Mom squirrel getting some quiet time away from her three babies. 🥰

2021.12.07 18:21 kbeil Mom squirrel getting some quiet time away from her three babies. 🥰

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2021.12.07 18:21 MaximumSpidercide Sailor Moon FanFic: Enough? Sailor Stars 25th Anniversary Fic

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2021.12.07 18:21 BCD_PERVERTITO How to make high stronger?

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2021.12.07 18:21 RavioliPocketoli1999 RIP NATEFIGS

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2021.12.07 18:21 PseudoRyker [INSERT DEPRESSED KALADIN JOKE HERE]

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2021.12.07 18:21 UZUEntertainment Recently created a YouTube channel for my Snapchat artwork. Here is my first YouTube short of a drawing of The Batman.

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2021.12.07 18:21 Snowroseb LF: Clamperl (prefer in Premier Ball) FT: 5IV HA Torchic/Friend Ball Ralts/5IV HA Skitty

Looking for a clamperl! preferably in a Premier Ball
I have some 5IV Jolly Speed Boost Torchic, a Friend Ball Ralts, and some 5IV Wonder Skin Skitty
i also have some items and other pokemon to trade, just ask!
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2021.12.07 18:21 n_plus_infinity TFSA overcontribution and withdrawl

If the over contributed amount in my TFSA generates revenue, when I withdraw from my TFSA to reduce my contribution, do I also have to withdraw that extra revenue?
Otherwise if I can generate ~1% of interest a month (unlikely but theoretical), I could pay off the penalty with money in a chequing account, and be able to compound the revenue in the TFSA, tax free?
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2021.12.07 18:21 Specialist-Slice-157 Jack in squid game?

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2021.12.07 18:21 mahdi036 What makers you choose a project above the other? I mean what makes you choose this or that offering?

I mean what make you guys choose an IDO over the other? Personally, there is a variety of options that influence my mind towards an IDO. But recently, I’m looking for community based projects. Actually tokens that allow investors to participate in paving the project’s way. I believe this is the kind of tokens that one will be wanting to HODL.
I mean, if you’re planning to invest for the long time, you’d love to be part of the decision making team right? And investors that put money in this kind of projects they actually plan to hold their investments for long, which means that they actually want the best for the project itself. This is why I believe that this kind of projects will live for a long time.
One of the new projects that I’m planning to invest in is New Order DAO. It’s taking place on Sushiswap’s Miso, it’s mainly going to go as a Dutch auction launch. I’m having some high hopes on it honestly, especially that it’s planning to launch some decent DeFi projects starting next year.
What about you guys? What new projects are you looking for and what makes you choose and offering over the other?
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2021.12.07 18:21 georgemp Number of Downlights needed

I'm trying to figure out the number of downlights I would need in a room that measures 20' x 11' (height would be about 9'). According to a few online sites, I would need about 5396 lumens of light - which works out to about 6 Philips Garnea 6" downlights (10.5W 900lumens). Similarly, for a room measuring 11.6' x 10.6', my calculation comes to 4 of the Garnea downlights (for a required 3670lumens)
But, the local philips store says I would need about 12 (first room) and 6 (second room) of them. Are they right on this?
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2021.12.07 18:21 Laddimor The lonely ones (One-shot) "Probably"

