Vs username: 666 (warning blood)

2021.12.04 11:55 davi12red Vs username: 666 (warning blood)

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2021.12.04 11:55 ninjajou10 SAVE THE DOGGIES!!! | To The Rescue!

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2021.12.04 11:55 maybelaterortomorrow Ciao from Italy

Hello to everyone! I just came here to experience Jordan virtually before coming there early March 2022 with my family. If you do not mind I’ll sit here and watch what’s going on into this Reddit community. Can’t wait to come and visit your beautiful country
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2021.12.04 11:55 speed-and-power_200 Ich🌳iel

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2021.12.04 11:55 PadredelDiablo Picked up Syndra yesterday after getting her withered rose skin. Shes so fun! (Gold rank)

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2021.12.04 11:55 Rohit-709 Cursed_food

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2021.12.04 11:55 actuallyashle Upcoming hysterectomy - scared

I had a biopsy that shows I have a lot of precancerous cells and the next step is a full hysterectomy. I have an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday. And I am terrified.
I figured this group could tell me what I should expect. I'm grateful we got it in time but I don't do well with pain. I am not upset about losing my uterus, as I wasn't gonna use it anyway, but the recovery is what I hear all kind of things about.
Can anyone tell me their experiences? How was the recovery? Did they have to cut you open like a c section?
I have a SIL and friend both said it will be the best thing that ever happened to me, and it might, but getting to that spot seems scary.
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2021.12.04 11:55 Insane69Patato Just finished my first playthrough ever on the switch.

It's a fun game but I feel like it's lacking a lit of content.
First, the weapons are very predictable and the customability of them is quite lacking. Also most guns are either plasma or standard. The only corrosive one I found was the one you can but from Gladys, the only shocks were melee weapons, and the only N ray weapon I found was Phineas' rifle. N Mags were locked behind a faction.
Next, the game gives an option to let companions go and I thought it was to make room for other companions. But no, apparently there are only 6 companions.
Furthermore, sneak wasn't very useful and the fact that I could steal right behind someone was kinda dumb.
Lastly I know you're supposed to upgrade your time ability but I felt like it should have had minor upgrades to duration one level up. Also I'd press the companion abilities and they wouldn't trigger.
I thoroughly enjoyed the game but I felt like it was short. I actually stopped on the final mission to finish the faction quest but even those were kind of short.
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2021.12.04 11:55 skeltord Game refuses to launch

Can someone help? The steam version simply refuses to launch since season 6. It runs, shoes the eac screen, then when it loads, nothing happens. How can i fix this?
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2021.12.04 11:55 Good-Plane-1020 🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Lets Go Go Go! Yea!

🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Amazing Community & developer Team! Lets get this bread!
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Shiba Maximum Rewards: All holders will have their Shiba Max balance grow through RFI Rewards at intervals as the Shiba Max Army grows. This function will allow the Army to effectively earn interest rewards which will increase as our community grows. Our mission is to ensure that the Shiba Max Army is rewarded as our domination of the Crypto Market continues on.
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2021.12.04 11:55 FullFart07 How can I find my deleted watch history?

Im looking for a shorts video I watch and accidentally deleted. I know I commented on the video. How can I find it?
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2021.12.04 11:55 WelshicanWoman This is Bertie❤️🦄

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2021.12.04 11:55 WitchRosey Introducing Gacha Chan Christmas 🎄(First post on my new acc!)

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2021.12.04 11:55 ktrain485 Low level admin perspective

Hey teachers! I’m mostly an admin but I do still teach a class, so hopefully I’m welcome here. I wanted to post here because I feel like as an administrator it’s not appropriate for me to share my most intense struggles with teachers and my admin colleagues are the ones driving many of the problems.
Like many schools, we’ve spent the last few years removing all accountability from kids and families. 50% is the new minimum grade regardless of circumstances. No real consequences for poor behavior other than fighting, maybe you have to fake your way through an apology to a teacher but you can definitely continue to be rude and disrespectful while doing so. Everything is thrown back on teachers. Why aren’t they doing work? Why are they late to class? Why aren’t students following compliance expectations in class? Because I have no reason to enforce them! There is no consequence, it only serves to damages my relationship with them and make my life harder for no gain. They already don’t feel the need to respond to me with anything but disrespect no matter how I approach them.
To make matters worse, this year has been an absolute bloodbath for students and alumni. I’ve been doing this for 11 years and I’ve had more students killed and shot in the last 3 months than my entire career. Some of those kids I dragged across the finish line to get to graduation. Don’t get me wrong the tragedy is in the life that was ended far too early, but I can’t lie and say it doesn’t make me feel like everything I’m doing is just a waste of energy and stress.
Meanwhile I’m failing at my job of supporting teachers, because there are so many people (teachers and admin both) out on leave I spend my whole day prepping work and grading for classes I’m not the teacher of. I want my people to take care of themselves but the trickle down is real. This means I can’t observe my teachers and give them feedback, so many of them are feeling even more isolated and unsupported and that falls on me. But I feel like the alternative is to let the other classes without regular teachers completely fall apart.
And the things I read on this sub from teachers? I’m on board. You guys aren’t the crazy ones. We are. And I’m in those admin meetings and I’m trying to fight for what’s best for teachers and students, but I’m so fucking tired of losing every battle to cadres of people who spent two years in the classroom and aren’t old enough to rent a car, but somehow became school leaders.
This past week might have broke me. I had one kid too many turn into a benign interaction into a personal attack, with the root cause being admin incompetence. I want to be there to fight the good fight for kids and teachers but I might finallly be out of gas.
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2021.12.04 11:55 Demonicking101 We Need a Deathworlder! Pt23

