2021.12.03 19:08 Sad-Soundcloud VON STORM - DEAD OR ALIVE

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2021.12.03 19:07 darkodraven Shows in Mexico City

I’m going on a trip to Mexico in early January and passing through Mexico City, I really want to check out a live show if possible but I’ve only been able to see the Regiomania show coming up next month in Monterrey. I figured it’s a touristy type of attraction so they run shows pretty regularly. Anyone been to a show in Mexico City and/or know how or where to find more information about shows happening in January? I want to do some research so I know where to go, how to get there, and how much it will cost beforehand.
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2021.12.03 19:07 SpookyPirate92 Who's playing Contractors!?

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2021.12.03 19:07 Rostacmac En Bejuma, edo. Carabobo, durante las fiestas de San Rafael, un tostonero fue embestido durante un turno de Toros Coleados mientras atravesaba la manga de coleo. El público asistente sale a la manga, pero a recoger los tostones...

En Bejuma, edo. Carabobo, durante las fiestas de San Rafael, un tostonero fue embestido durante un turno de Toros Coleados mientras atravesaba la manga de coleo. El público asistente sale a la manga, pero a recoger los tostones... submitted by Rostacmac to memezuela [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:07 Zomfitoken 📢We have $ZOMFI listed on PancakeSwap!🔥

📢We have $ZOMFI listed on PancakeSwap!🔥 📢We have $ZOMFI listed on PancakeSwap!🔥 The moment we've all been waiting for!
👉This is our Official Contract Address: ✔0xB1a05D0EE3c8d936F70b77318A348c0dE2F8a396 Make sure this is the correct address!
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2021.12.03 19:07 special_louie Ive started getting these strands when printing that end up merging to the supports and ruining prints. I'm using an anycubic photon mono. Any advice? I've already tried changing the anti aliasing and messing with the exposure time

Ive started getting these strands when printing that end up merging to the supports and ruining prints. I'm using an anycubic photon mono. Any advice? I've already tried changing the anti aliasing and messing with the exposure time submitted by special_louie to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:07 Itscapps8089 Nuke Axe- 50 damage when hit, +350 damage when thrown

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2021.12.03 19:07 drybones710 The Family Puzzle Library

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2021.12.03 19:07 JohnnyBoyTrojan The blindside block by Griffin against Kearse was a correct call. People are getting hung up on their understanding of the world blindside and not understanding the text of the rule.

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2021.12.03 19:07 NextHistory7554 Selling for 18 mil, dm me your username

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2021.12.03 19:07 Kylerthegamer4 Join the cumdom, my lads

Dm to join the cumdom (cum kingdom) We have an economy based off of cum and a social hierarchy based off of cum.
The community is still new and I’m trying to get it to Grow
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2021.12.03 19:07 Specific_Quality910 H: Compund bow Mu50c25 J50c25 W: offers

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2021.12.03 19:07 Albaann Possible Future Targon Champions

Now that Pantheon is confirmed, Targon is the first region whose formal champions are all in the game. That leaves a question: which additional champions make most sense lorewise, gameplaywise or flavorwise to be included?
I think Bard, Yuumi and Ryze are shoo-ins. In addition, most Ixtal and Void champions are more compatible with Targon and Shurima.
What do you guys think?
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2021.12.03 19:07 Mister_Carter99 [WTS] Tailhook/Saber Tube w/ carbine buffer and spring, Ferro 7.62 Turnovers, m81Pals adapter for your microfight to use HSP flatpack with from that guy on eBay and a Larue stock….whew [FL]

Title says it all, I’d like to keep the lot together because I use FedEx express. $290 shipped. If you insist on parting, I use USPS. Unused just sat in a box Gearhead brace/buffer assembly 230 Larue stock 50 Ferro turnovers 30 Nylon8420 I think his @ is on Insta, Pals adapter 30? Don’t remember how much I paid tbh
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2021.12.03 19:07 ptr00 Daily Picks Thread - Saturday 04/12/2021

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2021.12.03 19:07 GameronKY Google in 2021

Google "Racist jokes" right now. You wont find any, you'll just find out why you are a bad person.
10 years ago, i distinctly remember googling that and impressing all my friends at the highschool lunch table with such bangers as "What do you call a black brain surgeon? A Ni%%r." Now you get ADL pages.
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2021.12.03 19:07 Beheuwkldufbejj77 Black market vaccine passes

What's to stop unvaccinated people from obtaining a 'black market' vaccine pass? Do we have to show ID with the passes? Seems a bit pointless otherwise.
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2021.12.03 19:07 speechjam Menkhu's secret club (True Menkhu challenge run results)

So, I attempted to do u/essidus 's True Menkhu challenge run after reading their experience with it. For context, before doing this I had about ~140hrs in Pathologic 2 and ~50hrs in Pathologic Classic HD, so I was really excited to try a challenge, since I'd already done a no deaths playthrough.
The slightly modified rules based on the comments on that post were:

My usually P2 strategy is to focus on trading, looting, dead item shop, and generally just creating the most efficient routes around town. (I have a image on PC somewhere with a map and all the cache + playground locations with my best route through the town to hit up as many caches + playgrounds for trading as possible while also going past the Bound's houses.) So, I was most worried about getting around without a map, being able to make enough medicine, and managing infection myself. (No spoilers, but 2/3 of those things ended up not mattering at all.)

