VirtualBeeb is an interactive 3D model of the BBC Micro (1981) on the web!

2021.12.02 12:22 BurnedRope VirtualBeeb is an interactive 3D model of the BBC Micro (1981) on the web!

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2021.12.02 12:22 Fik_Zim_up Can you sink accounts?

I’ve gotten some pretty big multipliers and I want to be able to check on them consistently so can I sink and account to two devices or is that not allowed?
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2021.12.02 12:22 baixotu Dorgas? Parei, agora danço break!

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2021.12.02 12:22 SmallSalary880 It wasn't my fault

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2021.12.02 12:22 papaoptom Импортировать женские босоножки оптом

В Papaoptom можно купить женские босоножки. Бесплатная доставка при заказе от 20 ящиков по всей Украине в кратчайшие сроки Напишите нам или звоните: 068-237-1999. Вы можете увидеть больше здесь:
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2021.12.02 12:22 Sailfish-King Done :)

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2021.12.02 12:22 DrowningFelix Found on r/antiwork. The whole comment section is blasting “Ben”, a Starbucks manager who got someone fired over a reddit post. This one REALLY stood out to me.

Found on antiwork. The whole comment section is blasting “Ben”, a Starbucks manager who got someone fired over a reddit post. This one REALLY stood out to me. submitted by DrowningFelix to rareinsults [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:22 yayasgarage Matchbox Dodge Challenger

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2021.12.02 12:22 Mysaw Her first christmas tree

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2021.12.02 12:22 Allboobandmoreboob Long shot but anyone hiring for admin/data entry/customer service manager roles?

My partner's job is breaking him, physically and mentally and he almost snapped last night.
He's been searching and applying for new jobs for 2 months and has had one or two interviews, but nothing has stuck just yet.
He's got call centre and admin experience and is currently an operations manager. He just needs something new, to get him out of where he is now, he's a hard and determined worker but I can't keep watching him circle the drain with his mental health like this, and he won't quit his current job until he has something new lined up.
He's spoken with multiple recruitment agencies but none of them have followed up with him (I suspect they're all busy with the hot tech market right now).
He's happy with temp or permanent, and would prefer something work from home or in a Toronto office, or a hybrid situation, preferably M-F days.
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2021.12.02 12:22 Senior_Two_3938 In what world is it normal for a toddler to sleep until 9:20 in the morning?! And the damn bottle in the bed..she’s 2 Ali, stop the bottles!!

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2021.12.02 12:22 vibewithsnott [Stem] Kanye West & SSC - Fighting Fires (ft. Israel Boyd & Arrowstar) (Multitrack Stems)

DM @ vibewithsnot on Twitter for info on the private spreadsheet,
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2021.12.02 12:22 Suuperdad An in depth analysis of which familiar/spirit to put on which champion