Part Twenty Three: Royalty At Work.
We believe we’ve found it. Sending over the location and the rendezvous coordinates for debrief.” a message blinks to Chucknuq’s console.
Knowing the princess has already seen it, he wastes no time lining the ship up to FTL.
Chak pulls up the full report as soon as it comes into her feed. Her lower arms twitch and legs shake slightly. Catching herself, she sits down on the side of Simone’s bed. Finally after weeks and weeks of searching for anything… this may very well be the big break.
The Cali reaches over and grabs a pillow. She pulls it in close, embracing it with all four of her limbs. The scent of her stolen Terran still predominantly permeates from it. Closing her glimmering eyes, a memory sinks in.
Back on Kamoi, Simone made a scene by giving loud declarations. At first it was confusing and scary in the way she seemed rather threatening. However her feelings all… shifted… when it became clear that the Terran was making a gesture of genuine assurance. Although there was plenty of performative Terran-grade sarcasm in her words, Chak never felt more genuine comfort in her life. For the first time in this horrible situation that she was in, she believed… everything was going to be okay… that was the moment when Chak felt her hearts sing. And ever since… Simone made them sing louder and louder until her physical words carried the expression. This is love. Real passionate love.
Chak breathes in deeply, pressing her face in the pillow. She is so scared. Not only for the very possible violent conflict required to get Simone back, but also the growing possibility of Simone no longer being-
No… she’s alive. She’s alive… and fighting. She’s too strong… she’s alive… she has to be.” Chak frantically reassures herself.
But that reassurance is soon replaced by a deep seeded guilt. Simone wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for her. She should have tried harder to convince Simone not to leave the ship, or followed her immediately when the shuttle returned. Or… something!
The cycling dread and worries neglect to be remedied by any self-made reassurance. Nothing outside of the conclusion can bring true peace, but the solace of this progress is a bittersweet light in this void of uncertainty.
“Exiting FTL.” Chucknuq notifies the entire crew. Soon the Cali siblings meet up in the bridge with the captain.
Without saying a word between them, a holographic map pulls up revealing a small armada -although perhaps ‘flotilla’ is a more apt title- all awaiting in a staggered armed and battle-ready line for this final vessel to arrive.
Immediately a direct communication line is established to the largest battleship.
To Kwip-chap, this is the Meluchak. We request King Bromalata’motaas be present.” a Cali’s voice asserts.
“I am present.” Brom assures, “Ease, kin. This is to be a diplomatic matter.”
To this, Chucknuq notices in his readings that all the trained weapons pointed at the Kwip-chap power down to standby. Lifting the tension significantly, if for a time.
Yes, your majesty. Shall we send a transport shuttle for an in-person debrief? By your order we have collected perendinate intel. Some of which is… concerning.” the voice informs.
Brom looks to his sister, before pondering something in great consideration.
“We will link shuttles between the ships, this is to be a council meeting.” he says, looking right back at the hologram of his flagship.
A moment passes by before a response comes back.
A few members of the council wish to know if this is regarding the Princess.
“Indeed, I believe we may have a beneficial alliance to consider.” Brom confirms, “I’ll give details in the meeting.”
“Yes, your majesty. A shuttle with the council aboard will meet at the midpoint in thirty standard minutes.
“Understood, may the moons protect you.” Brom replies before giving Chak a nod, “I’ll wait in the shuttle, I recommend you bring the drone as security.” he says before making his leave.
Chak scratches the sides of her face in consideration of her next move.
“Would you like for me to come along as well?” Chucknuq offers in absolute loyalty.
“Oh, no. I need you at the helm of this ship if anything… unfortunate were to occur.” the princess replies with a thankful pat on the captain’s shoulder.
“I’ll keep the comms open to you, if you require aid I will act. This is a superbly dangerous situation.”
“Thank you Chucknuq, but to be honest…” Chak trails off as she turns to prepare, “I was vastly more frightened when I walked into a Terran bar.”
Brom shifts uncomfortably as the shuttles meet, and begin locking together. He then glances at his sister in concern.
“I thought you would wear your formal attire for such a gathering… or at the very least bring that awoken…” he says to her.
Chak remains steadfast, fully clad in her power armor. She waits for the shuttle doors to open, her posture well trained and firm.
“Seven is untested when it comes to performing security duties. So, if I’m to be here alone I’ll take the necessary precautions. Be thankful I’m not armed, considering who I’m dealing with.” she responds, already utilising her ‘dealing with politicians' tone of voice.
“You might as well be… you’re comparable to a Deathworlder with that on. Even if the council was wearing out best gear, your’s looks quite a bit more capable.”
The doors then unseal and open up to a fairly larger vessel interior. Where Chak’s shuttle is a simple atmosphere-capable transport, Brom’s is a true military troop and vehicle lander. Except where a single land craft would sit, is a makeshift table where four individuals sit. Three females, and a single male. A far cry from the grand council that conviens on the homeworld, though that is what Chak expected.
