or did she just write 2 letters to the address?

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2021.11.27 12:02 introsort [Hiring] Security Architect - Careers at Apple (Apple)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Security Architect - Careers at Apple
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2021.11.27 12:02 Dramatic-Display-718 Kein Fake

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2021.11.27 12:02 duckbroad3 I hope you like my eyes and want to cuddle with me

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2021.11.27 12:02 HandkantenAchim Last open mission and can’t find translation

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2021.11.27 12:02 lelele011 Hat wer Bock dropboxen zu tauschen

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2021.11.27 12:02 Hopsgenommen Is it normal that only one HomePod mini responds paired in stereo pair?

I have had my Homepod Mini since release and have now bought a 2nd one and configured it as a stereo pair. Is it normal that no matter where I am in the room, even if I stand 1cm in front of the Homepod Mini only the other (New one) reacts? I have the feeling that the new one does not have the communication problems compared to the old one, so the question, is it broken or is the feature intended to work like this? I have already reset it to factory settings and flashed it with the latest software via Mac.
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2021.11.27 12:02 UberMisty82 Newton Referral Code - New users get a $25 sign up bonus. (Canada Only)

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2021.11.27 12:02 Ok_Scarcity4853 In my Black Friday packs

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2021.11.27 12:02 protag7 Has Atlus ever recieved any threats from religious groups over a demon portrayal?

For years I had this idea in my head of Atlus recieving a bomb threat over Krishnu in SMTIVA and after metioning it to my friend recently and forgetting Krishnu's name I looked it up after remembering and found out they were just like "Get him out of the game" or something and I wondered if I just completely made this up in my head from the less serious version or if I mixed it with something else.
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2021.11.27 12:02 BeginningAd7467 ✨ApexMoonBSC | Launching Now | Hold ApexMoonBSC and receive reward in ADA (Cardano).✨

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