Chief researcher Alderman Zickik was going over his research on the ancients from the beginning yet again when his comm-pad lit up. He accepted the call and a holographic projection of his peer quickly encompassed the small amount of empty space available in the messy room. Alderman glanced at the figure and clicked his tongue. "What do you want Amina? I'm almost finished deciphering the language of a dead race."
Amina's projection walked over to Alderman's side and looked over his shoulder. "As chance would have it, Aldy... I managed to reactivate one of those cubes."
Alderman spun around and stared at Amina with a shocked expression. "And!? What happened?! What was the purpose of the cube?!"
With an overjoyed expression, she knelt down to his eye level and excitedly whispered. "It projected one of the ancients which started speaking! We think it may be an ancient recording! We need you to come to the Tech wing to translate for us!"
Alderman jumped up as quickly as his old body would let him and he rushed out of the room without even shutting the door behind him. His old chitinous plating created a soft grinding sound as he rushed through the halls of the massive station left behind by a dead race. He passed by several surprised colleagues who yelped in surprise as the disheveled old Turok jogged through the halls. His dark-blue lab coat contrasts with the yellow of his scales and white of the chitinous plates.
He finally reached the Tech wing and slammed his way through the doors. Amina shouldered her way through the small crowd that had gathered there and waved to Alderman before she yelled at the top of her lungs. "EVERYONE MAKE WAY! HE'S HERE TO TRANSLATE THIS SHIT!" The crowd quickly moved out of the way while excitedly muttering amongst themselves.
AS the crowd parted Alderman caught sight of the recorded ancient. A slim figure with two upper arms and two lower legs similar to himself. Though their hands had one too many fingers and the scales looked remarkably smooth.. possibly skin. He started to slowly walk closer as he examined the long black mane that hung down to its waist and the remarkably flat facial features. As he got closer he was able to faintly make out the voice among the din of voices muttering through the crowd.
Its voice was soft and sing-song, almost angelic even. Before he realized it, a tear had brought itself to his eyes. He couldn't understand the spoken words, yet they seemed to convey a deep sadness and a resolute hope at the same time. The more he heard its voice, the more his vision clouded with tears. Finally, he stood before the object of his 37 years of research. The Human. With no face to put to them, he had imagined countless variations on what they might have looked like or sounded like, but this recording had exceeded all of his expectations and more.
After a few moments of ruminating his past thoughts on these creatures, he finally tore his eyes away from the Human and looked down at the words that were projected as it spoke. He started reading it aloud for those in the room.
"To those who come after us. I wish I could meet you. I've spent thousands of years alive and almost all of that time was spent trying to find you. Trying to find anyone. Our people want nothing more than to find a friend... no. We want to find a brother or sister out in this dark void. All of our searching has only turned up basic life. We have yet to find another sentient life form in this dying universe, instead, we only find ruins of ancient civilizations that died over a billion years before we even evolved to stand upright. We were just born too late..."
The Human chuckled a bit. "Still, we don't know how to give up. We scoured entire galaxies after all. So, in our last hurrah, we are banking on a bit of a long shot. We built this station in the hopes that it would survive the death of this universe and live on through the birth of a new universe. If we were born too late, then all we have to do is be reborn early enough to meet new friends in the next universe right? So, without further ado... The datacube I recorded this message to contains the procedures to unlock the facilities further within. I ask you to please follow the datacubes instructions through all of the procedures fully. Inside will be the data accumulated over a trillion years of human history. There should also be our genetic records as well as the records of the creatures of our planet."
With a sad smile, the Human continued. "I will likely not last through however many trillions of years it takes for you to meet me like this... But, I.. or my remains, will be in cryosleep along with a few quintillion others. We really hope to meet you, but... If we can't then I hope you will at least bring us back by seeding a planet with the specifications further inside. And... in that case, I humbly request that you be good friends with our children. We've waited so long just to meet another friendly face after all. Sorry, for rambling on, and thank you for listening... Sarah Choi, head of SETI signing off."
Alderman sat down as the tears flowed freely from his eyes. The holographic Human took a bow before the message looped again. Amina cautiously walked over to Alderman and put her hand on his shoulder. "Are you ok old-timer? That message was... sad."
Alderman shook his head slowly, "Yes... I'm just...well, incredibly sad. I realized that we've been taking our galactic neighbors for granted. The council is home to literally hundreds of species and we all keep each other at arm's length while saying that we're friends and allies. These people were alone Amina. They seem to be as empathetic as we are... Maybe even more so. Yet they were born at the end of their universe's lifespan. They had nobody to talk to but themselves yet they kept hoping against all odds that they would finally... finally meet someone else to share the void with."
He stood up and looked around the room. dozens of individuals have gathered around him and he could make out at least twenty different species. He ruminated on the fact that he'd never really noticed that before as he watched them all expressing some form of sadness through their own biological quirks. He cleared his throat. "Ahem! I know it was sad... Right now though, we must continue on into the facility. These poor people have waited for trillions of years... maybe even more. Let us not have them wait another minute longer." he said, resolutely.
Hope you enjoyed this little thing. Melodysheep dropped a new life beyond video and it brought this little idea to mind. Had to write it.
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2021.12.07 18:21 alRededorr I appreciate the feedback here so I will pose a different type of question. It relates to work that involves theft of valuable work time.