She can only fully recognize two of the individuals present, and only one of them as an official council member from before the coup.
Chak does her best to not tense up as she focuses on two soldiers in re-painted royal guard armor standing up against the wall behind the table. Newly branded or not, seeing that armor is unnerving. Seeing their grips tighten on their pulse rifles makes Chak ever more sure that suiting up was the correct action to take.
“It is wonderful to see you return to us unharmed King Bromalata’motaas.” the eldest of the council speaks up, giving Brom a deep bow. Before eyeing the princess sternly. “Chakalata’motaas.” she addresses plainly.
“Council member Juna’maas. I do truly hope your sons are safe in these unprecedented times, they proudly served in the military if I recall.” Chak returned in the same cadence.
Juna’maas’s faded red fur twitches as she keeps unfavorable words from bubbling up.
“They were executed when I fled and helped shape the Tears of Selanu.” is all she says instead, words laced with bitterness.
“My condolences. May the moons cradle them closely.” Chak nods before addressing the next individual, a much younger female of whom she recognises to a lesser extent. She is taller and lankeyer than the average female. Her light brown fur gives her sharp facial features prominence in noticeability .
“Thera’tooma.” Chak addresses as the name comes to mind, “If I recall, you were Thal’lotaas’s assistant?”
Thera’tooma gives the princess a respectful bounce.
“Indeed. Madam Thal’lotaas peacefully stepped down from the council. I, however, refuse to comply with the orders of a tyrant. Especially after hearing what came of the royal family. Although your role in it is uncertain to me, I admit I’ve always had doubts on your direct involvement. I’m relieved to see at least some of those doubts justified.” she says, giving those next to her a lightly smug demeanour.
Chak then looks to the male.
“Forgive me, but I’ve run out of recognized faces. Who may you be?” she asks.
The male returns a short nod, his shortened pink fur barely wavering.
“Kal’nortaas, top of my class in military stratagem. And an old friend of Brom. Both feats granted me this position as temporary counselor.” he replies in a youthful, yet undoubtedly experienced voice.
“And I am Nuch’loam. Former governor of the Miana colony. After being ousted and replaced by a klat hoof-licker I didn’t hesitate to enlist. I suppose my experience with keeping the peace earned me this spot.” the final member spoke up, completely breaking standard decorum.
Finding this rather refreshing, Chak examines the individual. This woman was shorter than even most males of their species, but the beads, markings, and other dazzling additions of body art really make her stand out. She almost reminds Chak of an ancient oracle or shaman from their people’s past, especially seeing that her horns are long and unfilled. A true statement of a free spirit.
“A pleasure to meet you both.” the princess addresses, “Shall we officially begin?”
The four look to Brom with various expressions of expectation and cautious curiosity.
“Certainly. Kal, what have your scouting teams found?” the prince kicks off.
Kal’nortaas nods before flicking at his Lens, linking to all present to share footage.
“We haven’t been able to get extensive intel on the planet itself, as far as we can tell it’s an uncharted continental Deathworld. If the Terran Net is to be believed, it shares a very similar size and conditions of Earth when it was still a habitable planet. We suspect that’s why this Terran terrorist group has an entire station orbiting it.”
Chak watches the footage of a distant station of concerning quality and size. Although it doesn't compare to most other cross-species inhabitation installations, the fact that something this established out in the middle of nowhere breeds greater perturbation. This without a doubt shows that this group is far more formidable than previously considered. They must have funds, resources, and sheer manpower to accomplish this.
“So they take their initiates to this station?” she asks.
“Uncertain. However we have observed them making many shuttle runs with stealth ships, mostly when there is significant disruptive weather activity. We are unsure as to the purpose of those runs are, but it may very well involve their indoctrination techniques. Also, we have yet to confirm… but this planet may have native inhabitants. Unless there is another reason as to why the Children of Gaia haven’t yet attempted any sort of colonization yet… and to add to the complicated nature of all this…” Kal trails off, skipping the footage ahead until a ship jumping out of FTL emerges into view.
Although Chak is no expert by any means when it comes to vessels, she can easily recognize the Terran ship. The Terran Union Military ship to be precise. There was no official marking or symbol of the Terran Union itself, but nowhere else would you find this particular class of Terran engineering.
The ship is modest in size, and has no significant visible armament. However it is coated in extraordinarily thick armor plating, while moving at such nimble speeds. Indicating that whoever was on that ship required protection at high costs.
