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Bitcoin trial: Defendant wins, keeps Bitcoins worth $50B

2021.12.06 15:14 Truth__Machine Bitcoin trial: Defendant wins, keeps Bitcoins worth $50B

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2021.12.06 15:14 badweather2 Any new content?

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2021.12.06 15:14 boxlessthought Potential hidden code in latest Gjallarday gift

Today is the final day of Gjallarday gifts and we got a lovely wallpaper. https://bungiestore.com/gifts-of-gjallardays-day-14
Now in the 4K version we can easily see the Roman numerals on the red banner of the Gjallarhorn.
So the first part though it appears as one. Umber is not a correct Roman numeral d would need to be divided into XXI and IX.
all together this gives us: 21 9 7 61
I’m wondering if maybe a bit more burning can reveals the missing characters and potentially unlock us an emblem code?
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2021.12.06 15:14 bnnpuddin Lost my 50/50 to Mona (for C3Bedo) and started farming her ascension mats then Oceanid decided to give me this circlet with 4 sub stats and was like 'hmm... why not give it a try rolling for it...' and wow oh wow 😳

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2021.12.06 15:14 Froppygal If pesky rodents (mice, racoons, chipmunks) could talk, what would their catch phrase be?

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2021.12.06 15:14 Camperboy1990 Where can I get a non-bank credit card?

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2021.12.06 15:14 PalpitationSeveral35 Too many orb of heavens required for Party event?!?!

I've had to burst 7 orb of heavens to clear land for this event. Just me or anyone else facing the same issue?
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2021.12.06 15:14 sleak89 Pushing portions too far

Posting for a dear friend, as she is having a technical difficulty but could really use some reassurance!!!
Hello. I'm two months out from ESG and am just now allowed to have "real" food again. Has anyone else struggled with absolutely knowing they're full but pushing it too far and eating more? It's such a difficult thing to say goodbye to I think - not being able to eat as much as I emotionally desire.
I guess I'm asking if others have struggled with saying no or stopping before they feel sick? I definitely overate tonight and feel miserable 😔. I thought it would be easier because full is full and I wouldn't want more food. But I think my emotional brain is grieving that loss?
Thanks all!
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2021.12.06 15:14 Independent-Film8558 12 trucos para sacar partido a Twitch como si llevaras toda la vida usándolo

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2021.12.06 15:14 _SpaceWorms_ Is there anyone out there with an impressive G-Fan magazine collection?

One of the most nostalgic Godzilla memories I have is my dad's old G-Fan magazine, but I never really see anyone talking about it. Does anyone else collect or have a collection they could show off?
I picked up about a dozen back issues last year, but kinda fell off along the way. Right now I'm focusing on other hobbies but someday I would like to try to put together as many of them as I can.
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2021.12.06 15:14 pwomboli D1, Rank 1, OTW Lukaku, my best result ever. (WL recap)

I know, this sub scuffs at rank 1, but as someone who was G1 and now struggles to get rank 2, I just had to brag about my first rank 1, tried to explain to the wife, but she just didn't get it. I just have to say it was a titanic achievement for me. So I just wanted to write about this and quick review the team that got me there.
Quick backstory:
A week ago I was at the bottom of the elite division, so that was humbling, but at least I was finally getting to rank 2 with a few games to spare. I honestly thought I had finished FIFA by getting to elite and Rank 2 using Lukaku and not spending a cent on FP's.
I'm specially proud of using Lukaku, he's my favorite current player, but after selling him to try POTM Salah at ST and getting my best result up to that point (R2 with 3 games to spare), I just wanted to chill and use the big guy again. Rank 1 wasn't even in the plan, heck I wouldn't have thought of getting there with a full icon team.
Players review:
- SS Mendy, best keeper I've used so far, easily got me a couple of wins I was overmatched.
- NU Reguilon: Probably my worst player, but that's ok as my team bar Lukaku is pretty meta, he often was the candidate for subbing due to stamina problems and not the most reliable fullback for pushing up when we were trailing. But he's pacey.
- Red VVD: My second ever useable red outside TOTS, I couldn't believe I got him from rivals rewards. Best tackler in the game, and perfect positioning. His pace wasn't really an issue and I played my best ever defensive display.
- RB Rudiger: Before VVD he was my best defender. He's just meta.
- SL Manquillo: Pretty solid, considering he was free, replaced IF Reece James with him and the added pace made my defense a wall.
- FB Kante: He's great, intercepts and tackles everything... but unlike his gold version the ball doesn't often stick with him. Still did the stay back CDM job superbly,
- RTTK Fred: He's an amazing card, super balanced and was the engine of the team, hounding opponents all over the pitch and really helpfull on buildup thanks to his dribbling.
- RTTK Son: Went missing but mostly because I build up from the right side with Salah. But I could always rely on him to poach goals and he scored several goals on critical occassions.
- POTM Salah: Didn't put up numbers but thanks to his dribbling & pace I could build through the right, set up KDB and Lukaku or just cut in and score. Plus he was always my go to guy on fast breaks.
- SS KDB: Easily my best player as the CAM, felt like having PIM Gulllit, he controlled my midfield and scored a lot of goals.
- OTW Lukaku: He's not meta, but I've used him so much that I just know how to play him at this point (humblebrag). Also I'm sure that when people saw him they immediately underestimated me. Whenever he got the ball during build up my opponent would just collapse the entire team on him for an easy turnover. Or so they thought. I would just pass back to the CAM's and play 1-2's off them. Or simply build up and get him to what he does best, get the ball in the box, turn and shoot. He's not clunky... if you try and do your thing under one dribble or shot fake.
Red picks and TOTW packs were awful, and I couldn't care less, I just play for the silverware, but I did get TOTGS Cancelo so that's a bonus.
Finally matchmaking was so bad... I honestly thought I wouldn't even get gold 2 after my best start ever (9-1). And waiting so long between matches didn't end up screwing with my form, also thanks to the wife for understanding that I'd just have to dissappear on sunday as I had a shot at rank 1.
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2021.12.06 15:14 HeyLinus Hey Leute ich wollte mal fragen . Ich und meine Freundin sind jetzt 5 Jahre lang zusammen aber ich möchte schluss machen aber ich hab angst sie traurig zu machen und 2. Ich stehe auch noch auf eine in meiner Paralel Klasse . Hat irgendjemand Tipps was ich machen kann?