Intro on combat stats and their math
A key thing to know about is the general math behind how stats work. You can skip this section, but I recommend you understand this stuff, because it will help you in many different games, and even life situations (the similar patterns often show up in real life decisions - diminishing returns, % factors, etc):
Defense: the less you have, the more each point is worth. The main reason for this is the defense cap, but the second and often less understood one is on mob hit breakpoints. For example, if you have 1000 hp and a mob hits you for 251, then getting a little more defense (or hp) can let you survive one extra hit, and then the extra tankiness does NOTHING until you get a lot more, at which point it becomes VERY valuable again. So defense and health tend to have this "sawtooth" valuation curve, where they are worth a lot just before a breakpoint and worth a little between breakpoints. Note that crits and aoe means that breakpoints aren't always easy to calculate, and often need to be simmed.
The second thing is the defense cap. Each level and difficulty has it's own defense cap (and they tend to be quite high). It's pretty hard to hit defense caps unless you are in full legendaries (which I don't see the point in personally, but everyone plays different. I gear to minimize repair costs, so I'm more likely to equip a T9 normal than a T11 legendary, if it gets the job done).
HP: the less you have, the more each point is worth, up to various breakpoints of mob hits (see above), which will depend on the dungeon you do, and the defense your char has. The more defense and the more evasion (if you have healing/lizard) you have the more each hp is worth. In general though, the more hp you have, the less getting more is worth. For example, if you are taking 2 hits before you die, then going to 3 hits is a 50% increase in hits you can take before you die. But if you are taking 29 hits before you die, then buffing hp to get to 30 hits, well, will you even notice?
ATK: Generally scales linearly, but if you have high crit/crit dmg it can be worth more. Percentage based attack increases will be MORE valuable the more atk you have, but flat attack bonus will be WEAKER the more atk you have (see the last sentence of hp above - similar math). The lower your attack (i.e. someone like argon), then getting FLAT attack is really good, but % attack is really bad. The more hp you have (say, Donovan), the worse flat attack is, but the better % attack is.
Evasion: worth more the more evasion you have. So if a champion has zero base evasion, then going to 10% is almost worthless. This is why going from 70 to 75% evasion is so important, compared to say, going from 50 to 55. Going from 70 to 75%, that same 5% increase is worth twice as much. That's just how the formula 1 - A/B works (which is the equation to describe the chance you get hit, where A is your new . Evasion is also worth more the more defense you have, as each point mitigated is more valuable the higher your effective hp is.
Crit and crit dmg: Both are more valuable the more of eachother you have, and the more attack you have. Different champions have different base crit dmg multipliers. has Rudo 2x crits but Yami has 3x crits for example. Crit is going to be better on Yami than Rudo (provided their attack is roughly equal).
Healing (lizard or lilu): Healing is better the tankier you are. If you are getting hit for 180 then 3 hp per turn is terrible. But if you are getting hit for 60 and evading a third of all attacks or more, then that 3 hp starts getting really powerful for hitting another breakpoint of mob hit survival.
How you use the champions - SUPER IMPORTANT
The value on various stats may also change how you use them. Do you run them as a support unit in a 4 man bleak hard comp? Or do you use them to solo lower tier dungeons and bosses to avoid breaking million gold gear on tier 4 levels? But how does that impact stat values?
Well if the hero isn't required to solo the content and they are just there for their skill to boost others, then his role is to just not die. So getting tanky is going to be better. Def, hp, evasion, lizard, etc. However, if they are soloing the content, then getting them more offense can often modify breakpoints of how many hits they have to take before the combat ends, and could improve their success chance more than being able to take 1-2 more hits on an already tanky dude (see hp discussion above). So for example, if you solo with Rudo often, then getting him more ATTACK may actually be the way to go!
So with that being said, anything I say below, take it with a grain of salt. If I'm recommend getting tanky on a tanky char, and you mostly solo with them, then you may want to ignore it and instead go for more offense. And if I am saying to get more offensive with someone (Lilu is a good example here), but she's really only used to support a 4 man bleak hard group, then it's better to go the tanky route for her.
The champions:
Disclaimer - there is a combat simulator floating around. It will do a very good job simulating this.
Argon - high def, low attack. You want to give him evasion and flat attack. Avoid defense and % attack. Hp is okay, but his high base hp may mean that you aren't passing actual breakpoints. Load up a fight, watch it, see how much he takes, and see if more hp is going to make him survive an extra hit or not. General recommendation: Mermaid (T10) or Harpy (T11) familiar, with Shark, bear or lizard if soloing, Mammoth/lizard if grouping.
Donovan - insanely high base attack, very low hp, low def, but 21% evasion. Donovan is a perfect example of why reading the stat math above is REALLY important. He has glaring strengths and weaknesses. You should magnify his strengths with % based boosts (avoiding flats), and magnify his weaknesses with flat based boosts (avoiding %s). General recommendation: Harpy Bear for solo, or Tyrant Bear (for solo or group).
Hemma - Very high attack, you also want fights to end quickly due to her ability draining your team, so magnify those strengths with more % atk and crit. General recommendation Harpy/Bear.
Polonia - 30% base evasion, middle road def/hp. You want her as tanky as possible to survive hits, so you want more evasion, def and hp. It's hard to say if T8 or T9 familiar will be better on her, but lizard enchanted for sure. If you run 6 tricksters (resetting her with gems between groups) like I do, then you may want to just double check if one hippo will drop the gem reset by 1. If so, you may want hippo over lizard. General recommendation: Tyrant with Walrus (I know, right?), or lizard. Calculate how much hp your walrus gives and how many rounds of lizard healing that equates to (understanding that she may not get hit until the 6th round or so, based on your other tricksters mammoths, so lizard will do no healing until she gets hit).
Lilu - Low hp, avg def, no evasion, really strangely high attack. You could really go any way here... %atk to boost her oddly high attack, or since she heals you could boost her defense. I'd go with def/HP here personally, because adding 10% evasion to 0 is going to be almost worthless. She also heals so making her tanky is ideal, but her attack is so high that an argument could be made for making her hit harder. If you are soloing with her a lot, then I'd say you could consider harpy bear on her. However, general recommendation, Tyrant bealizard.
Rudo - Insane hp, medium/high def, med/low attack, no evade. If you are grouping with rudo then get tyrant/mammoth and call it a day. If you are soloing with him, then mermaid and almost any spirit. Walrus/mammoth/lizard are great for making him more tanky. Walrus on this guy is worth like 60-80 hp, but will that help him survive more than getting some atk, even though it's % based on a low/med attack? Shark is a great solo rune, especially when fights last longer and a mob is at low hp for more hits. Shark also gives flat attack which is better for low attack champs. It's made for a low attack tanky champ. That's rudo. A simulator could help here, but I'd say general recommendation is group Tyrant/Mammoth and solo Mermaid/Shark.
Sia - high(ish) base evade of 40%, medium/high defense, med/low hp, med atk. Going with Cyclops (evade) she used to get hit 60% of the time, now she gets hit 50% of the time, meaning she'll get hit 1-50/60 = 16.67% less often. That's not bad at all, especially because her high defense makes more hp really valuable. General recommendation: Cyclops with Lizard, bear or lion. Bear vs lion depends on if that 1% more evade is worth more than 15 hp, and that will depend on what your def/hp is, and if you'll hit a breakpoint with the 15 extra hp. Watch a fight and figure it out.
Yami - Med/low hp, med/high atk, 30% evade, 3x crits, and 20% base crit. Yami's crit multiplier and base crit are going to mean that atk and % attack are key on her. You could make an argument that getting hp/def on her to mitigate her weaknesses is better, and it could be a decent argument, but general recommendation is Harpy/Lion for solo, and Tyrant with Bealizard for groups.
TLDR, there's no TLDR for this, read it or don't. =p Feel free to discuss in the comments, none of this is gospel, this is just one dude's opinion.
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2021.12.02 12:22 KhaledA-I Need help in choosing between Master's in Neuro engineering or Master's in Data science