“It may not have markings, but it’s certainly a ship from the shipyards of the Terran Highworld Titan. It’s either transporting a Terran Union Official, or someone that has immense connections and can afford to purchase such a ship from the Terran military.” Kal confirms Chak’s thoughts.
Brom leans forward on the table grievous of the potential.
“If the Terran Union is in some capacity backing the Children of Gaia… This could be an incredible blow to galactic relations for the Terrans… Considering what these terrorists have done… if this were to ever get out, being exiled from Central Galactic may be the least of the Terran Unions problems.” he says, giving his sister a glance.
Horrified, Chak attempts to scratch the side of her helmeted head with her lower limbs.
“The Terran Union in their current state isn't able to be self-reliant. Without their trade networks it would only be a matter of time before they would collapse as a nation. Then their enemies can come in… and very possibly end them as a people.” she agrees.
“And so rids the universe of another destructive deathworder species. How does this concern our plight?” Juna’maas dismisses harshly.
Through the helmet's visor, Chak’s eyes blast in brilliant red. She stares at the aging Cali in well practiced authority.
“Because you will not receive the agreed upon funds if I don’t see the results I was promised, counselor.” she notifies darkly. Regardless of how this woman recognised her status, she is to be reminded of who Chakalata’motaas is.
“Not even a month ago we considered you an enemy of the people, and I have yet to be convinced otherwise! Do not forget what company you are currently at mercury to, or that bounty on your head!” Juna’maas snaps back, unshaken from the display.
“Oh, counselor… if I was an enemy to the people then bounty or no it would be your head you should be concerned with.” Chak counters, popping her helmet free to prove her own dismissal of this old woman’s threats. Then to the growing concern of the back guards, Chak slowly begins to maneuver herself around the table to face her more openly.
Brom intends to say something, but this intense behavior from his little sister makes him hesitate. This can very well be a perfect test of her loyalties.
“To question my loyalty to my people is the greatest insult you can bestow upon me. My family, and my entire line have been at the forefront of the people as their guardians for generations upon generations and we’ve served to secure a lasting peace for all that time. We united our people without the need for conflict, we guided our people through famine and disease, we led our people past our moons and into the stars beyond! I intend no different, I want what’s best for all of us. As did all my family, now extinguished. You have always been a vocal critic to my political agendas Juna’maas, but you have no right to sour my name as I stand above the corpses of my slain family. I am princess Chakalata’motaas, heir of the family that is at the core of our species’s identity and progress throughout the ages. Think twice before considering me in the same lot as the man who currently sits on the throne. As I would never sully the good names of your honorable sons by comparing them to the generals and admirals that sided with my father. I promise I will honor the names of Shiv’maas, Tun’maas and Fero’maas. Not only as fallen soldiers, but as the people I am sworn to care for” Chak states, with growing firmness in her stature. She then presses her head in challenge against Juna’maas’s.
“If it’s a challenge you wish to propose, then allow me to be the first to extend it. You may remember me as a stubborn girl with naive dreams and listless aspirations, but I assure you the life I’ve lived in these near four years has been anything but merciful. I’ve been running, thinking myself to be the last of my family. I’ve encountered thousands of bounty hunters, seen what every species looks like with their innards spilled out, and faced an entire galaxy that desired me dead for one reason or another. I’m not scared of anything you have to say to me, whatever pathetic threat or doubt you cast. And yet, I am still that very same girl with those very same naive dreams. I’ve been hardened by the universe in many ways, but I refused to allow myself to be lost along with everything else. I see that as a strength I’m incredibly thankful to have, and if you wish to test that strength… I’m right here.” Chak declares before deactivating the strength enhancers in her power armor, only allowing enough power to allow basic movement.
To Juna’maas’s credit, there’s a glimmer of temptation in her eyes before she caves away from the challenge. Looking down and away from Chak in respect.
“You make yourself clear, your majesty.” she concedes.
Chak brings her power armor back to a more protective state, and steps back to her side of the table.
“Your understanding is appreciated, counselor.” she says in return before focusing her effort on everyone else, “I need my Terran returned to me if you wish to see the credits agreed upon. That said, what is to be done with the Children of Gaia is a discussion that may coincide with that goal. They could very well bring the end to their species as a whole.”