That is, jury duty in civil courts. While these courts are somewhat about justice, they are mainly about money. They are huge money makers for attorneys and plaintiffs.
So, why aren’t jurors entitled to reasonable compensation for their time plus reimbursement of all out-of-pocket expenses? If your employer pays for 100% of any time you miss on jury duty plus any overtime, fine. But a lot of jurors lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost wages, self employment income, or career momentum.
I once was called in from a jury pool to be interviewed by the judge. The minute he said it was a civil trial, I said I don’t want to serve. He asked why and I pointed to both attorneys hovering in the back. I said: “Those guys will be well paid for every minute of this trial. I work for myself amd have thousands of dollars of work in progress and valuable client relationships to protect and you’re asking me to pay for all of that, even if after days of this trial these atorneys decide to settle the case. The idea of that upsets me so much that I could not be an objective juror.”
He couldn’t get me out of there fast enough.
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2021.12.07 18:21 HunterAny95 MultiVersus Ben vs Ben

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2021.12.07 18:21 Nonia12345 Tribute this dumb slut for me

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2021.12.07 18:21 LeftMyWalletInElS Canadian moving to US

Not sure if this is the right subreddit but I have a question about entering the US before getting a visa.
I am a Canadian citizen planning to move to California in early January. My partner has a position there and will have a TN visa pre approval before we leave. I am a senior software developer and am in the process of interviewing with a number of companies but may not have a position lined up before we fly down there.
I understand that once I have a job I will have to fly back to Canada in order to enter the US to receive my TN status and that I cannot stay longer than 6 months in the US without a visa.
When we fly down in January if I don’t have a position lined up yet what should I say to US Customs? Could they not let me in since I don’t have a return ticket yet or an exact date I will be flying back? I also may be working remotely for my current company until I find a US job? Is this information I should disclose?
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2021.12.07 18:21 remag293 My original red X-Class was stolen today

I stupidly dont remeber where I wrote down the serial number so I cant give it to the police. Just a reminder to make sure your bike is locked up safe with more than just a combo lock. Also if you havent recorded your serial number, do it now and store it in a safe place. If anyone sees a slightly dinged up red X-Class (was also missing a right pedal atm) in the colorado area, please let me know. The front tire is original but the rear tire is relativly new and not same as original.
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2021.12.07 18:21 Crackitybojangles Marijuana Banking Not Included In Congressional Defense Bill Following Bicameral Negotiations

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2021.12.07 18:21 marco_altieri Supercharger real APY

The app hints that the APY for the current supercharger of ETH is up to 32.42%.
The truth is that the real APY is a lot smaller because that APY would be real only if I was the only one staking.
Given that there a a lot of people the real APY will end up being nothing.
Am I right? If I am, don't you think that it's bad for CDC to suggests something that is so clearly not true and that is so clearly not convenient as an investment?
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2021.12.07 18:21 Noss4083 Commuting vs Corporate Housing

Hi, I have an internship in nyc and am deciding whether to take corporate housing or commute from home. I live about 70 mins away. Would it be a bad idea to take the stipend and commute? A lot of people have been telling me I'll miss out on the intern experience but I doubt I'll be making any friends. I havent made any friends in college so I don't think the magical intern experience applies to me.
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2021.12.07 18:21 singha894488 Srabonti hotty, kau chat korbe?

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2021.12.07 18:21 Ok_Seaweed6650 In nut shell!Keep stacking that real money!🦍🪙🦍🪙

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2021.12.07 18:21 BaronVonGoon The maps are not enjoyable

You keep telling yourself that you'll tolerate bugs, imbalanced guns, performance issues, etc... because you know they'll be fixed eventually. But the core design of these maps is bad. There is no compartmentalization of the action. Sections of maps aren't closed off. You're literally out in the open most of the time and death comes from everywhere. It's not enjoyable. They clearly never looked at the impeccable level design of BF3.
It's sad that they may fix everything with the exception of the core issues (Maps and specialists).
If you hate most or all these maps I'm afraid you're sol like me and this game is dead to you until there's a small collection of good maps added to it over the next year, hopefully.
If you came to me before release and said I'll pay you to play The Wicher 3 two weeks after release of BF2042 I would've no. Yet here I am playing it on my own accord and 2042 is collecting dust.
How do they mess up so bad? I mean mess up, it's fine. But this much??
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2021.12.07 18:21 Stevee_French Why is it wrong or incorrect to say that everything is a matter of opinion?

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2021.12.07 18:21 Music-Nerd-101 Same Shit….

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