Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (I am BACK)

2021.12.05 02:08 thegodofwar8 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (I am BACK)

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2021.12.05 02:08 CatFlier Kerala govt failed in implementing transgender policy: Amicus curiae report

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2021.12.05 02:08 breezyy2706 deferred from GULC?

i’m seeing a lot of GULC waitlists.. has anyone been deferred? I was deferred back in October
15mid 3.9low
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2021.12.05 02:08 SlippersEC Nick Lowe - “So It Goes” (Official Music Video)

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2021.12.05 02:08 mywestingthumb Feeling very very anxious

It’s the middle of the night after weeks of doing whatever I wanted. I’ve been gaming, eating, watching what I want without doing any of the things I need to do. The consequences of those actions are finally coming to me in the feelings of anxiety and loneliness. I feel motivated to finally start doing some real work but it’s the middle of the night and I need sleep. I need to start getting some recommendations from teachers for college, I’m a high school senior. I’m already way behind and it’s making me anxious. I know I should’ve started, but I didn’t because I can’t control myself. I want to start making harder decisions so I can feel better about myself in the future, but I don’t know if I need help from other people or if I just need to vent. I’m feeling pretty vulnerable rn and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to take this vulnerability and post it on a social media platform. I know that negative comments will destroy me. I’m always feeling bad for myself and I want to get better but I need some control. I want relationships that really have what I want, but how I can I ask for things that I’m not willing to give? I want someone that will always have my back, but I don’t know if I’m always willing to help people when they need it. I feel like a hypocrite and I don’t know how to fix myself. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning, but I want to capitalize on these feelings and do something about them. I’m really really hoping that I get better and learn how to live correctly. Thank you for reading if you did, venting actually did feel better.
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2021.12.05 02:08 ThirdRepublicOfMohu 农索寓言故事——梁熊技穷

<<< 本书目录
第二课 梁熊技穷
梁家河无熊,有好事者,车载以入,至则[2]无可用,放之党委,捐[3]书记。红卫乒见之,庞然大物[4]也,以为疯狂。蔽[5]沼气池中窥之,稍出近[6]之,慭慭然[7],莫相知。他日,熊一鸣曰:“吾少时尝[8]阅南柯记、紫钗记、法拉利耳。”乒大骇,远遁,以为且噬[9]己也,甚恐。然往来视之,觉无异能而精甚者[10]。益[11]习其书单。又近出前后,终不敢搏。稍近益狎[12],瞻仰冲冒。熊不胜怒,持石击之。乒因[13]喜,计[14]之曰:“技止此耳!”因跳踉大阚[15],断其喉,乃负之而去。 ——王沪宁《习近平谈治国理政》
1. 选自王沪宁《习近平谈治国理政》。梁,指梁家河村。本故事讽刺了那些无能而又肆意逞志的人,影射当时统治集团中官高位显、定于一尊而无才无德、假造学历的某些上层人物。 2. 则:表转折,却。 3. 捐:买官。 4. 庞(páng)然大物:巨大的动物。庞然,巨大的样子。然,……的样子。 5. 蔽:躲避,躲藏。 6. 近:形容词作动词,靠近。 7. 慭慭(yìnyìn)然:小心谨慎的样子。 8. 尝:曾经。 9. 噬:咬。 10.觉无异能而精甚者:(乒)觉得(熊)没有什么特别的本领是很精甚的。异,特别的,与众不同的。能,本领,能力。 11.益习:渐渐地熟习了。益,渐渐。 12.狎(xiá):态度亲近而不庄重。一说作动词,指玩弄妓女。 13.因:于是,就。 14.计之:盘算这件事。计,盘算。 15.跳踉(liáng)大㘎(hǎn):跳起来大声吼叫。跳踉,跳跃。㘎,吼叫。
<<< 本书目录

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2021.12.05 02:08 s0laireanri Zekrom adding 5 9425 0541 3694