“Well, the funds may prove pointless if we get caught up in Terran affairs. Princess, why should we risk our ships and crews at any capacity to help a very well proven volatile deathworlder species?” Thera’tooma inquires clinically. “Simple, they are worth saving. And it seems to me that they may be experiencing something very similar to what occurred with our own government. I have little doubt someone within their leadership has a deep connection with the Children of Gaia, perhaps their leader as well. Regardless, I believe disrupting whatever they are planning here should be our first step. Though I doubt we can outright defeat them, we may be able to stall them, and then inform the rest of the Terran Union government of what is happening. That way, they have every excuse to act. Allow them to deal with the situation on the grander scale. To the rest of the universe, it will apprear like they are proactive against such terrorist groups. Or at least… give the Union a better chance to remain an entity within the galaxy. Because whether it be us or someone else, this all won’t remain a hidden secret forever. In return, we may be able to leverage Terran support from our own plight. They could only benefit from improving their image by aiding.” Chak answers.
“So you intend to blackmail them then?” Thera’tooma points out.
“No, but that consideration will certainly be useful when it comes to negotiations.” Chak replies.
“If it comes to it I have no quarrel with resorting to that myself. Too much at stake to be concerned with such a paragon attitude.” Brom interjects.
Chak turns to her brother.
“Perhaps, but do we want to foster a more positive relation with the Terran Union, or have a tense standoff with one of the ‘most volatile’ deathworlders?” Chak counters plainly.
“That’s assuming they won’t want to turn you in for your bounty. If they wanted a strong relationship with the Cali government then siding with our father is the much simpler task. Even with this intel… if they sided with father and aided his plans, which could very well happen if their species is at stake… then our leverage here may prove worthless.” Brom argues.
Despite not wanting to admit it, Chak knew he could very well be right. If the rest of the Terran government is as corrupt as whoever was on that ship in the footage… assuming there is only one
“Then for the moment… We will keep the focus on my Terran. Find her, and bring her back. Then after that we learn all we can before we consider taking further action against the Children of Gaia.” the princess agrees.
“I will admit it’s a gamble, but if we played our chips right, we may have Terran firepower behind us when we reclaim our nation.” Kal’nortaas says in thought.
“But first we need those funds.” Juna’mass speaks up, “So send one of your stealth ships with one of my agents. They will board that station and get us further intel on where the Terran in question may be. If we’re lucky, the Terran will be on the station and be able to be retrieved then and there.” she directs.
“Very well.” Kal’nortaas acknowledges, already making the arrangements on his Lens.
“Princess, my agent will need expensive details on your Terran, allow me to record your description.” Juna’maas says, flicking at her own Lens.
Chak nods and smiles softly.
“Her name is Simone Thatch. She was a Terran Union marine before she… moved on from that life. She is tall and physically imposing. Her musculature is exceptional, even for Terrans. She… has scars all over her body. Most noticeable is the one on her jaw, and if exposed…. A particularly nasty scar running up the side of her ribcage. Her fur is exciting and wild, red in color. Her eyes are the most beautiful green… like emerald gemstones. Although they are often narrowed and intimidating, they are softer than a warm morning breeze once you look into them for long enough. And the only time I love to see them closed is when she sleeps, because then her entire face is allowed to not put up her instinctual wall of hardened demeanor. She is a lovely singer… though she only does so when she believes no one else is around. The music that comes from those lips is like watching a sunset after a long day of struggling and finding that resolution. Her laugh is coarse and loud, and she is incredibly embarrassed by it. But I enjoy listening to it nearly as much as I do her singing. She is soso kind, despite hurting so much on the inside she will always reach out to help others… to a ludicrous degree at times. Her brashness is only rivaled by her bluntness, and although at first it may come across as rude or disrespectful… she in truth is the most honest and genuine person one could ever hope to be close with. She shows her respect by not putting up an act, and by simply being herself. When her arms are around you, you feel as though nothing could ever hurt you as long as you’re there. Feeling safe… does not come close to that sense of absolute security… I have plenty of pictures, I’ll send them to you now.” Chak describes, lost in her own memories of the woman that saved her life in more ways than one.
The entirety of the shuttle is silent, even Brom despite already being in the loop.
“P-princess… this Terran… is she-” Juna’mass begins to say in disbelieving concern before Chak interrupts.
“My bondmate. Yes.” she says promptly, “She is my family, and I refuse to lose more family.
“Princess… this is-” Juna’maas begins to say in an argumentative and aghast manner, before someone else interupts her again.
“My sister has already freely conceded the throne to me, counselor. There is no agenda to place a Terran there either.” Brom notifies, “That is the other matter I wished to discuss.”
“But your majesty, if something were to happen to you… then this will be a problem.” Juna’maas argues.