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2021.12.06 15:14 amnesiac7 Dr. Oz's MAGA campaign: He wants to get "tough on China" — but his products are made there

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2021.12.06 15:14 Kiaragee Winnipeg affordable Septum Jewerly

I’m currently trying to find an affordable place for Septum Piercing Jewerly but I’m having a hard time! My budget is under $100. Places like Crave and Hot Topic are out of the question. Haaaalp!
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2021.12.06 15:14 TheRealMRDragon1 Just a moment...

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2021.12.06 15:14 imnerdysparkles I think this is perfect for Ted

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2021.12.06 15:14 TheArtOfJan me_irl

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2021.12.06 15:14 Pornaddict2233 Rate

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2021.12.06 15:14 TheBokkiDestroyer What in the fuck???? 😳

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2021.12.06 15:14 Spirited-Scallion904 Puppy is SO overexcited when meeting people…

Anyone have / has had a puppy that’s insanely excited every time they meet someone, no matter how many people they meet? I swear she makes it seem like she’s never met another person before in her life even though she meets people literally every day lol
If someone comes over and asks to say hello (which is always) I will say, sure but only if she can be calm / sit first. I’d say about 1% of the time I can get her to sit, the rest of the time she just gets worse and worse, practically screaming at them demanding they say hello to her lol. I am super strict not to reinforce this behaviour but I have to really spell it out to people I meet that i don’t want them to pet her while she’s acting like that… most people don’t understand and it just becomes an extremely frustrating interaction for all involved. And then I feel like they’re thinking Jesus… that puppy was crazy… has she ever been allowed out to meet people before?! The answer is yes, all the freaking time, but somehow the excitement of getting a pat on the head from a stranger still makes her lose her sh*t.
Does anyone have experiences with a pup who was like this - is there anything else I can be doing to improve things or will she get better with time? Ironically she met so many people during her first few weeks with us, but no dogs due to not knowing anyone with fully vaccinated dogs close by… yet she’s perfect greeting dogs and a lunatic when meeting people…
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2021.12.06 15:14 gurifisuu Has anybody ever tried The Naked Man?

I might end up trying this tomorrow.
So if anybody did. Do feel free to speak.
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2021.12.06 15:14 NoEmployer6641 2 Questions about 'The Ritual'

1.Why did Hutch suggest that Luke go solo and try to look for help?

2.Could Luke have escaped the forest at any time, or was he only allowed to after overcoming his cowardice?
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2021.12.06 15:14 That_Mofo_Damon T-55 final reveal. I hope that you guys will enjoy, thanks for watching!

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2021.12.06 15:14 Working-Honeydew-877 Poor work environment-advice needed

Hi guys, some advice needed please, will keep as short as possible.
After leaving a small franchise for 6 months, that I was employed at part-time for a year and a half, the owner approached me, offering me a general management position where I would report directly to her and oversee two other employees. From the get-go things started to go awry. The verbal agreement said that she would apply part of my salary as a "cellphone allowance" for tax reasons for my benefit(lower tax bracket) and the written agreement has this same layout of the salary breakdown. We don't have a work phone and all my contact with over 90 clients is done directly from my phone over whatsapp but many calls need to be made from my device aswell. This cellphone allowance turned out to be very necessary in order to contact everyone and does not form a part of my salary at all.
She has installed cameras and a mirroring system on the office computer where she can monitor everything that is done on it. Including my whatsapps that I need to use for work on the computer. She has made mention of older personal messages that she saw on my phone which is an invasion of my privacy?
She is verbally abusive, recently saying that I can hardly string a sentence together and that my work is perceived as unprofessional.
She is very uncoordinated and has openly expressed that she will need me to work longer hours than agreed upon due to her miscalculations of worked hours needed. I work overtime every single day and am basically failing my own studies that I am working towards and is the most important reason I took the job, for more financial stability.
I have expressed my desire to terminate the contract earlier in the year due to what I feel like abuse from her side and she admitted to her actions and said she would try to improve in her communication. I work with students and they are important to me but I am at the point where I am run-down, crying around twice a week, have gotten panic attacks and feel deeply depressed. She took on more clients after we agreed we couldn't due to a lack in staff and quality of services declining.
I don't know if we're just supposed to stick it out and I'm being too sensitive or if this is an actionable situation that shouldn't be tolerated. There are so many more examples I can bring up and I've started to collect the letters and evidence of her behaviour and personal attacks on me as a person.
What to do? I don't want to fail at this and let her get the better of me but my quality of life and mental health is declining rapidly.
Thanks Reddi-roo's
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2021.12.06 15:14 Bloopblaapchoochoo Hiya! Made a tiktok account for Ryan Goosling if anyone wants to follow. Ryan says “t-Honk you”

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