Most notable things:
It's very hard to plan routes efficiently by memory. I usually go based on who needs treatment, then adjust the route for quests and shops, but without the map, I found myself basing routes more on quests and then seeing who was in the area. I spent a LOT more time than usual looking for trading spots and shops. I kept finding myself thinking that there was a shop somewhere, then remembering I was thinking about Pathologic Classic...
The biggest issues in the first 2/3rds were food and water. I had so many trade items, but as more and more places were burned, it got harder and harder to find kids to trade with.
The biggest issues in the last 1/3 of the game were water x10 -- seriously, I could NEVER get enough bottles in stock -- and remembering to keep brewing things so I have them at the right time, and not saying "ok, time to go treat people, just gotta make some antibiotic real quick!"
It's surprisingly hard not knowing what your reputation is in each district.
Spoilers for all of Pathologic 2 ahead! My experience:
I got really, seriously, insanely lucky, the entire time. Between Notkin living though midnight day 3, 4, and 5 while infected, I only had two other people infected by the end of the night rolls on day 6 (Anna Angel and Victor Kain). I kept getting lucky grabs with early cloaks, or running into teens with fish right when I ran out of food.
On day 7, after getting infected to save Murky, I started off by going to Lara's and accidentally cured myself by trying to loot a dead infected right as the army guy killed them with the flamethrower; the infected was on fire JUST long enough after dying to burn out my infection without killing me. I didn't know that was possible in 2, I thought that was a Classic thing, but I was so shocked to see that happen. So, that definitely made it easier than it should have been.
I tend to just use the pills because you get tons of them from the Fund and trading kids, so only using manmade antibiotics and painkillers was 1. much harder 2. a pain in the ass. God, I have to have 6 inventory slots for 3 bottles of antibiotics of the same color because they were all made from different organs??? Like, I get they have different effects and are different items and the game doesnt really intend for you to ONLY use those, but come on. I also kept accidentally only making one color of antibiotics, because idk I never use them and I'm dumb so I kept forgetting.
In the end, only Victor, Georgiy, and Anna Angel died, and I had no Haruspex deaths. I was so wildly lucky that I actually decided to try it a second time. But then I decided to make the challenge worse, because why not, but I'm not finished yet so I'll update or make another post when I am. (Spoiler alert: it's going poorly! Let me know if you would like to hear more!)
Also inspired by u/essidus I kept a day by day log of the run, which you can read here, but it's more than a little rambling and mostly I used to remind myself what I had done and intended to do, since I only play for an hour or two in the evenings after classes. (And yes, I know it's riddled with spelling errors, give me a break I couldn't look at the map to check spellings.)
What did I get out of this? The most surprising thing is that I think the game is so much more fun without the map. Not that I think the game shouldn't have a map, that would be so insanely frustrating, but that if you have over 100 hours in this game, try turning off the map. (I keybound it to a numpad button and only clicked through the mind map to it a few times - I did my best I just hate when the bubbles are glowing and clicking gets rid of them fastest so I did it on instinct.)
I also really liked using more of the homemade antibiotics and tinctures, too. I think in a non-challenge run, it would be fun to limit yourself to only using the weaker pills and morphine, and make it so you can only brew stronger ones.
My last conclusion is that you truly can never have enough fucking thimbles and thread.
I absolutely recommend this to anyone who has a few runs of P2 under their belt, it's a ton of fun and a wild way to play the game.
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2021.12.03 19:07 yoohoooos 我笑哭了 🤣🤣

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2021.12.03 19:07 rowan_thorne777 Hey! Any advice?

I'm new here, but I've been vaping for a while to cut down on smoking. For my recent birthday, I got my own brand new mod (I was using a second hand one beforehand) and it's been working pretty well since a few days ago. Now, when I go to use it, little to no clouds come out and there is absolutely no taste despite me using the same oil I always have. I've replaced my coil twice now, fixing it each time but it always breaks after a day or two. Any advice? I've tried turning up the heat (causes it to taste horribly burned) and cleaning the entire mod, taking it apart and replacing it all. I'm really stumped here. I've even fully switched coils and tanks, leaving nothing but the base the same and the problem is still persisting.
Thank you - R.T
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2021.12.03 19:07 Lightmareman Fucking Pissed about this ongoing issue with Customer support that started back in April 2021!