I've just finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer science and I am extremely interested in the field of BCI!, it's my dream to work on a company like Nerualink or similar companies one day. When I started to think about it from this perspective it seems very easy to choose Neuroengineering as a career. But when I think about securing a job that I can be relaying on for my future children (🤩) I begin to drastically change my mind and aim to go into a path that has more opportunities like data science. I actually have a basic experience in machine learning from my previous internship and I am super excited about this field. I am aiming to relocate to Germany and start my Master's there.
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2021.12.02 12:22 BlazeGamingUnltd Neopolean colony of Haarvska

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2021.12.02 12:22 Banefulgod New Realm “Couples Retreat” Bedrock XB1

Hello, my wife and I have started a new realm called “Couples Retreat” for older couples (age 25+) that BOTH love to play Minecraft. Trying to give place to come chill after a long day of work, or to escape reality. The realm is set to Easy for a more relaxed, fun time to enjoy. We are now accepting couples for this. Requirements are the following: BOTH people need to be active on the realm (3 days or more a week). Inactive couples will be let go. Both must have access to Xbox live voice chat parties if requested. Keyboard preferred for in game text chat. No stealing, no griefing, no cheating/hacking or instant ban. Hope we can meet new people and make new friends. Private message me if you and your significant other are interested.
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2021.12.02 12:22 GlenHarris_09 Groundhog is My Spirit Animal

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2021.12.02 12:22 oGBeginner Why are cops referred to as "(city)'s finest"?

It's become well known now that cops don't receive enough training, so what is it that makes them better than the rest of the public? Is there an origin story to terms like 'Brooklyn's Finest'?
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2021.12.02 12:22 fskies79 👀👀

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2021.12.02 12:22 GizmoHub WHAT'S NEW ON KICKSTARTER THIS WEEK (Dec 1-7, 2021) | #Crowdfunding | #GizmoHub

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2021.12.02 12:22 lordlimonade [US-TX] [H] PayPal [W] Analog Dreams + Spacebars

Hey y’all! Looking to see if I can scoop up a base set and or spacebars of the GMK Analog Dreams for my next build. Hmu with your offers
Comment before DM
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2021.12.02 12:22 PaperRouteFrank [WTB] Radian Raptor SD AR10 (OK)

Wanting to buy a radian raptor SD in the AR10 configuration. Looking to spend around $130.
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2021.12.02 12:22 NewMaxx Macronix to raise NOR flash prices in 1Q22

Macronix International plans to adjust upward its NOR flash chip prices by 5-10% in the first quarter of 2022, while fellow company Winbond Electronics is looking to maintain its quotes, according to industry sources.
Source: DigiTimes
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2021.12.02 12:22 Snomthecool 1984 GAME

do you want to delete words from the news paper and rewrite history? then I have the exact game idea for you, the idea is this it is a mix of death and taxes and papers please plus George Orwell 1984
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