“Then hope your agent succeeds, because if I sense any inkling that you have taken action against finding that Terran then I will personally lead the next operation on that Terran-filled station. Do I make myself clear?” he states, reflecting the same gravatas as his sibling from earlier.
“But- Th- you… tradition demandshmn…” Juna’maas struggles to find ground against the only two living members of the royal family before her, “I’ll do everything in my power to fulfill my duties to you, your majesty. If the Terran lives and is recoverable, she will be. However I must warn you, you two are the last hopes of our people returning to what we once were. I hope the Princess will be so willing to lead our people into prosperity if anything happens to you, even if that means she must drop her relations with a deathworlder to bear forth the next generation.”
“Brom has my full support, counselor. That should be more than satisfactory, and unless the worst does come to pass I won’t consider anyone else but him as the rightful heir. If it does, I will take his place in taking back our home. What happens after that… I’ll be more than happy to come back to the table on the matter. Now if that will be all, I’d very much like to return to my ship. Thank you for your cooperation, I look forward to working with you.” Chak dismissed.
The four consolers tilt their heads down in respect as Brom escorts her back to her smaller shuttle interior.
“We will remain in direct contact with you. If fact you should remain with the fleet if anything were to happen.” he suggests.
“Agreed.” Chak says, before glancing back to the consolers in mid-quiet discussion, “Thank you, for having my back. I knew as soon as I saw Juna, this discussion could turn sour.”
Brom sways and scratches the side of his head.
“Ahh… you didn’t need me, You really put her in her place, even I struggle to do that at times.” he brushes off.
“Still… It feels… good to have you on my side again.” Chak replies with a bit of her regal demeanor dissipating.
Brom looks to his sister conflicted.
“Chak… I’m… I’m sorry for what I did. What I assumed. Even now I fear that I may one day regret saying so… but if by the end of all this you are who I hope you still are… I’m so sorry…”
“Just shoot my shuttle on the way back then. Save yourself the burden of wondering.” Chak darkly jests, before hooking her lower limbs with his, “I forgive you. And I swear that we'll both see this through to the end. We will bring justice to our family, and destroy everything our father is putting together.”
Brom sighs and wraps his uppers in a long awaited embrace.
“Very well… I do my best to trust you. No shooting shuttles required.”
The two hug for a short moment before Chak steps away.
“Oh, good to hear. I’ll await those reports brother.” she farewells while prepping her shuttle to disconnect.
“Of course.”
Chak returns to the Kwip-chap, shuttle thankfully intact. She checks in with Chucknuq, informing him that they are to remain with the present fleet until more information can be acquired.
She then wanders back into Simone’s room and begins to remove her armor. Once she clears her upper half, the thoughts of what is to come if Brom didn’t survive to see their homeworld liberated and what that may mean for her.
Could she abandon her duties and people after everything is said and done? Is she being an entitled, selfish princess!?
Would it be a great injustice if she ended up the last of her line… and ensure herself to be the last? Although Brom is just as likely to survive as her, possibilities of how this could all end haunts her.
And… even if he does survive… what if she’s wrong to assume that the majority of the planetary council won’t demand for her as a female to take the throne? What if they refuse to acknowledge her stepping away from it? What if… she becomes a fugitive from her own people again… with no hope of ever seeing the moons in the skies of Sind’Montas…
Could she do it? Run from her people again? Live this life of constantly running while everyone she cares about is at risk protecting her?
She doesn’t want to be protected. She just wants to live her life the way she desires…
I am selfish…” she softly chirps, covering her head with all four of her limbs.
Chak lowers herself to the floor, and rests on her knees.
I don’t know what to do…” she says to an empty room, “What do I do?
There’s no answer, other than the low hum of the ship’s engine. She listens to it, finding a small comfort from the sound that guided her into slumber.
A bit of reprieving focus comes back to her, but it soon falls to the other more pressing matter. Simone.
She wanted the Terran to be there, to say something that makes her feel better… to hold her and make all these worries melt away…
Her mind drifts to all the times Simone made her feel safe… all the times she had her strong Terran arms around her… Then she recalls Vapor’Perna… while she cried on the balcony… a poisoned Simone caught her in distress… and the Terran said something that made this Cali’s hearts sing out in a burst of relief…
“You’re allowed to be a little selfish Chak.”
Chak wakes up on the floor, uncertain when or for how long sleep has claimed her. It takes her a dazed moment to notice that what woke her is Brom attempting to call her on her Lens. Without hesitation she accepts the incoming request, and before she can get a single word in he relays his urgent message.
We know where she is, but she doesn’t have long.
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2021.12.04 11:55 AssistantNo9266 Sheesh , I got to day 10 in the plauge island , this is what you call “epik pro gamer moment”