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2021.12.05 02:08 Thick-Werewolf-512 Katiana Kay Blowjob skill

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2021.12.05 02:08 basicbrownpotato Why NO ROUND 2 BOTOX update-underarm sweat

Hey guys so I made a short video explaining why I personally have not gone back to get round two of botox underarm and my thoughts of its effectiveness second time around. It is a very short 2 minute video if anyone is interested in a minor reason to not get botox twice underarm. CLICK HERE TO WATCH :
Please keep in mind this is my option and is subject for change and please follow your personal medical orders over what you hear on the internet. This should be secondary to what your medical professionals state to do. Thanks for following along on my journey with hyperhidrosis and getting treatments done. :)
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2021.12.05 02:08 Li_am17 Photo of Banton practicing at a Brampton gym today

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2021.12.05 02:08 swimming_triceratops I found this mineshaft running through a geode

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2021.12.05 02:08 ginoawesomeness Question about working with butcher block?

Newbie here. I installed my own butcher block counter tops, and have a bunch left over, and am planning on making charcuterie boards for my family for Christmas. I’ve had loads of contradictory advise on how to finish this stuff: from buying ‘food grade’ polyurethane; to there is ‘No such thing’ as ‘good grade’ polyurethane; or even that any staining and poly can be applied, as long as it cures for 30+ days. I ended up just using Butcher Block Conditioning Oil and it looks GORGEOUS, but within 2 weeks it is already feeling a little rough and soaking up water and stuff. Took about 2 minutes to sand it down with fine paper and reapply the oil, but I still wanted to come here and ask what you all think? Should I poly after my New Years Party and try not to use them for a month? Keep conditioning it every few weeks? And what about the charcuterie boards? I certainly don’t want to poison my family, and also don’t want to give them a board they’ll use once then throw away. Do I give them a bottle of mineral oil with their boards, or…? Idk, any advise would be welcomed 😃
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2021.12.05 02:08 deefswen Hawaii Under Blizzard Warning; 12 Inches of Snow Forecast for Summits

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2021.12.05 02:08 Shadovarrr [WTS][CONUS] Breitling Transocean 45mm Quartz-Jason007

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2021.12.05 02:08 BSOD404 Keyboard Upgrade! Snatched a second-hand, only used for two months, Razer BlackWidow Elite!

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2021.12.05 02:08 QuinnAndTheNorthwind Can someone help me level up my alt?

Hey friends. I have a lvl 24 alt character that is taking forever to level up. My main is level 280 and it took me two years to get there lol. How do I level up faster?
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2021.12.05 02:08 jookco helen mccrory Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.05 02:08 MerleneCearley THIS IS SO CUTE!!!

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2021.12.05 02:08 Natural_Fisherman_21 GRAND SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY!!PM IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!!

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2021.12.05 02:08 SavingToasty Can companies see all the colleges I took classes at?

For some context I have a bachelors degree for construction management, I’ve been working for the last 3 years in my field after graduating. A few months back I was thinking about switching careers and picked up 2 classes at a community college on the side in my free time to see if I wanted to be a paramedic. Things picked up at my job, got a promotion, workload increased and couldn’t get to doing the class work on the side. Basically i had to drop/fail out Bc I couldn’t find the time with my job responsibilities. I ended up liking my new position and don’t really plan to switch careers anymore.
My question is if I were to apply for a new job could they see I had to drop out of those classes? I’d only have the school I got my bachelors degree from on my resume. If they did look at it I feel like I have a pretty good reason?
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2021.12.05 02:08 GrumpLife Can you spot the homie?

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2021.12.05 02:08 i_wana_go_fast44 Lost a officer today 😕

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2021.12.05 02:08 WebExtension2560 Anyone find this immensely relatable? 😆

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2021.12.05 02:08 LuckyPikachu557R Dan, if u see this, sub to this channel:

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2021.12.05 02:08 sqweet92 He is my gentle boy. He is my favorite loaf.

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