It all started back sometime in March of 2021. I ordered a couple of anime statues from Funimation, because they were having a sale. Around April 16th I received my package to find one incorrect item and correct item. I double checked my order receipt to make sure I didnt make a mistake. I did not, they did. The correct item I ordered was listed on the receipt but not what I got.
So I reached out to the customer service through email to let them know about the mishap. The next day a person answered and appologised for the mistake. They admitted that this was a known error in their system and that they were working on it. They also said that once the issue was resolved that they would work with me to send back the wrong item and then have the correct item sent to me. I said "okay, great. Thank you for letting me know."
Nine days pass and I hear nothing back so I emailed again to see if there were any updates. The day after that email they told me there were no updates and that they would let me know. After another 20 days of no updates I email again to see if there were any. They emailed me again and apologized again for the mistake and told me that they refunded me and said I could keep the incorrect item.
This was the first time I started to get mad with them. I absolutly did not want the figure i got. It's a character I dont like, and I think is creepy/ugly. I felt like they wanted to just sweep the problem under the rug this way so they could stop dealing with their own mistake.
After it took them so long to email me last time I didnt even bother to check my email until the 3rd of June. I told them straight up that I was not happy with this. I ordered what I ordered and they said they would set it straight. I didnt want the figure and that I was prepared to send it back. I told them to stop being lazy and that the experience has left a bad taste and that I wasnt sure if I'd ever shop on their site again.
Next day I get an email from a different person from the Funimation customer service. They appologised again and said they would work on this issue and send me the right item if they could. Then they asked to veryify my address information. So I did and he gave me the same line as the other guy about reporting the issue further and giving me updates once he knew more.
Another 24 days pass with no updates. So I email again to ask for updates. I gave it a few more days and on July 3rd I emailed again. After a few more days no answer. I emailed them 4 more times spread out through July and got no answer. Each message getting angrier and angrier till my last one which was just an angry face emote.
I got an email back from them on August 20. The appologised again, but this time they said that they had corrected the issue and charged me again and sent me the correct item. I didnt notice the email because I had honestly given up hope that they would reach back out. It wasnt until August 30 when I saw their email. I saw it because I got an unexpected package from funimation that day.
When I opened the box guess what was inside? Yup you guessed it. The same damn incorrect item. I fucking burt out laughing at the sheer incompetence of this fuck up. Their service is the worst I've ever encountered. I emailed them back telling them that I got the wrong item again and to get their shit together. I emailed again with pictures of the two items next to eachother to prove that I wasnt trying to scam them or anything.
Enter customer support specialist email. I got a response from a third person from the customer service department about this now. They said that because of the nature of my issue that they would have a specialist follow up- either them or someone else, and that it would take a long time for a response.
I thanked them. I thabked them because I was a little hopeful that it meant I was no longer dealing with the second person handling my issue and that maybe this guy was gonna do right by me. I mean he had enough thought to tell me that it would probably take a long time to get a response from either him or someone else. At least he was honest about that.
Since I knew it would take longer to hear back, I waited over a month to email about any updates. On October 3rd I emailed again with a summary of the entire situation just to remind them of what's been going on and to give a little window into my perspective and how annoyingly frustrated it's all been.
Finally on October 28th I get a response from customer support staff person number 4. They appologised and said they were not able to secure additional stock of the correct item I ordered. They said I could either return the incorrect item or keep it.
I went off on then telling them how fucking pissed I was and how unacceptable this shit was. I had been dealing with their shitty support for months. I told them I wont accept that and that I want what I ordered. Ice already been dealing with their shit for months, what's a few more till they can get more in stock.
Obviously no answer since as of posting this. So I made a decision on how I will proceed. Now I will admit I'm probably gonna be an asshole if I follow through on this but fuck it I dont care. I sent them an email around Thanksgiving to appologise for my last email and during them out. I told them that I recognized that the upcoming holiday season would most likely be particularly busy for them so I told them I wouldnt bother them during it. But I also told them that If I didnt receive any sort of update or response in regards to this I would be making it my New Years Resolution to email them every single day until I hear back from them.
And if I dont get anything within a month of emailing, I'll just make a new email account and email them from that. In the case that they might have blocked my emails or reported them as spam. At this point it's all I can think of doing to derive some sort of fun out of this crapoy situation. Because honestly the way they handled this is so shitty it's still kind of funny to me. And I think if I let go of the fun then this will just end in misery for me.
I swear I'll keep this up as long as I need to. 2022 is gonna be interesting.
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2021.12.03 19:07 i_win_u_loze best team ever

best team ever
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2021.12.03 19:07 IrishTice17 Will leather iPad pro skin interfere with Magic keyboard?

Hey all, pretty self-explanatory- bought a tan leather skin for the iPad pro magic keyboard that looks amazing, and wanted to get a matching one for the iPad itself- but this is some thick skin! Does anybody have experience with compatibility between the iPad pro with leather skin and the magic keyboard?
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2021.12.03 19:07 Thisismyusername1977 Hey Charlie Ann

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2021.12.03 19:07 Redstoneprime [multi] Some of the cars I saw at Cleveleys Car Show in 2019

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