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2021.12.04 11:55 Premyy_M Had no heating or hot water for two weeks

Not sure if this is a success or a fail or just a rant but I hope my post and also myself can be accepted here. We do have heat and hot water now
So all started the evening of Friday the 12th (Nov) I had noticed the water wasn't getting hot nor the heating. We had someone come have a look the next day thinking it was something simple like the pressure. Unfortunately the guy couldn't make it work, something about the circuit board I believe. It's an old discontinued model, ideal classic or something
So begins our search for a new boiler but first thing is to purchase an electric heater of course and so we did. It was labeled 200w and was able to provide a decent amount of heat. The first week was mild around 10°c. If kept on all day it could sometimes heat a decent proportion of the house. Becoming more of a struggle after dropping closer to 1°c following, meanwhile we knew that freezing temperatures were on the way with a chance of snow. Man it was hard having no heat or hot water
Research time. Ok you could say we were kinda aimless, not really knowing where or what to look for. This was our current situation. Family of 4 adults. 3 bedrooms with 1 bathroom. Traditional boiler with both hot and cold tanks. Costs range between 2k-3k not cheap
Everything seemed to largely point us towards a combi boiler. It was the way to go, the way forward (or so it would seem at least). We decided to get our new combi boiler from boilercentral.com. They appeared to be the best fit for us. Cheapest quickest and easiest with 0% for 2 years
Tried to book for the following Friday but apparently the schedule shown was wrong but ok Monday it was. We went for a 30kw Worcester Bosch 4000. Very mid range so should be good for us right
Monday came we waited. Dad gets a phone call. Nope it's not happening. No one is coming. Fine rebooked for Wednesday. Annoying how calmly dad was on the phone but it's ok just how he is
Since Monday didn't go to plan we have to continue how we have been, electric heater and what's known as a bucket bath/shower. This means washing ourselves with a bucket of water and a cup, using the kettle for bath water. So my sister goes for a bath she fills and heats the kettle leaving it to the side incase she needs extra or something, think you can guess what happened it wasn't very smart but yes she burnt herself. Yes she did go a&e and yes she is ok. I'll come back to this later
Now it's Wednesday (24 Nov) again I waited. Dad has to take sister for an appointment with the burns specialist. I'll get to the point no boiler yet again
This time dad gets a message via email apparently they couldn't get through. It's cold I'm close to if not at breaking point I think you can understand or imagine. So I try my best to get through to them via all kinds of methods. I either can't get to the right person or find they're unresponsive to my efforts. Eventually I find Ollie on the website live chat, finally someone who tries to help me, asks for my number and calls then puts me through to the right person, Matt. He explains the situation, that the engineer has called in sick and it's sadly out of our control etc. I say I understand but this is the second time it's happened we have no heat or hot water etc. Essentially I told him we need someone literally as soon as f-ing to get it done and he said he'll find out and get back to me. That's right I said a bad word on the telephone!
Dad and sister arrive back almost immediately after this. We wait a couple hours then I find Ollie on live chat again and I ask for an update. He transfers the chat to Matt who informs me they've arranged for someone to come the next day, emails and calls my dad to confirm, again apologising saying he spoke to me earlier etc. Engineer texts dad later that day to say he's coming. Ok this might actually be happening
Not sure how much to say. It's Thursday he shows up, he works. Second day he comes alone but the first day he has someone with him. It's Friday night (26 Nov) and we have heat SUCCESS. It's now 2 weeks since this all began. We're extremely grateful to the guy. Worked long hours leaving late both days and got it done before the snow hit
Saturday we're safe and can finally relax. Our downstairs toilet tap used to drip but now leaks due to the mains pressure. Upstairs bathroom sinks taps feeling stiff. We call a plumber to have the tap heads changed. All goes well. There's a drip on our outside wall, toilet flush overflow. He offers to replace it with a more modern ball-less system for £25 why not. Flush seems to be quite loud now, but okay
Sunday sister has a follow up appointment. She's recovering well, SUCCESS. See what happened was she burnt her butt basically. This makes it hard and painful to both sit and stand. She can only put pressure and weight on one side of her body making it stiff and uncomfortable. At the point of writing this post she's pretty good, only a little pain, discomfort and stiffness. She's able to sit and move a bit better. Stopped taking painkillers. The cocodamol was too strong and gave her side effects so she only took paracetamol anyways. Still needs help and assistance but managing better
Well time to clean, there's a lot to clean. The work done has left dust, debris and mess everywhere. Once we start to try and tackle it, it's actually worse than it had seemed. We don't feel comfortable in the kitchen. Mum looks like she wants to cry looking at the ruin. After wiping we see that the counter is damaged and all scratched up
We spend all day cleaning. We're exhausted but it's looking a lot better and more comfortable too. The garden is also in a right state. Packaging remains and debris all over. Just today mum looked in the green waste bin and found it full of cardboard and stuff, even pipe bits. Definitely not green waste
So we do have warmth now but I'm not sure I'm happy and satisfied. The guy wasn't able to reconnect our nest thermostat. The boiler controls the heating constantly on low. I'm not sure he knew what he was doing, said it was complicated and better if we buy a stand and do some simple wiring, didn't work
I do appreciate the effort but I'm left with doubts, issues and concerns. Bathroom taps upstairs take a long time to heat up, lose pressure, don't stay hot, water comes out white. Two radiators are either cold or warm but not hot. Boiler makes buzzing noises and sometimes dripping gurgling noises. One of the old pipes is wet to the touch.
So yea this is where we are at hopefully I can get the rest sorted. I keep questioning if I messed up and made the wrong decision. Had we just replaced the same type of boiler things might have gone smoother and been done quicker causing less problems. Maybe I'm just paranoid and we just have to get used to it
It's been an absolute nightmare from hell but we're ok
Hi so it's been a stressful and chaotic time
We had no heat and hot water for about 2 weeks. After 2 cancellations they managed to get someone to come on Thursday who did 2 12 hour days and got it done
We decided to go for a combi boiler. Hopefully it's the right choice for us but I'm not sure. My sister is also injured from a kettle water burn so needs help whilst recovering. They left a lot of dust, debris and mess, even scratching up our counters
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2021.12.04 11:55 Magyar_Gardista A BLM mozgalomnak elege lett, legyen fekete karácsony

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2021.12.04 11:55 pepetuber Cachorro naranja

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2021.12.04 11:55 agnclay Cat-calling women in pubs or on the street could become a crime in the UK in crackdown on violence against women, says British government

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2021.12.04 11:55 zirlsr Got this idea from the pokemon cards guy. Really wanna feature in the video. If you agree with the stats give a upvote😁😁

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2021.12.04 11:55 Adventurous_Band_923 36 [M4F] #Seattle - Anybody want to get high and be eaten out?

Looking for a 420 friendly lady between 26-46 that likes to have their pussy licked. I have no huge preference on race or body type. Only thing I ask for is that you’re HWP and have good hygiene. If you can host, I’ll provide the weed. I live with my religious brother, so I can’t host at my house. I’m Black/Asian, 5’11”, 190 lbs, with average looks. If you’re interested, let’s exchange pics and start chatting.
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2021.12.04 11:55 sylsau «Impossible n'est pas français» : Éric Zemmour dévoile son slogan avant son grand meeting dimanche

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2021.12.04 11:55 Resident-Roll949 SERVER discord hentai mha Free

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2021.12.04 11:55 lollyland2 Should I be receiving vacation hours??

So I started a job with a VERY small nonprofit consisting of 5 ppl (including myself) in June of this year. When I started, I was only working 20 hours a week as a trial. I was told that after working there 90 days, I would have an evaluation where I could be able to move up to 30 hours which would come with a raise and benefits such as small insurance plan, holiday pay, and vacation time. In September, my evaluation came and my boss was very pleased with my work. My hours increased to 30, I received the raise, the option to receive dental/vision benefits (which I am not on bc I already have a great plan), and holiday pay. There was no mention of vacation time so I asked about it. I was told then that only full-time employees receive vacation time. I didn’t question on it anymore and assumed maybe I had misunderstood about the vacay time when I was first hired. Yesterday, I was looking through the employee handbook I was given when hired. It states “Part-time employees working 30 hours receive (all benefits I was given) and 72 hours of paid vacation time.” Basically I’m wondering, even though it states I am owed time in the policy handbook, does my boss have that option to deny me of it? Mind you, the handbook is not up to date. My boss went through it with me during my first day and told me what to mark out- things like members that are no longer part of the organization. So I’m worried if I bring it up and ask about it, I’ll be told it needs to be updated and I still won’t receive that benefit. Still wouldn’t think that’s fair bc that’s the book I was given so I think it should still go that way of course. Thoughts??
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